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    Jobs Strategy Guide by KholdStare88

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    Versions & Updates

    • Version 1.0, November 16, 2006
      • The guide was created.
    • Version 2.0, March 5, 2016
      • Reformated guide to a Formatted FAQ
      • Removed inaccuries and added tips
      • Revised party suggestions
    • Version 2.1, March 25, 2016
      • Added special jobs
      • Expanded Blue Magic
      • Revised party suggestions

    Overview of Jobs and Abilities

    First of all, this is a fair warning to everyone. This guide contains some spoilers about the plot, but to be, it is quite minor. In my opinion, you should not worry about them, and that almost every job/class guide for almost every game contains the some spoilers also. If you came here, then this guide will have what you are looking for. The warning is just for self-conscious people who definately does not want any spoilers whatsoever.

    Next, let's discuss what jobs are. In Final Fantasy V, you can control up to four characters at once, with a few exceptions to be talked about later. A job has four ability slots. Except the Mime job, all of the other jobs have !Attack and !Items as two permanent ability slots. This means that you can have up to two abilities. However, each job will have a default ability, taking up one of the last two ability slots. The last ability slot can be any ability that you have already learned. To summarize, when one character has a certain job, it can also have one ability from another job. And lastly, expect each character to switch jobs many times and learn lots of many abilities from many different jobs. This isn't Final Fantasy I where you can only have that job throughout the entire game.

    There are two types of abilities: I call them "command abilities" and "passive abilities." Command abilities have an exclamation point (!) in front of that ability, such as !Attack. This means that to use this ability, you must do manually activate it. Passive abilities are abilities that affect something about your character automatically, and they do not have (!) in front of the ability name. For example, take the ability Counter. When you are attacked, the ability Counter automatically kicks in and you attack that opponent without wasting a turn. It's a very good ability to have, especially for jobs that do mostly physical damage.

    Also, a passive ability can be an innate ability. Innate abilities can be passed on to Freelancer and Mime jobs. You might not know what that means right now, but in short, when you are a Freelancer or Mime, you inherit all innate abilities that you have learned from all mastered jobs that have them. For example, one of Ninja's innate abilities is Dual-Wield. As a Mime, you cannot wield two weapons by default. However, if you learned Dual-Wield as a Ninja, then as a Mime you inherit Dual-Wield. Thus, innate abilities are very powerful and should be learned! The annoying thing is that you have to master that job to learn its innate abilities. Note that not all passive abilities are innate, but this guide will help you know so don't worry!

    The four characters that you start out with, Bartz, Lenna, Galuf, and Faris, will be Freelancers. Freelancer is a job that does not have any abilities or innate abilities, exept of course, !Attack and !Items. Since you should be able to change into any other jobs yet, you should not have any inherited abilities from other jobs. I will post their naked stats (stats unchanged by inherited innate abilities or weapon/equipment) so you can choose which character should deal physical damage and which characters should cast spells. Note that Strength determines how much damage is dealt by the character, Agility determines how fast the "wait bar" fills, Vitality determines how much HP the character has, and Magic determines how much MP the character has and the effectiveness/power of his/her spells.

    Name           Strength    Agility     Vitality     Magic
    Bartz          28          25          27          25
    Lenna          25          26          25          28
    Galuf/Krile    27/25       24/28       28/24       24/27
    Faris          27          27          26          26

    Wait, who's Krile you say? Well, about halfway through the game, Krile will replace Galuf and Krile will gain all of Galuf's abilities and job experience. Keep this in mind so try to level up jobs that will benefit Krile in the future too. If you noticed, Bartz have high Strength and low Magic, meaning he is suitable to be a warrior of some kind. Lenna's high Magic automatically qualifies her to be a pure caster. Faris is has average stats overall, so she can be half warrior and half caster. However, Galuf and Krile's stats are extremely different. Since you obviously cannot just make Galuf a caster and wait for half of the game, only master one warrior job for Galuf then start working on some casting jobs. You could also level up warrior on Galuf while caster on Faris, then switch around level up caster on Galuf anticipating Krile and level up warrior on Faris.

    Note that these numbers for statistics can be changed. Each job has stat modifications to each of the character's stats. For example, Summoner will have -10 Strength, -1 Agility, -1 Vitality, and +33 Magic. If Lenna were to become a Summoner, then her stats would be 15 Strength, 25 Agility, 24 Vitality, and 61 Magic. By the way, the highest positive stat modification for each stat will be passed on to Mime and Freelancer jobs also, but only if you master that job. Mastering a job means you learn every abilities of that job. If you learn all of Summoner's abilities, then when you switch to Freelancer, your stats will not suffer any negative modifications while you mantain the +33 Magic! If you master two jobs that has +Magic, the job with the higher +Magic will be inherited. If you master White Mage (+25 Magic) and Summoner, then you will get the +33 Magic from Summoner. This does not mean that you should not master White Mage on Lenna! Remember that the Freelancer job doesn't have a default ability, so you have two empty ability slots. This means that you can use both White magic (to the highest level) and Summoning magic (to the highest level) if you master both jobs and switch to a Freelancer. Also, think about it. You will be using the +33 Magic from mastering Summoner, so your White magic becomes stronger!

    There are two types of leveling in this game. One is total level of the character, which determines how much HP and MP that character has. What job you have also affects HP and MP, but in ratios. When you defeat monsters, you receive two types of experience, EXP and ABP. EXP stands for experience, and it contributes to your total level. ABP is Ability points, and it contributes to your job level. Most monsters give both EXP and ABP, but some monsters give only ABP. If you don't want the game to get too easy, then find monsters that give low EXP and high ABP. Trust me, there are monsters who give that.

