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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KiaLobeli

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 01/12/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy Five Advance
    Version 1.7
    By: Kia Lobeli     E-Mail Address: kialobeli@gmail.com
    Created On: November 7, 2006
    1) Authors Notes
    2) Legal stuff
    3) Basics
    4) Walkthrough
     4.a) World one
     4.b) World two
     4.c) World three
     4.d) The Rift
     4.e) Clear Game
    5) Cloister of the Dead
    6) Missable Items
    7) Job information
    8) Items (not started)
    9) Weapons
    10) Armor (not started)
    11) Magic
     11.1) White Magic
     11.2) Black Magic
     11.3) Time Magic
     11.4) Summons
     11.5) Blue Magic
     11.6) Songs
     11.7) Dark Arts
    12) Job abilities
     12.1) Animals
     12.2) Catching
     12.3) Mix List
     12.4) Gaia Attacks (not started)
     12.5) Dances
     12.6) Oath
     12.7) Condemn
     12.8) Predict
     12.9) Combine List
    13) Bestiary
    14) Monster Locations
    15) Music Player (not started)
    16) World Maps
    17) Frequently Asked Questions (not started)
    18) Hints and Tips (not started)
    19) Bugs (not started)
    20) Version History
    21) Credits and thanks
    Note: I got an email asking for a better organization system, making use of a
    unique tag. I'd just like to let everyone know that my category titles are
    already unique. Just hit ctrl + F, then put in the category title
    "15) Dark Arts" for example and it will take you straight there.
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    1) Authors Notes
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Final Fantasy V was first released back in 1992 for the Super Nintendo, I first
    experienced it's beauty in 1998 on my PC thanks to Vimm and RPGe. It was the
    second RPG I ever played (After FFVI) and it's always held a special place in
    my heart as one of the best. I never played the PSX version so after hearing
    about the GBA port English version with extra content I just had to have it.
    Seeing as there were no FAQ's written I decided I'd  write my own.
    This is my first ever FAQ so it wont be anything special and the layout will
    probably suck, but if you have any comments, layout suggestions, suggestions
    for new sections, flames, notice anything missing, want to correct my spelling
    and grammar or want to ask for my children, feel free to send your emails to:
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    2) Legal stuff
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    This guide is Copyright 2006 Kia Lobeli. All rights reserved.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
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    document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright owners.
    The following sites have my permission to host this FAQ on their website:
    www.gamefaqs.com and its affiliates
    Please send any e-mails concerning the contents of this guide, questions about
    the game, requests for permission to put it on a site, etc. to:
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    3) Basics
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    4) Walkthrough
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                            4.a) WORLD ONE
                               METEORITE AT TYCOON
    Items: Phoenix Down
    New Monsters: Goblin
    After watching a much cooler intro than the one in the SNES version, press any
    button and select New Game from the menu. The scene switches to a castle and
    you'll see Princess Lenna and King Tycoon. After some dialogue the king leaves
    on a miniature dragon and we're treated to shots of some of the games other
    characters before taking control of Bartz. Head west and up to the meteorite.
    In this area follow the path (jumping of Boko as you go) until you spot two
    goblins carrying off Lenna. Bartz will jump in and engage them in combat,
    killing them in a single hit. After a bit more dialogue, during which you meet
    the Old Man, aka Galuf, and renaming your character, you regain control of
    Bartz. Grab the Phoenix Down from the hidden south east path and leave the area
    the same way you came in.
    Head west and north between the mountains and you'll leave the world map and be
    thrown off your chocobo. Head north along the collapsing ground, fighting off
    two groups of goblins and grabbing Lenna and Galuf before fleeing north to
    another area. After a bit more dialogue, head north into the cave.
    Note: Lenna joins the party equipped with a Knife. This is the only one of this
    item in the game.
                               PIRATE HIDEOUT
    Items: Leather Cap
    New Monsters: Steel Bat, Devil Crab, Stropper
    Follow the path north and Bartz will point out a healing spring to the west,
    move into the next room, grab the Leather Cap from the chest and push the
    button to the right of the door to continue onwards. In the next area you'll be
    shown a ship without sails, just keep following the path to the pirate hideout.
    You can't go anywhere here so just hop on the boat and get your capture over
    with by trying to use the steering wheel.
    When you get control of the boat, sail north and you'll be asked if you want to
    be taken to the wind shrine. Say no if you want to visit the nearby town or
    skip ahead in this walkthrough. Sail north east for a bit and you'll see the
    town of Tule, so head inside.
                               TOWN OF TULE
    Items: Potion, Tent, Phoenix Down, Leather Shoes, 150 gil, Tent, Phoenix Down,
           Potion, 100 gil, Ether, Leather Shoes
    New Monsters: Killer Bee, Nutkin, Stray Cat (outside Tule)
    Here you'll find the greenhorn's club, where the rpg newbies can learn the
    basics, item, weapon, armor and magic shops, an inn, a pub and a house
    belonging to Zok.
    You can find a Potion in the barrel closest to the bridge by Zok's house and a
    Tent in the box to the left of it. If you cross the bridge and go west you'll
    find a path leading to a bush that holds a Phoenix Down and a box containing
    some Leather Shoes around the other side of the house. You'll also find a
    barrel containing 150 gil beside the Inn. Inside the greenhorn's club you'll
    find a Tent, Phoenix Down, Potion and 100 gil on the first floor with an Ether
    in a chest down a secret passage on the west wall. There's a pair of Leather
    Shoes in a trapped chest on the second floor. Inside the pub is a piano you can
    play to improve your skill (this is a good thing) and on the second floor
    you'll see a scene with Faris. When you're done, get back on your ship and
    sail north east to the wind shrine.
                               WIND SHRINE
    Items: Potion x5, Tent, Leather Cap, Broadsword, Staff
    New Monsters: Black Goblin, White Serpent, Moldwynd, Mani Wizard,
                  Wing Raptor (Boss)
    New Jobs: Knight, Monk, Thief, Black Mage, White Mage, Blue Mage
    Note: The Black Goblins here are the only enemies you can get Leather Shoes
    There's a healing urn in the southwest room and the guy next to it will give
    you 5 Potions. Grab these and head up the stairs. Take the Tent from the chest
    on the western side of the room and enter the central door to find a
    consecrated circle that will let you save and use a Tent or Cottage. Head out
    the south door and up the eastern stairs to find a Leather Cap then head back
    down and up the western stairs. There's a secret passage in the room just below
    the western door so you don't need to walk all the way round. Take the
    Broadsword from the chest inside the west room and attack the creature guarding
    the staircase.
    * Wing Raptor        * Level: 1  * HP: 250   * Drops: Phoenix down            *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Nothing      * Common Steal: Potion        *
    * Wing Raptor        * Level: 2  * --------- * ------------------------------ *
    * (Closed wings)     * ------------------------ * --------------------------- *
    Comments: All you can do is attack, so keep doing that till it dies. Don't hit
    it when it folds its wings over (If it even survives that long) as it will
    counter with a claw attack.
    Move up the stairs it was guarding and head clockwise around the next room,
    heading down the secret passage in the south east corner for a Staff. On the
    top floor you'll watch a short sequence then gain the jobs; Knight, Monk,
    Thief, Black Mage, White Mage and Blue Mage. Assign your team some jobs and use
    the teleporter to the north.
                               KEY FOR THE CANAL
    Magic: Vampire (Blue, Steel Bat), Goblin Punch (Blue, Goblin),
           Goblin Punch (Blue, Black Goblin), Aero (Blue, Moldwynd)
    Items: Canal Key (Rare item), Potion x8, Tent, Ether, 300 gil
    New Enemies: Gatling, Big Horn, Bandersnatch (Strip of land above Torna Canal)
    Sail back to Tule and enter Zok's house (The big one at the north end of town)
    for a story sequence in which you'll be given the canal key, you may also want
    to buy some new magic and equipment for your new jobs as they can't all equip
    the same types of weapons.
    Before heading to the Canal, head back to the pirate hideout and talk to one of
    the pirates wandering around for 8 Potions. You'll need to press the button in
    the south west corner to get the Tent, Ether and 300 gil down the northwestern
    passage, you'll also find Boko resting in the room to the northeast.
    You can learn the Blue magic 'Vampire' from the steel bats here. For those of
    you who don't know, blue magic is learnt by having a monster cast the spell on
    you while you're a blue mage or have the learning ability then winning the
    battle. After you're done here, head back to your ship and sail north to the
    Torna Canal, though you may want to revisit the wind shrine and learn the blue
    magic 'Goblin Punch' and 'Aero' from the Black Goblin and Moldwynd
                               TORNA CANAL
    New Monsters: Sucker, Octokraken (BOTH MISSABLE), Karlabos (Boss)
    Head over to the big door and Bartz will open it with Zok's key. For some
    strange reason (Someone at Squaresoft enjoys tentacle rape?) the enemies here
    will only attack Lenna and Faris, stopping altogether if they're both dead so
    you may want to move them to the back row until the boss to make the fights a
    bit easier. After following the canal east, it turns south and you'll be
    attacked by Karlabos.
    * Karlabos           * Level: 5  * HP: 650   * Drops: Tent                    *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Nothing      * Common Steal: Potion        *
    | Vulnerable to Lightning |
    Comments: Karlabos has two moves to watch out for; feeler, which damages and
    paralyzes one of your partyl members and tail screw, which reduces a persons
    health to single digits.
    A group of black mages will kill him with 5 casts of thunder.
    If you're level 5, Goblin punch will do about 240 damage to him.
    After the events following combat, you'll end up in the ship graveyard.
                               SHIP GRAVEYARD
    Items: Flail, Tent, 990 gil, Phoenix Down, Potion, World Map, Antidote,
           Antidote, Phoenix Down
    New Monsters: Skeleton, Calcruthi, Undead Husk, Mindflusher, Siren (Boss)
    Move south along the first plank to a rock and sit on it for a few moments to
    make more rocks appear. Hop along them to find a Flail. Head back north and
    inside the first crashed ship. There's nothing in the first room so head
    downstairs. Here you'll find a Tent in the central room so grab that before
    continuing onwards. Down the next set of stairs you'll find 990 gil in the box
    with the skull on the front of it. When you arrive at the two doors, head into
    the northern one first, down the stairs and under the walkway to find a Phoenix
    Down. In the southern room, just head down the stairs to the next area. Here,
    head up the left passage, grab the Potion and continue on. A couple of rooms on
    your party will stop to rest and you'll find out the truth about Faris if you
    haven't figured it out already. HE'S A SHE (Must be a pretty flat chested
    she...). Just keep following the path until you exit the ship.
    Follow the wood and rocks south into the next crashed ship, get the World Map
    then go down the stairs for two Antidotes and a Phoenix Down . Once you've got
    them leave and head east to the next boat where opening the chest will cause it
    to rise out of the water. Continuing north will throw you into a boss fight.
    * Siren              * Level: 2  * HP: 900   * Drops: Bronze Armor            *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Nothing      * Common Steal: Nothing       *
    * Siren              * --------- * --------- * Drops: Bronze Shield           *
    * (when undead)      * ------------------------------------------------------ *
    | Vulnerable to fire (When undead) | Absorbs Poison (When undead) |
    Comments: Siren can cast thunder and blizzard on your party, along with sleep
    and slow while casting haste and protect on herself. She also has quite high
    magic defense in her normal form. During the fight she will become one of the
    undead, where her defense rises and she uses a pretty painful attack called
    Venomous Clasp, however, she loses her magic defense and can be hurt with
    restorative magic like cure. 
    A group of Monks with !black should take it down without too much trouble.
    If you're playing an LLG and have some level 2 characters, Goblin punch should
    hit for about 240 damage.
    After the battle, head north onto the world map. There, venture south east to
    the town of Carwen.
    If you want a bit of easy ABP, there are three squares of plains just north
    west of Carwen in which you'll fight Garula. This creature doesn't attack you
    and runs away after a short while, awarding you with 1 ABP per fight.
                               TOWN OF CARWEN
    Items: Antidote, Frost Rod, 1000 gil
    New Monsters: Tatou, Garula (Outside Carwen)
    Here you'll find an item, armor, weapons and magic shops, pub and inn.
    You can obtain an Antidote from one of the barrels lined up near the port and a
    Frost Rod from the hidden passage at the south end of the port (Between two
    rows of crates). You'll also find 1000 gil in the secret passage in the pub.
    Make sure to play the piano there then talk to the woman just south of the pub
    and the guy upstairs who saw the wind drake. Leave the town and head north east
    to North Mountain.
                               NORTH MOUNTAIN
    Magic: Flash (Blue, Headstone [Needs an Ether]), Aero (Blue, Magissa)
    Items: Phoenix Down, Golden Needle, Mythril Helmet
    New Monsters: Rock Slug, Gaelicat, Cockatrice, Headstone, Magissa (Boss),
                  Forza (Boss, MISSABLE)
    Note: Apart from rare steals later on, stealing from Headstones is the only way
    to get enough Silver Specs for your whole party.
    Move north and enter the cave. Follow the path south for a Phoenix Down then
    back north past the entrance. Keep going south past the exit for a Golden
    Needle, then head back and through the exit. Keep following the path and make
    sure to avoid the purple flowers that grow outside until you reach a savepoint.
    Head outside and west and you'll be thrown into another boss battle.
    * Magissa            * Level: 8  * HP: 650   * Drops: Whip                    *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Nothing      * Common Steal: Nothing       *
    * Forza              * Level: 8  * HP: 850   * Drops: Power Drink             *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Nothing      * Common Steal: Nothing       *
    Comments: Lenna begins this fight poisoned so use a antidote on her ASAP. This
    boss will hit you with blizzard, fire, thunder and aero spells and will
    occasionally cast drain which can hurt and drag out the fight. After dropping
    below half health she will summon Forza to help.
    Note: Forza does not appear if you kill Magissa too fast. If you want the
    Faris and Lenna as Monks with !White and Bartz and Galuf as Monks with !Black
    makes this battle a cinch. Use poisona on Lenna, then Silence Magissa. Attack
    her untill she summons Forza then put him to sleep with !black and finish of
    Magissa before killing him. If you don't want to wake him just use your
    black magic.
    At level 8, Goblin punch will do 500+ Damage to both of them.
    You'll get the Mythril Helm that you saw before the fight, though there won't
    be any text to actually let you know about it.
    Continue along the path and you'll find Hiryuu (the dragon).
    Once on the world map, fly back to where you started the game, go north over
    the meteorite to enter Castle Tycoon.
                               CASTLE TYCOON
    Items: Hi-Potion, Ether, cottage, Phoenix Down, Elixir, Ether, Maiden's Kiss,
           Phoenix Down, Elixir, Healing Staff, Ashura, Shuriken, Diamond Bell,
           Cottage, Cottage
    Head into the castle and watch the scene. After you're rudely awakened, leave
    your room and get a Hi-Potion from the pot. Head to the room on the opposite
    side of the castle and find an Ether, Cottage, Phoenix Down and an Elixir.
    Return to the central room and move north into the throne room. The eastern
    door here leads to an Ether, Maiden's Kiss, Phoenix Down and an Elixir. Once
    you have these items, leave the building. Outside, you'll find the chancellor
    in the storehouse to the west that was previously blocked. He'll give you a
    Healing Staff (again, no text to let you know) and the chests contain an
    Ashura, Shuriken and Diamond Bell.
    Edit: Thanks to Elke Waanders for pointing this out. On the right side of
    the castle in the outside area, there's a hidden passage behind the lone tree
    growing against the castle Turret. It leads to two Cottages.
    Once you're done here, leave and fly back towards Carwen. Fly south over the
    water and you'll find the town of Walse.
                               TOWN OF WALSE
    Items: Silver Specs
    Here you'll find an armor, weapon and magic stores and an inn.
    Get the Silver Specs from the western house, upgrade your equipment and leave
    to go to castle Walse.
                               CASTLE WALSE
    Magic: Speed (Time, Basement), Pond's Chorus (Blue, Elf Toad [When alone]),
           Shiva (Summon), Moon Flute (Blue, Jackanapes [React: Physical])
    Items: Tent, Phoenix down, 490 gil, 1000 gil, 1000 gil, Elven Mantle
    New enemies: Elf Toad, Ice Soldier, Shiva (Boss),
                 Ice Commander (Boss fight), Jackanapes (Basement)
    In the first room of the castle, head through the double doors and down the
    stairs to find a Tent, Phoenix Down and 490 gil. Return to the first room and
    go down the stairs. The secret door beside the guard leads outside the castle
    and the stairs down lead to the prison. DON'T FREE LONE WOLF. He just steals
    some items later and you don't get anything for it. The south door leads to a
    secret area containing the summon Shiva, who you need to defeat to obtain and
    the north door leads to the basement. Entering the basement will very likely
    get you killed at this point in the game unless you have the thief ability flee
    or use the quicksave exploit below.
    Note: Thanks to Jigglypuff on the gamefaqs board for this. If you take a few
    steps in the basement then quicksave and load it back up, the amount of steps
    to your next fight will reset (usually about 5-15) so you wont get attacked.
    You can learn the Blue Magic 'Moon Flute' from the enemies Jackanapes in the
    basement. They cast it in reaction to physical damage, so the best way to
    learn it is have a group of knights with the Two-Handed ability in the back
    row so that you actually have a chance of killing it after it hits you with
    Moon flute.
    In the basement (If you wish to risk it), follow the path until the first
    fork, go through the right door to learn Speed and find 2000 gil. Head back and
    go through the left door where you'll find an Elven Mantle. Leave after you've
    obtained these items.
    You can learn the Blue Magic 'Pond's Chorus' from the enemy Elf Toad in Shiva's
    tower. they only cast it when alone so kill the other enemies first.
    Head through the southern door and you'll be outside the castle. Follow the
    water anti-clockwise around the castle and enter the middle of the waterfall to
    the north. Head to the top and approach the glowing orb in the center.
    * Shiva              * Level: 11 * HP: 1500  * Drops: Frost Rod               *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Phoenix Down * Common Steal: Hi-Potion     *
    * Ice Commander      * Level: 4  * HP: 600   * Drops: Long Sword              *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Nothing      * Common Steal: Mythril Sword *
    | Vulnerable to Fire | Absorbs Ice |
    Comments: I've received e-mails from S Whyte, Dil, Dan Zanoria, Thodsakan and
    Joshua Obritsch with strategies for beating shiva without fire rods. I've taken
    bits of their strategies and combined them to come up with a really simple way
    of beating Shiva.
    Have Bartz and Galuf as knights with the Two-Handed ability in the front row.
    Make Lenna and Faris black mages and put them in the back row. Give one of
    them the White ability and the other the Blue ability.
    As soon as the fight starts, cast the Blue magic Flash. This will render the
    Ice commanders pretty much obsolete. Attack shiva with Bartz and Galuf and have
    Lenna and Faris cast Fire on her until she dies. By this time she should have
    managed to hit both rows with Blizzara so cast cure on your party and kill the
    Ice Commanders the same way you killed Shiva.
    If you're level 4, Goblin Punch does about 300 damage to the Ice Commanders.
    If you're level 11, Goblin punch does about 500 damage to Shiva.
    Return to the first room for now and head north to see the king. After the
    scene leave the castle and fly north west to the tower.
                               TOWER OF WALSE
    Items: Silk Robe, Maiden's Kiss, Silver Armlet, Ether
    New Enemies: Ricard Mage, Wyvern, Pas de Seul, Garula (Boss)
    New Jobs: Summoner, Red Mage, Berserker, Time Mage, Mystic Knight
    The tower is relatively straight forward, you'll find a Silk Robe by climbing
    up some vines on the fourth floor, a Maiden's Kiss on the fifth floor and a
    Silver Armlet and ether by climbing up the vines on the back wall of floor 8.
    On floor 10 you'll encounter a boss.
    * Garula             * Level: 3  * HP: 1200  * Drops: Hi-Potion               *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Hi-Potion    * Common Steal: Potion        *
    Comments: To begin with this looks like an easy battle, it has no magic and
    doesn't use any skills, but after its health drops to about a third it begins
    to counter all of your attacks with two of its own, often using the rush attack
    which damages a character and continues to drain its health at a steady rate,
    making it a very damaging enemy.
    There are two easy ways to beat this boss. You can either bring a White and
    Blue mage, then cast Silence followed by Pond's Chorus to toad it, or you can
    bring a freelancer equipped with the Whip to keep it paralyzed. Either way,
    just smack it down with physical attacks once you've incapacitated it.
    At level 3, Goblin Punch should be doing about 350+ damage.
    After the battle, collect the crystal shards to get the following jobs;
    Summoner, Red Mage, Berserker, Time Mage and Mystic Knight. You can't get the
    last shard so sit back and watch the death scene. When you regain control,
    enter the meteorite and use the warp portal. Walk west from the meteorite  to
    Karnak. On the way you'll be able to learn the Blue Magic spell ??? from a Wild
    Nakk in the forest.
    New Magic: ??? (Blue, Wild Nack), Transfusion (Blue, Calcruthi [Confuse])
    New Enemies: Aegir, Zu, Wild Nakk, Grass Tortoise (Outsie Karnak)
    Here you'll find a magic, armor and weapons store, pub and an inn.
    Talk to the weapon or armor salesmen and you'll be arrested. Sit tight in your
    cell and you'll eventually be let out. You can't get any items from the castle
    so leave and head back to the city. Play the piano at the pub and upgrade your
    equipment then head to the fire ship. If you haven't got Shiva yet, now would
    be an ideal time to go and defeat her. One fireaga from a Fire Rod and a hit
    from a Fira Swordspell will finish the battle. If you go back to the Ship
    Graveyard, you can learn the Blue Magic spell 'Transfusion' from the enemy
    Calcruthi there if you cast Confuse on it. Back at the fire ship, head forward
    to be shoved inside by Cid. Head through the ship until you reach the area
    made of metal rather than wood.
                               FIRE SHIP
    Magic: Self Destruct (Blue, Motor Trap [React: Lightning]),
           Flash (Blue, Crew Dust [when alone])
    Items: Mythril Glove, Elixir, Cottage, Elixir, Phoenix Down, Thief's Gloves,
           Green Beret, Moonring blade, Elixir
    New Enemies: Crew Dust, Poltergeist, Defeater, Motor Trap, Liquid Flame (Boss)
    You can learn the Blue Magic spell 'Self Destruct' from the enemy Motor Trap.
    Motor Traps appear after you win a fight in which the enemy Defeater is the
    last enemy you kill.  You'll have to do Thunder damage to a Motor Trap to get
    it to cast Self Destruct.
    If you didn't learn it earlier, you'll also be able to learn the Blue Magic
    spell Flash from the enemy Crew Dust. Crew Dust will only cast Flash when it's
    alone, so you'll have to kill all the other monsters with it first.
    Head north through the door to get a Mythril Glove then head back out and up
    the stairs. Head up the stairs to the west and follow the path to find an
    Elixir before returning to the first room.
    The stairs to the north lead to a Cottage and the stairs to the east will
    reward you with an Elixir. The stairs to the north east lead to an elevator,
    using the switch will take you to the next floor. There is a chest to the east
    containing a Phoenix Down and a door to the north west with another elevator
    to take you down to another area of the first floor. Go up the stairs to the
    north west and travel through the air vents you'll end up in a room with seven
    exits. Drop down the third vent from the left to get some Thief's Gloves and
    return to the room. Enter the right most vent and the vent to your east to
    find a Green Beret, use the nearby door to return to the room. Finally, take
    the vent second from the left. Go down the stairs and use the switch to find a
    Moonring Blade, then back up the stairs and through the door. Ignore the
    treadmill and go through the closer door to find a save point.
    In the next room, use the only switch you can reach, then both switches to the
    west. Use both of the switches against the east wall then the one to the south
    west (not the one against the south wall) but make sure to be standing beside
    it, not below. Grab the Elixir from the chest and head into the next area where
    you'll be thrown into another boss fight.
    * Liquid Flame       * Level: 19 * HP: 3000  * Drops: Flame Scroll            *
    * (human)            * Rare Steal: Nothing      * Common Steal: Nothing       *
    * Liquid Flame       * --------- * --------- * Drops: Flame Rod               *
    * (hand)             * ------------------------------------------------------ *
    * Liquid Flame       * --------- * --------- * Drops: Flame Bow               *
    * (wind)             * ------------------------------------------------------ *
    | Vulnerable to Ice | Absorbs Fire & Wind | Immune to Poison & Water |
    Comments: This boss has three forms that share HP, but not MP. The human form
    will attack and cast blaze on your party, when hit it will cast blaze on your
    party and switch form. The hand form will attack and cast ray on members of
    your party, a weak attack that can paralyze you and is also immune to magic and
    spellswords, when hit it will cast Fira and switch form. The whirlwind form
    casts fira on itself to heal, when attacked will cast magnet on your party and
    switch form. It's weak to ice magic so blizzara spellsword, blizzara black
    magic and frost rods work well here thought the hand form will need a strong
    physical attacker to damage. 
    This boss can be difficult if you don't know it's weakness. Confuse ^_^
    Bring a group of four black mages with the !White ability. Cast confuse on him
    then just blast away with Blizzara spells, as long as he's confused he wont
    counter attack and he wont change form. Easy :)
    If you've managed to get to level 19, bring Blue mages instead of black, Goblin
    Punch should be hitting for 900+ damage.
    For the impatient (read: cheap), breaking two Frost Rods will kill it.
    Before continuing onwards, I heavily recommend you head back to the last save
    point and save your game. The next section is timed and you may miss out on
    some treasure or not make it in time and want to try again without fighting the
    boss over.
    Either way, head into the next room and watch things get a little heated. You
    now have 10 minutes before everything goes up in smoke. Having a thief would be
    a good idea for the ability to flee quickly.
                               10 MINUTES TO LIVE
    Magic: Aero (Blue, Giga [React: Physical]), Aera (Blue, gigas),
           Esuna (White, Chest), Death Claw (Blue, Iron Claw), 
           Missile (Blue, Motor Trap [Control])
    Items: 2000 gil, Elixir, Shuriken, Ribbon, 2000 gil, Elixir, Elixir, Elven
           Mantle, Elixir, Elixir, Elixir, 2000 gil, Main Gauche, Lightning Scroll,
           Flame Rod [Karnak]
    New Monsters: Sergeant, Sorcerer, Cur Nakk, Gigas, Death Claw (Boss)
                  ALL MISSABLE, Dhorme Chimera (Desert)
    New Jobs: Beastmaster, Geomancer, Ninja
    Head north to the prison and grab the 2000 gil from the nearby chest and an
    Elixir from the one near the exit, though it is a trapped chest so ignore it if
    you don't think you can kill the monsters quickly. Both the chests in the next
    room are trapped, the east chest contains a Shuriken and theres a Ribbon in the
    western chest. You'll fight a Gigas when opening the eastern chest from whom
    you can learn the blue magic 'Aera'. The next two rooms are devoid of items so
    rush through them. When you get to the main hall, enter the western door for
    two Elixirs in trapped chests and 2000 gil in the chest by the entrance. Go up
    the stairs and follow the castle wall to find another trapped chest containing
    an Elven Mantle. Return to the main hallway and go through the eastern door to
    find three Elixirs in trapped chests and 2000 gil in the one nearest the
    entrance. Go up the stairs and follow the wall around for a trapped chest
    containing a Main Gauche. Return to the main hall and head south, but before
    leaving the room there's the spell Esuna in the chest to the west and a
    Lightning Scroll to the east, both of them trapped. Head outside and you'll
    enter a boss battle... kinda .
