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    Walkthrough by lordyuanshu

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    Walkthroughs with pics
    I really suggest you check out the links below, because there are hundreds of
    pictures from Final Fantasy V that are good references while you are reading
    the guide.
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    a) Updates
    b) Introduction
    c) Walkthrough
    d) Ending
    a) Updates
    October 15 2006 - Guide started
    October 31 2006 - Guide completed for SNES version of FFV
    July 2009 - Re-doing the guide at certain parts, to add in some comments about
    the Final Fantasy V Advance additions. Notably the name changes for weapons,
    items, enemies, and so on. 
    b) Introduction
    Final Fantasy V is the Super Nintendo Final Fantasy that did not make it to the
    USA in the 1990’s. A shame too, because it’s been my favorite Final Fantasy
    having played all 13. Strange, sure, but there was such appeal for me being
    able to play it on emulator in the late 1990’s. The move to playstation was not
    a move I liked (well, a better way to put it is I loved the sprite-based FF’s
    and other RPG’s of the 16-bit generation). So it was a treat to be able to play
    a ‘new’ (to me) classic SNES Final Fantasy. And this just happened to be
    exactly what I was hoping for, and the challenge at the end was a real treat.
    Final Fantasy 5 is light on story, and that’s cool with me. Not to say it’s
    hard to follow or completely non-existent. FFV is more about adaptive your
    characters to different situations, having a balanced / experienced party with
    about 20 classes to chose from. Many boss battles are challenging, doubly so
    considering there is often a ‘trick’ to beating bosses (mostly having to do
    with which class you have). So you’ll probably die more often than you’re
    expected but that’s sort of the feeling out process, enabling you to see what
    your party will need to be comprised of to get over various hurdles.
    Four characters are in your party for the majority of the time (you do come
    across a fifth eventually but only 4 at a time). Butz is the hero, son of Dawn
    Warrior Dorgann. He meets Lenna, princess at Tycoon Castle, and Galuf, a
    strange man who seems to have come to the world on a Meteorite. Faris is a
    pirate who joins – only to find out later she is a female, and sister of Lenna.
    Moreover, we also find out more about this Galuf fellow, and he has an
    extensive history with the main villain of Final Fantasy V, Exdeath. Exdeath
    revives early on with the crystals being destroyed, and the last 2 / 3rd’s of
    the game involve trying to accumulate the power to take out Exdeath.
    The end game really sets Final Fantasy V ahead of it’s time. FF5 has two crazy
    tough bosses, Shinryu and Omega. Extremely tough optional bosses that test your
    ability to craft strategies to take these beasts down.
    One thing I’d like to talk about though is the admirable job the amateur
    translators did for the SNES Final Fantasy V. It wasn’t perfect mind you, but
    it was to the point and without much riff-raff. The GBA translation conversely
    is a horrible job by Square, with the translation being littered with corny
    jokes. *groan*. And not just in this particular game – the translations have
    just been over-the-top and brutal for Square Enix since the turn of the
    century. I'll be the first to say old RPG's weren't translated as clear as they
    could have been (though they always humored me unintentionally). So of course
    now they do a better job of that, but at the same time do too much. ANYWAY onto
    c) Final Fantasy V GBA Walkthrough : World 1
    First Meteor Strikes
    The opening lasts a few minutes and you’ll get to meet Butz and his chocobo
    Boco. Ride to the east when you can and you’ll get to a scene where you get off
    Boco and can continue along the path alone. Do so and you’ll come across some
    goblins carrying Lenna away. They are easy to kill, so do so and talk to Lenna
    and eventually Galuf in the northeast. They go off, so get the Phoenix Down in
    the southeast corner and then leave towards the west.
    You’ll get to a narrow valley and as you head north a chasm will split behind
    you. Boco will hear your friends calling for help so rush northward and you’ll
    fight a few battles and then see Galuf and Lenna. After you save them and
    continue north, Butz will agree to join and come along with them to the Wind
    As you get to the cave you’ll have to abandon Boco. The enemies within the cave
    aren’t too tough but you don’t have jobs / classes yet (gasp!) so you do have
    to be a little careful. On the first floor is a recovery spring in the
    southwest that’ll recover your HP / MP and allow you to build up levels until
    your heart is content. You might want to wait on that until you can get give
    your characters Jobs. Head north into the second room to see a pirate hit a
    switch to get into the following room. First get the Leather Helmet that is
    just west of where you see the pirate, and then follow the pirate’s path. In
    this room, continue north and you’ll see a ship sailing without any wind (Wind
    Crystal was destroyed remember). Continue along and you’ll be at the Pirate’s
    The pirate’s within the base will be sleeping. There isn’t much to do here, so
    continue to the east and you’ll be on the ship. Go to the very north and try to
    set sail – but you’ll be stopped by Faris. Your party will try to explain the
    situation but you’ll be tied up. Over night though, Faris has a change of heart
    and declares that it’s time to go to the Wind Crystal and you are set free. You
    can now navigate the ship (although the pirate will take you to the Wind Shrine
    if you want (but don’t do that)).
    Go to the northwest and you’ll see a town (Tule). Search the entire town and
    you’ll come across plenty of items. A Tent and Potion are in the north, with a
    pair of Leather Shoes to the northeast corner and a Phoenix Down in the
    northwest. The southeast has 150 Gil and that’s it as far as exterior
    treasures. The southwest house is the Beginner’s House, one that you should
    visit if you’re a beginner. They also have 100 Gil, a Phoenix Down, Tent,
    Potion and an Ether (if you walk through the west wall) on the first floor.
    The second floor has some more people who will teach you some Final Fantasy
    things, and there is also a monster treasure chest (a weak Goblin).
    You might want to rest before you leave. You can go to the pub and get danced
    on, and also you can use the piano. This is something you should do because if
    you use all the pianos you come across in all the towns throughout the game,
    you’ll get a special surprise for Bard’s. Anyway, the second floor of the pub
    has Faris who is sleeping. Butz and Galuf will go in and see her and be in
    love, revealing that Faris is a girl. Buy some weapons and armor if you want,
    the spells would be kind of pointless to buy right now.
    Wind Shrine
    Anyway, leave with a few Broad Swords and sail northeast to find the Wind
    Shrine. Enter and talk to all your friend’s to the left. You’ll find your
    father went to the top of the shrine – before going after him, use the healing
    water and talk to the guy in the south for 5 Potions. Head up to the next
    floor now.
    Go west for a Tent and then south through the middle part of the floor for a
    save point. Save and take the east path for a Leather Helmet and then take the
    west path. As you circle around the room you’ll see a griffin of some sorts.
    First enter the two rooms, although the nearest one has nothing the far room
    has a Broad Sword. Go up to this bird to fight it now. Turns out it’s a
    Wingraptor. It’s not too difficult of a fight if you’re semi-built up and
    bought some armor and weapons. Broad Swords help, as do Potions when
    necessary. When it cowers that means it’s going to use it’s wing attack but
    that only takes off 18 or so. You get a Phoenix Down for your troubles.
    Grab the Staff in the southeast corner of the next floor and enter the stairs.
    You’ll be at the top with a bunch of crystal shards. Each character will be
    designated to one of the four crystals in this world, then Lenna’s dad appears
    telling you all of your fate. You’ll get the crystals and you’ll have six job
    classes to choose from.
    It’s probably worth going over this whole class system thing since it’s pretty
    much the most important part of the game and if you don’t build your
    characters up properly you’ll have a hard time at the end of the game. That
    said as long as you build your characters up it shouldn’t matter which classes
    you should, so do choose whichever ones you wish. It does add to the replay
    value – there are endless combinations with all the classes you can switch
    around to.
    Initially you get the Knight, Black Belt (Monk), Thief, White Mage, Black
    Mage, and the Blue Mage. The Blue Mage learns monster ability’s and can use
    heavier weapons than most mages and is usually a good choice to acquire all
    the enemy skills (some are very very useful). Galuf is usually my Blue Mage
    for a good part of the game. Also I use a Thief often, as they can move
    around faster, can run from battles easier, can see through holes in the wall
    making treasures easier to find, and so on. Monk’s and Knight’s are very
    powerful with Monk being one of the top jobs in the game with the
    counterattack, high critical attack rate and high HP. White Mage and Black
    Mage are pretty standard and speak for themselves.
    Return to Tule, Pirate Hideout and the Wind Shrine
    When starting off, it’s important to rotate once in a while. For example, if
    you have all the level 2 white magic spells and you have the white magic level
    2 ability, you might as well switch classes and have the new class equip that
    ability and use white magic. I’ll try to mention beforehand when it might be a
    good idea to switch classes based on a particular enemy or situation. Starting
    off I generally make a Blue Mage (Galuf), Knight / Monk (Butz), Thief (Faris)
    and White Mage (Lenna). Again, do what you want though and head back to Tule to
    re-tool. Buy all the spells that you need and talk to the guy in the northern
    house that Lenna knows. He’ll give Butz the Canal Key to use, but don’t do that
    quite yet.