    Now, let's go on to the different jobs. I classify all of the jobs into four different categories: Warrior jobs, Casting jobs, Utility jobs, and Special jobs.

    • Warrior jobs: Knight, Dragoon, Samurai, Berserker, and Mystic Knight
    • Casting jobs: White Mage, Black Mage, Time Mage, Summoner, Blue Mage, Red Mage
    • Utility jobs: Monk, Thief, Ninja, Ranger, Beastmaster, Chemist, Geomancer, Bard, Dancer
    • Other jobs: Mime, Freelancer

    Warriors can "tank," or wear the best defensive armor in the game. They can also deal good physical damage. Casters cast spells to heal, damage, or buff. Buffing means casting Haste, Shell, etc... that protects your team. Utility jobs are jobs that you do not want to have permanently, but one or two or their abilities are very good and you might just want to learn them then switch back to Warrior/Casting jobs. Mime and Freelancer are insteresting jobs. As explained above, Freelancers have two ability slots and can inherit innate abilities and highest positive stat. They can also use any equipment and weapon, making them a good "final switch" at the end of the game for Bartz and Faris. Mimes can also inherit innate abilities and highest positive stat, but they don't have the default !Attack and !Items but rather !Mime. This means that they have not two but three empty ability slots. However, they have limitations to equipment and weapon. The three empty ability slots fit perfectly for Casters like Lenna and Krile since they can be three jobs in one and will not be affected by the weapons restriction.

    Plan out what jobs each character will have beforehand. You will not acquire all of the jobs are the same time, but rather, you will get a few at a time. Here are the order that you will get them:

    1. Freelancer
    2. Knight, Monk, Thief, White Mage, Black Mage, Blue Mage
    3. Berserker, Mystic Knight, Time Mage, Summoner, Red Mage
    4. Ninja, Beastmaster, Geomancer
    5. Ranger, Bard
    6. Dragoon, Samurai, Chemist, Dancer
    7. Mime

    Note: An asterisk (*) after an ability means that it's one of the more useful ones. When in a boss fight, think about integrating this ability somehow, for it will help to use as many of them as possible.

    Warrior Jobs

    These jobs are the easiest to play since you can just select !Attack and deal damage. They can take in lots of damage and deal lots of damage.


    • Default Ability: !Guard
    • Innate Abilities: Cover
    • Can use: Daggers, Light Swords, Heavy Swords, Shields
    • Affects:
      • Strength: +23
      • Agility: +1
      • Vitality: +20
      • Magic: -14
    • Total ABP to master: 690
    • Usefulness: 7

    Knights are very good early on in the game because they can use the best weapons available. Also, they have Two-Handed, an ability that sacrifices the defense and evasion for double damage. Later on in the game when Dual-Wield and !Rapid Fire is available, Two-Handed becomes weaker. Still, throughout World 2, Two-Handed will be among the best physical damage you can get, only outclassed by Dual Wield Twin Lance. !Guard is also worth a mention, because it is really good when combined with Counter for some bosses. The main problem is that you want to stop at Two-Handed because nothing else is really worth it. Knight will probably not be a class you master and take with you for endgame.

    • Level 1: Cover, ABP needed: 10
      • "Take hits for allies who cannot protect themselves."
      • This is a good passive ability if you keep your knight at high health. The knight will jump in front of another character who is near fainting (kneeling over) and take the damage instead. Cover is automatically activated, and it is also an innate ability.
    • Level 2: !Guard*, ABP needed: 30
      • "Completely absorb a direct physical attack."
      • Guard is very powerful. You need to use !Guard (meaning you cannot attack with that Knight) and the Knight will jump in front of all kneeling characters, taking 0 damage. The catch is, of course, the Knight cannot attack, and that the character he/she's guarding has to be kneeling over. This is not so great earlier on since the Knight is probably the character that does the highest damage, but it can be of great use later on. I think that the Golem summon is better, although !Guard lasts infinitely.
    • Level 3: Two-Handed*, ABP needed: 50
      • "Use both hands when wielding swords, katanas, or axes to inflict twice the damage."
      • This ability is very useful earlier on. You cannot hold a shield while using Two-Handed, but you deal double the damage. As explain above, this ability is really good for the first half of the game, but is inferior to Dual-Wield + !Rapid Fire or just !Rapid Fire alone. Two knights using Two-Handed earlier on will cause major damage.
    • Level 4: Equip Shields, ABP needed: 100
      • "Gain the ability to equip shields."
      • People hate this ability for some reason, but for me, it's alright. Of course, it's not the best and I don't use it often, but it has its uses. The main use is to give it to a mage if you're fighting random battles to level up and you don't want that mage to lose HP as quickly.
    • Level 5: Equip Armor, ABP needed: 150
      • "Gain the ability to wear armor."
      • This is also almost useless based on most people. It can be used for the same purpose as the ability mentioned above. Based on what would give you more defense, choose between Equip Shields or Equip Armor.
    • Level 6: Equip Swords*, ABP needed: 350, (+23 Strength)
      • "Gain the ability to wield swords."