    * Iron Claw          * Level: 39 * HP: 900   * Drops: Silver Specs            *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Nothing      * Common Steal: Hero Cocktail *
    Comments: Kill the Cur Nakks first and the sergeant will morph into Iron Claw.
    This guy will get a critical attack every hit and occasionally uses Death Claw
    to drop a persons health to single digits and paralyze them.
    One target-all Aera spell should kill the Kur Nakks.
    Iron Claw has no status immunities or elemental weaknesses, so play with him
    as you see fit. I would recommend Pond's Chorus and Aera spells.
    If you're level 39 at this point, you don't need a guide. Go away.
    Note: If you do kill the sergeant first (For whatever reason), you wont get
    Iron Claw in your bestiary and you wont meet him again.
    After the battle you'll get the following jobs; Beastmaster, Geomancer and
    Ninja. If you return to Karnak you can now go up onto the wall, you follow
    it west you'll find a barrel containing a Flame Rod. If you want an easier time
    learning blue magic, I would advise getting a beastmaster to level 2 to learn
    the control command. Once you get it, go back in the Steamship and take control
    of a Motor Trap. Have the Motor Trap cast 'Missile' on someone with the
    Learning ability.
    Head west through the broken wall and south till you reach a desert. If you
    want to learn the blue magic 'Aqua Breath' then run around in the sand to
    encounter Dhorme Chimera. Beware that this beast will probably kill your party
    members in 2-3 hits each. The Aqua breath skill your trying to learn will deal
    about 300 damage to your party. If this sounds a bit too much for you
    at this point then just walk around the desert to the Library of the Ancients.
                               LIBRARY OF THE ANCIENTS
    Magic: Transfusion (Blue, Mythril Dragon [Control]), Aera (Blue, Page 32),
           Level 5 Death (Blue, Page 64), Moon Flute (Blue, Page 256),
           Off-Guard (Blue, Page 256 [Control]), Ifrit (Summon),
           Magic Hammer (Blue, Byblos)
    Items: Ether, Ninja Suit, Phoneix Down
    New Enemies: Silent Bee, Mythril Dragon (Outside the Library), Page 32,
                 Page 64, Page 128, Page 256, Ifrit (Boss), Byblos (Boss)
    Note: Page 64 here has the rare steal Silver Specs, it's one of the only two
    places you can get these from. Stealing them in North Mountain is easier.
    If you head forward to the next room, you'll find a healing pot and up the
    stairs on the roof you'll be able to fight pages 32 and 64 by examining the
    book on the right, from these you can learn the blue magics 'Aera' and 'Level 5
    Death' respectively. Make sure your blue mage's level is a multiple of 5 and
    that someone elses level isn't, otherwise the spell will either miss the mage
    or you will all die from it. 
    Head back to the first room and down into the basement. Walk forward and
    examine the bookcase and it will move out of your way, examine the hole to your
    left and it will move back over, allowing you to walk through the bookcase to
    the other side of the room. Walk through the next bookcase and up the stairs,
    causing the first bookcase to move over once again so you can walk along it.
    Walk right up to the eastern wall and the bookcase should move back to its
    original position, allowing you to move down the stairs and into the northern
    end of the room. Examine the bookcase in the corner and it will reveal a
    secret passage.
    You can learn the Blue Magic spell 'Off-Guard' from the enemy Page 256 in the
    next few rooms if you use the Beastmasters's !Control ability.  If you didn't
    learn the Blue Magic spell 'Moon Flute' in Walse Castle, then you can learn it
    here from a Page 256 as well.
    In the next room, move south then east to find a chest containing an Ether.
    Head back west and continue south. In the next room, head up the stairs to the
    east and examine the bookshelf. You'll find a secret passage leading to Ifrit,
    who engages you in combat.
    * Ifrit              * Level: 22 * HP: 3000  * Drops: Flame Scroll            *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Nothing      * Common Steal: Phoenix Down  *
    | Vulnerable to Water & Ice | Absorbs Fire | Immune to Poison |
    Comments: Ifrit is a fire elemental, he can cast Blaze on your party, Fire on
    a single member and use High Kick to Paralyze one of your party members.
    Four black mages, do I have to say more? *hint*Blizzara*hint*
    If you're having trouble for some reason, use Stop or break a Frost Rod
    Head back to the entrance of the secret passage and enter the door beside the
    stairs. The bookshelf will move to block your path but Ifrit will put it in
    its place ^_^ Head past and down the stairs to the left for a Ninja Suit.
    Return to the room and go into the hole in the bookcase. In the next area
    ignore the east path and head west. Head south at the fork for a Phoenix Down
    the back up and head east to the next room. Nothing in the next room so move
    on. Walk up to the bookcase in your way and it will move over, walk up the
    ladder behind it and examine the books and the bookcase will move back over.
    Examining the books at the top of the southern ladder will throw you into a
    random battle. Head down the passage where the books used to find a save point.
    Carry on through the next few rooms to find Mid and get attacked by byblos.
    * Byblos             * Level: 24 * HP: 3600  * Drops: Iron Draft              *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Dark Matter  * Common Steal: Mallet        *
    | Vulnerable to Holy & Fire | Absorbs all other elements |
    Comments: This guy has quite a strong physical attack, so I recommend moving
    the whole party into the back row for this one. On top of that he can cast
    Magic Hammer to half your MP, Web, which casts slow on a character, confuse,
    discord, which halves your level and wind slash, which hits all your party
    members for around 200 damage and cast protect on himself. He will also
    randomly frog one of your party members to counter magic.
    Three Blue Mages with !White and one with !Black. Hit him with death claw then
    wait for him to cast Magic Hammer, keeping your health up with Cura. After he
    uses it smack him with Fira to end the fight.
    Edit: Thanks to Sergio Silva for confirming that Byblos absorbs holy at the
    normal damage rate. The weakness in the bestiary seems to be an error.
    After the fight, talk to Mid and you'll be taken back upstairs. Exit the temple
    and head back to the pub in Karnak to see Cid. After the scene, leave the pub
    and go board your new ship.
    Check your map and sail to the south eastern most dot on the crescent shaped
                               CRESCENT ISLAND
    Magic: Goblin Punch (Blue, Sahagin) Mighty March (Song),
           Dark spark (Blue, Black Flame), Flamethrower (Blue, Prototype)
           Self Destruct (Blue, Prototype), Missile (Blue, Prototype)
    New Enemies: Sahagin, Thunder Anemone, Sea Ibis, Corbett (Ocean), Doublizard,
                 Bio Soldier, Harvester, Black Flame (Crescent island),
                 Prototype (two islands southwest of Crescent)
    New Jobs: Bard, Ranger
    Note: Apart from rare steals in world three, drops from the harvester is the
    only place you can get the Death Sickle.
    Here you'll find a weapon, armor and magic store, an inn and a single house.
    Upon entering Crescent your ship will sink, stranding you on the island. Back
    in town, head into the house and play the piano, talking to the bard to learn
    Mighty March. Leave the town and enter the Black Chocobo forest to the south.
    Catch the black chocobo and you'll get the Bard and Ranger jobs and be able to
    fly around on the chocobo. You can get the blue magic 'Dark Spark' from the
    enemies Black Flame. Head back to the library of the ancients to report the
    ships loss to Cid.
    The next three towns are totally optional and you can skip them if you wish,
    just head straight for the shifting desert.
                               TOWN OF JACHOL
    Items: Shuriken, Tent, Blitz Whip
    New Enemies: Bomb, Skull Eater
    Here you'll find an item, weapon, armor and magic shop, a pub and an inn.
    The town is the south western most dot on your map. You'll need to land quite a
    distance from the town as the black chocobo can only land in forests, there's
    one east of the town.
    Upgrade your equipment, rest at the inn and play the piano in the pub. Leave
    the town and head back towards your chocobo, entering the cave you see on the
    If you want to kill a Skull Eater here for the bestiary, you can use !throw,
    !gaia or !control for an easy kill. (It only has 1 health)
    Follow the path south and press the switch to move the big rock. Continue down
    the path to a row of skull switches, they will randomly disappear leaving just
    one switch on the wall witch you need to activate before the others reappear,
    this will cause the big rock to move over again. Head back to the open chest
    you saw on the way and head east. Examine the chest near the door and flip the
    switch to open it then head through into the next area. Head west at the fork
    to find a Shuriken and a Tent, then follow the path back east. At the next
    fork head east to get a Blitz Whip and then leave the caves and return to your
                               TOWN OF ISTORY
    Magic: Romeo's Ballad (Song), Toad (Black), Flash (Blue, Ramuh), Ramuh (Summon)
    Items: Ramuh
    New Enemies: Stone Golem, Mini Dragon, Ramuh (Boss)
    Here you'll find an item, armor and magic shop and an inn.
    Istory is the north western most dot on your map, there's a big forest to the
    east of it. Upgrade and rest as usual, then talk to the sheep near the bard
    from behind and it will kick you over the fence. Talk to the bard and he will
    teach you Romeo's Ballad. If you run around the square of flowers you'll get
    the spell Toad. Leave the town and run around in the forest to the east, you'll
    eventually encounter the esper Ramuh.
    * Ramuh              * Level: 21 * HP: 4000  * Drops: Ramuh                   *
    *                    * Steal: Hi-Potion                                       *
    | Absorbs Lightning |
    Comments: Ramuh will cast thunder, thundera and electrocute along with the
    blue magic flash throughout the battle so stock up on eye drops. He has no
    elemental weakness but his magic defense is super low so a group of black mages
    with !White will take him down quite quickly.
    Dark Spark, then Level 5 Death will kill him instantly.
    The random Death spell from Death Sickles will kill him instantly.
                               TOWN OF Lix
    Magic: Alluring Air (Song)
    Here you'll find an item, weapon, armor and magic shop, an inn and a house.
    The town of Lix is located just north of the wind shrine, it's surrounded by
    forest. The shops here will sell at half price since it's Bartz's home town,
    it's also free to stay at the inn. If you talk to the blonde guy walking around
    the center of town you'll have a flashback about your fear of heights. Staying
    at the inn will give a scene about Bartz's parents and examining the music box
    in his house shows another flashback. Talk to the person in your house after
    watching it to learn Alluring Air.
                               DESERT OF SHIFTING SANDS
    New Enemies: Sandboil, Desert Killer, Sand Bear, Sandworm (Boss)
    If you wanted to skip the optional stuff, here's where you should start reading
    Note: Stealing from the Sand Bears here is the only place you can get Javelins.
    You'll find the desert west of the library of the ancients. when you try to
    cross, you'll be pushed back then Cid and Mid will appear with an idea.
    They'll ask if you're ready so say yes to begin a fight with the sandworm.
    * Sandworm           * Level: 18 * HP: 3000  * Drops: Nothing                 *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Nothing      * Common Steal: Nothing       *
    | Vulnerable to Water |
    Comments: The sandworm randomly moves between three holes in the ground, make
    sure you don't hit an empty hole or it will counter with the Gravity spell,
    cutting your health in half. The sandworm will occasionally cast quicksand on
    your party which puts a constant drain on their health just like Garulas rush
    attack, except this hits your whole party.
    Make everyone blue mages and hit it with Aqua Breath, it'll die in one hit.
    If you don't have Aqua Breath, throw a couple of Water Scrolls at it.
    You can now walk over the sandworms tunnel to get into the desert. Move to the
    end of the path and step south into the shifting sands. Move two steps south to
    the next spot, two west and four south to the next spot, one south to the next
    spot and then one west and three south to the exit. Back on the world map, head
    south to Gohn, the town of ruin. 
                               GOHN, THE TOWN OF RUIN
    Magic: Mini (White)
    Items: Shuriken, shuriken
    New enemies: Cray Claw (Boss), Adamantoise (Boss)
    Head north to the stairs and King Tycoon will appear, chase him around the
    ruins for a bit before confronting him and falling down a hole. Head through
    the door to the west and you'll get transported to a facility at crescent
    island, just before the teleporter is destroyed. Head up the stairs and through
    the empty room to hit a switch, causing Cid and Mid to fall through a hole
    while opening the door ahead. Ignore that door for now and go into the southern
    Edit: Thanks to Tom Barrister for sending in an email saying you don't need to
    get the clues in the three rooms to use the switch. Just go down into the left
    room and when it asks "Push the switch?", answer "No." It will then ask to 
    "Pull the switch?".  Answering "Yes" will open the passage allowing you to get
    two Shurikens and the spell Mini.
    Leave the room and head north past the savepoint to find some ships and watch
    a scene. Talk to Cid and you'll be thrown into a fight against Karlabos, uhh I
    mean Cray Claw.
    * Cray Claw          * Level: 43 * HP: 2000  * Drops: Frost Bow               *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Nothing      * Common Steal: Coral Sword   *
    | Vulnerable to Lightning | Absorbs Water |
    Comments: Just like his twin earlier, Cray claw will hit your party members
    with Tail screw, reducing their health to single digits. This time however he
    has the ability Slimer, which slows your party members and constantly drains
    their health. Slimer + Tail screw = Instant death so make sure you've got a
    couple of phoenix downs handy.
    Black mages, ninjas and mystic knights will be useful here with thundera,
    thunder rods and thunder scrolls.
    You can head to Castle Tycoon and spend the night for a flashback if you wish,
    then head back to the ruined city to watch it take off. Head back to where you
    got the airship and talk to Cid. Fly to the meteorite near Castle Tycoon and
    head inside the get the adamantite, launching you into another boss battle.
    * Adamantoise        * Level: 20 * HP: 2000  * Drops: Turtle Shell            *
    *                    * Steal: Iron Draft                                      *
    | Vulnerable to Ice |
    Comments: He only has 2000 health, but his super high defense makes it hard to
    damage with physical attacks and his strong attacks will kill your party
    members pretty quickly. I recommend the spellsword, black and summon abilities
    to end this asap with blizzara and shiva. If you have any frost rods left this
    is a good time to use them. If you don't have any rods then move everyone to
    the back row as he can hit for 300-400 damage per hit and often hits twice in a
    Matthew Gibson and VeghEsther wrote in to mention that it's level 20, so
    level 5 Death will kill it instantly.
    Head back to your airbase and give the admantite to Cid and Mid.Once you have
    the upgrade, you can select the up arrow when you try to land to attack the
    flying ruins. The best place to do this would be near the town of Lix as you
    can rest for free at the inn between attacks.
                               GOHN, THE FLYING RUINS
    Magic: Flamethrower (Blue, Flame Thrower), Missile (Blue, Missile Launcher)
    New enemies: Flame Thrower, Rocket Launcher (Both have no bestiary entry),
                 Soul Cannon (Boss), Launcher (Boss fight)
    Head up and close in on the ruins, The four battles you fight here are randomly
    picked from the following two sets of enemies each time you engage on of the
    * Flame Thrower x2   * Level: ?? * HP: 2400  * Drops: Speed Shake             *
    *                    * Steal:                                                 *
    | Vulnerable to Lightning |
    Comments: If you've purchased any flame rings, make sure they're quipped for
    this battle. If you managed to afford 4 of them then you can't even get hurt
    in this fight. The rest of you will have to fight them normally ;) Summon,
    black, spellsword and throw are recommended again for this battle. Just blast
    away at them with thunder items/spells/summons/attacks and keep your health up
    with white magic. If you learned the blue magic Death Claw it will reduce their
    health to single figures and you can kill them in a single hit. You can learn
    the blue magic 'flamethrower' from these guys.
    * Rocket Launcher x2 * Level: ?? * HP: 2500  * Drops: Iron Draft              *
    *                    * Steal:                                                 *
    | Vulnerable to Lightning |
    Comments: Almost the same battle as above, except the fire ring doesn't work
    here. Their missiles cut your health in half and confuse your party members so
    try to make this one quick. Blast them with thunder magic or death claw and
    slash. You can learn the blue magic 'Missile' from these if you don't have it
    A massive cannon will appear out of the ruins so rest up by flying of the north
    of the screen and then engage it.
    * Soul Cannon        * Level: 36 * HP: 22500 * Drops: Dark Matter             *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Elixer       * Common Steal: Ether         *
    * Launcher x2        * Level: 50 * HP: 10800 * Drops: Hi-Potion               *
    *                    * Steal: Ether                                           *
    | Vulnerable to Lightning (Cannon Only) | Immune to Poison, Wind & Water | 
    Comments: Concentrate all your attacks on the two launchers as they're the ones
    firing missiles that half your health and cause aging. Level 5 Death will kill
    them or you can attack them as normal. Once they're down you'll just have the
    main cannon to worry about which has really long delays between its attacks.
    It's attack, however, is pretty damaging. Once it charges up it fires its Wave
    Cannon at you which does about 200-300 damage to your party and then drains
    another 100-150 over time.
    A team of black mages with the Blue ability should end it without taking a
    single hit from any of the targets.
    After the fight, go rest again and then fly into the hole where the cannon used
    to be. 
                               RONKA RUINS
    Magic: White Wind (Blue, Enchanted Fan [Control]), Aera (Blue, Enchanted Fan),
           1000 Needles (Blue, Lamia [Control]), Pond's Chorus (Blue, Archeotoad),
           Level 4 Graviga (Blue, Ghidra [On death])
    Items: Golden Armor, Elixir, Phoenix Down, Golden Shield, Hi-Potion, Shuriken,
           5000 gil, Ancient Sword, Moonring Blade, Power Armlet, Ether, Cottage
    New Enemies: Ra Mage, Ronkan Knight, Stone Mask, Enchanted Fan, Lamia,
                 Archeotoad, Hydra, Ghidra !!ALL MISSABLE!!, Archeoavis (Boss)
    New Jobs: Samurai, Dragoon, Dancer, Chemist
    Leave the ship and head through the first room. In the next room you'll find
    invisible floors, these are easily detected by the lack of grass growing along
    the edge of it or by using the thief's 'See passages' ability. You can
    learn the Blue Magic '1000 needles' from the monster Lamia and the Blue Magic
    'White Wind' from the monster Enchanted Fan here, though you need to control
    both monsters for their spell.
    Head east over the bridges then south over more invisible floor to the chest.
    Take the Golden Armor and head south. In the next room head over the invisible
    floor to the south west. You'll see four walkways to the east, go up the third
    from the left to get an Elixir then the leftmost walkway to continue on.
    Ignore the stairs to the north for now and head up the stairs to the east to
    save. Leave that room and grab the Phoenix Sown from the chest before heading
    down the stairs to the south. Follow this route to the chest containing the
    Golden Shield then head back and take the stairs I told you to ignore before.
    Keep following this route until you come to a chest containing a Hi-Potion.
    Grab it and go down the nearby stairs. You'll come to a room containing five
    chests however there's a hidden hole in the middle of the room, so follow the
    wall around in a clockwise direction, but don't past the last chest as there's
    another hole. You'll find a Shuriken, 5000 gil, Ancient Sword, Moonring Blade
    and Power Armlet in the chests.
    Once you have the items head back to the chest containing the Hi-Potion and
    head south through the door. Follow the path, making sure to avoid the holes,
    and take the stairs to your south when you reach a fork to find a save point.
    Go back down and through the door to the north. Head down the stairs at the
    next fork to find two chests containing an Ether and Cottage then head back up
    and go south through the door. Press the switch when you come to it and head
    down the stairs to find King Tycoon. Before fighting him run around in this
    room until you find a Ghidra, it will cast Level 4 Graviga on your party when
    it dies. You'll end up fighting archeoavis.
    * Archeoavis (1)     * Level: 21 * HP: 6400  * Drops: Goliath Tonic           *
    *                    * Steal: Nothing                                         *
    * Archeoavis (2)     * Level: 19 * --------- * Drops: Power Drink             *
    *                    * ------------------------------------------------------ *
    * Archeoavis (3)     * Level: 23 * --------- * Drops: Speed Shake             *
    *                    * ------------------------------------------------------ *
    * Archeoavis (4)     * Level: 24 * --------- * Drops: Iron Draft              *
    *                    * ------------------------------------------------------ *
    * Archeoavis (5)     * Level: 20 * HP: 2500  * Drops: Hero cocktail           *
    *                    * ------------------------------------------------------ *
    | Vulnerable to Wind (1) | Immune to Earth |
    Comments: This creature starts of at level 21 and vulnerable to wind, it will
    occasionally cast Breath Wing on your party.
    After you've done enough damage it will go down two levels and lose its
    vulnerability while absorbing Ice, you can sometimes tell when this happens
    because there will be a pause in the fight even if no ones atb gauges are full.
    From now it will cast Frost on your party, wearing a fire ring will negate the
    damage from this, so it's a good idea to be wearing those again ;)
    After doing some more damage it will rise to level 23 and lose its Ice absorb
    in exchange for fire absorb. It will also begin casting Blaze and using Tail,
    which blinds the target.
    After even more damage, it will raise to level 24 and switch its fire absorb
    for lightning and begin casting Lightning.
    After it dies it will revive itself (No immune to all elements) and keep
    attacking. You didn't think it would be that easy did you? :p It's now level
    20 (Level 5 Death for instakill) and can cast Maelstrom, reducing your
    entire party to single digit health.
    Heal asap. It can also confuse and paralyze your characters so don't start
    slacking. Once you've killed it this time it stays dead ^_^
    A group of blue mages using your newly acquired 1000 needles works quite well
    Got an e-mail from VeghEsther saying that if it's first form is killed with a
    counter attack it skips straight to the last form, when I tried this I didn't
    even get the last form., it was an instant win :)
    After the grueling battle, head into the next room and watch the scene. You'll
    gain the following jobs; Samurai, Dragoon, Dancer and Chemist.
    Magic: Titan (Summon), Aqua Breath (Blue, Manticore)
    New enemies: Titan (Boss), Purobolos (Boss), Manticore (Boss)
    Back on the world map, land the ship anywhere for a scene and then head back to
    your seabase to find a note from Cid. Fly to the meteorite near Tycoon Castle
    and you'll find Cid and Mid inside, then be given the task of getting
    adamantite from all the meteorites. Head west to the Karnak meteorite and head
    inside. Talk to cid and he'll tell you there's a monster inside, so go inside
    and enter combat with titan.
    * Titan              * Level: 1  * HP: 2500  * Drops: Hi-Potion               *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Gaia Hammer  * Common Steal: Potion        *
    | Absorbs Earth |
    Comments: This guy can hit you for about 200ish damage and will occasionally
    use ground shaker to hit your whole party for around 500 damage so you'll need
    a lot of healing for this fight. It doesn't help that you're now fighting with
    only three people either. As with the last battle, three monks or ninjas with
    the white ability are recommended for heavy physical damage and a lot of
    healing. You should be able to take him down before he gets more than three
    hits in but he'll use Earth Shaker when he dies if you don't kill him with a
    counterattack so make sure to keep your health up for that.
    VeghEsther comments: Control Gilacats (north mountain) and force them to cast
    float on everybody so earthshaker will always miss and the Death Sickles from
    harvesters near crescent town, its random doom spells can instant kill this
    boss (and not triggeer earth shaker at all).
    After the fight you get the esper titan and Cid and Mid head of to the next
    metorite. Get in your airship and head east to the meteorite near Walse. Head
    inside and talk to Cid where you'll be attacked by a group of enemies.
    * Purobolos x6       * Level: 22 * HP: 1500  * Drops: Potion                  *
    *                    * Steal: Eye Drops                                       *
    Comments: Two black mages and a summoner are perfect for this fight. The Puro's
    have an amazingly slow attack time so just use level two magic on the whole
    group and keep summoning titan and they'll be dead before they get a hit off
    Make sure one of your members have white magic in case something goes wrong and
    they don't all die at once so you can silence the remaining enemies before
    killing them. Otherwise they will cast Araise when they die bringing the others
    back to life.
    VeghEsther Comments: Titan Summon or any elemental scrolls x3 ninja's can beat
    them in 1 turn.
    Note: I question my sanity bringing black mages instead of more summoners.
    Hop back in your ship and fly south east to where the ruins used to be and
    enter the last meteorite. Talk to cid then head inside and you'll enter the
    next fight.
    * Manticore          * Level: 19 * HP: 3300  * Drops: Phoenix Down            *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Wind Spear   * Common Steal: Dragon Fang   *
    | Absorbs Water |
    Comments: Change your two black mages to physical fighters for this fight as
    the creature is highly resistant to magic. Keep the summoner casting Titan and
    beat him into submission while keeping your own health up as he uses frost and
    Aqua Breath.
    Edit: VeghEsther has informed me that three shurikens will take this guy down.
    You can buy shurikens in the town of Lix.
    After the fight head out and back into your airship. Time to leave this world
    If you were putting off doing anything (like getting the time magic Speed from
    Walse, getting the Esper Shiva from Walse, letting Lone Wolf out of jail in
    Walse (Don't do this :p) or getting the Blue Magic spell Aqua Breath from the
    Dhorme Chimera in the desert south of Karnak), then make sure you go do it
    now before you leave this world. You'll have another chance to get some spells
    if you leave this world before you get them, but it won't be until much later.
    You'll never have another change to get Shiva or the songs Alluring Air or
    Romeo's Ballad.
    Make sure to stock up on elemtal scrolls and rods along with a supply of tents.
    You wont be getting them again for a long time.
    Here's a checklist for what you should have before leaving world one:
    Bestiary Entries: 1-69, 191-196, 243-265
    White Magic: Cure, Libra, Poisona, Silence, Protect, Mini, Cura, Raise,
                 Confuse, Esuna
    Black Magic: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Poison, Sleep, Toad, fira, Blizzara,
    Time Magic: Speed, Slow, Regen, Mute, Haste, Gravity, Stop
    Summons: Chocobo, Sylph, Remora, Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit, Titan
    Blue Magic: Aqua Breath, Level 5 Death, Level 4 Graviga, Pond's Chorus, Flash,
                Moon Flute, Death Claw, Aero, Aera, Flame Thrower, Goblin Punch,
                Dark Spark, Off-Guard, Transfusion, Vampire, Magic Hammer,
                Self-Destruct, ???, 1000 needles, White Wind, Missile
    Songs: Mighty March, Romeo's Ballad, Alluring Air
                            4.b) WORLD TWO
                               GO GO GALUF
    Magic: Transfusion (Blue, Devilfish [Control]), Dark Spark (Blue, Strapparer),
           Death Claw (Blue, Strapparer [Control]), Death Claw (Blue, Treant),
           Goblin Punch (Blue, Gilgamesh)
    New Enemies: Poa (Starting island), Tarantula, Shell Bear (Inside castle),
                 Gilgamesh (Boss), Devilfish, Treant, Strapparer (Outside Castle),
                 Merrow, Flying Killer, Little Chariot,
                 Neo Garula (Bridge, MISSABLE), Gilgamesh (Boss)
    You'll wake up on an tiny island in the middle of nowhere, make sure to kill a
    pao before you leave then just wait until Lenna suggests using a tent and use
    one to start the next fight. 