    When you leave the town Faris will join you for good. Time to go to the
    Pirate’s Hideout. Now that you have a Blue Mage, fight the Steel Bat’s in the
    cave and have them use Vampire on you. You’ll then learn Vampire from them and
    now you know how to acquire Blue Magic spells. Continue on to the Pirate’s
    Hideout and hit the button on the left when you get in. This will open up a
    room in the northwest that has three treasures – 300 gil, tent and an ether. A
    pirate outside will give you 8 potions and you’ll also see Boco around here.
    Not much else to do so make one last stop at the Wind Shrine.
    You can still rest up here for free so do so, then go up a few floors and fight
    around until you see a Goblin (Goblin Punch) and a Mold Wind (Aero). Both are
    Blue Magic spells with Aero being especially useful. You should be about ready
    to head to the ship graveyard now.
    Ship Graveyard
    Go up to the door and Butz will use the key he secretly got in Tule. Sail along
    and you’ll fight some battles and eventually get sucked up into a whirlpool. A
    boss fight with Karlabos ensues and you can just attack and use some basic
    moves, it’s not very difficult. You will get a Tent and 5 ABP for your efforts
    Syldra will go down as the ship drifts away towards the Ship Graveyard. When
    you recover consciousness, go downstairs where you can rest (Galuf gets the
    lone bed). Back up, go east a little then south where you see the rock – more
    rocks appear and you’ll see a Flail at the end. This is useful for a White Mage
    (to put him / her in the back row and do the same damage).
    East a little from here is another ship part with a door that you should enter.
    Take the left path and enter for a Tent and then go further south. Faris will
    complain about the water but go through. Some emulators / roms get messed up
    around here – if this happens then you should mess with the layers (using 1-9
    and such). Onto the game again – continue along and search the crates you come
    across – you’ll find 990 gil on the first water floor you see. Take the north
    exit for a Phoenix Down and then the south exit just beneath it. Down here is a
    potion and then an exit back up.
    It’ll be time to rest and change your clothes. There will be an incident with
    Faris where she reveals that she is a girl. Now you can continue on and save in
    the next room. You’ll be on the outside again where you’ll want to work your
    way south and get inside to get the World Map. The lower floor has two
    Antidotes and a Phoenix Down. It’s time to leave and head east – get the
    treasure chest, which causes a ship to surface, and then pause for a moment.
    A boss is coming up, so if you have a White Mage, change it to a Black Mage
    (assuming you don’t have a Black Mage). Your party will all be confused by
    Siren, all except for Galuf since his memory is currently gone. You’ll need the
    Fire spell in this battle as Siren is especially susceptible in her undead
    form. She’s not too difficult other than that, just keep yourself healed. 5 ABP
    and a Bronze Shield are your rewards, and you can then leave.
    Not much to do currently other than head south towards Carwen. When you enter,
    go north and east a little for a bunch of things you should search – an
    Antidote is inside. Work your way to the southeast and you’ll find a hidden
    area where you can go further south to get an Ice Rod. Inside the pub is 1000
    Gil (you may need a Thief to see the hidden passage to the left). Play the
    piano of course. You’ll probably want to upgrade your weapons / armor / spells
    and should have the gil to do so.
    North Mountain
    North Mountain is north of Carwen. Hopefully you have an Ether with you (you
    can acquire a blue magic spell). You’ll come across the enemy Blocks, and
    you’ll want to use an Ether on them and hope they use Flash on your Blue Mage.
    The first floor is simple, going south for a Phoenix Down and then west for a
    Soft before exitting to the exterior. Continue along, avoiding the purple
    poisonous plants that you see. You’ll come to a point where Lenna gets
    separated from the group and is poisoned. Faris helps everyone across and a
    boss battle with Magisa and Forza. It starts off with Magisa who isn’t much,
    but she calls Forza to protect her. Immediately shift your attention to Forza
    and with a Monk / Knight laden party, you can dominate this battle. A Whip and
    a Power Drink are your rewards. It shouldn’t be too hard, so continue all the
    way up and you’ll now have a Hiryuu!!
    Now that you have the Hiryuu you have a little more freedom. You can go to
    Worus but first go to Tycoon to get some treasures. Head north when you get in
    and talk to the chancellor who will try to convince Lenna to stay. Instead you
    will sleep there, and search everything on the way out. You’ll see a Hi Potion
    on your exit from your room. Soon you’ll be at the main room, and you should
    head east and into another corridor. You’ll find some more treasures like a
    Cabin, Tent, Phoenix Down and an Ether. You’ll also learn of Sarisa, Lenna’s
    sister (who is actually Faris). North a bit and east is another tower, with an
    Ether, Maiden’s Kiss, Elixir, and a Phoenix Down on the first floor. Leave and
    go outside of this main castle and then west when you are outside.
    You’ll reach a room with a switch you should hit, and then the Chancellor
    protecting a Cane. You’ll get a Katana, Shuriken, and a Giyaman’s Bell (the
    cane). Before you go, don’t miss the two cabins in a room far to the east (go
    east above a tree).
    Worus / Walse
    Go to the town first. Take a left and the stairs down into the water, and get
    left some more into a house with a green haired guy. The pot in the fair right
    of his room has a pair of Glasses for you. Now you can buy the spells at the
    nearby shop if you wish but you don’t have those classes yet (although you will
    so you may wish to do so if you can afford it). The Iron Armor and the rest of
    the stuff at the Armor Shop can be useful as well.
    Time to head to the castle (rest up at the town first though). As soon as you
    enter the castle area, go to the basement area. You’ll see various passages but
    the one in the northeast (through several doors) leads to an area with some
    valuable items but a tough monster as a random battle. Definitely save before
    going here, and make sure you have a Thief with the Escape ability equipped so
    you can run easily, and a lot of Phoenix Downs because when you do encounter
    him he’ll probably kill a guy or two before you can get the Escape off. Take
    the right path first for two separate pots of 1000 Gil and a Drag. There is a
    treasure to the left path now, which is an Elf Cape. This is a valuable
    accessory which increases magic, magic defense and agility. Time to get out of
    here, hopefully you don’t get killed by Garkimasra. It’s probably worth it for
    the treasures though, and if you’ve got some balls you can try to Steal a
    Protect Drink from him. Just don’t try to kill him, it won’t happen.
    There’s another difficult sidequest if you go back to the main area and take
    one of the right passages – leading up towards a waterfall that you can walk
    into (see picture). Hopefully you’re rested up because there are some tough
    monsters around here (you can actually beat these ones though). You can steal
    Mythril Sword’s (good for a Knight (Butz)) from the Ice Soldiers and you can
    get the Frog Song from the Elf Toad (although it can be a pain to get). The
    glowing thing at the end of the waterfall is battle against an Ice Queen,
    Shiva. She is difficult at this stage (might be wise to try when you have Fire
    2) but beatable. You get an Ice Rod and the Shiva summon for your efforts. As
    for beating her, I had two Black Mages (with one who could cast White Magic)
    along with a Monk and a Knight. Split your party up by having the Black Mages
    in the back and the fighters in front (Shiva can only use Ice 2 on one pair).
    She comes with three Commanders and it’s difficult enough just to get her by
    herself. Use Fire spells obviously (this is why Fire 2 is nice) and you’ll
    probably exhaust your Potion / Elixir supply in the process of the fight.
    Back on the second floor of the castle now, go through the brown door to the
    northeast and follow the staircase to a small room with plenty of things to
    search – you can get a Tent, Phoenix Down and 490 gil. Head back up and talk
    to the king in the north room. A meteor will strike near the Water Tower just
    as you were speaking with him about discontinuing use of the crystal. The
    king heads there and you should too.
    Water Crystal Tower
    Take the Hiryuu there and hopefully you replenished your items. The Worus
    soldiers and king will be down and out. When you reach the fifth floor you’ll
    see a Maiden’s Kiss and an inaccessible treasure. Continue up and you’ll see
    three vines – climb the left for a Silver Ring and the right one for an Ether
    and the exit.
    Galura will be up ahead and he’ll take out the Warrior blocking his path to the
    crystal. Now you jump in. If you have a black mage, use Ice on him. Otherwise
    just attack and keep healing – he’s a brute physically so it can be tough. You
    can steal a potion from him (and you get a Hi Potion for winning).
    After the battle the crystals shatter and you get five new jobs (you’ll get
    that last crystal much later). The tower begins to collapse after you get them
    all so leave and Syldra will end up saving you all (but “dying” in the
    About these new jobs. You get a Time Mage, Red Mage, Summoner, Berserker and a
    Mystic Knight. I’m especially partial to the Time Mage as Haste and Haste 2 are
    essentials among other Time mage spells, although at first you should probably
    switch your Black Mage / White Mage to a Summoner. You’ll be able to use Shiva
    and other summons and the Summoner gains a very good ability later on that’s
    worth building up towards right away.
    The Mystic Knight is a decent option if you want one of your fighter’s to have
    some magical ability, although it doesn’t really pay off until way later in the
    game when you really need it. The Berserker is a worthless job so delve into it
    for experimentation only. The Red Mage can use white magic and black magic and
    gets X-Magic later on, a quality ability. Try out some of the new classes and
    buy the spells in Worus if you skipped them earlier. For the record, I’m
    keeping Butz as a Knight and Faris as a Thief, but changed Galuf from a Monk to
    a Summoner and Lenna from a Black Mage to a Time Mage.
