How do I beat Omega?

  1. We'll I've beaten the last boss and everything but i heard theres a room full of omega's in the sealed temple so ya..How do you beat him? I don't have the Romero's Ballad and Spellblade doesnt work because i die to quick. I have mastered all the classes and my guys are level 54 with about..4300 life each.

    User Info: sebastianscott

    sebastianscott - 9 years ago

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  1. Flame rings absorb his Heat ray attack, you could probably own him quickly if you have Rapid fire and Spellblade Thundaga. Also, those in the Sealed temple don't have as much as HP the one in the Void, IIRC. Slow and Hastega work pretty good too. Just Make one person a time mage with Dualcast and everyone else a Sorcerer with Rapid Fire and he'll go down very quickly.

    User Info: RedSwordMage

    RedSwordMage - 9 years ago 3 0


  1. You're level isnt high enough to beat Omega. My levels were in the 80's and he repeatedly creamed my party. There is hope however. Put one character on the front row, and make them a freelancer, with the 2 most powerful weapons you have. This characters abilities will be Rapid Fire and Spellblade. The other three are on the back row and will constantly dualcast Curaga. Have the Spellblader cast Thundaga with Spellblade, and on their next turn, Rapid Fire. Omega should die with one application, and hopefully, you wont die because you're healing constantly. Good Luck, you'll need it!

    User Info: amp888

    amp888 - 8 years ago 0 0

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