Review by KKKSlayer

Reviewed: 01/20/06

Goes out with a bang!!

This is the best and sadly the last game in the series. This game tops all of the other ones.

Graphics- 9/10

The graphics were very good. The enviroments were very detailed. The characters didn't have much detail exept for Greiga. I felt that some of the areas were to big. The houses were too small to me but other than that the graphics were good.


I loved the music especially the theme song. The music was better than all the other ones I've played. The music was very good in all the areas. But at times the music would get a little repetive.


The story was very good. The game had a few twists in it that I really liked. I would of never thought that WWW was involved in the game. Netto moves to a different town too. I liked how they started the game out with Netto moving it starts the game out with a new enviroment and characters. I was happy that there weren't any liberation missions and there weren't any tournaments. The plot of the story was very good.


Gameplay was really good. Although the combat system was pretty much the same as the previous games. That makes the gameplay a little repetitive at times. Beast Cross was really cool. They offered Beast Out which was a really cool option in the game. The crosses were better than Unison. I was a little disappointed that there were no Dark Chips. I liked the fact that other navis were playable. The navi's minigames were very fun. I liked the fact that the chips were more powerful than the previous games. But I did feel that the chips were a little unbalanced. I like the bonus damage the cross could give your chips. They even had a Net Cafe where navi's hang out.


The replayability is very good I feel that the game was so good I could replay this game over and over again. The extras were great. I really liked the Secret Area and I fighting Forte was fun. There are many side quests you can do.

Buy or Rent?

If you haven't played any of the games then you should rent it to see if you like it. But if you have played the other games and have liked it you should buy it. I promise you will have no regrets buying it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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