    • Default Ability: !Jump
    • Innate Abilities: None
    • Can use: Daggers, Spears, Shields
    • Affects:
      • Strength: +18
      • Agility: +5
      • Vitality: +15
      • Magic: -12
    • Total ABP to master: 600 (SNES/GBA), 560 (iOS/PC)
    • Usefulness: 2 (SNES/GBA), 5 (iOS/PC)

    SNES/GBA: Well, this job is...not very useful! While writing this guide, I noticed that none of my characters have mastered the Dragoon job so I cannot get the in-game description for some of its abilities. There's nothing great about this job because !Jump is double damage but takes longer to execute. More importantly, while in the air, other characters (probably mages) will get targeted.

    iOS/PC: Dragoon's !Jump is much, much better...only because Twin Lance will now hit twice with !Jump, and you can get Twin Lance very early in World 2. This makes Ninja with !Jump and 2 Twin Lances extremely powerful in World 2. However, like Knight, its power does not carry on to World 3 because enemies' defenses will rise. Still, with !Jump only being 10 ABP to learn, there's no reason not to get it for your Ninja in World 2. Note that the Dragoon class itself cannot wield Twin Lance.

    • Level 1: !Jump, ABP needed: 50 (SNES/GBA), 10 (iOS/PC)
      • "Jump to deliver a powerful attack from above. Power is doubled when a spear is equiped."
      • You are a warrior. You're supposed to tank. Why Jump and let your casters take damage? This is really a useless ability unless there is a fight where you *only* need physical attacks. Trust me, there isn't many.
    • Level 2: !Lance, ABP needed: 150
      • "Strike with dragoon powers to drain HP and MP.
      • It's a decent attack if you don't want to waste MP. I haven't found uses to this yet (it's not very hard to give someone !White or use Ethers) but some conservative people might.
    • Level 3: Equip Lances*, ABP needed: 400, (+18 Strength)
      • "Gain the ability to wield spears."


    • Default Ability: !Zeninage
    • Innate Abilties: Shirahadori
    • Can use: Daggers, Katanas, Shields
    • Affects:
      • Strength: +19
      • Agility: +2
      • Vitality: +19
      • Magic: -12
    • Total ABP to master: 820
    • Usefulness: 6

    Shirahadori kicks some seriously butt as an innate ability, since it you have a better chance at dodging physical attacks without wasting an ability slot. Also, !Zeninage does a huge amount of damage (but should be used sparingly, such as only on bosses) and !Iainuki works very well to a certain extent. While Shirahadori is a great innate skill to have, it is not really worth the 820 ABP just to get it. A Summoner using Golem would already be enough against physical attacks. Therefore, I think of Samurai as only a nice class to have if you want to grind. !Zeninage is still very useful in certain situations.

    • Level 1: !Mineuchi, ABP needed: 10
      • "Stun enemies by smacking them with a blade's dull side."
      • The "stun enemies" part is very slim, and it does regular damage. While a small percentage of stunning can sometimes help, if you are a Mime, then you should use !Rapid Fire anyway. In some weird case if you don't have !Rapid Fire, then use !Mineuchi.
    • Level 2: !Zeninage*, ABP needed: 30
      • "Damage all enemies by tossing gil."
      • I'm not sure how tossing money would do damage, but this ability does a lot of damage, and I mean a lot. In random encounters, one usage of !Zeninage can probably one hit KO all of the monsters. However, unless you have lots of extra money, you shouldn't use this unless on bosses. Later on in the game when you have lots of money that you don't know what to do with, then this ability might be less costly than buying Shurikens and use !Throw.
    • Level 3: Shirahadori*, ABP needed: 60
      • "Catch and stop enemy attacks."
      • Like explained above, having this ability makes the character dodge more physical attacks. It is a great innate ability, and the main reason why I wanted every character to master this job. Don't use it at all, since it is not worth it unless a Mime or Freelancer automatically inherits it. In my opinion, it is one of the best abilities in the game.
    • Level 4: Equip Katanas*, ABP needed: 180, (+19 Strength)
      • "Gain the ability to wield Katanas."
      • Just like Equip Swords, this is a good ability to use on a Mime to Increase the damage output. It doesn't give as much Strength as Equip Swords, but Katanas do more critical hits, so in the end it balances out and is on par with Equip Swords.
    • Level 5: !Iainuki, ABP needed: 540
      • "Unleash an attack that hits all enemies in an instant."
      • The in-game description of this attack is not very clear. !Iainuki tries to hit all enemies, but usually, it hits about 75% of the enemies. But the good thing about this ability is that it's a one hit KO if an enemi is hit. You need to charge up though, and most monsters at the end of the game is immune to it. Still, it has its uses, as in the Phoenix Tower.

    Mystic Knight

    • Default Ability: !Spellblade
    • Innate Abilities: Magic Shell
    • Can use: Daggers, Light Swords, Shields
    • Affects:
      • Strength: +14
      • Agility: +14
      • Vitality: +14
      • Magic: +1
    • Total ABP to master: 680
    • Usefulness: 7

    Lots people like this job, saying how it replaces Black magic, but I don't think so at all. First of all, you need to actually cast a !Spellblade spell to activate the magic, which means a round of doing nothing. During that time, a Black mage could critically injure or possibly one hit KO the enemies. Second, you can't target your sword to multiple targets like Black spells. However, I never said that this job is not good. This job is only good for boss fights since they last longer and your sword spells can actually work before the enemy faints. For the last boss, !Spellblade will definately wreck it, if used right. The most useful !Spellblade spell in my opinion is Drain, since you heal how much damage you did with your weapon, which should be a lot. The runner up is Break, because it always applies the effect if the physical strike hits, if the target is not immune to it. Note: !Spellblade + !Rapid Fire = excellent damage!