    Back in Worus you’ll hear that you should probably go towards the Fire Crystal
    in Karnak. How to get there though? Go back to the meteor near where Worus
    Tower used to be and you’ll find an opening that transfers you just northeast
    of Karnak.
    On the way you can learn the Blue Mage spell ???? from the Wild Nack’s. Go into
    Karnak town and rest at the Inn, then buy something at the store (for a
    discount). You’ll be arrested and thrown in jail, but Cid will blow up the wall
    and talk to you, and then the minister will let you all out once it is revealed
    that the Fire Crystal too is about to shatter.
    Now you have time to explore except little areas of fire will block you from
    getting treasures throughout the castle. Go back into town instead and get all
    the new spells (there are lots of them) and any new armor and weapons you might
    need for your new classes. With the Charm spell, you can get a new Blue Magic
    spell back at the Ship Graveyard (yes, you can still go there). You need to
    Charm the Carcurser and it will use Fusion on you. Oh, play the piano here too.
    When you’re ready you can go to the Steamship where the Fire Crystal is. Go
    through the ship and you’ll eventually get to a grey, mechanical-looking area.
    North into a room right away is a Mithril Glove. The southwest staircase leads
    to an Elixir, to the northwest there is a Cabin and another Elixir to the east.
    To move on, go north through the elevator and then east for a Phoenix Down when
    you see one.
    You may come across a Motor Trap. If you use Bolt on it, it’ll respond with
    Exploder, a Blue Mage spell that can be acquired if it hits your Blue Mage.
    Also if you missed Flash you can get it from Crew Dust (when they’re alone).
    Back where the Phoenix Down was off the elevator, continue west and you’ll be
    at another elevator. You can’t get the treasure south of you, so continue along
    and you’ll come to a room with seven exits. Take the second to the right
    (southern ones) and you’ll get that Thief Glove you couldn’t get earlier. This
    is very very good for the Thief. Return and go to the far right path this time
    and you’ll make your way through to get the GrnBeret. Take the second from the
    left exit at the seven-path room and you’ll come to another east/west fork.
    Take the east path and search the panel and it opens, leading to the Full Moon
    (good back-row weapon for a Thief). Go back and take the left path here and
    then left again – you’ll be at a save point.
    You’ll now be in a tricky room with a bunch of switches. You’re going to have
    to go through this a few times to get a hang of it, but just keep hitting the
    switches to work your way to the northeast corner, where you can get an Elixir
    and the exit. Keep in mind that you need to be standing on some of the blocks
    as you hit the switch (so you move with the blocks).
    Just a little north of here is Queen Karnak and she summons the boss,
    LiquiFlame. He can cast Flame (about 90 damage to everyone) and Fire 2 (up to
    400 damage) on one character. A difficult fight but you can get the advantage
    by using Ice 2 (or by using Ice Rods).
    Fleeing Karnak Castle
    Go up to the crystal, and you’ll see a wolf that recognizes Galuf. Regardless
    of whether you saved this wolf in the jail or not, he’ll aid you in saving the
    crystal but your party will fall through the floor. You’ll return
    automatically to see the wolf is down and you now have 10 minutes to leave!
    You can get all th treasures in the castle and still make it, but you have to
    be smart about it as time runs throughout battles.
    When you get to the big room, go north and east a little into a cell for 2000
    gil, and in the northeast of this room is a monster-in-a-box for an Elixir
    (Sorcerer and some dogs). Northeast some more and you’ll be in the next room.
    East leads to a battle with a Gigas for a Giant Potion and a Shuriken while
    the left treasure has a battle and the Ribbon. Continue along and you’ll be at
    the main floor with plenty of places to go.
    Take the path just east of you through a door and you’ll be right by two
    chests, one with 2000 gold and one which is a monster in a box that gives you
    an Elixir. In the southwest part of the room is another monster, a Gigas, which
    results in another Giant Potion and Elixir. Take the south exit and enter the
    door next to you and you’ll be on the other side with 2 other Gigas’ that have
    another Giant Potion and Elixir each. North is a battle for an Elixir and 2000
    gil again.
    Take that north exit and you’ll get to a long path with a treasure that has a
    Gigas (Giant Potion and Guardian are your rewards). The other side has a Giant
    Potion and an Elf Cape. Also note that with all these Gigas battles you can
    sometimes get either Aero or Aero2, somewhat useful blue mage spells. It’s
    about time to leave now. Back in that main room there are two treasures in the
    southwest and southeast part of the room – the southeast being a Thunder Scroll
    and the west being Heal, a white mage spell. Make sure you have a Blue Mage
    ready when you leave the castle, so that you can ensure that you get the Death
    Claw (great blue magic spell).
    You’ll fight a soldier and some Karnak dogs. Then, he’ll turn into Iron Claw.
    He’s easy so make sure you don’t kill him and make sure he uses Death Claw on
    your Blue Mage. Kill him and move on, hopefully you had adequate time (you
    should have assuming you didnt waste much in the menus and so on).
    After you leave the castle is destroyed and you get three new job classes! A
    ninja, geomancer and mediator (monster trainer) are now available, with Ninja
    being especially useful.
    Talk to Cid at the Steamship and then again at the Karnak Bar second floor. Now
    it’s time to venture to the Ancient Library.
    Ancient Library
    Now that Karnak Castle is gone you can go to the Ancient Library to the
    southwest. The desert along the way has a D Chimaera which will case AquaRake,
    a powerful water spell that hits the entire party. You may be too weak to
    handle him but if you can survive the attack with a Blue Mage along, you’ll
    get AquaRake.
    Further along is the Ancient Library so step inside.
    You can heal on the second floor and fight a book on the roof. Other than that,
     talk to the scholars, you’ll learn some things. Go to the first floor and
    enter the door. You’ll be in a darker room now where you should navigate your
    way to the northeast part of the room. You have to step on certain portions of
    the room to activate a switch, so if you’re stuck just keep moving around.
    You can acquire the Blue Magic spell Moon Flute from the Page 256. Page 64 can
    do L5 Death but you have to have your Blue Magician on a level that is a
    multiple of 5.
    An even darker room is next as you can only see a close proximity near Butz. To
    the east is an Ether and then you can go south further for the exit. Take the
    west-most exit north (go up the ladder and search) and you’ll come to a book
    (Ifrit). It’s obvious, but Ifrit is weak against Ice. You’ll want to pull out
    Shiva, Ice 2, or AquaRake for heavy damage. If you’re prepared with these
    weapons you should be set. A Fire Scroll and the “Esper” Ifrit are your
    Now go back and take the door exit. If you came here before, the bookcase won’t
    let you advance – defeating Ifrit will allow you though. You’ll come to another
    dark room. Ignore the right path and go to the southwest for a Phoenix Down.
    Further along is another path with a door leading to nothing and a set of
    stairs with a book – leading to a battle against a Page 64 and others.
    After the battle you can walk through to a Save Point and eventually to Byblos!
    He’s a bit tougher than Ifrit although there are some tricks to him. First of
    all, if you want no trouble at all, make a Blue Mage and use Dethclaw to criple
    him and he’ll take one more hit and be dead. If you don’t have that, any fire
    spell or Ifrit will do. Careful though, he’s a tougher fight than Ifrit was.
    Note that he can also use Magic Hammer, another Blue Magic spell you can
    Talk to Mid after the battle and he’ll take you back to the main part of the
    Ancient Library (with the other scholars). You’ll learn more about the
    situation and Mid will run off to see Cid so go to the second floor Karnak bar
    and you’ll be there right when Mid runs in to Cid. They’ll get the steamship
    working for you and will go off to the Ancient Library. Now you have some
    freedom to explore the rest of the world, so start off with the Ancient
    Mid will mention a weird crescent-shaped island and you should sail towards
    this in the very southeast portion of the map.
    Crescent Town
    There are BlackFlames in this area (in the forest at least) that use DrkShock
    (halves your level), which you can learn for your Blue Mage. Go to the town and
    there will be an earthquake (that happens to sink your ship). You have nowhere
    to go, so explore town and buy some new armor if you’d like (the weapons are
    for classes you don’t have quite yet). The southeast house has a Bard that
    teaches you the Life Song while there is a piano in his house that is worth
    playing also.
    Leave and go to the forest in the southwest part of the island and Butz will
    have to catch the Black Chocobo. He’ll do so, and will attempt to fly with it,
    but it can’t fly because it has two crystals stuck in it’s wings! You acquire
    the Bard and Hunter classes, with both being relatively useful and one being
    very important for some of the special bosses later in the game. Now you have
    a Black Chocobo to fly around on, so go to the Ancient Library and tell Cid
    and Mid the story. They’ll also mention that King Tycoon was seen heading to
    the Quicksand Desert west of the Ancient Library. Well, we’ll worry about that
    in a bit, but for now let’s explore with the chocobo.
    This is Butz’s hometown, northwest of the Wind Shrine. You can rest for free
    here and you’ll see a scene with Butz at his parent’s grave with Faris. The
    Heal spell is here if you missed it on the way out of Karnak Castle. Also note
    the rare scrolls you can purchase at the weapon shop, and this is useful since
    I tend to have Butz a Ninja right away (and usually someone else too later on).
