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"Near Perfection!"

The latest (and perhaps the last) of the Battle network series that we love so much is perhaps the best of them all. Let's get on to the review, shall we?

All the Battle Network games, I've noticed go by 'Sagas'. The first 3 was about Dr. Wily and his various plans to destroy the world. The 4th and 5th were about the Dark Chip Syndicate Nebula, trying to create a world of utter chaos. The 6th one comes back to its roots with our main character, Netto (or Lan) moves away to Cyber City due to his father changing jobs or something (I'm still not good at reading Japanese, so I'm not sure much). So, Netto leaves all his friends and moves away. But, very soon, Netto meets a new Navi that was threatening his new school. He later realize that this was the prelude to something much bigger and an old enemy returns again.....

Quite good. The portraits are changed once again from BN5, as with the menu. So, are the net areas. ACDC town still looks the same though... The bosses are quite unique and interesting design but there are not many of it. Rockman now looks more serious and mature when battling. Overall, still a bit improvement over its predecessors.

The BGM here is quite good in my opinion. Most of the time, the BGM suits the situation. The battle theme is one of my favourites in this game. The Danger BGM, although a bit repetitive, but tolerable if comparing to BN4 where I nearly couldn't stand listening to any more of it.

Quite fun. The same elements are still here. Fans of the Soul Unison (like me :) )will not be disappointed. The Soul Unison in this game has been perfected and is now known as Crosses. Though you only get 5 for the whole game in either Grega or Faltzar version, you needn't sacrifice a Battle Chip to use it. You can practically cross at your first turn! Also, unlike Soul Unison, you can stay in your crosses for as long as you like. You will lose your cross however if you're hit by something your cross is weak against (eg. a fire-type cross gets hit by a water-type attack). You'll also get double damage from the attacks.

Replacing Chaos Unison from the previous game is your second new power-up, Beast Form. As you play through the game, you'll come across to an area where Rockman absorbs one of the Cyber Beast to contain them. After reviving him of his ordeal, you'll get access to going Beast-Out, something like how you got the Chaos Unison in the previous game. When in Beast form, you gain great powers such as a rapid buster (and I mean RAPID!), Float shoes, speedy movements and super armor depending on your version. The only downside? The same as Soul Unison in previous games, IT WILL ONLY LAST FOR 3 TURNS! After it will be gone but not forever. Remember Chaos Shadow's charge from BN5? Going to Beast Form after you've depleted all your turns will bring you to a similar state where you'll lose control of Rockman who'll go berserk and start attacking everything in sight. This is known as Beast Over and is similar to your last attacking resort. If your enemy is still not defeated when you regain control, you'll have a great disadvantage.

On the plus side of going Beast Out, you can combine it with your Cross to achieve maximum power. You'll gain all powers of both Cross and Beast form and the next chip that you charge will become a devastating attack!

One more thing. Remember in the previous game, you were able to take control of Colonel or Protoman for a brief period of time? That aspect is back and you can control not 1,not 2 but up to FIVE different Navis other that Rockman at anytime! After you get them of course.The downside is that you can't upgrade them.....

It seems that Capcom decide to try and play their own games to see the good from the bad. The Crosses are nearly perfected and the some of the graphics are up to date. The BGM practically suits the situation. This time, there are no Liberation Missions! Though difficult, I kinda miss them....

I also miss the interesting idea that you'll be able to turn your Navi during battle. When I read the walkthrough about fighting two bosses together, I was hoping that they BOTH actually attack you at the same time, one from the left and one from the right. Oh well.....

This has to be one of the best games to date, so much more better thn BN3 that everybody likes so much. That's why it deserves the score that I gave it: a 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/09/06

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