    The main problem with this job is its secondary !Spellblade. First, you need to reach level 4 to have level 3 Black Mage equivalent spells. That means you're always lagging behind your Black Mage in terms of what you can use for !Spellblade. And second, you can only use !Spellblade on Daggers and Swords, not Katana! It's best used as a primary with Two-Handed or as a secondary with Ninja (Dual Wield). If you're using it with Ninja, then the Ninja has to equip knives, not Moonring Blade, Twin Lance, or Kunai, etc... !Spellblade is amazing, but it is restrictive, and mainly used for boss fights and endgame battles.

    • Level 1: Magic Shell, ABP needed: 10
      • "Automatically casts Shell when near KO."
      • This is completely useless for a couple of reasons. First of all, the Mystic Knight casts Shell when he/she is kneeling over. What's the point of reducing magic damage, when you will faint anyway? Second, you will have the Guardian ability from a Blue Mage anyway, which casts Protect, Shell, and Float on your whole party at once. Isn't that much better?
    • Level 2: !Spellblade, ABP needed: 20, (+4 Strength, -9 Magic)
      • "Enchant weapons with different magics."
      • (Spells: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder)
      • Not much to comment about here. It's good against the early bosses and espers (Summoning monsters) since they're usually weak against an element.
    • Level 3: !Spellblade, ABP needed: 30, (+6 Strength, -7 Magic)
      • (Spells: Poison, Silence, Sleep)
      • This is actually not bad, especially Silence, but generally, it's not really used.
    • Level 4: !Spellblade, ABP needed: 50, (+8 Strength, -5 Magic)
      • (Spells: Fira, Blizzara, Thundara)
      • This is the same as the first !Spellblade. It's useful for bosses with a weakness.
    • Level 5: !Spellblade, ABP needed: 70, (+10 Strength, -3 Magic)
      • (Spells: Drain*, Break*, Bio*)
      • This is where this job gets good. Did you know that casting Drain on a sword then use !Rapid Fire allows you to probably heal all of your HP? Did you know that casting Break on a sword then use !Rapid Fire means using Break four times in a row? Also, Bio does more damage than Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara, and your enemies' HP decreases steadily after using Bio. !Rapid Fire lets you inflict possibly more than one enemy with Bio.
    • Level 6: !Spellblade, ABP needed: 100, (+12 Strength, -1 Magic)
      • (Spells: Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga)
      • There's nothing special here, except more damage from elemental spells. Actually, it's extremely powerful since it's also used with sword damage.
    • Level 7: !Spellblade, ABP needed: 400, (+14 Strength, +1 Magic)
      • (Spells: Holy*, Flare*, Osmose)
      • The reason I said "there's nothing special here" for the previous level is because I use Holy or Flare instead. These do good damage and is very useful for the last boss. You won't use Osmose unless your warrior is also a White Mage (which people do arrange that).


    • Default Ability: None
    • Innate Abilities: None
    • Can use: Daggers, Axes, Hammers, Shields
    • Affects:
      • Strength: +21
      • Agility: -9
      • Vitality: +25
      • Magic: -23
    • Total ABP to master: 500
    • Usefulness: 3 (as a class), 10 (for mastery)

    This job is much like the Dragoon job. It's almost useless. It doesn't have a default ability because you cannot control it. However, because you are "berserking," your damage is randomnly boosted by 25% to 50%. However, there is a very unique use for this job. It only takes 500 ABP to master it, and it gives +21 Strength/+25 Vitality, which is second to Monk for best stat gains for those categories. This means that for 500 ABP, you can pass on those stats to Freelancer and Mime. And you don't even need to really use a Berserker for it! Later on, you will encounter 5 Magic Pots, each giving you 100 ABP. Just switch everyone to Berserker and your entire party will master the class after those encounters. Now your casters will have +25 Vitality passed on when they are a Mime. Very useful. If you decide to master Monk instead, know that you will need 200 more ABP than mastering Berserker.

    • Level 1: Berserk, ABP needed: 100
      • "Continuously attack until all enemies have been defeated."
      • If you want more damage, just use !Rapid Fire.
    • Level 2: Equip Axes*, ABP needed: 400, (+21 Strength)
      • "Gain the ability to wield axes."


    • Default Ability: !Kick
    • Innate Abilities: Barehanded, Counter
    • Can use: None
    • Affects:
      • Strength: +26
      • Agility: +1
      • Vitality: +26
      • Magic: -23
    • Total ABP to master: 700
    • Usefulness: 10

    Monk is what I think one of the most useful class of all time. They have some of the best innate abilities, Barehanded and Counter. They cannot wear shields or weapons, and can only wear light armor. They do have high HP, but I don't prefer to keep one in the front line. The reason is because their light armor really hurt them. They do very high damage, but later on in the game their damage, which still increases, becomes less popular due to abilities such as !Rapid Fire. While being useful earlier on with !Kick, !Chakra, and high damage output, their innate abilities are what really matters in the endgame. Also, since Monks have the highest Strength bonus, master this to carry their +26 Strength over to Freelancer or Mime.

    iOS/PC: In this version, !Kick is much better, ignoring rows for both user and enemy. Therefore, just keep Monk in the back line and spam !Kick for no cost multi-target damage while being quite safe.