    Scrolls can be a very efficient way to wipe out enemies fast.
    You’ll get another scene in the northwest house. It used to be Butz’s house but
    now it belongs to a bard. Check the pink music box in the northeast and you’ll
    have a flashback – talk to the bard afterwards and you’ll get the Charm Song
    for your bard. Not much else to do, so head to the southwest-most town on the
    map, Jacole.
    You’ll have to land your Black Chocobo a good distance east of Jacole as it can
    only land in forested areas. Jacole has some nice weapons and decent armor,
    along with spells you’ve probably already bought.
    Villagers will talk about the Jacole Cave to the northeast (you walked past
    it). When you’re ready go and enter. There are Nut Eaters and Skull Eaters
    here. Needless to say it’s the Skull Eaters that are very difficult and will
    most likely kill you (although they sometimes also run away, yielding 5 ABP).
    This cave can be tricky – hit the southmost switch first, and then work your
    way down. You’ll see plenty of switches and then it’ll only show one – choose
    this one fast and go back north to see things have changed. Go to the very
    north empty treasure chest and search it, pushing the button inside to open the
    You’ll be in a new room, one that you should go north in and then west at the
    split. This will take you to a Shuriken and a Tent, and then work your way back
    east and north to get that other treasure you saw. If you let the Lone Wolf out
    of jail, you won’t get this item, but otherwise it’s a Thunder Whip. Leave via
    the north and you’ll be outside the cave on the other side (with no where to
    go). Circle back around (yeah that was kind of a pointless trip but that cave
    is kind of pointless).
    Istory can be found to the northwest part of the map. Walk around this area and
    you’ll find Ramuh, a Lightning-based summon. If you can defeat him you’ll
    acquire the Summon Ramuh. He can be difficult with Bolt 2 and his Electric
    Shock spell, but with a White Mage present you should be able to heal yourself
    and continue the attack (he’s not really weak against anything but ice / fire
    should be effective).
    Inside the town, you can buy Coral / Flame / Angel Rings, although they are
    very expensive and are more useful later (when you have more money, anyway).
    Talk to everyone and you’ll get some important hints. To the northwest is a
    flower bed and if you walk all around the bed a frog will eventually appear and
    leave the Black Magic spell Toad behind. More north are a bunch of pigs and if
    you stand by the pig that’s facing it’s back towards the fence (by the bard)
    it’ll kick you on the other side so that you can talk to the bard and learn the
    Love Song. Further east is a guy who tells you to walk through the waterfall
    but we’ll worry about this later.
    Ruined City
    Okay it’s about time to go to the quicksand west of the Ancient Library like
    Cid and Mid suggested. As you get there you’ll be stuck, but Cid and Mid will
    get an idea. You’ll end up fighting a Sandworm but it isn’t too difficult –
    just make sure you hit the hole that it’s sticking out of. After the battle,
    work your way to the bottom, sliding down in various areas to get there.
    Eventually you’ll get out and you can travel south to the Ruined City.
    So here you just search around and you’ll see King Tycoon various times.
    Eventually you’ll have him caught at the top house but as you get up there you
    fall through. Now you are on some sort of mechanical device, and when you come
    to you have no option but to go north. After some light flashing, it seems you
    are teleported to the southeast part of the map. Meanwhile, Cid and Mid return
    the Black Chocobo to the forest near Crescent.
    Go to the southmost part of this new place and you’ll be able to rest. Go left
    of these beds and you’ll come to some treasures and a switch. The switch
    doesn’t open but it tells you to search the flowers in the center room. Do so
    (by the beds) and then it’ll have you go to another place. Basically keep
    following the notes and a frog will tell you to go 6 steps down, 4 east and
    then you are to pull. When you do this the door finally opens and you get 2
    Shurikens and Size (L2 White Magic).
    Okay so go north all the way and try to leave – you’ll run into Cid and Mid who
    fell down a hole themselves! Cid will run downstairs so follow them and the
    airship will be in the air! A boss, ClayClaw, comes to stop you from taking the
    airship. He’s not too difficult and a Bolt Scroll / Bolt Magic will put him
    down fast. You may want to steal the Coral Sword, probably the best sword
    you’ll have for a while (you get an Ice Bow also).
    Now you have an airship, so ride over to the Ruined City where the King of
    Tycoon was. You’ll see that little area rise up into the sky and you can’t find
    it, so head back to Cid and Mid in the underground Catapult. They’ll suggest
    you find some Adamantine so you can fly higher in the sky, and Galuf knows
    where to get some!
    Head to the Tycoon Meteor, preferably with a Blue Mage (and L5 Death). If not,
    Ice spells should suffice, although this will be a tough battle if you try to
    battle it out without L5 Death. Adamantoise is slow in acting, but extremely
    strong and attacks twice (for about 300 damage each time so 600 total). That’s
    a lot of damage to have to continually heal, so Haste your healers. You can
    steal a Protect Drink from Adamantoise also. With the Adamantite, you can
    return and they’ll put that on immediately and you can go up.
    Ronka Ruins
    Okay so when you’re ready use that function and you’ll be able to control your
    airship at the highest level. You’ll see a big machine in front of you – you’re
    going to want to go for the sides first. There will be four battles and the
    enemy will use Emission and Missile, two more Blue Magic spells. Bolt is your
    best friend, so Throw some Bolt Scrolls, use Bolt magic, etc. When he goes down
    you’ll get two Hi Potions and 1 DarkMatter. A hole will open up and you can
    enter and walk around (rest first).
    There are a lot of secret passages so it’s wise to either have a Thief or have
    someone with the Passages ability. Starting off just continue along, and on the
    second floor you’ll get a Gold Armor. On the third floor you’ll go west a
    little and see an Elixir that you can reach via secret passages. Continue north
    and skip the first staircase but take the second for a Save Point. Return out
    and go further right, for a Phoenix Down and another exit. This goes for a
    while and takes you to a Gold Shield. Back near the save point, go west and
    little and take the staircase you skipped earlier.
    This takes you to floor 5 and then you start working your way down. On floor 4
    you’ll get a Hi Potion and stick to the top path and enter that staircase and
    you’ll see 5 treasures eventually. Don’t walk straight up but move one square
    left and then walk up to them, otherwise you’ll fall in a pit. From left to
    right, 5000 Gil, Shuriken, Ancient Sword, Full Moon and the Power Ring. Return
    back to the Hi Potion floor and go south instead. From here, you’ll be going
    through a lot of floors and when you get a choice, go south for a Save Point.
    Now continue along the west end to another floor. When you get another choice,
    take the east fork for a Cabin and an Ether. Finally, return and take the south
    path and hit the switch.
    You’ll come to King Tycoon and the ArcheoAevis. Archeoaevis is a very tough
    opponent at this current stage and can absorb a lot of damage. His weaknesses
    change so try to mix up your elements (Water, Ice, Bolt, Fire) and physical
    attack specialists like the Ninja / Monk / Knight are useful also. The best
    strategy for me is to spam Fire Scrolls with a few Ninja’s since they don’t
    cause the Archeoaevis to change it’s elemental affinity. When it dies and
    revives, use L5 Doom for a quick kill. Even if you fight it, the new
    Archeoaevis has a weak defense and not much HP. A Hero Drink is your reward.
    Watch the scenes ahead as Krile comes to save the party from a possessed King
    Tycoon. Galuf then gets his memory back but the crystal shatters and Exdeath
    comes back! He then leaves and you get the crystals (Samurai, Dragoon, Dancer,
    Chemist). Samurai is especially powerful and a personal favorite. After this,
    Galuf will leave to his world even though Butz insists on coming with.
    Tycoon Meteorite
    Okay so return to your headquarters near Crescent and you’ll find a note in the
    room east of the beds. Cid and Mid are at the meteor in Tycoon so go see them.
    The black chocobo is here to confirm they are inside.
    Karnak Meteorite
    You’ve got a feasible idea to get to Galuf’s world now so go to the Karnak
    Meteor, where you’ll fight Titan. Not too much HP actually, despite having a
    tough defense to most of your attacks. Maybe 2000-25000 HP. He is tough with
    his physical attacks 200-400, and his Earth Shaker does roughly 500 to each
    person, so stay rested (he does this before he dies). Not sure if he’s weak
    against anything. 5 ABP and more importantly, the valuable Titan Summon.
    Walse Meteorite
    The Walse Meteorite has six Purobolos, and they aren’t that tricky other than
    the fact that they use Life 2 when they die (so kill them simultaneously).
    Again, using scrolls with a Ninja might be your best bet (or summons). Even if
    the Purobolos are able to cast Arise, eventually they will run out of MP. 5
    Gohn Meteorite
    Now the last meteor is where the Ruined City used to be. This Gohn Meteorite
    looks a little different from the others.Cid and Mid go in, but don’t come out.
    Go after them.