    * Abductor           * Level: 22 * HP: 1500  * Drops: Ether                   *
    *                    * Steal: Gaia Gear                                       *
    Comments: Very low health so use a Ninja or blue mage's 1000 needles to knock
    it down.
    Win or lose, you'll be captured either way. If you won, Open the chest it
    leaves behind to get gassed.
    When you get control of Galuf, head through the northern door for a save point
    and healing spring then return to the first room. Head down the western set of
    stairs and just follow the rooms until you find Gilgamesh.
    Note: Stealing from the Shell Bears is the only way to get Spears. They're the
    weakers spears in the game but if you want every item, grab a few before you
    * Gilgamesh          * Level: 26 * HP: 11500 * Drops: Elixer                  *
    *                    * Steal: Nothing                                         *
    Comments: This battle is easily won as a ninja, just keep attacking and he'll
    die before you do.
    VeghEsther Comments: Use a monk for its counter attack + guard only and let
    counter attack trigger till he runs.
    Jimmy Ngo Wrote in to say that a single use of the Blue Magic Missile will end
    this fight (Gilgamesh runs away after taking about 1500 damage).
    Head back to the first room and leave the castle via the southern door. On the
    world map head west to the big bridge and make your way across it. At the
    first bridge point you'll encounter gilgamesh again.
    * Gilgamesh          * Level: 28 * HP: 6500  * Drops: Wizard's Hat            *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Trident      * Common Steal: Hero Cocktail *
    Comments: A group of summoners or blue mages will rip him apart pretty easily
    with titan and 1000 needles, just make sure they're in the back row so his
    attacks don't hurt as much and have the white ability so you don't get killed.
    Once he loses about 2/3 health he'll protect and shell himself and start
    jumping so keep your health up.
    After getting thrown around the world, head east to the town of Regole
                               TOWN OF REGOLE
    Magic: Transfusion (Blue, Birostris [Control]), Vampire (Blue, Blood Slime)
    Items: 100 gil, 4400 gil, Phoenix Down
    New Enemies: Tunneller, Birostris, Fairy Orc, Devourer, Mandrake,
                 Kuza Beast (Near Regole), Shield Dragon (Sealed Castle),
                 Blood Slime, Acrophies, Moogle Eater, Lesser Lopros (underground),
                 Cactus, Sandcrawler (Desert), Tyrannosaur (Boss)
    Here you'll find a weapons, armor, item and magic shop, a pub and an inn.
    Upgrade your equipment, rest at the inn for a scene and play the piano at the
    pub, it's down a hidden passage. You can also dance on stage for 100 gil and
    then leave the city as there's nothing else to do here. Head south on the
    world map ignoring the creepy looking castle for now. After heading east for a
    bit you'll eventuallyleave the world map and enter a forest with a moogle
    standing against a tree. Talk to the moogle and follow it down into the hole.
    In the hole, just keep jumping in the water till you reach the end. It doesn't
    matter which path you take at the fork, just make sure to grab the 4400 gil and
    Phoenix Down on the way.
    * Tyrannosaur        * Level: 29 * HP: 5000  * Drops: Elixer                  *
    *                    * Steal: Golden Shield                                   *
    | Vulnerable to flame | Immune to Ice |
    Comments: Use the phoenix down you just found and this battle is over.
    Follow the moogles path through the forests to avoid combat and you'll end up
    at the moogle Village.
                               MOOGLE VILLAGE
    Items: Ether, Phoenix Down, 10000 gil, 1 gil, Dancing Dagger, Cottage,
           Elven Mantle
    Head all the way to the right and talk to the moogle by the tree, he'll let you
    inside his house where you can get an Ether, Phoenix Down, 10000 gil, 1 gil,
    Dancing Dagger and a Cottage. Head into the middle house and put on the moogle
    costume, then enter the left house and talk to the moggle there who unlocks the
    chest containing an Elven Mantle. Talk to the moogle by the right house again
    and you'll end up in Castle Bal
                               CASTLE BAL
    Magic: Teleport (Time, Chest), Pond's Chorus (Blue, Kornago [Control])
    Items: Hero cocktail, angel Robe, Lamia's Harp, Great Sword
    New Enemies: Objet d'Art (Basement), Aquathorn, Weresnake, Kornago,
                 Cursed Being (World Map), Undergrounder (North east cave)
    Here you'll find a weapon, armor and magic shop and an inn.
    After the scenese, head to the left side of the room and get a Hero Cocktail
    from the chest, then south through the hidden passage to get the spell
    Teleport. Head up to the fourth floor and talk to Krile outside to learn of
    your next destination. then go down to the 1st floor and head outside. The
    building on your left is an inn and left of that is a weapon/armor/magic store.
    Head to the roof of the store and down the stairs on the right to get an Angel
    Robe. Press the switch that you can see on the other side of the wall then
    stand between the weapon and armor salemen for Lamia's Harp. Walk into the
    water in the south west corner and you'll be pulled into the castles moat, head
    round to the other side of the castle and examine the corner that you can't see
    for a Great Sword. When you're done, talk to the guard by the gate and you'll
    be sent out of the castle, unable to return for the time being.
    * Abductor           * Level: 29 * HP: 2500  * Drops: Potion                  *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Power Armlet * Common Steal: Hi-Potion     *
    Comments: Like the gilgamesh battles, this abductor has a seperate bestiary
    entrance to the last one, so don't think you can make it up here if you lost
    before :p He only has 2500 HP and very low defense so he should pose zero
    problem to you at this stage.
    Move onto the world map and head north to Quelb.
    Magic: Requiem (Song)
    Items: Potion x8, Potion x8, Potion x8, Kornago Gourd
    Here you'll find a weapon, armor and magic shop, an inn and Kelger's House.
    The shops are shut when you first arrive so head into the building in the
    center of town. After the scene the shops will be open and the town will be
    Enter the inn and sit down next to the wolf in the back room for 8 potions,
    this can be done three times. Examine the well in the south west corner and a
    wizard will pop out and ask for a frog, so leave town to the south and capture
    a Karnago, then return and give it to him along with 10000 gil for a Kornago
    Gourd. Talk to the three wolves running in a cirlce in the north east to get
    the song Requiem. Leave the town and head into the cave to the north.
    Magic: Magic Hammer (Blue, Drippy), Golem (Summon)
    Items: 5000 gil, Cottage, Bone Mail, 7000 gil, Hypno crown, Wind slash,
           Phoenix Down, Dragon Grass (Rare)
    New Enemies: Drippy, Lycaon, Bone Dragon, Poison Eagle, Zombie Dragon,
                 Golem (Boss)
    Follow the path and enter the first cave for 5000 gil, leave and enter the next
    cave. Just keep following the path making sure to grab the Cottage on the way.
    After crossing the bridge and going through a cave, you'll encounter a creature
    called Golem. If you can kill of the two dragons attacking it before it dies,
    you'll gain the item Golem which teaches you the Summon magic golem.
    VeghEsther Comments: USe your newly acquired Requiem to kill the undead
    monsters. (In the fight with Golem)
    In this same area examine the pile of bones nearest the exit for Bone Mail,
    this is the strongest armor in the game but has the unfortunate side effect
    of zombifying the wearer. This means they will be hurt by healing magic and
    will be unressurectable in combat, however, death magic will heal them.
    Head into the next cave and you'll be at a dead end. Wander around the room
    and you'll eventually fall through a hole into the room below. Grab the 7000
    gil and go through the door to your left to pull the switch you saw earlier.
    Backtrack to outside and head down the newly opened path. In the next area take
    the left path to get the Hypno Crown and Wind Slash then go down the right
    path. Grab the Phoenix Down and head through the door ahead to find a save
    point. Walk back and take the door to the left to find the boss.
    * Dragon Pod         * Level: 33 * HP: 12000 * Drops: Elixer                  *
    *                    * Steal: Nothing                                         *
    * Dragon flower      * Level: 31 * HP: 100   * Drops: Phoenix Down            *
    *                    * Steal: Nothing                                         *
    Comments: Take a summoner along for this battle and bring out golem as soon as
    the fight begins to decrese the damage the boss can do to you. Summoning Titan
    will kill all the flowers so concentrate your other characters attacks on the
    pod. It can confuse, blind and paralyze with its attacks but if you have
    Golem up none of its status changing effects will work.
    VeghEsther Comments: Doom Claw works on the main boss and doom potion should
    instant kill it.
    After the battle, switch someone to a time mage and cast Teleport to leave
    Drakenvale then head south to Castle Bal. Head to the top of the castle and
    after a lot of talking and falling over you'll be on the wind drake. Travel
    through the mountains until you reach the sea then north to Ghido's cave.
    After it sinks, head west to Surgate Castle.
                               SURGATE CASTLE
    Magic: Swift Song (Song), Float (Time)
    Items: 5000 gil
    New enemies: Gobbledygook, Gilgamesh (Boss), Enkidu (Boss)
    Here you'll find a weapon, armor, magic and item store and an inn.
    Pull the switch beside the door the get ushered into the castle. Head up the
    stairs to your left and examine the book to learn Swift Song then head up the
    northern staircase to find the library. Head down the stairs and talk to the
    old woman who asks you to return the books to the shelves. They're stored
    alphabetically so it is a simple task. Talk to her again and she'll open a
    hidden door that leads to 5000 gil and the float spell. Upgrade your equipment
    leave the castle, flying to ExDeath's castle and landing on the large ship
    nearby. Head down and rest ad the ship will get attacked, so run back up on
    deck. Move south to the end of the boat and engage Gilgamesh in battle once
    * Gilgamesh          * Level: 31 * HP: 8888  * Drops: Golden Shield           *
    *                    * Steal: Genji Gloves                                    *
    * Enkidu             * Level: 29 * HP: 4000  * Drops: Nothing                 *
    *                    * Steal: Green Beret                                     *
    | Immune to Earth (Enkidu Only) |
    Comments: Make sure to equip the Steal ability on someone for this fight as
    you'll definatly want to grab the Genji Gloves from Gilgamesh. This far into
    the game you should really know what you're doing so just smash him down with
    your strongest attacks.
    After taking about 3000 damage he will summon enkidu who will cast white wind,
    healing them both for 4000. As he's a flying type he's immune to earth attacks
    but is vulnerable to wind attacks. Just keep at it until they're both dead.
    Got an email from Hai Wei Shen some tips for this one:
    Cast Dark Spark and then L5 Death. Instant win, Enkidu won't show up. (Can
    be done before he damages you if you have a speedy team)
    If you do want to wait for Enkidu before finishing him. I do have a strat
    for Enkidu too.
    Cast Death Claw on Enkidu and then attack him with someone.
    Both Gilgamesh and Enkidu can also be instant killed with Death Sickle.
    Head below deck and just follow Xezat and keep talking to him until you're
    inside the tower. He'll give you some whisperweed and head downstairs.
                               BARRIER TOWER
    Magic: Level 2 Old (Blue, Level Trickster [Control and reflect]),
           Level 3 Flare (Blue, Red Dragon [Control and reflect]),
           Level 4 Graviga (Blue, Level Trickster),
           Level 5 Death (Blue, Level Trickster [Control and reflect]),
           Time Slip (Blue, Traveler), Off Guard (Blue, Ziggurat gigas),
           Flash (Blue, Neon)
    Items: Whisperweed (Rare), 9000 gil, 18000 gil, Blood Sword, Gold Hairpin
    New Enemies: Neon, Magnetite, Reflect Knight, Traveler, Level Tricker,
                 Gravitator, Ziggurat Gigas, ALL MISSABLE!!,
                 Red Dragon, Yellow Dragon (Chests), Atmos (Boss)
    Edit: For an easier time casting reflect by catching neons to learn blue magic,
    get four reflect rings from the Reflect Knights here, that way you'll only need
    one neon and it will definatly hit the dragon/level tricker.
    Two of the treasure chests here have monsters inside them.  Which monsters
    you'll find in a treasure chest can vary, but it's possible to get a Red
    Dragon.  You can learn the Blue Magic spell 'Level 3 Flare' from it.  You have
    to use the Beastmasters Control ability in order to get it to cast L3 Flare but
    it will only cast it on itself so you have to cast a Reflect on it. You can't
    get the White Magic Reflect until after the Barrier Tower so if you want to
    learn Level 3 Flare here, you'll have to use the Chemist's Combine ability to
    make a Dragon Armor (combine a Phenix Down and a Dragon Fang), which casts
    Reflect Or you could use the Beastmasters's Catch ability to catch the enemy
    Neon and release it during your fight against the Red Dragon. You'll have to
    release at least two Neons, since releasing the first one will cast Reflect on
    you rather than the Red Dragon, then the second Neon's Reflect might bounce off
    the first Neon's Reflect and hit the Red Dragon or it might cast Reflect on one
    of your other characters.  Also note that this spell only works on characters
    who are at a level that is a multiple of 3.
    You can also learn the Blue Magic spell L2 Old from here from the enemy Level
    Tricker.  For that too, you have to use the Beastmaster's Control ability in
    order to get it to cast Level 2 Old then cast a Reflect on it so Level 2 Old
    will reflect off of it and onto you.
    You can also learn the Blue Magic spell 'Time Slip' here from the enemy
    HEad up the stairs from where you start and grab the two chests, the closest
    one contaiing 9000 gil and the other is a trapped chest holding a Blood Sword.
    Head outside and up two sets of stairs to the fifth floor and a chest
    containing 18000 gil. On the ninth floor, head up the left set of stairs for a
    chest containing a Gold Hairpin then exit the room and head up the right set of
    stairs. Use the savepoint then continue to the top of the tower, where you'll
    be attacked by a mysterious voice.
    * Atmos              * Level: 41 * HP: 19997 * Drops: Dark Matter             *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Flail        * Common Steal: Ether         *
    Comments: This is quite possibly the hardest battle yet if you don't know what
    you're doing. Run in blasting of spells and trying to keep everyone alive will
    get you dead pretty quick with Atmos throwing meteors at you. The way to win
    this battle is to kill off your weakest character before the fight, then Atmos
    will spend the fight trying to drag that character into him instead of casting
    meteor. Have your other three characters as summoners and crush him with Titan.
    VeghEsther Comments: Use Dark Spark, now Level 5 Death will kill it.
    The sleep magic spell also works, when it does use Lance (LV 2 dragoon) goblin
    punch (blue magic) Gaia (geomancer) and it won't wake up.
    After the scene you'll have control of the submarine.
                               THE SUBMARINE
    Magic: Catoblepas (Summon)
    Items: Main Gauche
    New Enemies: Catoblepas (Boss), Cure Beast, Land Turtle, Dechirer (Near Moore),
                 Druid, Ironback (Cave near Catoblepas)
    check your map underwater and you'll see three flashing dots. Head to the
    western one first. Move as close to the dot as you can, then surface. You
    should find yourself next to the town of Moore.
    In town, upgrade your equipment, play the piano and get a Main Gauche from a
    barrel beside the Pub, get back in your submarine and head to the northern dot.
    Head through the cave until you reach the surface, then run around until you
    get into an encounter with Catoblepas.
    * Catoblepas         * Level: 11 * HP: 5000  * Drops: Catoblepas              *
    *                    * Steal: Phoenix Down                                    *
    Comments: He'll counter any attacks made against him with Evil Eye, which
    stone's your party members so make sure you have some Golden Needles spare.
    His normal attack is pretty weak but he can drain about 300-500 health which
    can make the fight drag out if you don't finish it quick. A group of summoners
    and Blue mages with titan and 1000 needles should do well, just remember to
    use those Golden Needles after every attack.
    VeghEsther Comments: Capture a Ironback monster in the cave
    leading to it (6000+ damage) killing the summon instantly.
    When you're done, return to the sub and head to the last dot, Ghido's Cave.
                               GHIDO'S CAVE
    Magic: Pond's Chorus (Blue, Metamorph), Aeroga (Blue, Whirl Demon [Metamorph])
    Items: Guardian Branch (Rare)
    New Enemies: Dark Aspic, Metamorph
    You can learn the blue magic Aeroga and Pond's Chorus here from the enemies
    Metamoprh. The Metamorph will switch between three different enemies in combat
    but there's four different Metamorphs with three different forms. One uses
    Shiva, Caith Sith and Elf Toad (From who you learn Pond's Chorus), another uses
    Ramuh, Zombie Dragon and Crew dust (Who teaches Flash) the third uses
    Wyvern, Ifrit and Enchanted Fan (From who you learn Aeroga) and the last uses
    Ifrit, Shiva and Ramuh.
    Head into the cave until you come to a room with five chests. Examine the
    middle chest for a stone and place it in the north west chest. Head through the
    newly opened door and pull the lever there, then return and get the stone out
    of the chest. Put it into the south west chest and carry on through the cave.
    In the next room, it looks like a dead end but if you move down to the south
    west corner a secret path will be revealed leading to a switch which causes
    some stairs to appear. In the next room, head south west through two hidden
    passages then east through a third. Hop into the pond and head north to find
    the sage. Leave the cave and head back to Moore, but instead of entering the
    town, head east to the forest.
                               FOREST OF MOORE
    Magic: Lilliputian Lyric (Blue, Mini Magician)
    Items: 2500 gil, Ether, 4900 gil, Phoenix Down, 9500 gil, Cottage,
           Goliath Tonic, Elixir, Morning Star, Aegis Shield or Fire Shield, Ash,
    New Enemies: Mini Magician, Galajelly, Mammon, Imp, Wyrm, Crystal (Boss),
                 Crystal (Boss), Crystal (Boss), Crystal (Boss)
    Head forward and the Guardian Branch will clear the way into the forest.
    You can learn the blue magic Lilliputian Lyric from the Mini Mages here, you
    can't use it with control and it only hits one person so give everyone the
    learning ability for an easier time.
    Head north to find a chest containing 2500 gil, then all the way east for an
    Ether. Examine the hole in the tree and a ramp will appear leading underground.
    In the next forest area, head north at the second tree from the left to find a
    chest containing 4900 gil, a little to the northeast you'll also find a Phoenix
    Down. Return south to the path and follow it until it turns north, head north
    east instead to find 9500 gil. Return to the path and you'll find another tree
    with a hole, examine it for another ramp.
    In the next forest area, walk around the tree to your left for a Cottage, then
    east for a Goliath Tonic, you'll also find a save point to the north of it
    between some flowers. North west of the save point you'll find an Elixir and
    thurther north, a Morning Star. Head west from there and the forest will be set
    on fire. To the north you'll find a chest containing an Aegis Shield, if you
    leave it for now though, you can get a Flame Shield from the chest a little
    later. After a few moments a moogle will pop out of the ground and save you.
    The moogle by the door will eventually move and you can return to the ashen
    forest. Head west to find a chest contaiing some Ash, then west some more
    to get a Flametounge. Head north and you'll enter a boss fight.
    * Crystal x4         * Level: 77 * HP: 7777  * Drops: Ash                     *
    *                    * Steal: Elixer                                          *
    Comments: The top Crystal absorbs fire, the bottom Crystal absorbs earth, the
    front crystal absorbs water, the back crystal absorbs wind and
    they are all immune to ice, poison, holy and lightning.
    When the right boss is low on health, it will cast Aqua Breath, when the bottom
    boss is low on health, it will cast Earth Shaker, when the left boss is low on
    health it will cast Aeroga and when the top boss is low on health is will cast
    Firaga. If you have four flame or coral rings equipped, taking the top or right
    boss down to low health and leaving it alive throughout the fight ensures your
    health stays high. They are suceptiable to Death Claw and Missile blue magics,
    so a team of blue mages will end this fight rather quickly.
    Now you can go smash your head against the wall because you just helped ExDeath
    break the seals, Or you could just let him do it for you with his new power.
    After a scene you'll be thrown into a fight with ExDeath
    * ExDeath            * Level: ?? * HP: 50000 * Drops:                         *
    *                    * Steal:                                                 *
    Comments: This battle is really boring and stupid as 1) you can't die 2) You
    fight alone and 3) ExDeath has a ton of health. If you followed my advice in
    the last fight and used a group of blue mages, self destruct to get this battle
    over with.
    Some more waiting and Krile will join you. She'll have the same abilities and
    job levels and Galuf had so don't worry about having to do all that again.
    Now you have the wind drake, You can skip the next part and head straight to
    ExDeath's castle, or fight an optional boss and make a load of gil.
                               GIL TURTLE
    Items: 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, 640, 1280, 2560, 5120, 10240, 20480, 40960 gil
    New Enemies: Gil Turtle (Boss)
    Head back to Castle Bal and you'll find a cave to the north east, go inside and
    find the hidden passage to the south, just after the first set of stairs. When
    you come to a door, make your your party are fully healed as you'll randomly
    encounter the Gil Turtle on the other side (You can encounter him more than
    once). Also note that for every step you take further down the passage past the
    door, you recieve gil.
    Note: Zyther wrote in the point out, you can use the quicksave/reload cheat
    from Walse castle basement to avoid the fights with Gil Turtle here as well if
    you just want the money.
    * Gil turtle         * Level: 57 * HP: 32768 * Drops: N/A                     *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Hi-Potion    * Common Steal: Potion        *
    | Vulnerable to Ice | Absorbs everything but Holy and Ice | Immune to Holy |
    Comments: For this battle I reccomend a group of two black mages, a time mage
    and a summoner all in the back row. Equip the two black mages with frost Staves
    and have them constantly cast Blizzaga while the Summoner keeps using Golem to
    abosrb his damage. The time mage should hastaga and float your party then cast
    slow on the turle. After that just have him regen anyone who the turtle
    manages to hit through Golem.
    Once you've reached the end of the path, you can leave the cave and come back
    to get the gil over and over. When you're done, head to ExDeath's castle.
                               RETURN TO THE CASTLE
    Magic: Level 2 Old (Blue, Magic Dragon), Off Guard (Blue, Magic Dragon),
           Aeroga (Blue, Magic Dragon), Carbuncle (Summon)
    Items: Diamond Shield, Ether, Ice shield, Ether, Hayate Bow, Elixir, Kotetsu,
          Icebrand, Elixir, 9900 gil, 8000 gil, Twin Lance, Partisan, Fuma Shuriken
    New Enemies: Twin Lizard, Blind Wolf, Hellraiser, Reflect Mage, Magic Dragon,
                 Black Warlock, Adamantite Golem, Bandercoeurl, Iron fist,
                 Blue Dragon, Carbuncle (Boss), Gilgamesh (Boss), ExDeath (Boss)
    Head past the wounded guards into the door ahead and up the stairs to the
    second floor. Walk around the edge of the room to get a Diamond Shield and
    Ether before heading up to the next floor. Walk into the large hall to the west
    then try to return to the second floor as it looks like a dead end. Krile will
    prove you wrong so continue up the stairs.
    At the fork, head north and pull the switch to gain access to an Ice
    Shield then continue south to the next floor. On this floor, ignore the hidden
    passage and head all the way north, passing through the secret passage to your
    right to get an Ether and exit to the next area. In the room with the lava,
    give someone the Time ability and cast Float on your party. Walk south over the
    lava to find a headen passage leading to a Hayate Bow. Return to the path and
    follow it round for an Elixir before heading up to the next floor.
    Note: Rare steals from the Iron Fists here is the only way to get enough
    Beat Killers for your whole party, though if you only want one you can find one
    later on.
    Here you'll find a floor moving back and forth over a gap, you need to press A
    to stop it so you can move over it. Stop it in front of the chests for an
    Icebrand and Kotetsu. Stopping it in front of the pillars will put you in a
    fight with either an Imp, Abductor, Jackanapes or an Oiseaurare (Though they
    don't get added to your bestiary here). Once you get to the 8th floor, head to
    your right to grab an Elixir from down a hidden passage, then head to your
    left to continue. Get the 9900 gil at the end of the path then backtrack
    slightly and head north. Head up the stairs to the tenth floor (take note of
    the summon orb) then down to the ninth, make sure your party still has float
    before heading into the lava. Walk all the way to the east end of the room
    and up the stairs for 8000 gil, then head back down and take the central
    You'll be in a room with 16 skull plates on the floor. Stepping on the first
    one will remove the bridge to the next area.
    To Reach Carbuncle, step on the top plate of the western set, then the right
    plate of the northern set then the northernmost plate.
    * carbuncle          * Level: 44 * HP: 15000 * Drops: Turtle Shell            *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Goliath Tonic * Common Steal: Reflect Ring *
    | Immune to Earth |
    Comments: I miss the cute little guy from FFVIII :(
    For an easy win, use the Break Swordspell on a Mystic Knight and hit away at
    him until it lands.
    VeghEsther comments: Catoblepas also works for a instant kill (the reflect ring
    steal is practically requried so do steal it.)
    Edit: It seems that carbuncle can only be petrified at a certain time during
    the fight. Untill I can verify exactly when it can be petrified, (Or if I was
    wrong and it died due to damage, not petrfication) Troskyrovt wrote in to say
    that using Silence Swordspell along with Aim or Rapidfire will stop carbuncle
    from being able to attack, so hit him with that then beat it do death.
    To reach the chest, step on the top plate of the western set, then the top
    plate of the eastern set. It contains a Twin Lance.
    To continue on, step on the bottom plate of the western set, the left plate
    on the southern set, the middle plate on the southern set and then the
    southernmost plate.
    In the next room you'll find a save point so rest up. Make sure to open the
    chest before heading through the next room to encounter Gilgamesh.
    * Gilgamesh          * Level: 53 * HP: 55000 * Drops: Nothing                 *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Gauntlets    * Common Steal: Hi-Potion     *
    * Gilgamesh Morphed  * Level: 39 * --------- * Drops: Excalipoor              *
    *                    * Steal: Genji Helm                                      *
    Comments: He has no elemntal strengths or weaknesses so just pull out all your
    strongest magic and skills, by now you should really know what you're doing
    against these types of enemies. Someone with the summon skill is recomended
    to keep Golem up as his attacks are mostly physical. Three black mages
    casting spells on your own party once they've been reflected by carbuncle is
    a pretty nice way to deal large amounts of damage here. Make sure someone has
    the steal ability to grab the Genji helmet after he transforms.