    • Level 1: !Focus, ABP needed: 15
      • "Focus energies for a hit with twice the attack power."
      • You see this skill sucks. Hitting once per round doing regular damage is exactly the same as missing one round and hitting the other with double the damage. The only way I see this being useful is in a situation where for some reason the first hit would be detrimental in some way.
    • Level 2: Barehanded*, ABP needed: 30, (+26 Strength)
      • "Gain the same attack power as monks when unarmed."
      • Now look exactly at what the ingame description says. You can hit like a monk AND gain 26 Strength? This is one of the best abilities in the game in my opinion and it's up there next to !Rapid Fire. For leveling usage, slap this on one of your mages and it does more damage than !Gaia. (We'll get to this later, but !Gaia is basically a way for casting classes to level up without the cost of MP.) Of course once you get !Rapid Fire you don't need Barehanded, but it's still useful for casting jobs wanting to level.
    • Level 3: !Chakra, ABP needed: 45
      • "Healing energies recover HP and cleanse the body of poison and darkness."
      • Remember what I said about this skill being useful earlier on? It doesn't use MP, heals you without the help of a White Mage, and recovers from the Poison and Darkness status ailments. What's not to love? Well when your White Mage or Red Mage learns Cura then !Chakra isn't really useful anymore.
    • Level 4: Counter*, ABP needed: 60
      • "Automatically counter when hit."
      • This is one reason why you would want to stay as a Monk, but in my opinion you can get by with slapping this ability on another warrior class. If you haven't figured out yet, when you are hit with an attack you automatically counter with your own attack out of turn but you won't miss your next turn. It's quite useful, although for some bosses you might want to equip your warriors with Barehanded or a casting ability instead.
    • Level 5: HP +10%, ABP needed: 100
      • "Increase maximum HP by 10%."
      • It's nothing much but you'll have to get through this if you want to pass on Barehanded and Counter as innate abilities.
    • Level 6: HP +20%, ABP needed: 150
      • "Increase maximum HP by 20%."
      • This ability is great only if you compare it to the last ability.
    • Level 7: HP +30%, ABP needed: 300
      • "Increase maximum HP by 30%."
      • Seriously they're seriously short of ideas for monk or something. Why use this when you can slap on Barehanded or something? MP +10% is way better than HP +30%, and MP +10% sucks. That's how much this ability sucks.

    Casting Jobs

    These jobs uses magic and MP to deal damage, heal your party, and cause other status changes to both sides. Of course, spells are essential for surviving the game, since they don't miss, can target many enemies (and allies), and do more damage than weapons. However, casters have no HP and can wear light armor, which means they will faint faster. This is why they must be in the back row to reduce damage dealt to them. Lenna and Krile must master at least 3 casting jobs, and Mimes are most suited for them with three open ability slots. Like !Rapid Fire is for warriors, !Dualcast is for casters. !Dualcast allows you to cast two spells per round. No matter what, always have a White Mage nearby for healing, and a Summoner and Time Mage is also recommended, even over a Black Mage. Other than that, a Blue Mage is also highly recommended.

    Note: If you don't know yet, there are three stages for some spells. The first stage (least powerful) has no suffix, the second stage has the -a suffix, and the third stage (most powerful) has the -aga suffix. Some examples are Cure (Cure, Cura, Curaga) and Fire (Fire, Fira, Firaga). Curaga heals the most HP and Firaga is the most damaging fire Black magic.

    More Notes: Magic is not free. You can't just level a White Mage to level six and learn Holy. White, Black, and Time magic you can get at shops but some you can get in chests and such. Summon and Blue magic are quite different, You have to find and defeat the monster you want to summon to be able to summon them, and you have to "learn" Blue magic by having the spell casted on you. The level are there in case you wants to equip it. Let's say you equip !White to a Knight. If you want to use Cure then that Knight has to be a level 3 White Mage also. That's why there are levels. A White Mage can use Holy (assuming that you have the spell) without being a level 6 White Mage.

    White Mage

    • Default Ability: !White (all spells)
    • Innate Abilities: None
    • Can use: Staves
    • Affects:
      • Strength: -7
      • Agility: +1
      • Vitality: +0
      • Magic: +25
    • Total ABP to master: 580
    • Usefulness: 10

    White Mages are essential to a team. They're healers who keep your warriors healthy so they can still deal damage. Cure spells will damage zombies. Keep this in mind. One interesting thing is that White Mage has one of the best single-target spells in the game, Holy. Its single-target damage is almost as good as Flare but for about half the cost. Keep this in mind when you get Holy, because it's a great cost-effective boss killer. Blue Mage is better at giving your party Protect and Shell through Mighty Guard, but Esuna is very needed to cure statuses. Berserk and Silence are also very good against enemies that cast often and are vulnerable to those spells.