    Inside you will find a Chim. Brain. Or a Manticore in FFV Advance. Frost will
    take off 250 on everyone and will sap your HP. The solution to this battle is
    simple – DeathClaw (Blue Magic). It is not 100% success rate, but keep trying
    and eventually it will work. Then just attack him and he’ll die. If he stays
    around long enough you can steal a Dragon Fang from him and 6 ABP. With all the
    meteoritess being visited, it is now time to go to the center of all four.
    You’ll see it on the map and when you get there – a blue, whirlwind-like spot.
    After you go in there, you’ll be on a deserted island in Galuf’s World.
    Final Fantasy V GBA Walkthrough : World 2 : Galuf and Exdeath's World
    Deserted Island
    Your party of three will start alone on an island. You can fight a few battles
    and Lenna will eventually suggest to rest with a Tent. When you do, you get in
    a battle alone with Butz vs. an Abductor. Not a difficult fight although he can
    use Hurricane (taking your life to 10 hp or so). Sometimes the Abductor doesn’t
    connect with Hurricane anyway. He doesn’t have many hit points so he should be
    an easy kill. He leaves a treasure chest behind and when you search it,
    poisonous gas is released and you wake up in prison.
    Escaping Exdeath’s Castle
    The scene will switch to Galuf and Krile’s (Cara in FF5 SNES) view as Galuf
    will back his army up but go into the castle alone. He lands the Hiryuu and
    gets the crystals / equipment from a treasure chest, and then you get control
    of him. Go to the downstairs and you’ll have to fight Gilgamesh alone. He
    basically uses some decent physical attacks, but you should be okay – Galuf as
    a Summoner using Titan or as a Monk attacking usually work well. Now you’ll
    have all four characters again.
    Note that before you leave the castle you can go north to a recovery spring for
    free hp / mp recovery.
    Big Bridge – Gilgamesh
    South leaves the castle and when you get to the bridge you’ll have to run all
    the way across and fight monsters along the way. If you walk on the right or
    left part of the path (instead of the center) you’ll be able to skip the
    battles. In the middle part you’ll fight Gilgamesh again, and you can steal a
    Hero Cocktail from him. Later on you’ll be able to steal really good armor from
    him. Further north and you’ll be at the end, although Exdeath’s Castle puts up
    a barrier and your party is thrown off into the distance. Galuf says this is
    You’ll have to walk a great deal east and a little south before you see Regole.
    There is plenty to do when you get there though. Get all the new magic; Blink,
    Comet, Return, Slowga, Shell, Drain, Break, Bio, and Esuna if you missed it
    earlier. That will probably run your savings into the ground alone, but there
    are nice weapons and armor also.
    Visit the Inn and you can rest for free. Butz can’t sleep so he visits Galuf in
    the bar and Galuf thanks him for coming. In the Pub, you should have a Thief
    around so you can see through the wall to the left and walk through (and play
    the piano).
    Sealed Castle of Kuzar
    Just south of this village is the Sealed Castle of Kuzar. You can’t do anything
    here yet but you can go see the 12 legendary weapons! Starting from the top and
    going clockwise – Excalibur, Assassin’s Dagger, Sasuke’s Katana, Holy Lance,
    Rune Axe, Masamune, Yoichi’s Bow, Fire Lash, Sage’s Staff, Magus Rod, Apollo’s
    Harp, and the Gaia Bell. You’ll get them much later in the game, and note that
    you should have a Thief with the Escape ability as the two monsters you
    encounter in this castle are very very tough for this juncture in the game.
    More on Shield Dragon and Exdeath later.
    Moogle Forest / Cave
    Further south and east is a valley and a forest. As you walk into the forest
    you’ll see a moogle run into a hole, so follow it. Keep sliding down the water
    and you’ll eventually see a 4400 Gil treasure chest. Further down is a Phoenix
    Down, and at this point you should head east and you’ll come to a moogle and a
    Tyrannosaur. This Tyranasaurus is undead and can be killed with a Phoenix Down.
    If not, use Fire / Cure attacks to hurt him. Do realize though that he can use
    a Revenge attack that takes off over a thousand hit points and which will
    probably kill you, so use the Phoenix Down if you have it. 9 ABP.
    As you leave the area you’ll see a moogle walk to it’s village. Notice it skips
    the desert. You should do this also, otherwise you’ll run into the Sand Crawl,
    a very very tough monster with a lot of HP and whom you can’t run from (even
    with Smoke / Escape).
    Moogle Village
    When you get to the Moogle Village they’ll all scatter about. The Moogle in the
    northeast will let you in his house to take his six treasures, because you
    saved him. They are; Ether, Phoenix Down, 10,000 gil, 1 gil, Dancing Dagger,
    and a Cabin. Now the rest of the moogles will warm up to you too.
    In the northwest is a moogle who won’t let you have the treasure. Put the
    Moogle Suit on (next door) and now this moogle will let you take his treasure
    (Elven Mantle). Talk to the northeast moogle again and he’ll use telepathy to
    talk to the moogle in Bal castle, where Cara is. Cara will come on her moogle
    to save you all, and you’ll be back at Bal Castle afterwards.
    Bal Castle
    When you gain control it’ll be after Butz makes fun of Galuf about being king.
    Go west right away for a Hero Drink and Teleport (L3 Time Magic). Go all the
    way north and it’ll be decided that you are to get the Hiryuu plant to save the
    Hiryuu (Dragon Grass). Explore more of the castle first before going off to
    Drakenvale. If you go to the basement you’ll reach a dead end, but you can also
    fight Objet d’Art around here for huge amounts of ABP. This is by far the best
    place to build up ABP that you’ll find in a while. The 5 Objet d’Art’s net 8
    ABP!! I suggest you build up several classes down here.
    Outside of this main castle area is an Inn to the left and further left are
    spells / weapons / armor. You can get an Angel Suit if you go to the top floor
    and then go east to see a hidden staircase. Also, hit the switch (on the weapon
    / armor shop guy’s side) and you’ll open it up. Go in between them and they’ll
    get pissed and give you the Lamia Harp and send you on your way.
    Quelb is a village north of Bal Castle. Only leave Bal when you are really sure
    you want to leave – you can’t go back in for a while. You can go east to the
    cave of Gilgame, but that is risky and you’d probably die. Instead, go north
    into Kelb and go to the north part of town into the only open house.
    You’ll meet Kelger, one of the Four Warriors of Dawn. He’ll challenge Butz, and
    Butz will knock him out. You’ll talk some more and find out that Butz’s dad
    Dorgann was one of the four Dawn Warriors (along with Galuf, Kelger and Xezat
    Surgate). With that bombshell revealed it’s still time to find that Hiryuu
    medicine so you can leave via the north if you want.
    At the Inn though, you can go up and talk to the Wolf for free treatment and 8
    Potions. He’ll give you the 8 Potions three separate times. There may be some
    weapons and armor worth purchasing, although the spells are a repeat. If you
    search the well by the spell shop, an old guy will appear and ask for a frog.
    You need the Mediator’s Catch ability to catch a frog-like creature Kornago
    (right outside of town no less)). In return he’ll give you 10,000 and a Corna
    Go to the northeast part of the town and talk to the wolves running in circles
    – one of them will give you the Requiem song, very useful as a Bard for the
    upcoming mountain.
    Hiryuu Valley / Drakenvale
    Again, you might want a Bard to use Requiem against all the undead monsters
    around here. Requiem can take off 2000+ damage to all undead you are fighting,
    so yea, it can be a help. You don’t really have a choice of where to go for a
    while, and you’ll eventually see a Cabin a few screens in. You might fight
    Golem by himself, but he’ll run away (his name will be ???). Eventually you’ll
    get to an area with a lot of different bones. Search one of them for the Bone
    Mail – which you should in turn sell, otherwise it will continue to be equipped
    when you do ‘optimum’ since it has a high overall defense. But it is cursed.
    Fight around until you see Golem and two monsters (Bone Dragon and Zombie
    Dragon – both undead, and both have high hit points). If you happen to have
    Bards on your side this will be easy, but you have to make sure those enemies
    don’t kill Golem otherwise you won’t get him after the battle. That may mean
    you have to use Curative spells on Golem to make sure he stays alive. But if
    you have two Bards you can finish the battle quickly with two Requiems and an
    attack to the Zombie Dragon. After the battle you get the Golem item, which you
    should then use and then you’ll have the Summon. Golem protects you from
    physical attacks, very useful in some of the tougher bosses later in the game.
    Golem Summon will run out after a few turns, but you can always re-cast it.
    Continue along the path and you’ll eventually get to a room with a blocked
    entrance and no way forward. Walk around southeast of the shut door and
    eventually you’ll fall through, and get the 7000 Gil when you do. Take the left
    exit and hit the switch, opening up a new way through if you backtrack, so go
    back to the room you fell through in, and take the north exit this time. You’ll
    be right by the path that just opened up because of that switch you hit a
    second ago. Take this path and then use the west fork for an AirBlade (Wind
    Slash) and a Coronet (Hypno Crown). Hypno Crown allows you to manipulate
    enemies easier. Return back and take the east fork for a Phoenix Down and
    another fork.