    After the fight, head up the stairs to the right to get a Partisan and Fuma
    Shuriken before heading on to ExDeath.
    Once you engage ExDeath you'll be sent to the next world. Make sure you have
    everything done here before heading onwards.
    Checklist for things to have before fighting ExDeath:
    Bestiary Entries: 1-86, 88-134, 176-177, 191-196, 243-284
    White Magic: Cure, Libra, Poisona, Silence, Protect, Mini, Cura, Raise,
    Confuse, Blink, Shell, Esuna. Curaga, Reflect, Berserk
    Black Magic: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Poison, Sleep, Toad, fira, Blizzara,
    Thundera, Drain, Break, Bio, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga
    Time Magic: Speed, Slow, Regen, Mute, Haste, Float, Gravity, Stop, Teleport,
    Comet, Slowga, Return, Gaviga, Hastega, Old
    Summons: Chocobo, Sylph, Remora, Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit, Titan, Golem,
    Catoblepas, Carbuncle
    Blue Magic: Aqua Breath, Level 5 Death, Level 4 Graviga, Level 2 Old,
    Level 3 flare, Pond's Chorus, Lillyputian Lyric, Flash, Time Slip, Moon Flute,
    Death Claw, Aero, Aera, Aeroga, Flame Thrower, Goblin Punch, Dark Spark,
    Off-Guard, Transfusion, Vampire, Magic Hammer, Self-Destruct, ???,
    1000 needles, White Wind, Missile
    Songs: Swift Song, Mighty March, Requiem, Romeo's Ballad, Alluring Air
    * ExDeath            * Level: 66 * HP: 32768 * Drops: Nothing                 *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Judgement Staff * Common Steal: Elixer     *
    | Vulnerable to Holy | Immune to Poison |
    Comments: Again, three black mages and a summoner will make this an easy fight.
    As soon as the fight starts summon carbuncle then just blast yourself with
    firaga spells to inflict maximum damage. If he pulls your party into the front
    row, don't waste a turn moving to the back, just summon golem to negate his
    physical damage. Make sure you have the learning ability on some or all of your
    party to learn Doom during the fight, you should be able to take him down
    before the timer runs down even once.
    VeghEsther Comments: Capture 4 yellow dragons and release all of them and it
    will "die" in his castle in 1 turn.
                            4.c) WORLD THREE
                               WORLDS COMBINED
    Items: Cottage, Brave Blade or chicken Knife
    Magic: Mana's Paean (Song)
    New Enemies: Antlion (BosS), Sleepy, Triffid, Hedgehog, Python, Shadow,
                 Elm gigas (Near Library), Desertpede, Bulette (Desert), Slug,
                 Gloom Widow, Mykale (Near Moore)
    Note: Mykales have the Death Sickle as a rare steal. Apart from drops from
    harvesters this is the only place to get them.
    You don't have anywhere else to go, so head to the castle. Go inside and the
    Chancellor will talk with you. When the party splits up, you can head to the
    kings room for a flashback, then head out onto the balcony to talk to Krile.
    Head out of the castle and west over the new bridge to the Pirate Hideout.
    Boko will join up with his all time best friend ^_^ He can run over rivers
    and you wont get attacked while riding him so head to the Town of Tule and then
    westward. You'll end up in a big hole, being attacked by an Antlion (probably
    the same one from FFIV :D ).
    * Antlion            * Level: 34 * HP: 8100  * Drops: Cottage                 *
    *                    * Steal: Hi-Potion                                       *
    | Vulnerable to Water | Immune to Earth |
    Comments: An easy battle, just use your strongest attacks to take him down.
    Don't bring a summoner as he's immune to earth attacks. Aqua breath should work
    well here, but I never tried it when I fought him.
    More waiting and eventually Faris will save you. Head south and enter the cave
    for a really long scene. When you regain control, head up to the roof of the
    library and talk to the scholars to recieve the song Mana's Paean.
    Before heading to the desert, there are a few other things you can do, so read
    on or skip ahead as you want.
    Head north to Castle Surgate and continue through to the Library, reshelve the
    books again for the old lady and head through the secret door to where there
    was a man standing before. You'll find a Cottage in the box against the north
    Head back south to the Library then west to the desert, head west past the
    pyramid to the town of Moore. Circle around the pub to the west side and south
    through the southwestern most building. You'll eventually end up at a Wizard
    who asks if you're a coward or not. He gives you the choice of two crates, the
    one on the left holds the Brave Blade, the one on the right holds the Chicken
    Blade. If you've never ran from a fight, then the Brave Blade will be at full
    However, the more fight's you've run from the weaker it will be and the
    stronger the Chicken Blade will be (Up to 127 power). I recommend picking the
    Chicken Blade as it can become stronger than the Brave Blade, it has
    the side effect of sometimes making you run from battle but that can easily be
    When you're done, head back to the desert and enter the pyramid.
                               DESERT PALACE
    Magic: Off-Guard (Blue, Ushabti [Needs Ether])
    Items: Ice Shield, Cursed Ring, Flame Shield, Dark Matter, White Robe, Elixir,
           Elixir, Thornlet, Black Robe, Crystal Armor, Dark Matter, Black Garb,
           Dark Matter, 8000 gil, 9000 gil, Dark Matter, Dark Matter, Elixir,
           Gaia Hammer, 10000 gil, Cottage, Gold Hairpin, Ribbon, Protect Ring,
           12000 gil, Dark Matter, Elixir, Dark Matter
    New Enemies: Gargoyle (Boss), Lamia Queen, Rajiformes, Ushabti, Archeosaur,
                 Zephyrus, Mummy, Aspis, Mecha Head, The Damned, Grand Mummy,
                 Sekhmet (Boss), Steel Fist, Melusine (Boss)
    Try to get inside and the statues will attack you.
    * Gargoyle x2        * Level: 33 * HP: 5000  * Drops: Hi-Potion               *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Phoenix Down * Common Steal: Potion        *
    | Absorbs Holy |
    Comments: Give everyone the blue command and three casts of Level 3 Flare will
    kill them both
    VeghEsther Comments: Lamia Queen, Rajiformes, Archeosaur, Mummy, Cursed Being
       and Grand Mummy are all undead. Abuse requiem. if you learned Doom from
       ExDeath at end of World 2, control mecha Heads and it will kill them.
    Head inside after you win. Ignore the stairs for now and follow the path
    round, hit the left and right switch to create a path and then jump into the
    flowing sand to fall to the floor below. Get the Ice Shield from the trapped
    chest and head up the stairs. Walk back round and hit the switch to stop the
    sand. Head up the stairs to your right, through the hidden passages between
    the rooms and then down the stairs. Examine the sarcophegus to fight a Grand
    Mummy then enter the coffin for a Cursed Ring. When you have that head back
    to the entrance and up the western set of stairs.
    Head into the small room and hit the three switches, then carry on up to the
    next floor. Open the three trapped chests to the north for a Flame shield,
    Dark Matter and a White Robe. In the next room, there's two chests both
    containing an Elixir at the north end and a Thornlet between them guarded by
    some Mummies. There's a switch at the west side of the room which lowers the
    spikes leading to a trapped chest containing a Black Robe. Examine the left
    sarcopheus to clear the way to the next floor and a save point.
    On the fifth floor, follow the path west to find two trapped chests containing
    Crystal Armor and Dark Matter then head back and follow the path north.
    There's a hidden passage at the end of the eastern wall leading to a
    trapped chest with a Black Garb. Head back to the patch and continue to
    floor six.
    Step onto the falling sand to drop into a room with a trapped chest containing
    Dark Matter then head back up to floor six. Hit the switch on the wall to stop
    the sand then proceed through the door to the right. Hit the left switch to
    move the wall back then open the two chests on the right for 8000 and 9000 gil
    then the two trapped chests on the left for two Dark Matters then return to
    the sixth floor. Hit the switches and proceed over the sand to the seventh
    Head up the stairs and drop down to get the Elixir, then go through the door
    and west to open the trapped chest containing and Gaia Hammer. Head east
    down the hidden passage to find 10000 gil and a Cottage then return to the
    main room and back up the stairs. Wait a few second for the floor to start
    shifting then open the chests for a Gold Hairpin, Ribbon and Protect Ring.
    Head up the stairs on right side of the room to get to the next floor.
    Get the 12000 gil and trapped Dark Matter from the chests then head back down
    and up the left set of stairs. The chests in the left room contain an Elixir
    and another trapped Dark Matter, grab them and head through the central door.
    Head forward and grab the tablet.
    Leave the pyramid and head back past the great tree to get attacked.
    * Melusine (1)       * Level: 29 * HP: 20000 * Drops: Maiden's Kiss           *
    *                    * Steal: Leather Armor                                   *
    * Melusine (2)       * Level: 29 * --------- * Drops: Maiden's Kiss           *
    *                    * Steal: Leather Cap                                     *
    * Melusine (3)       * Level: 29 * --------- * Drops: Maiden's Kiss           *
    *                    * Steal: Leather Shoes                                   *
    * Melusine (4)       * Level: 33 * --------- * Drops: Maiden's Kiss           *
    *                    * Steal: Leather Shield                                  *
    Comments: I totally forgot to even write a strategy for this one.
    VeghEsther Comments: Weakness all, (constant elemental changing barrier but
    starts out weak to fire).
    With Carbunkle summoned and Firaga targeted on all party members it does 9999
    to her, 2 of them should easily kill her before she barrier changes even once.
    Immune to Zeniage/most physical attacks without guard off casted so don't use
    After the fight head east to find your ship. Pretty much everything after this
    point is otional as you can head to where Tycoon Castle used to be and enter
    void straight away, you'll probably die rather quick at this point though.
                               THE WORLD
    Magic: Sinewy Etude (Song), Mighty Guard (Blue, Stingray), Syldra (Summon)
    Items: Three legendary weapons, Ribbon, Cottage, Magic Lamp
    New Enemies: Lots
    First, head to the Sealed Castle to pick up some Legendary weapons.
    Starting from the top, in a clockwise direction your choices are; Excalibur,
    Assassins Dagger, Sasukes Katana, Holy Lance, Rune Axe, Masamune,
    Yoichi's Bow, Fire Lash, Sages Staff, Magus Rod, Apollo's Harp and Gaia Bell.
    Pick your three weapons and head outside. Next, head to Regole and enter the
    armor store. Walk through the hidden passage and talk to the girl to recieve
    a Ribbon.
    Go to the town of Carwen and you'll find a Cottage in one of the barrels in
    the north east corner of town.
    Fly to Crescent and play the piano in the bards house then talk to him to
    learn Sinewy Etude. You need have have played seven pianos to get this.
    (They're all still available if you missed any)
    Go find your chocobo (Who should be outside Ghido's cave) and ride him back
    east to Tule, then north east to Regole and west from there all the way to
    the waterfall where Istory used to be. Follow the rivers to the top of the
    waterfall and aproach it to find a Magic lamp. Once you have it head back to
    your ship.
    Fly to the town of Carwen and drop into the water to the south west. Here
    you'll encounter the enemy Stringray. You can control it and get it to cast
    the Blue Magic Mighty Guard on your party. It might take a while to kill as
    it has 30000 health.
    Note: Apart from a rare steal from Shinryu (boss), drops from Stingrays is the
    only way to get a Dragon's Whisker
    Fly back to the pirates cave to gain the Esper Syldra.
    Fly to the southern most piece of land, south west of Crescent and you'll
    see a lone forest. Land nearby and walk into the forest to find yourself in
    Phantom Village.
                               PHANTOM VILLAGE
    Music: Hero's Rime (Song)
    Items: Thief Knife, Mirage Vest
    Here you'll find two weapons, armor, item and magic shops, a pub and an inn
    Give someone the hidden passages ability as there are quite a few here.
    Head round to the back of the pub and enter through the back door, search the
    barrels behind the bar for a Thief Knife. Head down the stairs and you'll find
    a guy who will reward you with a Mirage Vest for riding your chocobo once
    around the world. Leave the pub through the south door and head into the next
    building. Go past the healing pot and down the stairs, then take the hidden
    passage all the way east to find the last piano. Enter the door just east of
    the piano to find a Black Chocobo, catch it and it's yours. Back inside the pub
    head up the eastern passage to find the two weapon salesmen. Head back to the
    pub and out the back door.
    You can enter the magic shop from the left side to find the second merchant
    and examining the box in the armor shop will open the path to the second
    salesman. When you're done here, head to crescent and play the piano there
    to get the Hero's Rime from the bard.
                               GETTING ODIN
    MAgic: Odin (Summon)
    New Enemies: Odin (BosS)
    If you're not at least level 32 with good armor you might want to leave this
    for now. Odin's Zantetsuken can do 1000+ damage to your whole party.
    Fly over to Jachol cave and head inside, if you didn't come here in world one
    you'll have to scroll up for a guide on getting through. Once you're in the
    basement of Castle Bal, you can unlock the door and head up to rest and save
    and it will stay ulocked. Just keep heading north, taking out the enemies with
    Level 5 Death to keep your strength up until you reach odin. Examine the
    summon orb to fight him.
    * Odin               * Level: 2  * HP: 17000 * Drops: Flame Shield            *
    *                    * Steal: Protect Ring                                    *
    | Absorbs Holy |
    Comments: HAving a Blue Mage with mighty guard is a Must Have if your team
    isn't above at least level 33. Even if you are, it's still a difinate
    recomendation as Odin's Zantetsuken can hit your whole party for 1000+ damage.
    My recommended team would be, make your fastest member a summoner with the
    steal ability, your second fastst member a black mage with the blue magic
    ability and your last two black mages with the steal ability. As soon as the
    fight starts, Summon carbuncle and cast Mighty Guard on your party then start
    throwing Fireagas on yourself. When you've only got one hit left, start
    stealing to try and get his Protect Ring, just make sure to kill him before
    the timer hits 0.
    VeghEsther Comments: Weak to break. When you've got the ring Spellsword and
    break for instant win or use Catoblepas (though break spell blade is cheaper).
    Congratulations, you now have the summon Odin.
                               GETTING BAHAMUT
    Magic: Bahamut (Summon)
    New Enemies: Bahamut (Boss)
    Mount your Black chocobo and fly to the forest nearest to North Mountain,
    you have to head through a lot of desert to get there and some of the enemies
    are fairly tough. Head up north mountain to the peak and Bahamut will attack.
    * Bahamut            * Level: 99 * HP: 40000 * Drops: Dragon Fang             *
    *                    * Steal: Dragon Fang                                     *
    | Immune to Earth |
    Comments: A group of summoners will rush through this battle with ease, summon
    Golem and Carbuncle in the first turn then use Odin over and over (Syldra if
    you didn't manage to beat Odin). Any Physical or magic attacks he gets of will
    be blocked or reflected and if he gets of one of his skills like frost or
    maelstrom, he'll be dead before you feel any pain from it.
    For winning the battle you'll be able to summon Bahamut.
                               PHOENIX TOWER
    Magic: Roulette (Blue, Parthenope), Aeroga (Blue, Cherie [Control]),
           Time Slip (Blue, Cherie [Control]),
           Lillyputian Lyric (Blue, Cherie [Control]), Ponds Chorus (Blue, Lemure),
           1000 Needles (Blue, Lemure [Control]), Phoenix (Summon)
    Items: 5000 gil, 10000 gil, 15000 gil, 20000 gil, 25000 gil, Aevis Killer,
           Phoenix Down
    New Enemies: Lemure, Parphenope, Cherie, Magic Pot
    While you're in the neighbourhood, you might as well head down to the southwest
    corner of the desert to find Phoenix tower.
    You can learn the blue magic 'Roulette' here from Parthenope, it's easier if
    you give everyone the learning ability as it will hit a random person (even the
    enemies). You can learn Aeroga, Liliputian Lyric and Time Slip from the
    enemy Cherie if you control one and from a lemure you can learn Pond's Chorus
    or control it for 1000 Needles.
    On some of the floors here you have to examine the wall to make stais appear,
    You can either examine the left or the right of the wall, on the front portion.
    All hail my lame ASCII skills.  Imagine that line was the wall and the five
    sections were the 5 squares you can stand in in front of it. Picking one square
    will open the stairs, picking the other will open the stairs after a fight.
    To make it up without a fight, pick the following sides:
    #1 - Left
    #3 - Left
    #4 - Right
    On the fifth floor you'll find 5000 gil in the left pot and a Magic Pot
    monster in the right. Giving these creatures an Elixir will cause them to
    flee, awarding you with 100 ABP, however you may need to give them up to 10
    #7 - Left
    #8 - Left
    #9 - Right
    #10 - 10000 gil in the left pot, the right is a Magic Pot with a Phoenix Down.
    #12 - Left
    #13 - Left
    #14 - Right
    #15 - 15000 gil in the right pot, the left is a Magic Pot with a Phoenix Down.
    #17 - Left
    #18 - Left
    #19 - Right
    #20 -  20000 in left pot, the right is a magic pot with a Phoenix Down.
    #22 - Right (HA! Didn't see that coming.)
    #23 - Left
    #24 - Right
    #25 - 25000 gil in the right pot, the left is a magic pot with an Aevis Killer.
    #26 - Left
    #27 - Left
    #28 - Right
    On the 29th floor, there's just the center of the wall and you'll have to
    fight for it. It doesn't matter what you pick in the flashback, you'll get
    the summon Phoenix.
                               ISLAND SHRINE
    Items: 12000 gil, Hi-Potion, <Missing item>, Elixir, 9000 gil, Rising Sun,
           Protect Ring, Ether, Crystal helm, Beast Killer, Ether, Dragon Fang,
           Dark Matter, Circlet, Tablet (Rare), Three legendary weapons
    New Enemies: Executor, Oiseaurare, Shadow Dancer, Numb Blade, Tot Aevis,
                 Wendigo (Boss)
    You'll find the Island shrine in the middle of the big bridge, east of Castle
    Bal. You may remember it from world one, surounded by mountains.
    You'll fight two gargoyls when you enter, they're the same ones from the desert
    so use the same tactics. Head forward and you'll open the door with the book.
    In the next room, there's a hidden passage leading to 12000 gil.
    Get sucked up the pipe in the next room and you'll end up in a room with two
    switches, they change the pipes destination. Examine the wall beside the pipe
    for a Hi-Potion and a <Missing item> (There's no chest or hidden passage).
    Hit the switch on the right and go down the pipe to get an Elixir, hit the
    switch on the left (Leave the other down) to get 9000 gil, then hit the right
    switch again to find a trapped chest containing a Rising Sun. Head through the
    door to find a save point.
    In the next room, head staight to find a trapped chest containing a Protect
    Ring. You'll find an Ether in the north west corner of the room and a hidden
    passage leading to a Crystal helm on the east wall.
    In the next room, head into the door ahead for a Beast Killer. Ignore the
    hidden passage to your right and follow the path west. The next floor is
    empty so continue on to the fifth. There's holes in front of both chests so
    approach them from the side or rear to gain an Ether and Dragon Fang. On the
    sixth floor you'll find another save point so heal up and carry on.
    Get the Dark Matter and Circlet from the left and right side of the room then
    head into the middle to find a Tablet and your next boss fight.
    * Wendigo            * Level: 7  * HP: 20000 * Drops: Nothing                 *
    *                    * Steal: Dark Matter                                     *
    | Absorbs Water | Immune to Earth |
    Comment: This is quite a tough battle as he has three decoys that can't be
    hurt. When you do hit him, he'll randomly switch places with one of the decoys
    and you have to find him again. Using any magic or skills that hit all targets
    will cause all the decoys to counter with frost so make sure you have Coral
    Rings equipped. I don't know any way to predict his movements so just keep
    hitting out randomly until you get him. Your three strongest physical attacks
    and a white mage are recommended for this fight, at least until someone can
    give me a better strategy. Make sure to get the ability Mind Blast from him.
    Edit: Since soooo many people have emailed me about this, I'm gonna go ahead
    and put it in. Zeninage makes this fight super easy if you have Ice Shields or
    Coral Rings equipped.
    For the record, I hate Zeninage, I think it's quite possibly the cheapest move
    in the game and I never use it myself, nor do I want to recommend it to anyone
    else. Go buy some Elixirs or something and fight like men! And ladies! And
    ladies who dress like men!
    Teleport out with your new tablet and go get three more legendary weapons.
                               FORK TOWER
    Magic: Holy (White), Flare (Black)
    Items: Ether, Wonder Wand, Hi-Potion, Defender
    New Enemies: Tiny Mage, Chrono controller, Flaremancer (Magic side)
                 ALL MISSABLE!!!
                 Dueling Knight, Iron Muscles, Berserker (Physical side)
                 ALL MISSABLE!!!
                 Minotaur (Boss), Omniscient (Boss)
    You'll find Fork Tower just west of Crescent, before the entrance was blocked
    but now you are free to enter. When you enter you'll have to split your party.
    Send your strongest pysical attackers right and your best magic users left.
    You'll start with the two magic users, so enter the tower and head up to the
    third floor. Grab the Ether on the fourth floor, the Wonder Wand on the seventh
    floor and make sure you heal before heading onto the ninth floor.
    The other side is identical to the first, grab the Hi-Potion on the fourth
    floor and the Defender on the seventh. Heal up and head up to the ninth. Grab
    the orb inside and you'll be attacked by Minotaur.
    * Minotaur           * Level: 37 * HP: 19850 * Drops: Nothing                 *
    *                   * Rare Steal: Fuma Shuriken * Common Steal: Leather Shoes *
    | Absorbs Poison, Holy, Earth & Water |
    Comment: He absorbs Holy damage so if you brought holy weapons with you,
    take them off before you enter this fight. You can't use any offensive magic
    in this fight so just keep hacking away at him until he dies. He tries to cast
    Holy on you at the end of the fight but doesn't have enough MP...
    Back over in the other tower, your magic group will fight Omniscient.
    * Omniscient         * Level: 53 * HP: 16999 * Drops: Nothing                 *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Kornago Gourd * Common Steal: Potion       *
    | Vulnerable to Wind |
    Comment: I recommend a team of two summoners with reflect rings and black magic
    for this battle. Summon carbunle if you don't have the reflect rings then just
    keep hitting him with Syldra until he dies. He'll cast flare when he dies but
    if you have reflect up he'll just hit himself.
    After the fights you'll have Holy and Flare magic and the tower will be gone,
    revealing the entrance to the underground area. Head inside and you'll find
    Cid who will upgrade your ship to a flying submarine. If you head to Karnak and
    dive under the water to the south of it, you'll find a cave containing a Wizard
    who will give you some misc details about your game.
                               RETURN TO WALSE TOWER
    New Enemies: Gogo (Boss)
    New Jobs: Mimic
    Take your newly aquired submarine to the area that Walse tower sunk in world
    one, dive underwater and enter it. You'll have seven minutes to run down to the
    bottom of the tower, though if you climb up the vines onthe fourth floor and
    open the chest it will reset the timer. Once you get to the bottom, tell GoGo
    that you're not going to leave and he'll attack you.
    * GoGo               * Level: 77 * HP: ????? * Drops: Tiger Mask              *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Gold Hairpin * Common Steal: Leather Armor *
    Comment: Gogo tell you that to win this battle you'll have to mimic him, so go
    right ahead and mimic him. 'But he's not doing anything!' I hear you say and
    you're right. To win this battle, do nothing (Paladin in FFIV anyone?). Just
    sit there and stare at him for about two minutes and he'll banish himself.
    Note: Bestiary says he's weak to water but immune to water. Could someone test
    this please?
    Edit: Got a response from Rayboy La to say that he's neither weak to or
    absorbs water attacks, but he's immune to them.
    After you get the Mimic job, return to your sub.
    Fly to Cresent and dive under the water to the east, if you check your map
    you'll see a flashing dot just north of you, that's your next destination.
                               GREAT SEA TRENCH
    Magic: Meteor (Time)
    Items: Water Scroll, <missing item>, Dragon Fang, Ether, Phoenix Down,
           Kaiser Knuckle, Tablet (Rare), Three legendary weapons
    New Enemies: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Triton (Boss),
                 Nereid (Boss), Phobos (Boss)
    You'll fight the gargoyles again, they shouldn't even bother you by now so head
    Follow the path, heading south at the fork for a water scroll then back and
    east to a save point. In the next room, hit the first switch to proceed but
    ignore the second as it removes the bridge over the lava. In the next area
    there are five switches, hit the one fourth from the left then the one second
    from the left to fall down to the floor below. Grab the Dragon Fang from the
    chest in the north end of the room and then down the stairs. Head south into
    the lava (Cast float on your party) and get the Ether, then follow the path to
    the east, grabbing the Phoenix Down on the way. USe the save point on the next
    floor and you'll be in the great dwarven kingdom. Lali-Ho! Head down the stairs
    and into the water. There's a small alcove in the south wall on the west side
    of the room that will re-power your Magic Lamp if you've used it. Head through
    the door behind the waterfall and onward down the path. Ignore the chest in the
    room of lava for now as it will just dump you back in, push the three switches
    to the south and the one to the west then open it. Make sure the grab the
    Kaiser knuckle from the central staircase before heading onward. Try to take
    the tablet and you'll be stopped by the next group of bosses.
    * Triton             * Level: 37 * HP: 13333 * Drops: Iron Draft              *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Elixer       * Common Steal: Gold Needle   *
    * Nereid             * Level: 20 * HP: 13333 * Drops: Power Drink             *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Elixer       * Common Steal: Gold Needle   *
    * Phobos             * Level: 39 * HP: 13333 * Drops: Goliath Tonic           *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Elixer       * Common Steal: Gold Needle   *
    Comment: If you got Odin before, summon him and he'll kill them. It you don't
    have Odin, summon Bahamut a couple of times to wipe them out. If you didn't
    get Bahamaut either then a group of bards using Requiem should work.
    The red one is weak against ice and absorbs fire, the blue one is the opposite.
    The green one is weak against earth attacks and absorbs poison.
    Edit: Thanks to AGGRONM, aka Zulu, for pointing out that the Requim song is a
    free and easy way to win this battle in one round.
    Teleport out and head back to the castle for another three legendary weapons.
                               THE FINAL TABLET
    Items: Ether, Turtle Shell, Air Knife, Goliath Tonic, Rune Blade, Protect Ring,
           Phoenix Down, Reflect Ring, Artemis Bow, Enhancer, 12000 gil,
           Aegis Shield, Fuma Shuriken, Titan's Axe, Tablet (Rare),
           Three legendary weapons
    New Enemies: Mercury Bat, Coral, Tonberry, Aquagel, Steel Fist, Alchymia, 
                 Leviathan (Boss)
    Fly to the waterfall east of Istory, there's a small lake just southeast of it
    and if you head directly south of that to the sea and submerge, you'll see a
    cave. That's you're next destination. Head through the cave and into the
    You'll fight two gargoyles again, kill them, open the door and head inside.