    • Level 1: !White*, ABP needed: 10, (+15 Magic)
      • "Perform white magic."
      • Cure*: "Restores HP." - 4 MP (15 ATK)
      • Libra: "Determines target's HP, MP, and weakness." - 1 MP
      • Poisona*: "Cures Poison." - 2 MP
      • Cure really sucks earlier on because of low MP. You can use cure about four or five times before your White Mage runs out of MP. That's why most people use the inn. Poisona, on the other hand, is a different story. It helps you with not having to buy 50 antidotes or run back to an inn.
    • Level 2: !White*, ABP needed: 20, (+17 Magic)
      • Silence: "Causes silence." - 2 MP
      • Protect*: "Reduces physical damage received." - 3 MP
      • Mini: "Inflicts mini on target or restores state." - 5 MP
      • Yes, you get an offensive spell, Mini. However, that's nothing to get too excited about. Silence actually works on some bosses, and cast Protect on your casters in boss fights to prevent them from losing HP quickly. Mini is, er, special. It doesn't work in boss battles and costs way too much MP in random battles. Just cast Berserk since it's a safer bet.
    • Level 3: !White*, ABP needed: 30, (+19 Magic)
      • Cura*: "Restores HP." - 9 MP (45 ATK)
      • Raise*: "Revives target." - 29 MP (6.25%)
      • Confuse: "Causes confusion." - 4 MP
      • Cura is a good upgrade from Cure, and Raise works out of battle. The reason it doesn't work in battle is that Raise revives a character but revives them with low HP and they could faint again easily. Confuse is good if you're fighting five enemies at once and try to get one to turn against the other four or itself.
    • Level 4: !White*, ABP needed: 50, (+21 Magic)
      • Blink*: "Creates illusion of one's self to confuse the enemy." - 6 MP
      • Shell*: "Reduces magic damage received." - 5 MP
      • Esuna*: "Cures all status effects except KO and zombie." - 10 MP
      • Esuna is a must since it replaces Antidotes, Eye Drops, Gold Needles, Maiden's Kisses, and Mallets, so you don't have to carry around 50 of each item. Shell is useful since bosses tend to do more magical damage than physical damage. Blink is...useful but generally not against early bosses.
    • Level 5: !White*, ABP needed: 70, (+23 Magic)
      • Curaga*: "Restores HP." - 27 MP (180 ATK)
      • Reflect: "Reflects magic cast at target." - 15 MP
      • Berserk*: "Causes berserk status." - 8 MP
      • Curaga looks expensive to use, but it restores almost all HP to one character or about 1000 HP to all four characters. Reflect is good against bosses who cast very damaging spells since you can reflect their spells back at them. Another solution to them is Berserk. Berserk makes them Berserkers, meaning they only attack and not cast spells. Surprisingly, many bosses are not immune to Berserk, and it can be used with !Guard or the Golem summon for great effect.
    • Level 6: !White, ABP needed: 100, (+25 Magic)
      • Arise*: "Revives and restores full HP to a single target." - 50 MP (100%)
      • Holy*: "Causes Holy damage." - 20 MP (241 ATK)
      • Dispel*: "Dispels magic effects." - 12 MP
      • Arise is expensive to use indeed, but it is needed against the later bosses. Holy does a lot of damage while being cheap to use. It does almost as much damage as Flare while only using 20 MP. I've never really used Dispel much, but people tells me that many bosses are not immune to this spell.
    • Level 7: MP+10%, ABP needed: 300
      • "Increase maximum MP by 10%"
      • This ability is not worth it at all. You can use Elixers, level up, or well, I've never not had enough MP to defeat a boss.

    Black Mage

    • Default Ability: !Black (all spells)
    • Innate Abilities: None
    • Can use: Knives, Rods
    • Affects:
      • Strength: -9
      • Agility: +0
      • Vitality: -2
      • Magic: +31
    • Total ABP to master: 680
    • Usefulness: 7

    Yeah, Black Mages are not very useful in this game. I did say before that Mystic Knights don't replace Black Mages. However, the Summoner and Time Mage jobs do. The only thing I don't like about Black Mages is the fact that Flare cannot do multi-target damage. This means that unlike Firaga (or any other Black Mage spells), there is not an option to let it hit all enemies on screen. Bio, Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga still does devastating damage though; it's just that the most damaging Black magic is disappointing. With Magus Rod, Black Mage can become very powerful at end of the game. When you multi-target Black Magic, your base attack power is halved. However, Black Magic is very useful in single-target bosses, where it shines over Summons.

    • Level 1: !Black*, ABP needed: 10, (+16 Magic)
      • "Perform black magic."
      • Fire*: "Deals fire damage." 4 MP (15 ATK)
      • Blizzard*: "Deals ice damage." 4 MP (15 ATK)
      • Thunder*: "Deals lightning damage." 4 MP (15 ATK)
      • These are basic elemental spells that can help early on in the game. However, a Summoner's Ifrit, Shiva, and Ramuh summons are way better candidates for elemental damage.
    • Level 2: !Black, ABP needed: 20, (+19 Magic)
      • Poison: "Causes poison." 2 MP
      • Sleep*: "Causes sleep." 3 MP
      • Toad: "Inflicts toad on target or restores state." 8 MP
      • I never used these spells much mainly becuase do not hit bosses. Sleep has the potential to be useful if you're not at a high enough level to defeat mobs on random encounters. Toad isn't worth 8 MP, but it's good to have it to reverse the effect if you don't want to switch to a White Mage.
    • Level 3: !Black, ABP needed: 30, (+22 Magic)
      • Fira*: "Deals fire damage." 10 MP (50 ATK)
      • Blizzara*: "Deals ice damage." 10 MP (50 ATK)
      • Thundara*: "Deals lightning damage." 10 MP (50 ATK)
      • Again, more elemental spells. They're not really special since we haven't really reached where Black magic could be useful yet. Still, if you don't have a summon of an element, then these level 3 spells could prove to be useful.
    • Level 4: !Black, ABP needed: 50, (+25 Magic)
      • Drain*: "Absorbs HP." 13 MP (45 ATK)
      • Break: "Causes petrification." 15 MP
      • Bio*: "Releases a virus that deals damage." 16 MP (105 ATK)
      • I believe that this is the best level of Black magic if you're not very far into the game. Bio does major damage plus the victim's HP gradually decreases as a lingering effect. There are more powerful summons and Blue magic, but it is easier to get Bio. Drain doesn't recover enough HP for its MP use, but it could be useful in a tight spot. Break may be the best spell for a Black Mage...but only if you know when to cast it. Kuza Beasts and Blue Dragons are examples of annoying enemies you can Break.
    • Level 5: !Black, ABP needed: 70, (+28 Magic)
      • Firaga*: "Deals fire damage." 25 MP (185 ATK)
      • Blizzaga*: "Deals ice damage." 25 MP (185 ATK)
      • Thundara*: "Deals lightning damage." 25 MP (185 ATK)
      • Here is when Black magic overpowers Ifrit Shiva, and Ramuh. But you know, at this point of the game you are probably near the point of getting the Phoenix, Leviathan, and Bahamut summons.
    • Level 6: !Black, ABP needed: 100, (+31 Magic)
      • Flare*: "Deals damage by combustion." 39 MP (254 ATK Prc)
      • Death: "Causes death." 29 MP
      • Osmose: "Absorbs MP." 1 MP (8 ATK)
      • In truth, Flare is not terribly bad. It does major damage to boss fights that only has one boss, while piercing magic defense. Before I really contradict myself, look at the MP cost. Yes, that's a lot of MP for targetting just one opponent. Holy does almost the same damage as Flare but costs only 20 MP. Death is really not worth it because it fails too much, and Osmose can be good except for the fact that most monsters have 0 MP. If you did decide to level up a Black mage, this is where you would stop and start to try to master any other mage job. There's really no point in the last level.
    • Level 7: MP+30%, ABP needed: 400
      • "Increase maximum MP by 30%."