    The first path is a Save Point, so you may want to fight around for a while
    then rest and continue on. Upcoming is a boss, the Dragon Pod (Hiryuu Plant),
    and it has several of it’s minions fighting you. They die off easily but
    regenerate fast also. Focus your attacks on the main plant and you should be
    okay. The Dancing Dagger can do Sword Dance and that can take off a large
    amount of damage. Otherwise, use Golem to stop the physical attacks and use
    your best summons and attacks and you shouldn’t have a problem. Not sure if
    Death Claw works in FFV SNES, but Death Claw worked on the first try in the GBA
    version. Nothing to steal from this beast, but you gain 10 ABP and an Elixir.
    The Dragon Grass is yours. Save yourself the walk, and just use the Time Mage’s
    Teleport spell.
    Acquire Hiryuu at Castle Bal : Ghido’s Dwelling
    Search the door at Bal, but it is still locked. You will have to travel to the
    northwest part of the moat and hit the switch to return via water. Rest up in
    Bal and go up to Cara in bed, who talks about Ghido, a sage who has lived for
    700 years. Time to go to the top floor and get the Hiryuu back. The Hiryuu will
    eat the dragon grass and feel better.
    Just as you make your way to Sage Ghido’s Place, Exdeath makes an appearance.
    We will have to change our course.
    Surgate Castle
    Just west of Ghido’s hideout is Surgate Castle. As you enter, they recognize
    Galuf, and let you in.
    Head inside and take the northwest passage and work your way to the library. On
    the bottom floor you’ll see a lady who wants you to organize the three books
    that aren’t on the shelves. It’s simple – put the books with whichever letter
    corresponds to the first letter of the first word of the book. Afterwards,
    she’ll open up a passage and you should follow, eventually coming to 5000 Gil.
    In this room, go south and you’ll be in the courtyard, where you should go west
    and in the door. Continue along and you’ll find Float, a great spell for
    avoiding earthquake attacks.
    Back in the main room, take the southwest stairs to Xezat’s Room. Read his book
    for the Song of Speed / Swift Song. The right path has an Inn and a decent
    weapon / armor store for you to explore. Leave Surgate Castle now and look for
    Xezat’s Fleet southeast of Exdeath’s Castle.
    Xezat’s Fleet
    Just land on the big ship and you’ll be on his fleet. After the introductions,
    Swordsman Xezat will insist you rest. Go downstairs and do so but you’ll wake
    up in the middle of the night from being attacked! Make sure to appoint a Thief
    or two here.
    Go up and talk to Xezat and enemies will rush your ship. They’re easy to
    dispatch, then you’ll see Gilgamesh (and hear his music). Work your way to the
    southern part of the ship and make sure you have someone with the Steal
    ability. Gilgamesh is here and he uses Death Claw (or did on me in the SNES
    version). Anyway, he has the Genji Glove and that’s one of the best
    gauntlet-types in the game so you’re going to want to get that. After a decent
    amount of damage, Gilgamesh summons Enkidu who has a Green Beret to steal.
    Enkidu starts off with White Wind to restore 4000 HP. Enkidu’s attacks are not
    that powerful other than Missile which will do 500+ damage depending on your
    current health. Both of them are decent but if you concentrate on one of them,
    that one will go down soon enough and it will be easy to roll the fight after
    that. A Golden Shield is your reward but the Genji Gloves and Green Beret are
    far more valuable.
    The Wind Drake saves you from falling into the water. Then go down the stairs,
    and take the right room to rest. Then the left room. Help Xezat move that box.
    Submarine to Exdeath Castle Underground Barrier Tower
    This Xezat knows what he's doing. The ships are just a decoy to go into the
    Barrier Tower from the submarine here. Xezat is going to the basement while we
    go to the top to take care of the Antenna. He gives you an “Echo” so you can
    communicate with him – this will be called a Whisperweed in the GBA Final
    Fantasy 5.
    So take the lower path (going up) and you’ll see a save point, and then two
    treasures on the next floor. The western most one is a Drain Sword / Blood
    Sword but you have to fight two Yellow Thunder Dragon’s for it and that’s a
    tall order right now. They have devastating physical attacks and if they use
    Thunder magic, watch out (250 damage to all). I advise using Slowga and then
    Haste your party, and then spam Death Claw to kill them quickly. The Yellow
    Dragon’s have an absurd amount of hit points for regular foes (seemingly close
    to 10000 each). 9 ABP and the Blood Sword are your rewards.
    The other chest is 9000 Gil. Continue south to the exterior, then west and up
    to the fourth floor door. Go north to the 5th floor exterior, and north more to
    the 6th floor. Here is a chest with 18,000 gil. After the 7th floor exterior,
    Xezat calls to you to say he’s at the Generator. Go through the 8th floor, and
    take a left at the 9th floor exterior. Rest up before touching this treasure,
    you have a Red Dragon awaiting you. Probably easier than the Thunder Dragon’s
    since it is by itself, and very weak to Water Scroll. Use Slow asap. Stay
    healed and you should be fine. 6 ABP and an extremely useful Gold Hairpin for
    your magicians. Put this on a Summoner and those expensive MP costs for summons
    are halved!
    Take the right path now to floo 10 and the Save Point. Definitely use a tent
    and save, one of the toughest bosses in the game is here (Atomos). You will
    want a Time Mage or two to make sure everyone has Haste up, and your main
    source of damage can be Titan Summons, Bio magic, Ninja’s, Dual-Wield Samurai
    / Knight, etc.I wouldn’t make a Thief or have someone waste an ability on
    Steal, because you only get a Flail.
    Atomos will start off with a Comet to off a character (or get very close to).
    Then once he kills a certain character, he will try to suck them in. This is
    where the gameplay differs from FFV SNES to FFV GBA. In the SNES version Atmos
    will continue to kill that character if revived. In the GBA version he will
    just start using Comet until someone else is dead, and start sucking that
    character in. So in this way it’s easier for the GBA version because he can’t
    continually suck one character in. Thus it’s a much deadlier fight on the SNES
    version. Make sure to Haste your party. You can’t use Slow on Atomos, it won’t
    work. But Atomos will use Slowga on you, so you will have to go running to
    Haste. This is why I suggest two Time Mages, so that you are not stuck with a
    dead Time Mage and a slowed party. Lightning Scrolls do about 1050 damage and
    Titan can do 1500. The Dual-Wield Samurai did close to 2000 per turn with how
    often the critical attacks came. Atomos has near 20,000 HP but more like
    19,000. A whopping 12 ABP comes your way along with Dark Matter. The antenna
    is destroyed, the barrier gone. But Butz has to carry Galuf out.
    Xezat’s Submarine – Get Catoblepas Summon aka Shoat
    You will be back in your sub (well, you’ll have to wait for Galuf). When you
    regain control, don’t go see Ghido just yet but, go to the northwest white dot
    under water. Go through the cave and you’ll be outside in a forest and you’ll
    eventually run into Shoat – or Catoblepas if you are playing GBA. This boss is
    just annoying. He uses his Evil Eye anytime you do anything to him, and
    sometimes will do it twice to stone two characters. He has drain which
    sometimes doesn’t work but does take off about 500. Regular attacks for 200.
    But it’s more a test to how fast you can use Gold Needles and Esuna. You
    should have a ton of Gold Needles from leveling up at Bal Castle Basement.
    Maybe the most annoying thing is when your characters are petrified, you have
    to re-haste them afterwards. 3 ABP and Catoblepas Summon are your rewards.
    There is a part of the forest in the southeast where a Yellow Chocobo is, but
    it’s a female so we can’t ride it. Boko’s future wife?
    Ghido’s Cave
    Go underwater to the flashing white dot in the center. Go southeast to B2, and
    then straight south to a strange room. Check the treasure chest that is not
    opened, for dead weight. Put that in the northwest empty chest, and go through
    that eastern door. Hit the switch to open up a new area. In B3, go to the far
    southwest to see a hidden path through the southern wall. Hit the switch at the
    other end, then take that staircase. Just follow the path now, through hidden
    passages. If you have a Blue Mage you can acquire Aero 3 / Aeroga from the
    Whirl Demon (who starts off as Metamorpha but he can summon into Ifrit, Wyvern
    or the Whirl Demon).
    Hop on the turtle, and then talk to the turtle – Sage Ghido. Ghido says the
    warlock Exdeath seeks the Great Forest of Moore. Something is inside of there.
    It is also where Exdeath was born. Ghido hands you the Guardian Branch (Elder
    Branch) to enter the Great Forest of Moore.
    Moore Village
    Go under the water and travel to the northwest where the white dot is, and
    you’ll resurface right next to Mua / Moore.
    Travel start north upon entering to the magic shop. Buy Curaga, Reflect,
    Berserk, Graviga, Hastega, Old, Firaga, Blizzaga and Thundaga. This might be
    the best magic haul of the entire game – Curaga is the pen-ultimate healing
    spell for White Magicians, and Hastega might be one of the best spells in the
    game period. All of this will cost 54,000 Gil, but make it happen :) Tiger
    Masks are nice at the Armor Shop, along with Luminous Robes and the Diamond
    Gear. Hefty price tag for all of this stuff though.
