How do I beat Omega MKII and Neo Shinryu?

  1. My characters are level 60 and have mastered all jobs.

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    Gord11111 - 7 years ago

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  1. For Omega MKII:
    There are a few strategies that will have you thinking this battle was easy after you use them.
    Option 1. The most popular method seems to be to have someone scan to find the weakness and then to use rapid fire and spellblade (best if the characters are able to equip two spellblade weapons) with the element he is weak to (this changes in battle). You will likely need one or two characters that can heal as needed.
    Option 2. Use mimes and equip reflect rings. Same as above, scan to see the weakness and then dualcast the element but reflect it off everyone in the party and then mimic. He should be defeated pretty quickly this way.
    Option 3. The first character should cast hastaga, the second character should use Romeo's Ballad every turn, the third should attack using rapid fire spellblade (once the weakness is determined), and the fourth should use Romeo's Ballad every turn. The main thing is to keep the Romeo's Ballad going so that Omega MKII doesn't get a turn once it starts. I like to equip the Masamune (always strike first) on the first character and make sure that character has the Time magic. You can also equip hermes sandals on everyone to save that step. Did I mention that you need two HASTED characters using Romeo's Ballad every turn.

    For Neo Shinryu:
    Before the battle cast float on everyone and recast if the the character is revived. Equip Coral rings and any extra equipment that absorbs or blocks an element. You may also want to put everyone in the back row (be sure you can use your weapons from the back row). This works well with dragon lances. The downside is that you have to find the crystal dragons to get enough dragon lances. If you have the dragon lances then use jump (best if you can dual wield the lances).

    Instead of coral rings you could use hermes sandals and beat NS before he uses tidal wave. Something else that helps in the NS battle is to mix a dragons kiss which is a dragon's fang plus a maiden's kiss. If you have mix there are other things you can use like goliath tonics or revive with full hp. If you have additional equipment that absorbs or blocks elements you can always equip those.
    Quick can be very useful. Some of your attacks will miss so don't let that surprise you. Stay healed because he gets nasty when he is defeated.

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    chaoyun2k (Expert) - 7 years ago 2 0

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