    Oh yay, what a cute way to spend 400 ABP. Really, this isn't worth it.

    Time Mage

    • Default Ability: !Time (all spells)
    • Innate Abilities: None
    • Can use: Knives, Rods, Staves
    • Affects:
      • Strength: -5
      • Agility: +2
      • Vitality: -3
      • Magic: +24
    • Total ABP to master: 530
    • Usefulness: 7

    Time Mages buffs and debuffs, but they have one of the best damaging spells in the game, Meteor. Because of this, they go well with White Mages while giving them an offensive spell also. Also, Hastega casts Haste on the entire party, which is excellent. Slowga and Stop can really help on some bosses and minibosses. And finally, Float, Teleport, and Regen are good spells to have as convenience spells.

    • Level 1: !Time*, ABP needed: 10, (+14 Magic)
      • "Perform time magic."
      • Speed: "Hastens the pace of the battle." 1 MP
      • Slow*: "Slows the passing of time for one enemy." 3 MP
      • Regen*: "Gradually restores HP." 3 MP
      • There's nothing really special about the first level except for Slow. Slow works on many opponents, including some bosses. However, it only targets one opponent so right now it's good against minibosses and such. Speed is evil. It hastens the pace of the battle, which can be good if you know the game by heart and chances are if you're reading this guide, you don't. Regen is the same concept as Slow. It's not worth it for short fights but is good for long ones.
    • Level 2: !Time*, ABP needed: 20, (+16 Magic)
      • Mute: "Silences all allies and enemies." 3 MP
      • Haste*: "Hastens the passing of time for one ally." 5 MP
      • Float*: "Levitates target." 10 MP
      • This level is great. First of all, Mute never misses but your party also gets silenced so there's really no point of casting it. Haste reduces your characters' wait time letting them act quicker, so it's a very important spell. Float is almost required for the game, since there are lava and mobs that quakes like crazy. Float makes your party immune to such spells.
    • Level 3: !Time*, ABP needed: 30, (+18 Magic)
      • Gravity: "Halves taret's HP." 9 MP (50%)
      • Stop: "Causes time to stop, halting target's actions." 8 MP
      • Teleport*: "Warps party out of dungeon or out of battle." 15 MP
      • Teleport is very nice. Instead of walking all the way back up a dungeon, just cast Teleport. Gravity and Stop is...special. when it works, it's great, but it really doesn't work. In other words, it misses too much to be a bother.
    • Level 4: !Time*, ABP needed: 50, (+20 Magic)
      • Comet*: "Calls forth meteors that damage one enemy." 7 MP (400-1600)
      • Slowga*: "Slows the passing of time for all enemies." 9 MP
      • Return*: "Turn back time to the beginning of the battle." 1 MP
      • This is a good level. First of all, you can do damage with Comet now, but it's random. It's not very random though, and plus I'm sure it's better than trying to hit with your staff in the back row. Slowga is really sweet since it casts Slow on all of your opponents. Return is also nice since it lets you retry a battle after messing up badly or resteal something that you failed to steal. However, the fun doesn't even end here.
    • Level 5: !Time*, ABP needed: 70, (+22 Magic)
      • Graviga: "Reduces target's HP to 1/8th of total HP." 18 MP (87.5%)
      • Hastega*: "Hastens the passing of time for all allies." 15 MP
      • Old: Causes old status." 4 MP
      • Graviga suffers the same problem as Gravity--its accuracy isn't very good. Hastega is easily one of the most important spells for a Time Mage. Cast this at the beginning of a battle then Slowga to produce devastating effects. I'm not really sure what Old does, but judging from what it's done to me and its low MP cost, it doesn't do a lot.
    • Level 6: !Time, ABP needed: 100, (+24 Magic)
      • Meteor*: "Calls forth meteors that damage all enemies." 42 MP (2800-9999)
      • Quick*: "Stops the passing of time for all but the caster." 77 MP
      • Banish: "Erases one enemy from the battlefield." 20 MP
      • Banish isn't worth casting on easy opponents, and most hard opponents, especially bosses, are immune to it anyway. Quick is the most overpowered spell in the game. It may not mean much, but when combined with !Dualcast, you can serious cause some good damage. Meteor is just one of the best spells in the game. The Bahamut summon does more damage, but it costs 66 MP. The fact that I compared Meteor with the Bahamut summon should give you an idea of how powerful this spell is.
    • Level 7: Equip Rods, ABP needed: 250
      • "Gain the ability to wield rods."