    Head up the stairs, grabbiong the chests as you go for an Ether, Turtle Shell
    and Air Knife. In the next room head down the right set of stairs and go south
    for a Goliath Tonic, south of that is a hidden passage leading to a Rune Blade.
    Head to the west side of the room and you'll see a switch on the north wall.
    Equip the Thief's Sprint ability, hit the switch and run to the chest for a
    Protect Ring. Once you have it, head south to B3. Head north at the first fork
    for a Phoenix Down, then return and take the south path. West at the next fork
    for a Reflect Ring then continue south to B4. Save and rest at the save point
    then continue into the next room.
    Head south then into the cave on your left for an Artemis Bow, then up the
    path to your left (watch out for the pitfall) to get an Enhancer from the
    chest you may have noticed earlier. Head back south and south some more for
    12000 gil, then back east and down the stairs to the next floor.
    Open the chest to the west from the front to avoid being spiked and you'll
    recieve an Aegis Shield, the chest to the east should also be opened from the
    front for a Fuma Shuriken. There's a switch near the chest to the south which
    will lower the spikes and allow you to walk round to the front of it for a
    Titan's Axe. Drop down into one of the holes by the southern chest and you'll
    see the final tablet. Walk round and grab it then try to leave to iniate the
    next boss battle, although it's not with who it first appears.
    * Leviathan          * Level: 37 * HP: 40000 * Drops: Reflect Ring            *
    *                    * Steal: Elixer                                          *
    | Vulnerable to Lightning | Absorbs Water | Immune to Fire & Earth |
    Comment: Four black mages are recommended for this fight. Give two the Blue
    ability and the fastest two the Summon ability. As soon as the fight starts,
    summon Golem and Carbuncle then hit your party with Thundaga spells. If he uses
    his Tidal Wave attack, two uses of White Wind should restore your party to
    full health (You can't use white magic or it will reflect). He dies in a couple
    of rounds.
    VeghEsther Comments: if you have 200,000 gil buy 4x coral rings (phantom
    village) and white wind won't be needed since tidal wave will be absorbed.
    Rapid Fire after using spell blade thundaga with Dual Wield. Or Quick + 2
    Thundaga spells casted using all 4 party members.
    Note: After all the fire ring use, I can't believe I forgot about the coral
    rings. -_-''
    You'll recieve the summon Leviathan after the fight. Head back to your ship and
    grab the last three legendary weapons.
    If this was the SNES version, you'd have done everything possible in this
    world, but when you try to leave the sealed castle one of the scholars tells
    you of an earthquake to the south. Fly down to Phantom Town and you'll see
    some bubbles in the sea to the south. Submerge and move over to the hole in
    the floor to get sucked in.
    Head through the cave and the door will shut behind you. To the south are three
    crystal shards holding the Jobs Gladiator, Oracle and Cannoneer. Some random
    guy will then walk in and explain the new jobs. The exit will now be open
    again and you can leave.
    Now you've completed everything possible in the third world :)
    For now at least.
    Note: The guy from the hole is located in Crescent Inn where he'll sell you
    ammo for the cannoneer Job.
    Checklist of things to have before heading onward:
    Bestiary entries: 1-203, 243-298
    Everything else. You should now have every single available magic, including 
    blue magic, all the jobs (except one gba exclusive), legendary weapons,
    When you're done, fly to where Tycoon castle used to be and enter the big
    portal there. None of the other portals work.
                                 4.d) THE RIFT
                               INTO THE RIFT
    If you want to leave at any time, just head back to your ship and use the
    wheel to be warped back to the sky above Tycoon Castle.
    Follow the desert to the east and aproach the building there, a group of
    monsters threaten your life then dissapear so head inside.
    Climb down the chain ahead and south into the next room. Here you'll find an
    Ether, Cottage, Dark matter and an Elixir. In the next room, hop down the two
    chains, head east then up the right chain for an Elixir then the left chain to
    get to the next area.
    Head up the stairs to the east for a Blood Sword, then back and up the left set
    into the next room. Head up the chain and you'll be in Phantom Village, though
    you can't do anything here so leave as if you were going to the world map.
    In the forest area, head north past the fork for a Dragon Fang, then back and
    west. When the path widens into and open area, head south for a Ribbon,
    further south for an enhancer. to the north east of that you'll find a Lilith
    Rod and south of that is a tree with a hole in it. Examine the hole and a ramp
    will appear just like in the original forest. Try to go down it and you'll be
    stopped by Calofisteri.
    * Calofisteri        * Level: 68 * HP: 18000 * Drops: Diamond Plate           *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Reflect Ring * Common Steal: Plumed Hat    *
    Comment: Rapid Shot + Dual weild = Dead in first round.
    My boss strategies have become less strategy and more 'spam your strongest
    attack'. :p
    VeghEsther comments: If you don't have rapid fire, I didn't yet, Bahamut
    using 4x mimes till she dies. 
    Head down the ramp and stairs to the room with waterfalls. Watch out for the
    Orukat if you're just pounding enemies with physical attacks as they absorb
    holy. Follow the path east and enter the cave that you come to. There's a
    coral ring in the chest above you and a save point down the stairs to the east.
    In the next area you'll see a robot wandering around, avoid it if you dont want
    to be sent straight back to that save point (Via the game over screen :p) and
    head into the cave to the east to end up inside a library looking room. The
    two books on the shelves will tell you about Omega (the robot outside),
    Shinryu and Gigaflare. Touching the book on the desk will get you attacked.
    * Apanda             * Level: 59 * HP: 22200 * Drops: Ash                     *
    *                    * Steal: Ash                                             *
    | Vulnerable to Fire |
    Comment: This guy is pretty strong against physical attacks so give your team
    dualcast and summon then spam Bahamut to end it in the first round (or the
    second if he frogs you and you lose a turn using maidens kiss).
    If you're really anal about MP usuage spamming bahamut, then make the three
    slower people Mimes.
    Head outside after the fight and you'll be in a floating castle with invisible
    floors, so give some the hidden passage ability. Just follow the path west and
    into the castle at the end.
    Ignore the stairs ahead, the doors are locked and head west. Take the door on
    the south wall (the other one's empty) and enter the tower to find a Thor
    Hammer. The door on the other side of the castle leads to a Hermes Sandles.
    Back in the center room, head up the top set of stairs to reach a prison.
    Enter the south west cell and say yes to fight Azulmagia.
    * Azulmagia          * Level: 57 * HP: 27900 * Drops: Black Cowl              *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Titan's Gloves * Common Steal: Elixer      *
    | Vulnerable to Poison |
    Comment: I couldn't actually find a way to kill this guy in one round...
    Don't I suck? I think you know how to kill mages by now.
    Edit: Got a couple of lucky crits with rapidshot and one rounded him. Woot!
    VeghEsther comments: Weak to bio spells. Use that via spell blade or just cast
    it normally then mime it (boss has nearly every blue mage spell in the game if
    you miss any.)
    After killing him, he'll turn into a save point so save and rest up.
    In the south east cell is a couple of Alte Roite's, these things will
    transform into Jura Aevis' when you kill them. The chest contains a Rainbow
    Dress and the chest in the other cell contains some Red slippers.
    Cast float on your party then examine the grey thing beside the last cell door
    and you'll be attacked by Catastrophe.
    * Catastrophe        * Level: 71 * HP: 19997 * Drops: Gold Needle             *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Cottage      * Common Steal: Elixer        *
    | Absorbs Earth |
    Comment: One rounded this guy with Rapid Shot. He managed to get of an Earth
    Shaker but my float toally voided the damage. Yay me!
    VeghEsther comments: Float + Equip reflect ring before starting then the boss
    will NEVER attack even once.
    Go save the girl for your 'reward' then head up the stairs after her (You
    stalker, you). At the top, head over to the other side of the castle and down
    into the cell with no door for a Man-Eater. Head back up and into the central
    building. You can go down the stairs here and unlock the door from earlier if
    you want, then try and carry on through the door by the throne twice and
    you'll be attacked by the woman from the cell.
    * Halicarnassus      * Level: 97 * HP: 33333 * Drops: Elven Mantle            *
    *                   * Rare Steal: Aegis Shield * Common Steal: Staff of Light *
    Comment: Couldn't manage to one round this gal :( Make sure you have ribbons
    equipped as she'll cast frog before you can take her down.
    After the fight, head out the door and up the stairs to fight Twintania.
    * Twintania          * Level: 39 * HP: 50000 * Drops: Tinkerbell              *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Flame Shield * Common Steal: Phoenix Down  *
    * Twintania Charging * Level: 30 * --------- * Drops: Murasame                *
    *                    * Steal: Titan's Axe                                     *
    | Vulnerable to Holy & Water |
    Comment: This SOB actually killed me :( My killing spree is over.
    Edit: One rounded him. Dual cast holy with three of the characters and have the
    other one rapid shot with Excalibur and Holy Lance. He's weak to holy so the
    damage is massive.
    VeghEsther Comment: Bahamut with 4x wall rings/carbunkle if you don't have
    rapid fire yet or take the cheap way out. Wait till it attempts Giga Flare
    then 1 cast of Odin and its instant death effect will instant kill it.
    Ng Yitkenn also wrote in to let me know about summoning Odin during the Giga
    flare Charge. It's apreciated :)
    After he dies, head up the stairs that appear and you'll be in the void.
                               THE VOID HAS YOU
    Head down the stairs and over to the right for a Fuma Shuriken. Head round to
    the funny looking guy in red and you'll fight Gilgamesh again.
    Note: Gilgamesh will only be there and will only appear in the Necrophobe fight
    if you opened the empty chest in Exdeath's castle.
    * Gilgamesh          * Level: 59 * HP: 37000 * Drops: Rune Bow                *
    *                    * Steal: Genji Shield                                    *
    Comment: I one rounded him, but then I had to go back and fight slower so that
    I could steal the Genji shield from him. Make sure you grab that.
    After the fight, enter the magic circle to get to the next area.
    Just follow the path here, grabbing the Fuma Shuriken and Exlixer on the way.
    Ignore the chest in the next area, it holds the Shinryu that the book near
    Omega spoke about. If you fought Omega then you know what will happen here.
    Head left at the fork for a Fuma Shuriken then back and continue right.
    In the next area, you'll come across a glowing green light. Examine it for a
    fight with Necrophobe.
    * Necrophobe         * Level: 66 * HP: 44044 * Drops: Luminous Robe           *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Thief's Gloves * Common Steal: Elixer      *
    * Barrier            * Level: 44 * HP: 8800  * Drops: Nothing                 *
    *                    * Rare Steal: Reflect Ring * Common Steal: Hi-Potion     *
    * Gilgamesh          * Level: 93 * HP: ????? * Drops: Nothing                 *
    *                    * Steal: Genji Armor                                     *
    | Vulnerable to all elements (Necrophobe) | Immune to Earth (Barrier) | 
    Comment: Four mimes with Dualcast, Summon and Steal will get this battle
    sorted. You can't one round him because he's protected by some barriers at the
    start of the fight. Dualcast bahamut to take them out, then wait for him to
    talk or you're next attacks will still miss. Once he loses a lot of health
    Gilgamesh will appear. Steal his Genji armor and wait for him to self destruct
    to end the fight.
    Head into the next area and you'll find ExDeath, the final boss guy.
    * ExDeath            * Level: ?? * HP: 49001 * Drops:                         *
    *                    * Steal:                                                 *
    Comment: I got really impatient to get to the bonus dungeon here so you wont
    get a real strategy untill I replay the third world.
    Cannoneers Combine ability, Mix a Blitzshot and Dark Matter then just keep
    miming it until he dies. Instead of transforming you'll win the fight.
    VeghEsther Comment: For beating it without Chaos Shot via combine, cast
    Holy + Mime 1st round (after hastaga + mighty guard) then for Neo Ex Death
    Zeniage + mime till all parts die (recast hastaga + mighty guard if you need
    * Right part         * Level: ?? * HP: 50000 * Drops:                         *
    *                    * Steal:                                                 *
    * Middle right       * Level: ?? * HP: 55000 * Drops:                         *
    *                    * Steal:                                                 *
    * Middle left        * Level: ?? * HP: 60000 * Drops:                         *
    *                    * Steal:                                                 *
    * Left part          * Level: ?? * HP: 55000 * Drops:                         *
    *                    * Steal:                                                 *
    Comments: didn't fight it. No strategy yet.
    Sit back and watch the ending. I certainly didn't earn it ;)
    (If you earned all 111 abilities on all 4 characters, be prepared to watch a
    LOT of text scrolling over your screen. Bwahahahaha)
                               4.e) CLEAR GAME
                               THE BONUS DUNGEON
    To help you out white traveling in the bonus dungeon, I made a little ascii
    map of the areas and how to move between them.
      |-> Right door --> Tower --> Caves
      |           @                @
      |            @               @
    Begin        Waterfall --> Ancient
      |       (Catch Behemoth)  @    ----<-------<-------<------|
      |                        @   /                            |
      |-> Left door --> Water Caves !!Gil Turtle                ^
      |                                                         |
      |-> Central Door !!Grand Aevis                        (Pitfall)
              |                                                 |
              |--> Ancient --> Waterfall --> Water caves --> Pyramid !! Omega MK II
                (Warp to top)     |                    |
                                  V                    V
                              Lava !!Neo Shinryu      Void !!Soul Cannon, Euno
      @  = Teleport. This only leads down.
      -> = Doorway. This goes both ways.
      !! = Boss fight
      () = Notes.
    Load up your clear data and you'll find yourself outside Tule with your
    airship. Get in it and fly south of Crescent to the place you got your last
    three Jobs. Head inside and pull the switch that was broken before and the
    room will move. Once you're back on your feet head into the door in the top
    left corner.
    You'll find a save point here, head past it and down the stairs to
    the north. You start in a grassy area, head south and down the right set of
    stairs, follow the path west to a door and enter it. Follow the path, ignoring
    the south path at the fork and enter the door into the Tower area.
    Head south a bit and you'll see a hidden passage on your left, go down it then
    south and the pthe passage on your right to find two Blitzshot's. Head back
    down the hidden passage (The way to the crossroads it blocked by pitfalls) 
    then south to the crossroads and take the western path. Go through the hidden
    passage here and pick up the two Blastshots from the chests before returning
    to the crossroads. Move down the west passage and then north to drop into a
    pitfall to the cave area. Follow the path round west to find a Blitzshot,
    then head back to where you dropped down and head north. At the north end,
    head north west for an Elixir then head back and go east. Ignore the first
    passage south and hit thw switch you see at the end to move the rock, then head
    south and east to find a Dark Matter. Head back to where you turned east and go
    south west.When the path splits, head north for a Mace of Zeus then west and
    north to drop into the Ancient area.
    To save backtracking later, head west and into the door to reach the waterfall
    area, get into a fight with a Behemoth and catch it with the Beastmasters
    Catch ability. When you have one, head east through the Ancient are and use
    the teleporter to get to the Water Caves area.
    Hea down the stairs into the water twice and you'll end up on a different
    platform. Head east past a fork and you'll find an Iron Draft, head back to
    the fork and go south into the water. Grab the Power Drink from the chest
    then drop into the hole to the south east. Grab the Dark Matter to the west
    then head south into the water. Head west from here and you'll find a Turtle
    Shell, grab it and follow the path north. When you get to four sets of stairs,
    take the second from the left to get the Elixir, then hop into the water
    again to be returned to the eastern platform. Head up and west at the fork,
    into the cave to get back to the first area. Follow the path to two sets of
    stairs and go down the right set to get a Goliath Tonic. Jump into the water
    again the back down the hole to the south east. Head north here to the fork you
    were at earlier and head east this time to encounter the Gil Turtle.
    * Gil Turtle         * Level: ?? * HP: ????? * Drops: Grand Helm              *
    *                    * Steal:                                                 *
    Comment: Give your fastest person Dualcast + Summon, next dualcast + black,
    next Summon + black, next dualcast + black.
    When the fight starts summon Golem and Carbuncle, have the next person
    dualcast blizzaga on your whole party doing about 5000 damage each time, he'll
    counter with 4 attacks and may hit for a fifth, have the next person resummon
    golem then the last person dual cast Blizzaga. Repeat untill death.
    He'll end the fight with earthquake, doing 3500 damage to everyone without
    Note: I don't think this is the same Gil turtle from World two, as he dropped
    a Grand Helm. The Bestiary says he drops nothing.
    The Grand Helm is better than even the Genji Helm, so be happy with your new
    trophy. Head south into the next area.
    Go east for Cottage, then come back and head west to find a Fuma Shuriken.
    Take the north path by the Shuriken to find a person who wants an ikkle wikkle
    Behemoth pet... or something. If you listened to me you already have one, if
    not, follow the map to the waterfall area and get one. He'll unlock the middle
    door back at the top floor. Head back to the last area, head west to a cave
    entrance to go back another area then follow the path east and into another
    cave entrance to get back to the castle. Follow the path round to the exit,
    but before leaving, there's a hidden passage to your right that leads to a
    Buckshot and a Blastshot. When you have them head outside to the beginning
    then into the double doors in the center.
                               THROUGH THE DOUBLE DOORS
    Head west, taking the south path at the split. Get the Dark Matter, the Hero
    Cocktail through the hidden path to the west and the Holy Water to the south.
    Move east into the big room and get the Gladius from down the hidden passage,
    then examine the statue to the north, you can't do anything with it now so
    head back outside (You have to examine it here to get the key item in the next
    Head into the door on the right, taking the south path at the fork this time,
    and use the left teleporter to get to the waterfall area. Take the Dark Matter
    in the chest and drop down one of the waterfalls to the west. Grab the Vishnu
    Vest and head east into the next area. Head south down the stairs to get an
    Elixir then follow the path east to the Ancient area. Make sure someone has
    the sprint ability and whoever goes first has Flee, head east then north
    and talk to the person there to be given a potion that softens stone and a
    five minute timer. Run south and use the teleporter to the east to get to the
    Water Cave area. Enter the cave right above you to get back to the castle and
    follow the path outside. Enter the central door and run back to the snake
    statue from before, prepare yourself for combat and examine it to remove the
    * Grand Aevis        * Level: 97 * HP: 42000 * Drops: Fairy's Bow             *
    *                    * Steal: Cottage                                         *
    * Dark elemental x2  * Level: ?? * HP: 5500  * Drops:                         *
    *                    * Steal:                                                 *
    | Absorsbs Fire, Ice, Lightning & Wind |
    Comment: The Aevis absorbs Fire, Ice and Lightning and is immune to Earth.
    The two Dark Elementals have extreme Magic Defense and only summons and
    level 6 magic will hurt them.
    The Dark Elementals will cast Aeroga and White Wind throughout the fight, while
    the Aevis will cast Zombie Breath, Poison Breath, Zombie Powder, Maelstrom,
    Wing attack and Breath Wing.
    Four Angel Rings and ribbons are heavily recommended for this fight.
    The only way I've been able to kill this boss is with dualcast and summon
    Bahamut. The Dark elemntals Aeroga hurt too much to not summon carbuncle, but
    then I don't have enough healing to survive the Aevis' attacks in a drawn out
    fight. Have fun being cheap ;)
    Follow the path that the monster was guarding, taking the north eastern path at
    the exit to grab an Ether before exiting into another Ancient area.
    Open the chests around you for two Fuma Shurikens and two Ethers. Head south
    and open the chests there for a Dark Matter and a Cottage. Further south is a
    Cottage, Blitzshot and Sorceror's Mantle. Return to the crossroads and head
    east to find two Holy Waters then move south into the next area. Get the
    Kagenui here and return the the previous area. Head back to the crossroad
    and go west to find a Phoenix Down and a Blitzshot then head south into the
    next area. Head south and you'll find five chests like the ones in Ghido's
    cave. Take the stone out of the central chest and drop it in the north western
    chest. Head into the open door and get the Blastshop and Buckshot, then return
    and pick up the stone. Drop it into the south eastern chest and head through 
    the door to get a Hyper Wrist, return and pick up the stone. Drop it in the
    south western chest and head through the door into the next area.
    Open the chest to your right for a Cottage and the head west. Climb down the
    chain and head south (If you head east and north instead you'll find a
    teleporter to take you back to the beginning [one way]). To the east you'll
    find five chains, climb up the second from the left. Through the hidden passage
    to the west you'll find an Apocolypse. Head back to the room with five chains
    and climb up the left one. Go through the hidden passage to the east and all
    the way north then down the stairs to your left to get to another waterfall
    Head down the stairs to the second platform, then cross over to the other side
    of the waterfall. Go down the stairs for a Cottage then down the next set for
    a Royal Crown. Head down tht next two sets of stairs then east to the next
    area. Head down the stairs ahead, then take the right set of stairs to the
    bottom and then the stairs to your right to enter another area. Head down to
    the bottom and you'll find Dark Matter, Turtle Shell, Dark Matter, Water Scroll
    and Cottage. Once you have them head back up into the previous area. Move east
    into the waterfall, then open the chest for a Coral Ring. Hit the switch and
    run quickly into the next Water Cave area.
    Head north at the fork to find a Longinus and enter the waterfall to find a
    save point. Talk to the person in the center of the room then backtrack to the
    Anceint area, to the teleporter I mentioned earlier to get back to the
    Beginning. Once there, head into the left door and open the middle cell that
    contains a creature, in return for saving it, it will attack.
    * Archeodemon        * Level: 17 * HP: 50000 * Drops: Chaos Orb               *
    *                    * Steal: Phoenix Down                                    *
    | Absorbs all elements |
    Comment: Make sure not to have the Gladius, Excalibur or Holy Lance equipped
    for this one.
    Uses drain touch to steal about 700 HP, can cast Flare for about 2300 damage,
    megaflare and gigaflare which does about 2300 damage to your whole party.
    Dualcast + Time, Quick + Meteor, Meteor + Meteor. One rounder ^_^
    When it dies you'll see a portal open all the way back down in the Water Cave
    area, now you get to run all the way back down there :) 
    These next two bosses are optional, you don't need to fight them to beat the
                               OMEGA MK II
    Head west into the Pyramid area. Through the hidden passage on your left you'll
    find an Ash, head back through and go north. Here you'll see a bunch of robots
    running around, each one is Omega, the super enemy from back in the final
    dungeon, you should be strong enough to kill it by now (Why are you here if
    you're not?) so take them all out for 100 abp each. Head east around the edge
    of the room and down a hidden passage in the eastern wall to find an Elixir.
    Head back down the passage and continue around the edge of the room into the
    next area. Head forward and hit the switch on the wall to remove the forcefield
    from the door back in the waterfall area. Head back south and follow the path
    west, ignore the first switch you come to and hit the one at the end to open a
    door in the room with the Omegas. Head back to that room and into the center to
    find a chest containing a Demon's rod then go west to the door that you opened
    with the swtich. Go down the stairs into the next area.
    Head south to the two sets of stairs then into the hidden passage on the east
    wall. Head down the second split for a Dark Matter and the third split for a
    Blitzshot then return to the stairs. Head west to find a chest holding a Hero
    Cocktail, but watch out for the pitfall on the right of the chest. Go down the
    hidden passage to the left of the chest for a Dark Matter then drop down the
    pitfall below you.
    Grab the Ash from the chest and move north for a Blitzshot, hit the two
    switches on the wall then go out the door that just opened. Head east past the
    crossroads and south at the fork for a Holy water, then go north and hit the
    switch on the wall. Head back to the crossroad and venture north to encounter
    Omega MK II
    * Omega MK II        * Level: 97 * HP: 65000 * Drops: Force Shield            *
    *                    * Steal: Elixer                                          *
    | Weakness varies | Absorbs everything else |
    Comment: The strategy I had doesn't seem to work any more. I think my game was
    just screwing up because of some codes I used. Gotta find a new one.
    After the fight, head south to the door back to the previous area, then north
    up the stairs into the first pyramid area. Head south east from there to get
    back to the water cave area with the save point.
                               NEO SHINRYU
    This bit's coming later
                               RETURN TO THE VOID
    Enter the teleporter south of the save point to be warped to the void area.
    Head south then east to get a Mutsunokami, the west to find an Elixir. Head
    down the stairs and follow the path west and north to get to the next area.
    Just follow the path to the next two teleporters, there's no items.
    Head up the stairs on the right in the next area for a Robe of Lords, then back
    down and up the left set of stairs to find an upgraded version of the Soul
    * Guardian           * Level: 97 * HP: 50000 * Drops: Crystal Orb             *
    *                    * Steal: Blitzshot                                       *
    * Wave Cannon        * Level: 97 * HP: 22000 * Drops: Nothing                 *
    *                    * Steal: Blitzshot                                       *
    * Launcher x2        * Level: 97 * HP: 20000 * Drops: Nothing                 *
    *                    * Steal: Blastshot                                       *
    | Absorbs Lightning |
    Comment: A group of four mimes with with dualcast, time and summon are
    recommended for this fight. Just have everyone cast Bahamut, Quick, Bahamut,
    Bahamut, Mimic. If you run out of MP just keep using Mimic, though
    you'll only get two bahamuts a turn instead of five. The Wave Cannon and two
    Launchers will go down in the first volley, then you'll have to wait a couple
    of second for the Guardian to become attackable (The ATB guages will freeze for
    a second when this happens) before continuing the assault.
    After the fight, enter the teleporter to the north. Go north in the next room
    to find Enuo.
    * Enuo               * Level: ?? * HP:      * Drops:                          *
    *                    * Steal:                                                 *
    |  |
    Comment: Have everyone in the freelancer job for this one with dualcast and
    summon. Equip them all with ribbons and angel rings then spam him with Bahamut.
    If he kills one of your people, use the phoenix summon to revive them and keep
    on attacking.
    After the fight you'll be pulled all the way back to the first room along with
    the crystal shard containing the Necromancer job.
    Congratulations, you've completed the bonus dungeon and defeated the master of
    the void.
    The door in the middle of the room that was sealed is now open and takes you
    to boss rush mode where you'll fight bosses from the game in groups of five,
    I'll detail that in it's own section. There's nothing else left to do in the
    game except fill out your bestiary, have fun.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    5) Cloister of the Dead
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Note: All bosses in this section get added to your bestiary if you missed them
    earlier in the game.
    After you've beaten Euno and gained the Necromancer job, the center door in the
    bonus dungeon will become unsealed and you can enter it to fight powered up
    versions of some of the older bosses. You have to fight them in groups of five
    with no chance to rest or change formation between each fight, though you get
    to rest between each seperate group.
    ROOM 1|
    * Wing Raptor        * HP: 12000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Garula             * HP: 10000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Siren              * HP: 14000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Forza              * HP: 16000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Magissa            * HP: 13000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Gil Turtle         * HP: 32768 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    Preperation: Give everyone float status.