    Also, be sure to play the piano at the pub, you’ve almost played them all. Go
    to the west part of the Pub and search for a Main Gauche / Guardian. You won’t
    be able to get in that far southwest house yet by the way. Remember it for
    later though.
    Great Forest of Mua
    This is a big forest. As you enter, you’ll use the Guardian Branch / Elder
    Branch to get in. Head due north and you’ll see a treasure with 2500 gil.
    Before you get too far, I want to let you know that if you are using an
    emulator (likely considering this guide is for the SNES version) then you
    should hit “2? and “3? (on ZNES) to remove the layers and see better. Of
    course part of the fun is navigating and not being able to see that well, it's
    up to you, just know the option is there. If you are playing GBA Final Fantasy
    V, obviously you cannot do anything like this to help your view. From that 2500
    gil, go a good deal east for an Ether and an opening in a tree. Search the
    opening and you’ll see the exit to the next part of the stage.
    Keep to the north part of the map and you’ll acquire 4900 gil and a Phoenix
    Down. Work your way south a bit, and then a long way east. You will see a north
    path with an opening in a tree, but go further east and north for 9500 Gil.
    Then return to the tree opening.
    Third part of the level, go west right away for the Cabin and go right
    afterwards for a Goliath Tonic (Giant Drink). Up and right a bit for a Save
    Point, and then left for an Elixir. Continue up for a Morning Star. Go west,
    and a scene. The Grest Forest of Moore is on fire.
    When you regain control, wait or walk around until a Moogle shows up and
    reveals a hole to jump in. Before that though, notice the chest in the
    northeast part of the screen. It is an Aegis Shield now but if you go in the
    hole and come back out it’ll be a Flame Shield. I prefer Aegis as that’s better
    overall in terms of magic defense and isn’t such a specialty shield.
    Further west is a treasure that has Soot (Ash), and further west is a
    Flametongue. You can exit south and rest or do whatever you’d like and came
    back. Go north to use the Branch one more time to continue onward into the
    Guardian Tree. Load up on Summoners, along with a White Mage or two and a Time
    Mage or two (I mean secondary ability Time Mage). I like to have one brute at
    the end to clean up (Samurai with Dual-Wield). Beserk that Samurai and watch
    the 2000+ crit hits fly.
    This battle is against four elementals, and you can expect a tough bout. Start
    off with Haste 2 / Hastega, and then Float on everyone. Then you can
    concentrate on Slowga, although it only works maybe 33% of the time on these
    four crystal bosses. Besides that, just use Titan summon to do heavy damage to
    three of the four. You can then use Comet and regular attacks to finish off the
    bottom one, since you are floating and can dodge it’s best attack anyway. A
    whopping 15 ABP is your reward.
    You can’t lose the battle against Exdeath. But, the results are not good. Krile
    joins you, and then the Hiryuu comes by.
    Gil Turtle Cave
    Okay, so there is one other thing you can do (assuming you got Shoat already).
    Go northeast of Bal Castle to the Gil Turtle Cave, and instead of going east to
    the other side, go south and you’ll make your way to a narrow passage and
    you’ll gain gil with each step. However you are likely to fight the Gil Turtle,
    a nasty battle. Ice is it’s only true weakness and it’s really a test of
    attrition – and you might fight him a few times. Is it worth it? Depends how
    poor you are in FF5, basically. But he’ll probably kick your ass, so I’d advise
    against this.
    Castle Exdeath
    Finally it is time to rush Exdeath’s Castle. It will be open and the fallen
    soldiers instruct you to go upstairs – grabbing the Ether and Diamond Shield in
    the south part of the 2nd floor. Continue up and go west for a dead end – hmm.
    Krile senses something though.
    Walk out and Kelger is in his bed, sensing it is his time. Before he goes,
    Galuf pays a visit. With the last of Kelger’s power, he shows you the true form
    of Exdeath’s Castle. Exdeath’s illusion is no more. But the Four Dawn Warriors
    are no more.
    You can get some Blue Magic spells, like L2 Old and L3 Flare in this place.
    Also note that you’ll either need a Geomancer or the Float spell on so that you
    don’t get damaged by the floor. A Thief or the Find Passages ability are useful
    to make sure you see all the hidden items.
    Go north when you regain control to the 4th Floor. In this room you should hit
    the grey switch to your right, and that’ll open a passage so that you can get
    the Ice Shield just east of you. Find your way southwest to the 5th Floor.
    All the way north and then east (through the wall) for an Ether, and the exit
    to the 6th Floor. Take the lava path (with Float or a Geomancer) and go all the
    way south and east through the wall for a Gale Bow (Hayate Bow in FFV GBA).
    Hayate Bow sometimes acts like the Ranger’s !Rapid Fire command, attacking four
    times. Anyway, take the path avoiding the lava this time and you’ll come about
    an Elixir and the exit.
    On the seventh floor you’ll see a skull and then you can determine the bridge’s
    location whenever you hit A. The treasure on the left is an Icebrand and the
    right is the Kotetsu for a Samurai. Both are pretty useful for their respective
    classes. North leads to the exit and a Save Point. If you miss at any point, an
    Oiseaurare or Jackanapes comes out to fight you. The Jackanapes is really
    dangerous, it likes to use Moon Flute to Berserk you but it dodges well and has
    a staunch defense.
    Floor 8 has an Elixir hidden to the right and 9900 Gil in a treasure to the far
    west. Just east of this treasure is the exit. Continue along and when you get
    the chance, go all the way east across the lava for a stair to 8000 gil. Return
    back and go up the middle staircase, and you’ll be by some more skulls. Again,
    you may want a Geomancer so you don’t fall through these holes. Walk to the far
    east, dodging the holes, for a Double Lance (Twin Lance GBA). Work your way to
    the north skull and it’ll transport you in front of a glowing Esper. This is
    the summoned monster Carbuncle.
    The trick with Carbuncle is that you basically can’t cast spells on him (but
    you can cast Wall on yourself and cast a spell on that member, reflecting back
    onto Carbunkle). That is one of the options. Shoat / Catoblepas doesn’t work
    often, but is an instant kill when it does. Very low percentage and you may run
    out of MP trying it, unless you have a Gold Hairpin on or have multiple
    Summoners casting. Use Time Magic to speed up the process for your Summoners.
    Or you can do it the long way with good physical attacks. Air Knifes somehow
    do 1300+ damage each shot with my ninja, and Carbuncle only has 15000 HP. Still
    a lot, but at 2500 a turn with just the Ninja you could be fine doing this
    route as well. You get 11 ABP and the esper “Crbnkl“, and it’s very useful in
    certain battles for putting up a Magic Wall for every ally in your party.
    Return to the skull pitfall room and step on the southern most skull to reveal
    the opening to the south. You’ll want to take this and rest up and save.
    Continue onto floor 11 and take the right stairs first and you’ll get a
    Partisan and a Pinwheel / Fuma Shuriken. Return and search the treasure in the
    middle of floor 11. It’ll be nothing, and as you try to go north you’ll see
    Gilgamesh yet again.
    This Gilgamesh fight is very easy. As usual, make sure you have a Thief on
    hand. You can’t steal the valuable Genji Helm (Genji Helmet) until he morphs
    into a different form (second form). Initially you can only steal a Hi Potion.
    Gilgamesh starts off with the Lilliputian Lyric, Pond’s Chorus or Dancehall
    Daze. When he morphs he’ll use the “Excailbur” and it’ll take off nothing
    basically. Take him out, and when he’s done Exdeath will be pissed and will
    banish him to the Cleft of Dimensions (The Rift in FFV GBA – more on all this
    later).Afterwards, you get the useless Excalipoor.
    When you’re truly prepared, head up the next few sets up stairs and you’ll run
    into Exdeath. What works against this guy? Well he has some powerful attacks
    and spells, so first off you’re absolutely positively going to want Golem
    equipped otherwise he’ll put you in a bad way fast.. Crbnkl is useful but can
    also be a detriment to your cause in that you cannot use Cure 3 (for example)
    on your party with the walls up.A nasty trick is to use Float on our entire
    party, and Exdeath will waste turns on 100 G’s to bring you back down for an
    Earth Shaker attack. One nice thing about Hasting your party – Exdeath will
    waste time trying to Dispel your buffs, but your party can act too fast for
    him. This allows you to recover from Hurricane (lowers your HP to 1-10)
    quickly. Towards the end, Exdeath gets more dangerous and attacks twice per
    turn. Usually with an -aga spell for good damage and Vacuum Wave, which is
    extremely destructive. Conversely the -aga spells are some of the toughest
    attacks you can use on Exdeath himself. Exdeath has over 32000 HP, so it will
    be a long fight.
    For the first time doing the guide and going through, I had Faris be a Ninja
    (with X-fight (so 8 attacks)), Butz was a Ninja also, Lenna was a Samurai with
    White Magic and Cara was a Monk with Summon capabilities. This allowed for good
    physical attacks but also the ability to use Golem, Carbunkle, Cure 3, Bersk
    (on Butz) and so on. I will point out that every time after this I have used at
    least one Time Mage.
    When Exdeath goes down, the crystals shatter and the world is back to it’s
    original form – that’s right, World 1 and World 2 are combined. Final Fantasy
    V World 3 starts up..