    • Default Ability: !Summon (all spells)
    • Innate Abilities: None
    • Can use: Knives, Rods
    • Affects:
      • Strength: -10
      • Agility: -1
      • Vitality: -1
      • Magic: +33
    • Total ABP to master: 750
    • Usefulness: 10

    Summoner is the best casting job period. Well actually no, you need a White Mage no matter what, but you get the idea. Everything is available to them, both offensive and defensive, and their summons mostly hit all of your opponents, not just one. The only bad thing about this job is that you need to do some work to be able to summon various creatures. In other words, to get the Shiva summon, you have to do some side quest to obtain Shiva before you can summon Shiva, which can be a pain. You get basically better forms of damaging summon as you gradually advance in the game, so don't worry about that. Summoner spells are always multi-target, which means you do halve base power. For example, Thundara is 50 ATK and Ramuh is 53 ATK. When casting single-target, both does about the same damage. But when casting multi-target, Thundara only has 25 ATK. Summoner is much better for multi-target attacks, while Black Mage is better for single-target attacks. The final boss is multi-target, which is why I like Summoner more.

    • Level 1: !Summon, ABP needed: 15, (+17 Magic)
      • "Summon magical beasts for aid."
      • Chocobo*: "Summons Chocobo." 4 MP (30/75 ATK)
      • Sylph*: "Summons Sylph." 8 MP (30 ATK)
      • Remora: "Summons Remora." 2 MP
      • Yeah I know the ingame descriptions for summons aren't very descriptive at all, but that's what this guide is for, right? Well Chocobo is amazing highly damaging for earlier on in the game, but it only "kicks" one enemy. Sylph also damages one enemy, and the damage dealth to the enemy is divided in how many party members you have now and then heals you back with it. So basically you do 400 damage and if you have four party members, then each member gets 100 HP back. That's pretty cool. Remora is useless; it pretty much immobilizes the enemy but if when hit by an attack they regain movement.
    • Level 2: !Summon, ABP needed: 30, (+21 Magic)
      • Shiva*: "Summons Shiva." 10 MP (38 ATK)
      • Ramuh*: "Summons Ramuh." 12 MP (53 ATK)
      • Ifrit*: "Summons Ifrit." 11 MP (45 ATK)
      • There are the three elemental summons and they all hit all enemies. Shiva does ice damage, Ramuh does lightning damage, and Ifrit does fire damage. I'm not sure if a summon this level has higher base damage than other summons, or if the different MP costs are just for show. Either way, do not miss these summons. They're not Remora. The summons are almost equivalent in power to Black Mage's -ara spells, but their base damage is not halved when you multi-target, essentially being double in power to their -ara counterpart for multi-target damage.
    • Level 3: !Summon, ABP needed: 45, (+25 Magic)
      • Titan*: "Summons Titan." 25 MP (110 ATK)
      • Golem*: "Summons Golem." 18 MP
      • Catoblepas: "Summons Catoblepas." 33 MP
      • This is probably the best utility level for summon magic. Titan, while costing a lot of MP, does a lot of earth damage. That can be good or bad. The bad thing is you won't hurt flying enemies. The good thing is that's Titan's only weakness. The thing about Shiva is that if you have an ice enemy instead of damaging them it will heal them. With Titan, if they're not flying, you can be sure that they take damage. Golem I've said before. It absorbs a whole lot of physical damage. Catoblepas is just weird. It turns one enemy into stone, and I haven't really found a use for this yet. And why does it cost 33 MP to summon?
    • Level 4: !Summon, ABP needed: 60, (+29 Magic)
      • Carbuncle: "Summons Carbuncle." 45 MP
      • Syldra*: "Summons Syldra." 32 MP (165 ATK)
      • Odin: "Summons Odin." 48 MP (255 ATK)
      • Well this level has one good thing, and it's Syldra. Carbuncle casts Reflect on the whole party, but it sucks. True that you won't get hit by magic, but you can't heal yourself either. Try to avoid using this unless you know that your opponent casts purely spells. Syldra does air damage and it's a great summon, especially with Air Knife. I've never been fond of Odin. The concept is you have a 50% chance of destroying all enemies on the battlefield. It's good, when it works. I like knowing that I will deal some damage 100% of the time rather than deal lots of damage 50% of the time, and also it costs a whopping 48 MP.
    • Level 5: !Summon*, ABP needed: 100, (+33 Magic)
      • Phoenix*: "Summons Phoenix." 99 MP (105 ATK, 100%)
      • Leviathan*: "Summons Leviathan." 39 MP (195 ATK)
      • Bahamut: "Summons Bahamut." 66 MP (250 ATK)
      • Ah, here comes the true power of the Summoner job. Phoenix is quite costly so it can only be used in some situations. It deals devastating fire damage to all opponent AND revives one of your party members at full health. Don't use it often if you don't have a fallen party member, unless you want some quick powerful fire damage to finish off a fight. Leviathan is a very powerful summon that deals water damage to all enemies, and it's the strongest elemental damage out there. Bahamut is very powerful, dealing non-elemental damage to all enemies, but is also quite costly. Usually I just stick with Meteor (Time magic) or Leviathan. Remember that while Bahamut is useful, Syldra with Air Knife does about the same damage with much less MP.
    • Level 6: !Call, ABP needed: 500
      • "Perform a random summon for 0 MP. Who knows who--or what--will come..."
      • So it's exactly like the ingame description said. Call uses no MP but gives you a random summon. This is pretty good to use while leveling, but really nothing else unless you've ran out of MP with no Elixers and wanted a desperate attempt at calling Bahamut. People love this ability, but I don't. I just use !Rapid Fire (Ranger ability) while holding two weapons to hit eight time with 100% accuracy.