    Team: A group of freelancers, three with Rapid Fire and Black and one with
    Summon and Black (Replace Black with Sing if you're worried about MP).
    Strategy The only fight here that's even the slightest problem is the Gil
    Turtle. Rapid fire can take down the first five enemies in a single go then
    just summon Golem and take down Gil Turtle with Requiem or Blizzaga.
    ROOM 2|
    * Liquid Flame       * HP: 13000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Soul Cannon        * HP: 30000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Launcher x2        * HP: 12000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Purobolos x6       * HP: 6000  * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Minotaur           * HP: 24000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Triton             * HP: 18000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Nereid             * HP: 18000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Phobos             * HP: 18000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    Preperation: Make sure no one has any holy wapons equipped.
    Team: A group of freelancers with Rapid Fire. Give two of them Blue and the
    other two Summon.
    Strategy: Rapid Fire Liquid Flame, Lvl 5 Death the
    launchers then rapid fire the soul cannon. Summon Bahamut to kill the Purobolos
    and rapid fire Minotaur, but make sure you don't have any holy weapons equiped.
    The last three enemies can be killed by summoning Odin.
    ROOM 3|
    * Byblos             * HP: 12000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Tyrannosaur        * HP: 22000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Dragon Pod         * HP: 20000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Dragon Flower      * HP: 3000  * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Archeodemon        * HP: 50000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Apanda             * HP: 22200 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    Preperation: Make sure no one has any holy weapons equipped.
    Team: A group of freelancers with Rapid Fire and Summon.
    Strategy: Rapid fire Byblos, use a Phoenix Down on Tyrannosaur, summon Odin to
    kill the Dragon Pod and Flowers, two rounds of Bahamut will take down
    Archeodemon and back to Rapid Fire for Apanda.
    ROOM 4|
    * Manticore          * HP: 13000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Adamantoise        * HP: 18000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Jackanapes         * HP: 6000  * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Calofisteri        * HP: 24000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Twintania          * HP: 50000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    Preperation: Put your holy weapons back on.
    Team: Four freelancers with Rapid Fire.
    Strategy: You don't need one. They all die quickly to rapid fire.
    ROOM 5|
    * Omniscient         * HP: 23000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Wendigo x4         * HP: 30000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Sandworm           * HP: 18000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Atomos             * HP: 25000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Halicarnassus      * HP: 23000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    Preperation: Equip everyone eith Flame Rings and Ribbons.
    Team: Four freelancers with Rapid fire and Summon.
    Strategy: Use Bahamut to kill Omniscient and Wendigo (The flame rings negating
    the damage from frost), normal attacks to kill the sandworm and rapidfire to
    kill atamos and Halicarnassus (The ribbon stopping frog status).
    ROOM 6|
    * Crystal x4         * HP: 15000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Melusine           * HP: 24000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Catastrophe        * HP: 33300 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Azulmagia          * HP: 37000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Necrophobe         * HP: 18000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    * Barrier x4         * HP: 12000 * Drops: N/A          * Steal:               *
    Preperation: Make sure no one has any holy weapons equipped. Give everyone
    float status and equip them with Reflect rings.
    Team: Four freelancers with Rapid Fire and Summon
    Strategy: Summon Odin to kill the crystals, rapid fire Melusine, Catastrophe
    and Azulmagia. Hit the barriers twice with Bahamut then rapid fire Necrophobe.
    After killing every enemy in the six rooms, you'll be given a medal of smiting,
    which does absolutely nothing :)
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    6) Missable Items
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Since this question  is asked so much on the gamefaqs forum, I decided that I
    would give the answer it's own section. Here you'll find a list of every item
    in the game, in chronological order of where it's found, and when you can no
    longer get it. IF you've finished the game already then this list wont help you
    much =P
    First World Missables
    ---Meteorite at Tycoon (End of world one)
    Phoenix Down
    ---Ship Graveyard (End of world one)
    Flail, Tent, 990 gil, Phoenix Down, Potion, World Map, Antidote, Antidote,
    Phoenix Down
    ---Castle Tycoon (After talking to Ghido in World 3)
    Hi-Potion, Ether, cottage, Phoenix Down, Elixir, Ether, Maiden's Kiss,
    Phoenix Down, Elixir, Healing Staff, Ashura, Shuriken, Diamond Bell, Cottage,
    ---Town of Walse (End of world one)
    Silver Specs
    ---Castle Walse (End of world one)
    Shiva (Summon)
    Tent, Phoenix down, 490 gil, 1000 gil, 1000 gil, Elven Mantle
    ---Tower of Walse (Right after completing it)
    Silk Robe, Maiden's Kiss, Silver Armlet, Ether
    ---Karnak Castle (After escaping it)
    Esuna (White)
    2000 gil, Elixir, Shuriken, Ribbon, 2000 gil, Elixir, Elixir, Elven Mantle,
    Elixir, Elixir, Elixir, 2000 gil, Main Gauche, Lightning Scroll
    ---Library of the Ancients (After completing Pyramid, third world)
    Ether, Ninja Suit, Phoenix Down
    ---Istory (End of world one)
    Romeo's Ballad (Song)
    ---Lix (End of world one)
    Alluring Air (Song)
    ---Ronka Ruins (Right after completing it)
    Golden Armor, Elixir, Phoenix Down, Golden Shield, Hi-Potion, Shuriken,
    5000 gil, Ancient Sword, Moonring Blade, Power Armlet, Ether, Cottage
    Second World Missables
    ---Moogle Village (End of world two)
    Ether, Phoenix Down, 10000 gil, 1 gil, Dancing Dagger, Cottage, Elven Mantle
    ---Barrier Tower (Right after completing it)
    9000 gil, 18000 gil, Blood Sword, Gold Hairpin
    ---World mpa (End of world two)
    Catoblepas (Summon)
    ---Forest of Moore (After it burns down)
    2500 gil, Ether, 4900 gil, Phoenix Down, 9500 gil, Cottage, Goliath Tonic,
    Elixir, Morning Star
    ---Forest of Moore (End of world two)
    Aegis Shield or Fire Shield, Ash, Flametounge
    ---Exdeath's castle (Right after completing it)
    Carbuncle (Summon)
    Diamond Shield, Ether, Ice shield, Ether, Hayate Bow, Elixir, Kotetsu,
    Icebrand, Elixir, 9900 gil, 8000 gil, Twin Lance, Partisan, Fuma Shuriken
    Third World Missables
    ---Library of the Ancients (After completing Pyramid)
    Mana's Paean (Song)
    ---Fork Tower (Right after completing it)
    Ether, Wonder Wand, Hi-Potion, Defender
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    7) Job information
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Improving the section slowly, will add my thoughts and descriptions for the
    jobs in the next update when I complete the ability descriptions.
    The first column is the job level, second column is the ABP to reach it.
    I means it's an innate ability,
    I* means it's innate but doesn't transfer to Freelancer,
    C means it's a command ability that needs to be used,
    S means it's a special skill that has to be equipped to take effect.
    Skills denoted with Q aren't learned and can only be used by that class.
    Str: +23 Agi: +01 Sta: +20 Mag: -14
    1 - 10  - I - Cover         - Takes physical damage in place of critical
    2 - 30  - C - !Guard        - Reduces physical damage taken to 0.
    3 - 50  - S - Two-Handed    - Deals double damage but only one weapon can be
    4 - 100 - S - Equip shields - Allows a job to equip shields.
    5 - 150 - S - Equip Armor   - Allows a job to equip heavy armor.
    6 - 350 - S - Equip Swords  - Allows a job to equip swords.
    Str: +26 Agi: +01 Sta: +26 Mag: -23
    0 - --- - Q - !Kick         - Damages all enemies.
    1 - 15  - C - !Focus        - Waits one turn then attacks for double damage.
    2 - 30  - I - Barehanded    - Gives you the strength of a monk while attacking
    3 - 45  - C - !Chakra       - Restores some of the users HP and MP.
    4 - 60  - I - Counter       - Occasionally attacks back when physically hit.
    5 - 100 - S - HP +10%       - Increases HP by 10%.
    6 - 150 - S - HP +20%       - Increases HP by 20%.
    7 - 300 - S - HP +30%       - Increases HP by 30%.
    Str: +01 Agi: +16 Sta: +02 Mag: -6
    1 - 10  - I - Find Passages - Allows you to see hidden passages.
    2 - 20  - C - !Flee         - Escapes from a fight.
    3 - 30  - I - Sprint        - Run faster by holding the B button.
    4 - 50  - C - !Steal        - Try to steal an item from the enemy.
    5 - 75  - I - Vigilance     - Stops you from being back attacked.
    6 - 150 - C - !Mug          - Try to steal while attacking.
    7 - 300 - I - Artful Dodger - Gain the thiefs Agility bonus.
    Str: +18 Agi: +05 Sta: +15 Mag: -12
    1 - 50  - C - !Jump         - Jumps into the air to attack an enemy. Does
                                  double damage when weilding spears.
    2 - 150 - C - !Lance        - Deals aproximatly 1/4 damage and absorb it as
                                  health along with 1/10 MP.
    3 - 400 - S - Equip Lances  - Allows a job to equip lances.
    Str: +15 Agi: +14 Sta: +03 Mag: -10
    1 - 10  - C - !Smoke        - Escapes from a fight.
    2 - 30  - C - !Image        - Blocks the next two Physical attacks.
    3 - 50  - S - First Strike  - Allows you to go first in battle.
    4 - 150 - C - !Throw        - Throws a weapon at the enemy.
    5 - 450 - I - Dual wield    - Weild two single handed weapons at once.
    Str: +19 Agi: +02 Sta: +19 Mag: -12
    1 - 10  - C - !Mineuchi     - Attacks the enemy and may cause stun.
    2 - 30  - C - !Zeninage     - Throws gil at the enemy.
    3 - 60  - I - Shirahadori   - Increases evade rate for Physical attacks.
    4 - 180 - S - Equip Katanas - Allows a job to equip Katanas.
    5 - 540 - C - !Iainuki      - Try to one hit kill all enemies.
    Str: +21 Agi: -09 Sta: +25 Mag: -23
    1 - 100 - I* - Beserk       - Inflicts permanent berserk status.
    2 - 400 - S - Equip Axes    - Allows a job to equip Axes.
    Str: +16 Agi: +12 Sta: +01 Mag: -05
    1 - 15  - C - !Animals
    2 - 45  - C - !Aim
    3 - 135 - S - Equip Bows
    4 - 405 - C - !Rapid Fire
    Mystic Knight
    Str: +14 Agi: +14 Sta: +14 Mag: +01
    1 - 10  - I - Magic shell
    2 - 20  - C - !Spellblade LV1
    3 - 30  - C - !Spellblade LV2
    4 - 50  - C - !Spellblade LV3
    5 - 70  - C - !Spellblade LV4
    6 - 100 - C - !Spellblade LV5
    7 - 400 - C - !Spellblade LV6
    White Mage
    Str: -07 Agi: +01 Sta: --- Mag: +25
    1 - 10  - C - !White Lv1
    2 - 20  - C - !White Lv2
    3 - 30  - C - !White Lv3
    4 - 50  - C - !White Lv4
    5 - 70  - C - !White Lv5
    6 - 100 - C - !White Lv6
    7 - 300 - S - MP +10%
    Black Mage
    Str: -09 Agi: --- Sta: -02 Mag: +31
    1 - 10  - C - !Black Lv1
    2 - 20  - C - !Black Lv2
    3 - 30  - C - !Black Lv3
    4 - 50  - C - !Black Lv4
    5 - 70  - C - !Black Lv5
    6 - 100 - C - !Black Lv6
    7 - 450 - S - MP +30%
    Time Mage
    Str: -05 Agi: +02 Sta: -03 Mag: +24
    1 - 10  - C - !Time LV1
    2 - 20  - C - !Time LV2
    3 - 30  - C - !Time LV3
    4 - 50  - C - !Time LV4
    5 - 70  - C - !Time LV5
    6 - 100 - C - !Time LV6
    7 - 250 - S - Equip Rods
    Str: -10 Agi: -01 Sta: -01 Mag: +33
    1 - 15  - C - !Summon LV1
    2 - 30  - C - !Summon LV2
    3 - 45  - C - !Summon LV3
    4 - 60  - C - !Summon LV4
    5 - 100 - C - !Summon LV5
    6 - 500 - C - !Call
    Blue Mage
    Str: -08 Agi: +01 Sta: +03 Mag: +23
    1 - 10  - C - !Check
    2 - 20  - I - Learning
    3 - 70  - C - !Blue
    4 - 250 - C - !Scan
    Red Mage
    Str: -08 Agi: +01 Sta: +03 Mag: +23
    1 - 20  - C - !Red LV1
    2 - 40  - C - !Red LV2
    3 - 100 - C - !Red LV3
    4 - 999 - C - !Dual Cast
    Str: +13 Agi: +01 Sta: +08 Mag: -03
    1 - 10  - C - !Calm
    2 - 50  - C - !Control
    3 - 100 - S - Equip Whips
    4 - 300 - C - !Catch
    Str: +02 Agi: +03 Sta: +06 Mag: -04
    1 - 15  - I - Pharmacology
    2 - 30  - C - !Mix
    3 - 45  - C - !Drink
    4 - 135 - C - !Recover
    5 - 405 - C - !Revive
    Str: +05 Agi: +02 Sta: +04 Mag: +24
    1 - 25  - C - !Gaia
    2 - 50  - I - Find Pits
    3 - 100 - I - Light Step
    Str: -08 Agi: +08 Sta: -09 Mag: +11
    1 - 25  - C - !Hide
    2 - 50  - S - Equip Harps
    3 - 100 - C - !Sing
    Str: +05 Agi: +05 Sta: -10 Mag: -05
    1 - 25  - C - !Flirt
    2 - 50  - C - !Dance
    3 - 325 - S - Equip ribbons
    Str: +04 Agi: +01 Sta: +21 Mag: +29
    1 - 15  - C - !Oath
    2 - 30  - C - !Dark Arts Lv1
    3 - 45  - C - !Dark Arts Lv2
    4 - 60  - C - !Dark Arts Lv3
    5 - 100 - C - !Dark Arts Lv4
    6 - 200 - C - !Dark Arts Lv5
    7 - 300 - I* - Undead
    Str: -09 Agi: -01 Sta: -04 Mag: +36
    1 - 20  - C - !Condemn
    2 - 50  - C - !Predict
    3 - 150 - S - ABP Up
    4 - 300 - S - Read Ahead
    Str: +09 Agi: +06 Sta: +06 Mag: +04
    1 - 50  - C - !Open Fire
    2 - 150 - S - EXP Up
    3 - 300 - C - !Combine
    Str: +26 Agi: +14 Sta: +03 Mag: -14
    1 - 30  - S - Lure
    2 - 70  - C - !Finisher
    3 - 150 - S - Long Reach
    4 - 400 - C - !Bladeblitz
    The ability !Finisher has a chance of three outcomes, it can miss, hit for
    critical damage or do an elemental attack for 9999 damage.
    The table below shows the chance of each outcome as the job levels up. (posted
    on the gamefaqs board by n8NMONSTER, source quoted as the official guide)
    job lvl 1 = miss (6/16), crit (6/16), elemental (4/16)
    job lvl 2 = miss (5/16), crit (6/16), elemental (5/16)
    job lvl 3 = miss (5/16), crit (5/16), elemental (6/16)
    job lvl 4 = miss (5/16), crit (4/16), elemental (7/16)
    job lvl 5 = miss (4/16), crit (4/16), elemental (8/16)
    0 - --- - Q - !item
    0 - --- - Q - !attack
    1 - 999 - C - !Mimic
    Freelancer stats
    Bartz: Str: 28 Agi: 25 Sta: 27 Mag: 25
    Lenna: Str: 25 Agi: 26 Sta: 25 Mag: 28
    Galuf: Str: 27 Agi: 24 Sta: 28 Mag: 24
    Faris: Str: 28 Agi: 25 Sta: 27 Mag: 25
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    8) Items
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    9) Weapons
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Can be equipped by everyone except Monks, White Mages, and Oracles (except for
    the Man-Eater, which can only be equipped by Dancers)
    Can be used with spellblade (except for the Man-Eater).
    Knives can be thrown (except for the Dancing Dagger, Thief Knife, Man-Eater and
    Chicken Knife).
    Name              Atk Str Agi Sta Mag Location/Notes
    Knife               7                 Lenna starts with it equipped.
    Dagger             14                 Bought in Carwen, Walse.
    Mythril Knife      23                 Bought in Karnak
    Mage Masher        31               1 Bought in Jachol. May cast Silence.
    Main Gauche        36                 Found in Walse Castle and Moore.
    Orichalcum Dirk    41                 Bought in Regole, Castle Bal, Quelb.
    Dancing Dagger     51       2       1 Found in Moogle Village. May use Dance.
    Air Knife          56                 Bought in Moore
    Thief Knife        66       1         
    Assassin's Dagger  81       1         
    Man-Eater          89   2   2   2   2 
    Gladius           118       2         
    Chicken Knife   0-127       5         
    Ninja Katanas
    Can be equipped by Ninjas.
    Can be used with spellblade.
    Can be thrown.
    Name              Atk Agi Location/Notes
    Kunai              29   1 Bought in Karnak.
    Kodachi            46   1 Bought in Quelb.
    Sasuke's Katana    99   1 
    Kagenui           126   3 
    Can be equipped by Knights, Mystic Knights, Blue Mages, Red Mages, Cannoneers,
    and Gladiators.
    Can be equipped with the Equip Swords ability.
    Can be used with Two Handed.
    Can be used with Spellblade (except Rune Blade and Excalipoor).
    Can be thrown (except Rune Blade and Enhancer).
    Name              Atk Str Agi Sta Mag Location/Notes
    Broadsword         15                 Bought in Tule.
    Long Sword         22                 Bought in Carwen, Walse.
    Mythril Sword      31                 Bought in Karnak.
    Coral Sword        37                 Bought in Jachol.
    Ancient Sword      43                 Bought in Regole, Castle Bal, Quelb.
    Sleep Blade        49                 
    Rune Blade         50                 
    Great Sword        57                 Bought in Surgate.
    Excalipoor        100                 
    Enhancer          102               3 
    Ultima Weapon     180   2   2   2     
    Knight Swords
    Can be equipped by Knights and Gladiators.
    Can be equipped with the Equip Swords ability.
    Can be used with Two Handed.
    Can be used with Spellblade.
    Defender, Excalibur and Ragnorak can be thrown.
    Name              Atk Str Sta Mag Location/Notes
    Flametounge        63             Bought in Phantom Village.
    Icebrand           65             Bought in Phantom Village.
    Blood Sword        84           5 
    Defender           99             
    Excalibur         110   5         
    Ragnarok          140             
    Apocalypse        145   3   3     
    Brave Blade      0-150            
    Can be equipped by Dragoons and Gladiators.
    Can be equipped with the Equip Lances ability.
    Will do twice as much damage if you use the Jump command.
    Can be thrown.
    Name              Atk Str Agi Location/Notes
    Spear              25       1 Stolen from Jail Bear
    Mythril Spear      30         Bought in Karnak
    Trident            38         Bought in Jachol
    Wind Spear         44         Bought in Regole
    Heavy Lance        54         Bought in Surgate
    Javelin            55   1     Stolen from Sand Bear
    Partisan           62         Bought in Phantom Village
    Holy Lance        109   3     
    Dragon Lance      119         
    Longinus          132   2     
    Can be equipped by Berserkers and Gladiators.
    Can be equipped with the Equip Axes ability.
    Battle Axe, Poison Axe, Rune Axe and Earthbreaker Axe can be thrown.
    Name              Atk Str Agi Sta Mag Location/Notes
    Battle Axe         23                 Bought in Walse.
    Ogre Killer        33                 Bought in Jachol.
    Death Sickle       43                 
    Poison Axe         48                 Bought in Surgate.
    Rune Axe           71               3 
    Titan's Axe        91                 
    Earthbreaker      133   5  -5   5  -5 
    Can be equipped by Berserkers.
    Can be equipped with the Equip Axes ability.
    Can be used with Two Handed.
    Thor Hammer has full power in the back row.
    War Hammer and Gaia Hammer can be thrown.
    Name              Atk Location/Notes
    Mythril Hammer     28 Bought in Karnak.
    War Hammer         38 Bought in Regole, Castle Bal, Quelb.
    Gaia Hammer        58 Bought in Phantom Village.
    Thor Hammer        81 
    Samurai Katanas
    Can be equipped by Samurais.
    Can be equipped with the Equip Katanas ability.
    Can be used with Two Handed.
    Can be thrown.
    Name              Atk Location/Notes
    Ashura             42 Bought in Jachol.
    Wind Slash         44 
    Osadune            51 Bought in Surgate.
    Kotetsu            58 
    Kiku-Ichimonji     87 Bought in Phantom Village.
    Murasame           97 
    Masamune          107 
    Murakumo          117 
    Mutsunokami       142 
    Can be equipped by Black Mages, Time Mages, Summoners, Blue Mages, Red Mages,
    Necromancers and Mimes.
    Can be equipped with the Equip Rods ability.
    Have full power in the back row.
    Name              Atk Mag Location/Notes
    Wonder Wand         0   2 
    Rod                 8   1 Bought in Tule.
    Thunder Rod        16     Bought in Karnak.
    Frost Rod          16     Bought in Karnak.
    Flame Rod          16     Bought in Karnak.
    Lilith Rod         30   3 
    Poison Rod         32     Bought in Quelb.
    Magus Rod          40     
    Demon's Rod        55   2 
    Can be equipped by White Mages, Time Mages, Red Mages, Chemists, Oracles and
    Can be equipped with the Equip Rods ability.
    Staff, Mace of Zeus, Flail and Morning Star can be used with Two Handed.
    Staff of Light, Sage's Staff, Judgment Staff, Flail and Morning Star Have full
    power in the back row.
    Name              Atk Str Mag Location/Notes
    Power Staff         0   5     
    Healing Staff       0       2 
    Staff               9         Bought in Tule, Carwen.
    Flail              16         
    Mythril Staff      19         Dummy item. Can't be found.
    Staff of Light     45       2 
    Morning Star       50         
    Sage's Staff       53         
    Judgment Staff     60       3 
    Mace of Zeus       78       3 
    Can be equipped by Rangers and Gladiators.
    Can be equipped with the Equip Bows ability.
    Must be used Two Handed. (A shield can be equipped with the Rune Bow)
    Have full power in the back row.
    Name              Atk Str Agi Location/Notes
    Rune Bow            0         Bought in Phantom Village.
    Silver Bow         38         Bought in Jachol.
    Thunder Bow        39         Bought in Crescent.
    Frost Bow          39         Bought in Crescent.
    Flame Bow          39         Bought in Crescent.
    Dark Bow           43         Bought in Regole, Castle Bal, Quelb.
    Killer Bow         49         Bought in Quelb.
    Elven Bow          56         Bought in Moore.
    Hayate Bow         69         
    Aevis Killer       91         
    Yoichi's Bow      101   3   3 
    Artemis Bow       111         
    Fairy's Bow       130         
    Can be equipped by Bards.
    Can be equipped with the Equip Harps ability.
    Must be used Two Handed.
    Have full power in the back row.
    Name              Atk Location/Notes
    Silver Harp        15 Bought in Crescent.
    Dream Harp         25 Bought in Regole, Castle Bal, Quelb.
    Lamia's Harp       35 
    Apollo's Harp      45 
    Can be equipped by Beastmasters.
    Can be equipped with the Equip Whips ability.
    Have full power in the back row.
    Name              Atk Str Agi Location/Notes
    Whip               26         Bought in Karnak
    Blitz Whip         42         
    Chain Whip         52         Bought in Regole, Castle Bal, Quelb.
    Beast's Killer     72         
    Fire Lash          82   2   2 
    Dragon's Whisker   92         
    Can be equipped by Geomancers.
    Have full power in the back row.
    Name              Atk Location/Notes
    Diamon Bell        24 Bought in Karnak
    Gaia Bell          35 
    Rune Chime         45 
    Tinkerbell         55 
    Can be equipped by Thiefs, Ninjas and Mimes.
    Have full power in the back row. (Except Twin Lance)
    Name              Atk Location/Notes
    Moonring Blade     35
    Twin Lance         61 Bought in Phantom Village.
    Rising Sun         71
    Can only be thrown in the !throw command.
    Name              Location/Notes
    Flame Scroll      Bought in Lix, Quelb, Phantom Village.
    Water Scroll      Bought in Lix, Quelb, Phantom Village.
    Lightning Scroll  Bought in Lix, Quelb, Phantom Village.
    Shuriken          Bought in Lix, Quelb, Phantom Village.
    Fuma Shuriken     Bought in Phantom Village.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    10) Armor
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    11) Magic
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     11.1) White Magic
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Level 1
    Cure      MP: 4
    Restores a small amount of HP to the target. Damages Undead.
    Location: Tule, Carwen, Karnak, Jachol
    Libra     MP: 1
    Shows the targets Level, HP and weakness.
    Location: Tule, Karnak, Jachol
    Poisona   MP: 2
    Cures the target of poison status.
    Location: Tule, Carwen, Karnak, Jachol
    Level 2
    Silence   MP: 2
    Stops the target from being able to cast spells.
    Location: Carwen, Karnak, Jachol
    Protect   MP: 3
    Reduces physical damage taken by the target.
    Location: Carwen, Karnak, Jachol
    Mini      MP: 5
    Shrinks the target, reducing their attack and defense.
    Will remove mini status if already inflicted.
    Location: Underwater area near Crescent, Phantom Village
    Level 3
    Cura MP: 9
    Restores a moderate amount of HP to the target. Damages Undead.
    Location: Karnak, Jachol
    Raise MP: 29
    Revives the target.
    Location: Karnak, Jachol
    Confuse MP: 4
    Confuses the target, making it fight for the other side.
    Location: Karnak, Jachol
    Level 4
    Blink     MP: 6
    Nullifies the next two physical attacks againt the target.
    Location: Regole, Castle Bal, Quelb, Surgate Castle, Moore
    Shell     MP: 5
    Reduces magic damage recieved by the target.
    Location: Regole, Castle Bal, Quelb, Surgate Castle, Moore
    Esuna    MP: 10
    Cures all status effects except KO and Zombie.
    Location: Karnak Castle, Lix, Regole, Castle Bal, Quelb, Surgate Castle, Moore
    Level 5
    Curaga   MP: 27
    Restores a large amount of HP to the target.  Damages Undead.
    Location: Moore
    Reflect  MP: 15
    Reflects most of the spells casts against the target.
    Location: Moore
    Berserk   MP: 8
    Causes the target to attack non-stop.
