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"Okay, just a couple things needed to improve."

Well, I got an impressive amount of money for Christmas, so I trotted over to the nearest GameSpot to buy myself a few games. I got this game, Dogz, along with a zoo tycoon-ish game and the fabulous "Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time." However, the mustachioed plumbers and their bald-faced baby counterparts have nothing to do with this review, so that story will be saved for another time. Please remember as you read this that I am a VERY light rater.


The cute anime-style graphics of the Japanese is very obvious here, not that it makes the game any less appealing. In fact, it makes every dog look as cutesy as a pixeled canine can look. The people have the same big eyes and tan-colored facial features-- no surprise there. The colors of the game are well-chosen as well, and detail is obviously treasured in this game, from the green ad orange bits in the veggie mix dog chow to the vibrant flowers around the florist.

SOUND: 5.5

The sound in the game is rather poor. The music is composed in a series of tunes that are soft--you best just ignore it, given of course you notice it in the first place. There are cd's that you can listen to a bit into the game, as well as the sound of the character scraping poo into a bag with a scooper. The vaccuum is not anything to cry about--not bad, not great. Where the sound really shines is the dog. Of course, the rating is low so you can't expect the shine to be that bright, but it still is good.


Basically, you are a eight-year old boy or girl that has three weeks to teach his/her dog how to sit, stay, walk, potty, shake, lay down, go to bed and other things I can't remember. After three weeks the game ends, and you can unlock a mode where you can play with your dog for as long as you want.


Now, this is where some major pros and cons come into play. The pros first: You do many things, fun things. You can walk your dog, buy things for it, run errands, do everyday house things, read, listen to music, blahblahBLAH. It's just fun, okay? Now the cons. the fact you have only three weeks bores the crap outta me. Well, it's good to have the together forever mode, but you can't teach yourdog tricks any more--only the ones you had taught it in the story mode it knows and will ever know. Another con is that time passes so damn quick. It takes five minutes for your player to walk through a doorway from one room to the other. About twenty to brush your dog. Like three or four hours to give it a bath. Ten minutse to give it food/water. Ten minutes to suck up one piece of trash. Arg, the time is so bad, and the fact that you wake up ten minutes 'till breakfast (which takes an hour) and and have to go to bed at nine at night kills ya. One pro to this though is that you can't just sit around and wonder "I have a lot of extra time--what should I do?" like what happens frequently in the HM series--you're constantly doing things.


Yes, this game is good to play for spurts. You may put it down for maybe a half-hour or so, to just pick it up again. The fact that you don't have to worry about playing it every day like nintendogs is good.


This is a good game, if you like pets. If you like bloody chunks flying off in all direstion, may I point you to the shooter games. Not here. Thank you. Good day.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/05/06

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