    Location: Moore
    Level 6
    Arise    MP: 50
    Restores the party from KO status.
    Location: Phantom Village
    Holy     MP: 20
    Deals heavy Holy damage to the target.
    Location: Fork tower
    Dispel   MP: 12
    Removes all positive effects from the target.
    Location: Phantom Village
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     11.2) Black Magic
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Level 1
    Fire      MP: 4
    Deals weak fire damage to the target.
    Location: Tule, Carwen, Karnak, Crescent
    Blizzard  MP: 4
    Deals weak ice damage to the target.
    Location: Tule, Carwen, Karnak, Crescent
    Thunder   MP: 4
    Deals weak lightning damage to the target.
    Location: Tule, Carwen, Karnak, Crescent
    Level 2
    Poison    MP: 2
    Decreses the targets HP each turn.
    Location: Karnak, Crescent
    Sleep     MP: 3
    Puts the target to sleep..
    Location: Carwen, Karnak, Crescent
    Inflicts toad status on the target, decreasing their attack and defense and
    causing silence. Cures the status if target is already afflicted
    Location: Istory, Phantom Village
    Level 3
    Fira     MP: 10
    Deals moderate fire damage to the target.
    Location: Karnak, Crescent
    Blizzara MP: 10
    Deals moderate ice damage to the target.
    Location: Karnak, Crescent
    Thundera MP: 10
    Deals moderate lightning damage to the target.
    Location: Karnak, Crescent
    Level 4
    Drain    MP: 13
    Absorbs HP from the target. Undead drain health from you.
    Location: Regole, Castle Bal, Quelb, Surgate Castle, Moore
    Break    MP: 15
    Turns the target to stone.
    Location: Regole, Castle Bal, Quelb, Surgate Castle, Moore
    Bio      MP: 16
    Deals poison damage to the target.
    Location: Regole, Castle Bal, Quelb, Surgate Castle, Moore
    Level 5
    Firaga   MP: 25
    Deals heavy fire damage to the target.
    Location: Moore
    Blizzaga MP: 25
    Deals heavy ice damage to the target.
    Location: Moore
    Thundaga MP: 25
    Deals heavy lightning damage to the target.
    Location: Moore
    Level 6
    Flare    MP: 39
    Deals heavy damage to the target.
    Location: Fork Tower
    Death    MP: 29
    Kills the target. Fully heals undead.
    Location: Phantom Village
    Osmose    MP: 1
    Drains MP from the target. Undead drain MP from you.
    Location: Phantom Village
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     11.3) Time Magic
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Level 1
    Speed     MP: 1
    Hastens the pace of battle.
    Location: Walse Castle, Phantom Village
    Slow      MP: 3
    Slows the target causing the ATB guage to fill slower.
    Location: Walse, Karnak, Istory
    Regen     MP: 3
    Restores HP to the target over time.
    Location: Walse, Karnak, Istory
    Level 2
    Mute      MP: 3
    Casts silence on all allies and enemies.
    Location: Walse, Karnak, Istory
    Haste     MP: 5
    Hastes the target causing the ATB guage to fill faster.
    Location: Walse, Karnak, Istory
    Float    MP: 10
    Causes your party to float above the ground, immune to earth based attacks
    and damaging terrain. Works outside of battle.
    Location: Surgate Castle, Phantom Village
    Level 3
    Gravity   MP: 9
    Halves the targets HP.
    Location: Karnak, Istory
    Stop      MP: 8
    Freezes the target making it unable to do anything.
    Location: Karnak, Istory
    Teleport  MP 15
    Warps the party out of dungeons and combat.
    Location: Castle Bal, Phantom Village
    Level 4
    Comet     MP: 7
    Deals random damage to the target.
    Location: Regole, Castle Bal, Quelb, Surgate Castle, Moore
    Slowga    MP: 9
    Casts slow on all enemies.
    Location: Regole, Castle Bal, Quelb, Surgate Castle, Moore
    Return    MP: 1
    Restarts the current battle.
    Location: Regole, Castle Bal, Quelb, Surgate Castle, Moore
    Level 5
    Graviga  MP: 18
    Reduces targets HP to 1/8th.
    Location: Moore
    Hastega  MP: 15
    Castes Haste on your whole party.
    Location: Moore
    Old       MP: 4
    Causes old status.
    Location: Moore
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     11.4) Summons
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Level 1
    Chocobo   MP: 4
    Dealths physical damage to the target.
    Location: Walse, Phantom Village
    Sylph     MP: 8
    Drains health from the target.
    Location: Walse, Phantom Village
    Remora    MP: 2
    Casts stop on the target.
    Location: Walse, Phantom Village
    Level 2
    Shiva    MP: 10
    Deals ice damage to all enemies.
    Location: Karnak Castle
    Ramuh    MP: 12
    Deals lightning damage to all enemies.
    Location: Forest near Istory, Castle in the void.
    Ifrit    MP: 11
    Deals fire damage to all enemies.
    Location: Library of the Ancients
    Level 3
    Titan    MP: 25
    Deals earth damage to all enemies.
    Location: Karnak Meteorite
    Golem    MP: 18
    Blocks an amount of physical damage meant for your party.
    Location: Drakenvale
    Catoblepas MP: 33
    Turns the enemy to stone.
    Location: North west area of World 2
    Level 4
    Carbuncle MP: 45
    Casts reflect on your whole party.
    Location: ExDeaths castle
    Syldra   MP: 32
    Deals wind damage to all enemies.
    Location: Pirate Hideout (World 3)
    Odin     MP: 48
    Kills all enemies if not immune to death or damages single enemy.
    Location: Castle Bal Basement (World 3)
    Level 5
    Phoenix  MP: 99
    Deals fire damage and revives fallen party members.
    Location: Phoenix Tower (World 3)
    Leviathan MP: 39
    Deals heavy water damage to all enemies.
    Location: Istory falls (World 3)
    Bahamut  MP: 66
    Deals heavy damage to all enemies.
    Location: North Mountain (World 3)
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     11.5) Blue Magic
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    First location may be world one, two or three.
    SCC is the first place to get it in a Blue Mage SCC.
    Late Locations are all in world three and available even after beating the
    game. They are not always the only place the get them end game, just the place
    I think is easiest.
    Words in [] are conditions for use, words in () are the location, numbers in
    {} are the world it's found, words in || are extra notes.
    Causes the enemy to die after 30 seconds.
    First: ExDeath {2}
    First: ExDeath {2}
    All: ExDeath {2}, The Damned [Control], Unknown |172|, Azulmagia |Boss|
    Late: Unknown |172| (Great Sea Trench)
    Randomly kills one ally or enemy.
    First: Parthenope (Phoenix tower)
    SCC: First: Parthenope (Phoenix tower)
    All: Parthenope, Death Dealer, Azulmagia |Boss|, Shinryu |Boss|
    Late: Death Dealer (The rift - Ruins)
    Aqua Breath
    Deals water damage to all enemies.
    First: Dhorme Chimera (Karnak)
    SCC: Dhorme Chimera (Karnak)
    All: Dhorme Chimera, Manticore |Boss|, Crystal |Boss|, Gogo |Boss|,
       Bahamut |Boss|, Aquagel, Leviathan |Boss|, Azulmagia |Boss|
    Late: Aquagel (Istory Falls)
    Level 5 Death
    Kills all enemies whos level is a multiple of 5.
    First: Page 64 (Ancient Library)
    SCC: Executioner (Island Shrine) |Wear Bone Mail|
    All: Page 64, Level Tricker [Control and reflect], Executioner, Level Checker,
         Azulmagia |Boss|
    Late: Executioner (Island Shrine)
    Level 4 Graviga
    Reduces health of enemies whos level is a multiple of 4 to 1/4.
    First: Ghidra (Flying ruins) [On death]
    SCC: First: Ghidra (Flying ruins) [On death]
    All: Ghidra [On death], Level Tricker, Executioner, Level Checker,
       Azulmagia (Boss)
    Late: Executioner (Island Shrine)
    Level 2 Old
    First: Level Tricker (Barrier tower) [Control and Wall]
    SCC: Magic Dragon (Exdeath's Castle)
    All: Level Tricker [Control and reflect], Magic Dragon, Executioner,
       Level Checker, Azulmagia (Boss), Shinryu (Boss)
    Late: Executioner (Island Shrine)
    Level 3 Flare
    First: Red Dragon (Barrier tower) [Control and Wall]
    All: Red Dragon [Control and reflect], Exdeath,
       Archeosaur [Control and reflect], Executioner, Level Checker,
       Azulmagia (Boss), Shinryu (Boss)
    Late: Executioner (Island Shrine)
    Pond's Chorus
    Inflicts toad status on the enemy.
    First: Elf Toad (Walse Castle/Tower) [When alone]
    All: Elf Toad [When alone], Archeotoad, Kornago, Elf Toad (Metamorphis),
       Lemure, Farfarello
    Late: Lemure (Phoenix Tower)
    Liliputian Lyric
    Casts mini on the target.
    First: Minimage (Moore forest)
    All: Minimage, Gilgamesh (Exdeath's castle), Mykale [control], Cherie,
       Vilia [Control], Farfarello
    Late: Cherie (Phoenix Tower)
    Inflicts darkness on all enemies.
    First: Headstone (North Mountain)
    All: Headstone [Needs Ether], Crewdust [When alone or control and wall],
       Ramuh (Boss), Stone Mask, Neon, Gilgamesh (Exdeath's castle),
       Parthenope [Control], Azulmagia (boss), Necrophobe (Boss), Orukat [Control]
    Late: Parthenope (Phoenix Tower) [Control]
    Time Slip
    First: Traveller (Barrier Tower)
    All: Traveller, Gilgamesh (Exdeath's castle), Cherie, Azulmagia (boss)
    Late: Cherie (Phoenix Tower)
    Moon Flute
    Causes beserk status on all allies.
    First: Page 256 (Ancient Library)
    All: Page 256, Jackanapes [Rect: Physical], Mykale
    Late: Mykale (Moore, Crescent)
    Death Claw
    Reduces targets hp to single digits and causes paralysis.
    First: Death Claw (Boss)
    All: Death Claw (Boss), Treant, Strapparer [Control], Objet d'Art [Control],
       Gilgamesh (Xezat's Fleet), Death Claw, Azulamgia (boss), Soul Eater
    Late: Objet d'Art (Castle Bal Basement) [Control]
    Deals minor wind damage to the target.
    First: Moldwynd (Wind Tower)
    All: Moldwynd, Magissa (Boss), Defeater [Control], Gigas [React: Pysical], 
       Mykale, Azulmagia (boss)
    Late: Moldwynd (Wind Tower)
    Deals moderate wind damage to the target
    First: Gigas (Karnak Castle)
    All: Gigas, Page 32, Enchanted Fan, Gilgamesh (Big Bridge), Enkidu,
       Galajelly [Control], Abductor (Exdeath's castle), Azulmagia (boss)
    Late: Enchanted Fan (Sunken Walse Tower)
    Deals heavy wind damage to the target
    First: Enchanted Fan (Metamorphis) (Ghido's Cave)
    All: Enchanted Fan (Metamorphis), Magic Dragon, Crystal (Boss), Elm Gigas,
        Cherie [Control], Baldanders, Azulmagia (boss), Neo Exdeath
    Late: Elm Gigas (Near Ancient Library)
    Flame thrower
    Deals fire damage to the target.
    First: Prototype (Islands south west of Crescent)
    All: Prototype, Flame thrower, Triton (Boss), Omega (Boss), Mecha Head,
       Great Dragon, Mindflayer [Control], Azulmagia (boss)
    Late: Great Dragon (CoD - Area 4: Caves)
    Goblin Punch
    Deals the more damage the close your level is to the targets.
    First: Goblin (Near Tule)
    All: Goblin, black Goblin, Sahagin [Control], Gilgamesh (Big Bridge),
       Gobbledygook, Nix, Azulmagia (boss)
    Late: Nix (Sea Battle)
    Dark Spark
    Halves targets level.
    First: Black Flame (Near Crescent)
    All: Black Flame, Strapparer, Druid, Shadow [Control], Ushabti,
       Azulmagia (boss)
    Late: Shadow (Near Ancient Library) [Control]
    Reduces target's defense.
    First: Page 256 (Ancient Library [Control]
    All: Page 256 [Control], Ziggurat Gigas, Magic Dragon, Shadow [Control],
       Ushabti, The Damned [Control], Azulmagia (boss)
    Late: Shadow (Near Ancient Library) [Control]
    Sacrifices self to restore an allys HP and MP.
    First: Calcruthi (Ship Graveyard) [Confuse]
    All: Calcruthi [Control], Mythril Dragon [Control], Devilfish, Birostris,
       Unknown (169) [Control], Mover [Control]
    Late: Unknown (169) (Great Sea Trench) [Control]
    Mind Blast
    Causes paralysis and sap on the target.
    First: Wendigo
    All: Wendigo (boss), Twintania (boss), Azulmagia (boss), Mindflayer
    Late: Mindflayer (The Void)
    Absorbs HP from one enemy.
    First: Steel Bat (Pirate Hideout)
    All: Steel Bat, Blood Slime, Abductor (Castle Bal),
        Zombie Dragon (Golem Fight), Enkidu (Boss fight), Dark Aspic,
        Dechirer [Control], Python, shadow [Control], Mercury Bat,
        Azulmagia (Boss), Achelon [control]
    Late: Steel Bat (Pirate Hideout)
    Magic Hammer
    Halves target's MP.
    First: Byblos (Boss) (Library of the Ancients)
    All: Byblos (Boss), Drippy, Apanda (Boss), Azulmagia (Boss)
    Late: Drippy (Drakenvale)
    Mighty Guard
    Casts protect, shell and hast on your party.
    First: Stingray (Sea Battle) [Control]
    All: Stingray, Azulmagia (Boss), Shinryu (Boss)
    Late: Stingray (Sea Battle) [Control]
    Self Destruct
    Deals damage to target equal to casters remaining HP.
    First: Motor Trap (Fire Ship) [Counter lightning damage]
    All: Motor Trap [Counter: lightning], Prototype [Control], Bomb,
        Purobolos (Boss), Grenade, Unknown (171) [Control]
    Deals (Max HP-Current HP) damage to target.
    First: Wild Nack (Forest near Karnak)
    All: Wild Nack
    Late: Wild Nack (Plains south east of Big Bridge)
    1000 Needles
    Deals 1000 damage to target.
    First: Lamia (Flying ruins) [Control]
    All: Lamia [Control], Cactus [Control]
    Late: Lamia Queen (Desert Palace)
    White Wind               ------- NOT DONE YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Restores allies HP by amount equal to casters current HP
    First: Enchanted Fan (Flying Ruins) [Control]
    All: Enchanted Fan [Control]
    Reduces enemy to 1/4 HP.
    First: Motor Trap (Fire Ship) [Control]
    All: Motor Trap [Control], Prototype, Rocket Launcher, Enkidu,
       Gilgamesh (Xeza's Fleet), Mechahead, Sol Cannon (Phoenix Tower), Azulmagia
    Late: Sol Cannon (Phoenix Tower)
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     11.6) Songs
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Sinewy Etude
    Increases allies strength.
    Location: Crescent
    Swift Song
    Increases allies speed.
    Location: Surgate Castle
    Mighty March
    Casts regen on all allies
    Location: Crescent
    Mana's Paean
    Increases allies Magic Power.
    Location: Library of the Ancients (World 3)
    Hero's Rime
    Increases all stats.
    Location: Crescent
    Damages all Undead.
    Location: Quelb
    Romeo's Ballad
    Casts stop on all enemies
    Location: Istory
    Alluring Air
    Casts confuse on all enemies
    Location: Lix
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     11.7) Dark Arts
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Drain Touch MP: 15
    Absorbs HP from the target.
    Location: Mindflayer (Sealed Temple)
    Dark Haze   MP: 18
    Causes old and confusion for all enemies.
    Location: Lemure (Phoenix Tower) or Exoray (Sealed Temple)
    Deep Freeze MP: 38
    Deals Ice damage and causes Stop on one target.
    Location: Assassin (Sealed Temple) or Dark Elemental (Sealed Temple)
    Evil Mist   MP: 38
    Sprays all enemies with a deadly poison.
    Location: Dragon Zombie (Drakenvale) or Unknown (168) (Great Sea Trench)
    Meltdown    MP: 38
    Deals fire damage to target and causes sap status.
    Location: Claret Dragon (Sealed Temple) or 
              Liquid Flame (Boss Rush/Phoenix Tower)
    Hellwind    MP: 38
    Damages all enemies and causes petrification.
    Location: Objet d'Art (Castle Bal Basement) or Stingray (Sea battle)
    Chaos Drive MP: 38
    Strikes all enemies with lightning and causes paralysis.
    Location: Mini Satana (Sealed Temple)
    Curse       MP: 42
    Causes various status ailments.
    Location: Ironclad (Sealed Temple)
    Dark flare  MP: 52
    Deals heavy damage to all enemies.
    Location: ExDeath Soul (Sealed Castle) or Tonberry (Istory Falls)
    Doomsday  MP: 52
    Deals heavy damage to all enemies.
    Location: Hades (Sealed Temple)
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    12) Job abilities
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     12.1) Animals
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Animals is a secondary command of the Ranger class. It can be useful but is
    generally to random to be helpful. New animals are gained by leveling up.
    Following is a list of summonable animals:
    -Mindia Rabbit
    Level Aquired: 1
    Does nothing
    Level Aquired: 1
    Damages a single target.
    -Bee Swarm
    Level Aquired: 5
    Damages all enemies.
    Level Aquired: 10
    Heals one ally.
    -Flying Squirrel
    Level Aquired: 20
    Level Aquired: 30
    Reduces target's HP to 1/3
    Level Aquired: 40
    Casts poison and blin on all enemies.
    -Wild Boar
    Level Aquired: 50
    Damages a single target.
    Level Aquired: 60
    Restors HP and MP to ally.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     12.2) Catching
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Catch is the primary ability of the beastmaster. It allows you to catch an
    enemy at 1/8 health (1/2 with Kornago Gourd) and then release it at a later
    time to case an effect. Not all enemies are catchable.
    To find the effect of catching a specific enemy, please cosult my monster
    information guide, located at:
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     12.3) Mix List
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Mix is a secondary ability of the Chemist job, it allows you too combine two
    items from your inventory to create a unique skill with various types of
    The following table was provided by Sky Render from the gamefaqs forums and
    lists all the item combinations and their effects. Some edits have been made
    to the effect descriptions:
    Note: Combining two healing items enhances the effect. Combining healing with
    statues restoration removes the status and heals [Noted by the letters in the
                     A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L
    A: Potion        A   2   3   D   4   F   A   C   5   6   7   8
    B: Hi-Potion     2   B   9   D   4   F   B   10  5   6   7   8
    C: Ether         3   9   C   D   11  12  C   3   13  14  15  16
    D: Elixir        D   D   D   D   11  12  D   1   D   D   17  18
    E: Phoenix Down  4   4   11  11  E   19  20  21  22  23  24  25
    F: Maiden's Kiss F   F   12  12  19  F   26  27  28  29  30  31
    G: Holy Water    A   B   C   D   20  26  G   32  33  34  35  36
    H: Turtle Shell  C   10  3   1   21  27  32  37  38  29  1   40
    I: Antidote      5   5   13  D   22  28  33  38  I   41  42  43
    J: Eyedrop       6   6   14  D   23  29  34  39  41  J   44  45
    K: Dragon Fang   7   7   15  17  24  30  35  1   42  44  46  47
    L: Dark Matter   8   8   16  18  25  31  36  40  43  45  47  48
    1     Failure           Casts "Slip" and "Confuse"
    2     Water of Life     Casts "Regen"
    3     X-Potion          Recover all HP
    4     Resurrection      Brings ally back to life 
    5     Neutralize        Recover some HP and cure poison
    6     Cure Blind        Recover some HP and cure darkness
    7     Dragon Power      Raise level by 20
    8     Dark Potion       Does 666 points of damage
    9     Half Elixir       Cure HP to maximum
    10    Ether Dry         Triple the power of normal Ether
    11    Reincarnation     Revive ally to max HP
    12    Lilith's Kiss     Drain MP from enemy
    13    Resist Poison     Make resistant to poison
    14    Resist Fire       Make resistant to fire attacks
    15    Dragon Shield     Make resistant to Ice, Fire, and Thunder attacks
    16    Dark Ether        Drain MP to 1/4
    17    Giant Drink       Double maximum HP
    18    Dark Elixir       Reduce HP/MP to single digits
    19    Kiss Of Life      Bring dead ally back to life, 1/2 HP, Full MP
    20    Life Shield       Make resistant to sudden-death attacks
    21    Panacea           Heal all status ailments
    22    Resist Ice        Make resistant to ice attacks
    23    Resist Thunder    Make resistant to thunder attacks
    24    Dragon Armor      Increase defense and magic defense
    25    Death Potion      Instant kill
    26    Kiss of Blessing  Casts "Berserk", "Haste", and "Image"
    27    Drain Kiss        Drain HP from target
    28    Levitate          Cast "Float" on target
    29    Lamia's Kiss      Confuse target
    30    Dragon's Kiss     Unknown
    31    Toad's Kiss       Transforms target into a frog
    32    Bacchus' Wine     Berserks target
    33    Samson Power      Raise level by 10
    34    Elemental Power   Increase magic damage by 50%
    35    Holy Breath       Cast powerful, holy wind attack
    36    Failure           Poison target
    37    Protect Drink     Casts "Protect" on target
    38    Split Shell       Decrease defense by 1/2
    39    Haste Drink       Speed up target
    40    Explosive         Massive fire damage at cost of user's life
    41    Restorative       Cure status for duration of battle only
    42    Poison Breath     Poisons many targets
    43    Poison            Poisons target
    44    Dark Sigh         Blinds and confuses target
    45    Dark Gas          Blinds target
    46    Dragon Breath     Fire, Thunder, and Ice breath damage
    47    Dark Breath       Cast an unholy fire over targets
    48    Shadow Flare      Darkness inflicts massive damage on enemies
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     12.4) Gaia Attacks
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     12.5) Dances
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Dance is the primary ability of the dancer. It will randomly pick a dance from
    the list and use it's ability against a random enemy. You don't need to find or
    buy dances, you are able to use them all as soon as you get the dance command.
    Equipping Lamia's Tiara or Red Slippers will increash the chance of you doing
    sword dance.
    Following is a description of the four dances you can do:
    Sword Dance: Deals four times your normal damage to the enemy.
    Mystery Waltz: Steals MP from the enemy.
    Jitterbug: Steals HP from the enemy.
    Tempting Tango:  Confuses the enemy.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     12.6) Oath
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Oath is a secondary ability of the Oracle, one of the four new jobs in 
    Final Fantasy V Advance. The ability is simmilar to the call of summoners in
    that it summons a random creature to cause an effect on the enemy or your
    party, but unlike Call you don't have to find the creatures to use them.
    Following is a list of demons that may be summoned and their effect:
    Zombie Dragon: Casts Poison Breath on the enemy.
    Rajiformes: Casts Aqua Breath on the enemy.
    Flaremancer: Casts flare on a random enemy.
    Skeleton: Casts lightning on a random enemy.
    This list is very likely incomplete, but the damage done by the summoned
    creatures is absolutely pitiful and i heavily advise against ever touching this
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     12.7) Condemn
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Condemn is the primary ability of the Oracle. It activates a timer on the
    target that counts down from 5 to 0 before using the selected skill.
    Note that even if the oracle dies after using Condemn, the move will still
    triger when the timer reaches 0.
    Following is a list of the skills given by Condemn and their effects:
    Rejuvenation: Restores health to the target.
    Recuperation: Removes status effects from the target.
    Brimstone: Deals fire damage to the target.
    Black Frost: Deals ice damage to the target.
    Judgement: Deals thunder damage to the target.
    Salentia: Casts Toad on the target.
    Doom: Casts death on the target.
    Still wing: Casts stop on the target.
    As with Oath, the damage done it pitiful, the status effects are useless and
    they can be replicated with the more usefull commands Time and Black.
    Stay away from this ability.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     12.8) Predict
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Predict is another one of the Oracles secondary abilities. When selected in
    battle you get to choose one of three ranks and then a random ability will be
    selected and a timer will count down for the ability to trigger.
    First Degree counts down from 5 and is the strongest,
    Second Degree counts down from 4 and is slightly weaker,
    Third Degree counts down from 3 and is the weakest.
    Following is a list of effects, depending on what is said after
    "The future brings ":
    Starfall: Deals damage to enemies and party. Can inflict death.
    Cleansing: Deals damage to the enemy.
    Pestilence: Poison damage to the party. Can cause poison status.
    Rockslide: Randomly deals earth damage to various targets.
    Hurricane: Deals wind damage to enemies and party. Can cause silence status.
    Deluge: Deals water damage to enemies and party. Can cause Toad status.
    Eruption: Deals fire damage to enemies and party.
    Healing Wind: Heals the party and removes some status effects.
    Blessing: Heals the party.
    Divine Judgement: Deals holy damage to the enemy and heals the party.
    As with the last two Oracle abilities, stay away from this one. the damage is
    pathetic and you can end up casting multiple status effects on your own party.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     12.9) Combine List
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Combine is a secondary ability of the Cannoneer, one of the four new jobs in
    Final Fantasy V Advance. Their ability is simmilar to the chemists mix, in
    that they use items from your inventory to attack the enemy, but unlike the
    chemist they mix items with special ammo that you can purchase in Crescent
    after you have gotten the job.
    The following section was sent to me by Oboyo Jinsaka from gamefaqs. All credit
    and lots of thanks go to him for the following information:
    There are three ammo types, and they can be mixed with ninja throwing items,
    chemist drinks and mixing items, and a few recovery items.
    One shot must be used, and one of the other items listed must be used. No shot
    can be combined with another. The type of shot effects its damage, and each can
    be purchased in the inn at the crescent island. Every !Combine effect hits
    -all- enemies, but the weaker the shot, the weaker the damage.
    This is the order of strength:
    Buckshot -> Blastshot -> Blitzshot
    All status effects are the same regardless of ammo type, with the exception of
    Dark Matter. Ammo type -only- affects damage and animation (All of which are
    pretty cool by the way). I listed them under the Blitzshots.
    And here are the combinations:
    Buckshot + Gold Needle = Needle Shot (Always 1000 damage)
    Buckshot + Mallet = Mini Shot
    Buckshot + Goliath Tonic = Quake Shot
    Buckshot + Speed Shake = Silver Shot
    Buckshot + Power Drink = Power Shot
    Buckshot + Iron Draft = Vulner Shot
    Buckshot + Hero Cocktail = Divine Shot
    Buckshot + Turtle Shell = Slow Shot
    Buckshot + Dragon Fang = Dragon Shot
    Buckshot + Dark Matter = Chaos Shot (Confuses Enemies)
    Buckshot + Flame Scroll = Flame Shot
    Buckshot + Water Scroll = Water Shot
    Buckshot + Lightning Scroll = Spark Shot
    Buckshot + Ash = Dark Shot
    Buckshot + Shuriken = Normal Shot
    Buckshot + Fuma Shuriken = Killer Shot
    Blastshot Combinations
    Blastshot + Gold Needle = Needle Burst (Always 2000 damage)
    Blastshot + Mallet = Mini Burst
    Blastshot + Goliath Tonic = Quake Burst
    Blastshot + Speed Shake = Silver Burst
    Blastshot + Power Drink = Power Burst
    Blastshot + Iron Draft = Vulner Burst
    Blastshot + Hero Cocktail = Divine Burst
    Blastshot + Turtle Shell = Slow Burst
    Blastshot + Dragon Fang = Dragon Burst
    Blastshot + Dark Matter = Chaos Burst (Poisons Enemies)
    Blastshot + Flame Scroll = Flame Burst
    Blastshot + Water Scroll = Water Burst
    Blastshot + Lightning Scroll = Spark Burst
    Blastshot + Ash = Dark Burst
    Blastshot + Shuriken = Normal Burst
    Blastshot + Fuma Shuriken = Killer Burst
    Blitzshot Combinations
    Blitzshot + Gold Needle = Needle Cannon (Always 3000 damage)
    Blitzshot + Mallet = Mini Cannon (Minis some enemies)
    Blitzshot + Goliath Tonic = Quake Cannon (Earth Damage)
    Blitzshot + Speed Shake = Silver Cannon (Olds some enemies)
    Blitzshot + Power Drink = Power Cannon (Berserks some enemies)
    Blitzshot + Iron Draft = Vulner Cannon (Def-Down maybe?)
    Blitzshot + Hero cocktail = Divine Cannon (Holy Damage)
    Blitzshot + Turtle Shell = Slow Cannon (Slows some enemies)
    Blitzshot + Dragon Fang = Dragon Cannon (Double damage to Dragon targets)
    Blitzshot + Dark Matter = Chaos Cannon (Deaths some enemies)
    Blitzshot + Flame Scroll = Flame Cannon (Fire Damage)
    Blitzshot + Water Scroll = Water Cannon (Water Damage)
    Blitzshot + Lightning Scroll = Spark Cannon (Thunder Damage)
    Blitzshot + Ash = Dark Cannon (Blinds some enemies)
    Blitzshot + Shuriken = Normal Cannon
    Blitzshot + Fuma Shuriken = Killer Cannon (Double damage to Human targets)
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    13) Bestiary
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    For a listing of every creature in game, including those not in the games
    bestiary, along with its stats, learnable blue magic, locations and catch
    effects, please consult my Monster Guide located at:
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    14) Monster Locations
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    This section is based on the lists created by Zelloss, aka Genis Irving, who
    created them on the gamefaqs message boards through his own experience and the
    input of many of the boards inhabitants. to see you original thread containing
    these lists, look here: 
    I have expanded on the original lists by Zelloss by including all monster
    names, more accurate locations for some of the creatues and noting if creatures
    from the first two worlds are still available in the third.
    3: If there is a star in this column, the creature is still findable in world
    M: If there is a star in this column, the creature cannot be found again once
       you have completed the area in which it is located, make sure to get them
       before you leave.
    WM: The creature is found on the World Map.
    Note: The listing for which enemies can still be found at the end of the game
          is not yet complete. Please don't email me saying I've missed something.
    Chapter 1
    Num - Name              3 M Location
    001 - Goblin            *   Tycoon (WM), Tule (WM), Wind Shrine (WM)
    002 - Steel Bat         *   Pirate Hideout
    003 - Devil Crab        *   Pirate Hideout
    004 - Stropper          *   Pirate Hideout
    005 - Killer Bee        *   Tycoon (WM), Tule (WM), Wind Shrine (WM)
    006 - Nutkin            *   Tule (WM), Wind Shrine (WM), Lix (WM), Jachol Cave
    007 - Stray Cat             Tule (WM), Wind Shrine (WM), Lix (WM)
    008 - Black Goblin      *   Wind Shrine (2F-4F)
    009 - White Serpent     *   Wind Shrine (2F-4F)
    010 - Moldwynd          *   Wind Shrine (2F-4F)
    011 - Mani Wizard       *   Wind Shrine (3F-4F)
    012 - Sekelton              Ship Graveyward
    013 - Calcruthl             Ship Graveyward
    014 - Undead Husk           Ship Graveyward (Shipwrecks)
    015 - Mindflusher           Ship Graveyward (Shipwrecks)
    016 - Gatling           *   Torna Canal (WM), Carwen (WM), Castle Walse (WM)
    017 - Big Horn          *   Torna Canal (WM), Carwen (WM), Castle Walse (WM)
    018 - Tatou             *   Carwen (WM), Castle Walse (WM)
    019 - Bandersnatch      *   Torna Canal (WM), Castle Walse (WM)
    020 - Garula            *   Carwen (WM), Tower of Walse (WM)
    021 - Rock Slug         *   North Mountain
    022 - Gaelicat          *   North Mountain
    023 - Cockatrice        *   North Mountain
    024 - Headstone         *   North Mountain
    025 - Elf Toad              Castle Walse (Watertower), 
                                Tower of Walse (1F-2F, 7F)
    026 - Ice Soldier           Castle Walse (Watertower),
                                Tower of Walse (1F-3F, 5F-6F, 8F-9F)
    027 - Ricard Mage         * Tower of Walse (1F-3F, 5F-6F, 8F-9F)
    028 - Wyvern              * Tower of Walse (3F-5F, 7F-8F)
    029 - Pas de Seul         * Tower of Walse (3F-6F, 9F)
    030 - Jackanapes        *   Castle Walse (Basement)
    031 - Aegir                 Karnak (WM), Library of the Ancients (WM)
    032 - Zu                    Karnak (WM), Library of the Ancients (WM)
    033 - Wild Nakk             Karnak (WM) (Forests)
    034 - Grass Tortoise        Karnak (WM), Library of the Ancients (WM)
    035 - Silent Bee            Library of the Ancients (WM)
    036 - Mythril Dragon        Library of the Ancients (WM) (Forests)
    037 - Crew Dust         *   Fire-Powered Ship
    038 - Poltergeist       *   Fire-Powered Ship
    039 - Defeater          *   Fire-Powered Ship
    040 - Motor Trap        *   Fire-Powered Ship (Kill defeater last)
    041 - Sergeant            * Karnak Castle
    042 - Sorcerer            * Karnak Castle
    043 - Cur Nakk            * Karnak Castle
    044 - Gigas               * Karnak Castle
    045 - Page 32               Library of the Ancients
    046 - Page 64               Library of the Ancients
    047 - Page 128              Library of the Ancients
    048 - Page 256              Library of the Ancients
    049 - Bomb                  Jachol (WM)
    050 - Doublizard            Crescent (WM), Jachol (WM)
    051 - Bio Soldier           Crescent (WM), Jachol (WM)
    052 - Harvester             Crescent (WM)
    053 - Black Flame           Crescent (WM), Istory (WM)
    054 - Stone Golem           Istory (WM)
    055 - Mini Dragon           Istory (WM)
    056 - Prototype             Two islands south west of Crescent (WM)
    057 - Skull Eater       *   Jachol Cave
    058 - Dhorme Chimera        Desert near Library of the Ancients (WM)
    059 - Sandboil              Desert of Shifting Sands
    060 - Desert Killer         Desert of Shifting Sands
    061 - Sand Bear             Desert of Shifting Sands
    062 - Ra Mage             * Ronka Ruins
    063 - Ronkan Knight       * Ronka Ruins
    064 - Stone Mask          * Ronka Ruins
    065 - Enchanted Fan       * Ronka Ruins
    066 - Lamia               * Ronka Ruins
    067 - Archeotoad          * Ronka Ruins
    068 - Hydra               * Ronka Ruins
    069 - Ghidra              * Ronka Ruins
    191 - Sucker              * Torna Canal
    192 - Octokraken          * Torna Canal
    193 - Sahagin           *   Sea battles
    194 - Thunder Anemone   *   Sea battles
    195 - Sea Ibis          *   Sea battles
    196 - Corbetta          *   Sea battles (Edge of world)
    243 - Wing Raptor       *   Wind Shrine
    244 - Karlabos              Torna Canal
    245 - Siren             *   Ship Graveyard
    246 - Magissa           *   North Mountain
    247 - Forza             *   North Mountain (Don't kill Magissa to fast)
    248 - Ice Commander       * Castle Walse (Watertower)
    249 - Shiva               * Castle Walse (Watertower)
    250 - Garula            *   Tower of Walse
    251 - Liquid Flame      *   Fire-Powered Ship
    252 - Iron claw           * Karnak Castle (Don't kill Sergeant outside)
    253 - Ifrit                 Library of the Ancients
    254 - Byblos            *   Library of the Ancients
    255 - Ramuh             *   Forest near Istory (WM)
                            (Available later only if you miss him in world one)
    256 - Sandworm          *   Desert of Shifting Sands
    257 - Cray Claw             Sea near Crescent
    258 - Adamantoise       *   Meteorite at Tycoon
    259 - Soul Cannon       *   Outside Gohn Ruins
    260 - Launcher          *   Outside Gohn Ruins
    261 - Launcher          *   Outside Gohn Ruins
    262 - Archeoaevis       *   Ronka Ruins
    263 - Purobolos         *   Walse Meteorite
    264 - Titan                 Karnak Meterorite
    265 - Manticore         *   Gohn Meteorite
    Num - Name              3 M Location
    070 - Pao                   Solitary Island, where you start (WM)
    071 - Tarantula             ExDeath's Castle (B2-B3)
    072 - Shell Bear            ExDeath's Castle (B2-B3)
    073 - Devilfish             Exdeath's Castle (WM)
    074 - Treant                Exdeath's Castle (WM)
    075 - Strapparer            Exdeath's Castle (WM)
    076 - Merrow              * Big Bridge
    077 - Flying Killer       * Big Bridge
    078 - Little Chariot      * Big Bridge
    079 - Neo Garula          * Big Bridge
    080 - Tunneler              Regole (WM)
    081 - Birostris             Regole (WM)
    082 - Fairy Orc             Regole (WM)
    083 - Devourer              Regole (WM)
    084 - Mandrake              Regole (WM)
    085 - Kuza Beast            Sealed Castle (Beach east of the castle) (WM)
    086 - Shield Dragon     *   Sealed Castle
    087 - This monster only appears during Chapter 3.
    088 - Blood Slime           Underground Waterway
    089 - Acrophies             Underground Waterway
    090 - Moogle Eater          Underground Waterway
    091 - Lesser Lopros         Underground Waterway
    092 - Cactus                Desert before Moogle Village (WM)
    093 - Sandcrawler           Desert before Moogle Village (WM)
    094 - Aquathorn         *   Quelb (WM)
    095 - Weresnake         *   Quelb (WM)
    096 - Kornago           *   Quelb (WM)
    097 - Cursed Being      *   Quelb (WM)
    098 - Undergrounder         Gil Cave
    099 - Objet d'Art       *   Castle Bal Basement
    100 - Drippy            *   Drakenvale
    101 - Lycaon            *   Drakenvale
    102 - Bone Dragon       *   Drakenvale
    103 - Poison Eagle      *   Drakenvale
    104 - Zombie Dragon     *   Drakenvale
    105 - Gobbledygook          Xezat's Fleet
    106 - Neon                * Barrier Tower
    107 - Magnetite           * Barrier Tower
    108 - Reflect Knight      * Barrier Tower
    109 - Traveler            * Barrier Tower
    110 - Level Tricker       * Barrier Tower
    111 - Gravitator          * Barrier Tower
    112 - Ziggurat Gigas      * Barrier Tower
    113 - Dark Aspic            Ghido's Cave
    114 - Metamorph             Ghido's Cave
    115 - Cure Beast            North of Surgate Castle (WM), Moore (WM)
    116 - Land Turtle           North of Surgate Castle (WM), Moore (WM)
    117 - Dechirer              North of Surgate Castle (WM), Moore (WM)
    118 - Mini Magician         Great forest of Moore
    119 - Galajelly             Great forest of Moore
    120 - Mammon                Great forest of Moore
    121 - Imp                 * Great forest of Moore (second and third area)
    122 - Wyrm                * Great forest of Moore (second and third area)
    123 - Twin Lizard           Exdeath's Castle (2F-4F, 10F)
    124 - Blind Wolf            Exdeath's Castle (2F-4F, 6F-7F, 10F, 12F)
    125 - Hellraiser            Exdeath's Castle (2F-5F, 9F-11F)
    126 - Reflect Mage          Exdeath's Castle (2F-6F, 8F, 10F-12F)
    127 - Magic Dragon          Exdeath's Castle (4F, 10F)
    128 - Black Warlock         Exdeath's Castle (4F-6F, 8F-12F)
    129 - Adamantite Golem      Exdeath's Castle (5F-6F, 8F-9F, 11F-12F)
    130 - Bandercoeurl          Exdeath's Castle (6F-7F, 12F)
    131 - Iron Fist             Exdeath's Castle (7F, 9F)
    132 - Blue Dragon           Exdeath's Castle (7F-9F)
    133 - Red Dragon            Barrier tower (Chest), Exdeath's Castle (7F-8F)
    134 - Yellow Dragon         Barrier tower (Chest), Exdeath's Castle (8F-9F)
    176 - Druid                 Underwater cave (North west)
    177 - Ironback              Underwater cave (North west)
    266 - Abductor            * Solitary Island, where you start
    267 - Gilgamesh             Exdeath's Castle
    268 - Gilgamesh             Big Bridge
    269 - Tyrannosaur       *   Underground Waterway
    270 - Abductor              Castle Bal (WM)
    271 - Golem             *   Drakenvale
                            (Available later only if you miss him in world two)
    272 - Dragon Pod        *   Drakenvale
    273 - Dragon Flower     *   Drakenvale
    274 - Gilgamesh             Xezat's Fleet
    275 - Enkidu              * Xezat's Fleet
    276 - Atomos            *   Barrier Tower
    277 - Crystal           *   Guardian Tree
    278 - Crystal           *   Guardian Tree
    279 - Crystal           *   Guardian Tree
    280 - Crystal           *   Guardian Tree
    281 - Catoblepas          * North western island
    282 - Gil Turtle        *   Gil Cave
    283 - Carbuncle           * Exdeath's Castle
    284 - Gilgamesh           * Exdeath's Castle
    285 - Exdeath               Exdeath's Castle
    Num - Name              M Location
    087 - Exdeath Soul        Sealed Castle
    135 - Sleepy              Ancient Library (WM)
    136 - Triffid             Ancient Library (WM)
    137 - Hedgehog            Ancient Library (WM)
    138 - Python              Ancient Library (WM)
    139 - Shadow              Ancient Library (WM)
    140 - Elm Gigas           Ancient Library (WM)
    141 - Desertpede          Pyramid (WM)
    142 - Bulette             Pyramid (WM)
    143 - Lamia Queen         Pyramid
    144 - Rajiformes          Pyramid
    145 - Ushabti             Pyramid
    146 - Archeosaur          Pyramid
    147 - Zephyrus            Pyramid
    148 - Mummy               Pyramid
    149 - Aspis               Pyramid
    150 - Mech Head           Pyramid
    151 - The Damned          Pyramid
    152 - Grand Mummy         Pyramid
    153 - Sekhmet             Pyramid
    154 - Slug                Moore, Crescent
    155 - Gloom Widow         Moore, Crescent
    156 - Mykale              Moore, Crescent
    157 - Executor            Island Shrine
    158 - Oiseaurare          Island Shrine
    159 - Shadow Dancer       Island Shrine
    160 - Numb Blade          Island Shrine
    161 - Tot Aevis           Island Shrine
    162 - Tiny Mage         * Fork Tower (Left Side)
    163 - Chrono Controller * Fork Tower (Left Side)
    164 - Flaremancer       * Fork Tower (Left Side)
    165 - Deuling Knight    * Fork Tower (Right Side)
    166 - Iron Muscles      * Fork Tower (Right Side)
    167 - Berserker         * Fork Tower (Right Side)
    168 - Unknown             Great Sea Trench
    169 - Unknown             Great Sea Trench
    170 - Unknown             Great Sea Trench
    171 - Unknown             Great Sea Trench
    172 - Unknown             Great Sea Trench
    173 - Frost Bull          Between Istory and Regole (WM)
    174 - Istory Lythos       Between Istory and Regole (WM)
    175 - Spizzner            Between Istory and Regole (WM)
    178 - Mercury Bat         Istory Falls
    179 - Coral               Istory Falls
    180 - Aquagel             Istory Falls
    181 - Steel Fist          Istory Falls
    182 - Alchymia            Istory Falls
    183 - Tonberry            Istory Falls
    184 - Ankheg              Phoenix Tower (WM)
    185 - Ammonite            Phoenix Tower (WM)
    186 - Landcrawler         Phoenix Tower (WM)
    187 - Lemure              Phoenix Tower
    188 - Parthenope          Phoenix Tower
    189 - Cherie              Phoenix Tower
    190 - Magic Pot           Phoenix Tower
    197 - Nix                 Sea battle (WM)
    198 - Water Scorpion      Sea battle (WM)
    199 - Vilia               Sea battle (WM)
    200 - Gel fish            Sea battle (WM)
    201 - Rukh                Sea battle (WM)
    202 - Sea Devil           Sea battle (WM)
    203 - Stingray            Sea battle (WM)
    286 - Antlion             Pit near Tule
    287 - Melusine            Guardian Tree
    288 - Gargoyle            Multiple places
    289 - Wendigo             Island Shrine
    290 - Odin                Castle Bal Basement
    291 - Minotaur            Fork Tower
    292 - Omniscient          Fork Tower
    293 - Triton              Great Sea Trench
    294 - Nereid              Great Sea Trench
    295 - Phobos              Great Sea Trench
    296 - Leviathan           Istory Falls
    297 - Famed Mimic gogo    Sunken Walse Tower
    298 - Bahamut             North Mountain
    Cleft of Dimensions
    Num - Name              Location
    204 - Grenade           Area 2: Ruins
    205 - Baldanders        Area 2: Ruins   
    206 - Death Dealer      Area 2: Ruins
    207 - Level Checker     Area 2: Ruins
    208 - White Flame       Area 3: Forest
    209 - Moss Fungus       Area 3: Forest
    210 - Farfarello        Area 3: Forest
    211 - Orukat            Area 4: Caves
    212 - Great Dragon      Area 4: Caves
    213 - Achelon           Area 4: Caves
    214 - Ninja             Area 6: Sky Area
    215 - Dragon Aevis      Area 6: Sky Area
    216 - Sword Dancer      Area 7: Castle
    217 - Death Claw        Area 7: Castle
    218 - Fury              Area 7: Castle
    219 - Yojimbo           Area 7: Castle
    220 - Iron Giant        Area 7: Castle
    221 - King Behemoth     Area 8: Void
    222 - Crystal Dragon    Area 8: Void
    223 - Necromancer       Area 8: Void
    224 - Gorgimera         Area 8: Void
    225 - Mindflayer        Area 8: Void
    226 - Crystelle         Area 8: Void
    227 - Belphegor         Area 8: Void
    228 - Mover             Area 8: Void
    299 - Apanda            Area 5: Library
    300 - Calofisteri       Area 3: Forest
    301 - Azulmagia         Area 7: Castle
    302 - Alte Roite        Area 7: Castle
    303 - Jura Aevis        Area 7: Castle
    304 - Catastrophe       Area 7: Castle
    305 - Halicarnassus     Area 7: Castle
    306 - Twintania         Area 7: Castle
    307 - Gilgamesh         Area 8: Void
          (Only appears if you fought Gilgamesh in Exdeath's Castle)
    308 - Necrophobe        Area 8: Void
    309 - Barrier           Area 8: Void
    310 - Gilgamesh         Area 8: Void
          (Only appears during Necrophobe fight if you fought Gilgamesh in
           Exdeath's Castle)
    311 - Omega             Area 4: Waterfall Caves
    312 - Shinryu           Area 8: Void
    313 - Exdeath           Final Boss
    314 - Neo Exdeath       Final Boss
    SEALED TEMPLE (Bonus Dungeon)
    Num - Name              Location
    229 - Mini Satana       Sealed Temple - Dungeon / Sealed Temple - Arena
    230 - Assassin          Sealed Temple - Corridor
    231 - Soul Eater        River of Souls - 1F
    232 - Behemoth          Titan's Cave - 2F
    233 - Dark Elemental    Sealed Temple - Ruins
    234 - Dark Elemental    Sealed Temple - Ruins
    235 - Dark Elemental    Sealed Temple - Ruins
    236 - Exoray            Heart of Ronka
    237 - Deulist           Abyssal Falls
    238 - Medusa            Tomb of Memory
    239 - Dinozombie        Titan's Cave - 2F
    240 - Claret Dragon     Lethe Court
    241 - Ironclad          Lethe Court
    242 - Hades             Lethe Court
    315 - Grand Aevis       Sealed Temple - Arena
    316 - Archeodemon       Sealed Temple - Dungeon
    317 - Guardian          Lethe Court - Stairway to Destiny
    318 - Launcher          Lethe Court - Stairway to Destiny
    319 - Launcher          Lethe Court - Stairway to Destiny
    320 - Wave Cannon       Lethe Court - Stairway to Destiny
    321 - Omega MK II
    322 - Neo Shinryuu
    323 - Enuo              Lethe Court - The Void
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    15) Music Player
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    16) World Maps
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    You can find world maps for the game at
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    17) Frequently Asked Questions
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    18) Hints and Tips
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    19) Bugs
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    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    20) Version History
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    10/11/2006 - 0.4 - Finished the walkthrough and lists up to the end of the
                       first world. Still need to start the item list and decide if
                       I'll include a bestiary. Submitted walkthrough to gamefaqs.
    11/11/2006 - 0.7 - Finished the walkthrough and lists up to the second world.
                       Decided to leave item list until walkthrough complete.
                       Still not sure about bestiary.
    13/11/2006 - 0.8 - Completed the basic walkthrough up to the end of world
                       three, but need to go over it and fill in missing
                       information. Spell checked walkthrough up to the end of
                       world one and updated the lists.
    14/11/2006 - 0.9 - Got the walkthrough finished up to the end of the game,
                       but it is far from complete. Started on the Bonus dungeon
                       and swore that as soon as it's done I'll complete World 3
                       and the Rift. Updated the legal section.
    14/11/2006 - 0.9 - (Revised) Screwed up some boss info, had to go through and
                       fix it. Added boss information I had left out in earlier
                       updates as well.
    15/11/2006 - 1.1 - Well, the main game walkthrough is finished and I ran out
                       of numbers so I hopped to 1.1, all boss info is now complete
                       and correct, still got a few strategies to put in and the
                       world three and onwards bestiary and item information is
                       still missing, but I've written up to the third boss in the
                       bonus dungeon. Don't know whow long it will take to complete
                       as I have no idea how big it is.
    17/11/2006 - 1.3 - Finished the walkthrough for the bonus dungeon, added a few
                       more sites to the allowed list in the legal section, put
                       in the monster location list from Zellos and compiled a list
                       of Dark Arts skill locations and effects.
    18/11/2006 - 1.4 - Added the boss rush section, fixed some layout discrepancies
                       and spelling errors. We wrote the intro section and fixed
                       up some grammar in the first half of the walkthrough.
    22/11/2006 - 1.5 - Added information in various different areas of the
                       walkthrough, but also got some info written up that isn't in
                       this document yet so I'll be working on getting as much of
                       it as I can implemented by the next update.
    12/12/2006 - 1.6 - Added in the weapons list along with where to buy them.
                       Expanded on the blue magic list and started adding in where
                       to find them in world three. Rewrote a couple of parts of
                       the walkthrough in the first two worlds. Expanded the
                       monster location list to add more detail.
    03/01/2007 - 1.7 - Added the false rumors and FAQs section, havn't done
                       much with theym yet though. Expanded the boss data to
                       include level and rare steals, put in some more Blue Magic
                       locations, fixed a couple of typos and grammatical errors,
                       filled in my Credits and Thanks sections with everyones
                       names and contributions and added more job information
                       in the relevant section.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    21) Credits and thanks
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
    I've mentioned my thanks to people in the area where their information has been
    entered, but I've collected all their names and put them into this single
    section as well so they're not missed.
    Thanks to squaresoft for the Original FFV and for porting it to the GBA as FFVA
    Thanks to me for writing this guide. ^_^
    Thanks to Gamefaqs for helping me so much in the past.
    Thanks to all the other faq writes who inspired me to write this guide. :)
    Credit and many thanks to VeghEsther for pointing out my naming mistake on the
    Iron Claw boss and for various boss strategies throughout the guide.
    Lots of thanks to Zelloss for his work on the forums compiling bestiary
    location lists. It really helped me alot while writing this faq in making sure
    everything was included. He also now gets credit for letting me use his lists
    in my FAQ, three cheers for Zelloss.
    Thanks to Lisa Harrison for helping me out with the legal section.
    Thanks to Hiei-YYH for sending in the HP values of the bosses not given in the
    bestairy. Praise be to people who know how to read hexadecimal numbering.
    Thanks to Elke Waanders for letting me know about the hidden passage in Tycoon
    Thanks to Jigglypuff for sharing the quicksave trick with those of us on the
    gamefaqs forum.
    Thanks to S Whyte, Dil, Dan Zanoria, Thodsakan and Joshua Obritsch for their
    Shiva strategies.
    Thanks to Sergio Silva for confirming that Byblos absorbs holy.
    Thanks to Hai Wei Shen for his tips in the third Gilgamesh fight.
    Thanks to Tom Barrister for informing me of a quicker way to get the treasures
    under Crescent.
    Thanks to Steven704 and ebmid2 for pointing out my missing Metamorph
    Thanks to M. Raczka for pointing out some missing data in my end of world 2
    Thanks to AGGRONM for pointing out another easy way to kill the bosses in the
    Great Sea Trench.
    Thanks to Alex Stockwell for pointing out my mistake as to the location of the
    bonus dungeon.
    Thanks to Oboyo Jinsaka for his great Cannoneer Combine list.
    Thanks to Sky Render for letting me use his Chemist Mix list in my FAQ.
    Thanks to James Strom for pointing out my misspelling of one of the Samurai's
    Thanks to everyone who emailed me with thanks and compliments on my FAQ ^_^
    If I've missed anyones name in this list, I apologise deeply. Please e-mail me
    and let me know so I can include you.

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