    Final Fantasy V GBA Walkthrough : World 2 : Galuf and Exdeath's World
    Tycoon Castle and Boco
    So the story begins southwest of Tycoon Castle, just like it did in World 1.
    What happened, and how did they get there? No one seems to know but a
    celebration hits as you enter Tycoon Castle. Faris (Sarisa) will be dressed up
    and Butz will like that. Eventually you get control of Butz, so follow Cara and
    you’ll talk to her outside, then leave Tycoon.
    Far to the west is the cave you dropped Boco off in, and he’ll be there!
    Despite him having a wife you can still use him. Ride him towards Tycoon and
    then north of Tycoon and you’ll be going for a long while.
    You can stop at Tule Village but there isn’t much to do, and eventually you
    come to a valley where you take control. You fall down and have to fight the
    Antlion here. He’s not too difficult, just cast Slow and you should be able to
    keep him in check after you do that and Haste your party. Faris messes around
    with you a bit but finally lets you climb up with the rope.
    Ghido’s Dwelling
    Continue along now until you come about a cave and go through and flip Ghido
    over. Ghido talks about Enuo and the Void. You’ll learn much more about what’s
    going on, but Exdeath was the splinter Krile picked up a while back. Exdeath
    will banish you over by the Ancient Library. Exdeath also sucks Tycoon Castle
    into the Void. Then he sends Krile, Butz, Faris and Ghido to who knows where.
    Ancient Library
    Go inside and you’ll have some more learning sessions with Guido and the
    Surgate scholars. The Void is trying to break free from where it has been
    sealed within the Rift. You must obtain the same twelve legendary weapons
    needed to defeat the Warlock Enuo a thousand years ago. The weapons are sealed
    within the Castle Kuza. You need four tablets to unlock these weapons at Castle
    Kuza. Other great abilities and spells are around the world for you as well.
    You then acquire the Sealed Tome, a book that will prove valuable. Time to head
    to the pyramid in the Desert of Shifting Sands, says Ghido.
    Before you leave go to the top floor and talk to the rightmost scholar for the
    Magic Song (Mana’s Paean in FFV Advance). Time to go to the Quicksand Desert to
    get that tablet!
    Moore Village
    Well, skip past the desert for now and continue west to Mua / Moore. You will
    pass through the Guardian Tree.  Go to the house in the southwest and this time
    you can go through and work your way south through the forest.
    Eventually a “sage” will pop up asking you if you’re brave or not. More or less
    this is alluding to whether or not you run away from fights often. You’re
    better off choosing that you’re a coward as the Chicken Knife becomes more
    powerful as you run away, although sometimes it causes your party to run away
    (because, well, you’re a chicken). Meanwhile the Brave Blade is pretty good if
    you never run but it decreases when you do run. Chicken Knife has always been
    best for me; but it will make you run on occasion when attacking, which can be
    Quicksand Pyramid of Moore
    Okay, this is the first tablet destination and you have to fight Gargoyles
    outside. They are rather difficult, but not quite on the level of boss fights.
    Problem is, you want to expire both of their 5000 HP totals at the same time,
    else they’ll revive the other one. Chances are you’ll need to defeat them a few
    times before you clear the battle. The Sealed Tome comes out and opens the path
    into the Quicksand Pyramid.
    Inside take the left-most path, then hit the left and right switch at the top
    by the spikes to create a path. Follow along and you’ll hit the quicksand and
    fall to B1.
    Before you get the treasure (it’s a monster), make sure you have a Mediator
    with the Control ability if you need either GuardOff or Condemn (Blue Magic
    spells). Also note you’ll need to use an Ether on The Damned before they can
    use these spells. An Ice Shield is the treasure chest reward. Continue north
    back to the first floor, and you’ll come to the quicksand again, but hit the
    switch so that it stops. Now go east and up the stairs and search the mummy.
    You’ll fight a Grandmummy, and afterwards you get 5 ABP and a Cursed Ring for a
    Okay so return all the way back to the first path that you skipped upon
    entering the pyramid. You’ll be trapped by some snakes shortly along the way
    but kill them and hit the right switch to open the southern door.
    Next area, the northwest chest is for a Flame Shield and it’s against four
    Cursed Ones. Should be easy. The center chest yields a Dark Matter and against
    the same enemies too. The right chest has two Ushabti’s and an Archeosaur, and
    you get a White Suit / White Robe for that. Go east and wait for the spikes to
    not be showing and make your way up – otherwise you won’t make it and you’ll be
    In this new room are MachinHead’s, powerful enemy robots that you can see as
    you’re walking. Mecha Heads in FFV GBA. You can’t run, but they really aren’t
    too tough. Use Thunder spells. The northern part of the room has a tomb with
    three Mummies. Defeat them and grab the cursed Thornlet. There are two Elixirs
    (one on each side of the Thornlet). The far west has a switch and a monster in
    a box, revealing a Dragon Fang and a Black Suit / Black Robe. Fight the last
    mummy east of here and go up the stairs for a Save Point and floor 5.
    Go southeast through the wall for a battle against three karate types. They
    are kind of tough with their Air Fist, but use Golem if you need to – Black
    Garb is your reward. Take the southern stairs, and don’t bother to hit the
    switch – just let the quicksand take you down a level. You’ll be right by a
    treasure which is Dark Matter, and you have an easy battle against The Damned
    to get it.
    Now take the northwest path on floor 5 for two more fights and two treasures
    (two snakes as well). Crystal Armor is the right chest (5 Objet d’Art’s) and
    Dark Matter is the left one. Go south into the 5th floor and then all the way
    south in this room to where the quicksand and the switches are. Hit the switch
    and then go in the door to the right. There are two switches so hit the far one
    (otherwise you’ll get knocked down 2 levels). Take the 9000 gil and 8000 gil on
    the right and there are two battles and two Dark Matters on the left.
    Go back out and continue all the way through to the next area. North a bit,
    then go west and through the wall for a battle (Earth Hammer / Gaia Hammer).
    Further up and east are 10,000 gil and a Cabin. Return back and go up the
    stairs at the beginning. Now wait and see how this rotates. You don’t want to
    fall obviously. Anyway, from left to right, there are a Ribbon, Guard Ring /
    Protect Ring, and Gold Hairpin. Quite a haul. If you fall down around here at
    any point you can get the Elixir in the floor below.
    Up via the left side for an Elixir and a monster (Dark Matter). On the other
    side is another battle with Dark Matter and one treasure with 12,000 gil. Go up
    and you’ll be able to grab the first stone tablet!
    After you acquire the tablet, Krile reads something about The Dragon King
    Bahamut. the island with the airship sinks and turns into Bahamut. Bahamut
    flies to North Mountain and will wait for you to battle him there. Meanwhile,
    you end up at the top of the pyramid and can leave and find your ship. When
    you are back on the world map though, use a Cabin and be prepared for a tough
    Guardian Tree – Melusine
    As you get to the huge tree, you’ll see Lenna be dropped off. However she is
    possessed by one of Exdeath’s minions, Merugene (Melusine in FF5 Advance).
    Before the battle, Exdeath sends Ghido and the Ancient Library to The Void.
    Melusine can change her elemental barrier so stay on top of that if you’re
    casting magic, or just use physical attacks. Her physical defense is good
    though. She starts off weak against Fire, but then became weak against
    Lightning. She’s not too tough overall especially if you Slow her – her magic
    is most devastating but even that shouldn’t damage you too much. 20 ABP is
    your reward. Finally, you save Lenna and get her back in your party.
    Exdeath has other plans though. As you travel northeast to your Airship,
    Exdeath sucks even more towns into The Void (Worus, Moogle Forest, Istory,
    and Lix).
    Sealed Castle of Kuza
    Eventually you’ll gain control, and you’ll want to go to the Sealed Castle of
    Kuzar. Talk to everyone inside and you’ll get an HP / MP recovery pot available
    and some new information that might be worth your time. Place your tablet in
    the far room in this castle and you’ll get a chance to take 3 / 12 weapons.
    Which weapons should you take first? It’s all dependent on which classes you
    like to use and which classes you are currently using. Remember, you’ll get
    another tablet soon and that’ll be 3 more weapons, so you might want to choose
    the weapons you’ll be using in the immediate future. I chose the Masamune, Holy
    Lance and Sasuke’ Katana (although it is actually called Hardened for some
    reason). The main reason I grabbed these three weapons was because I was
    building up a Dragoon, Samurai and Ninja at the time. Assassin’s Dagger is a
    good choice for one of the first three, since Ninja’s are used so often
    Pirate’s Hideout
    Before you do anything else, go to the Pirate’s Base and you’ll get the Syldra
    summon, a Thunder attack much more powerful than Ramuh’s but more costly in
    terms of MP. Worth the trade off though considering we have been waiting for a
    better summon since Titan.
    Mirage Town / Phantom Village
    Leave and go toward Crescent but a few forest ranges to the southwest of
    Crescent is Mirage Village. You need to “get in a battle’ so to speak and when
    you do it’ll take you to the Cleft of Dimension (and Mirage Town).
    Go to the pub to the west and enter via the back. Search by the bartender to
    find a Thieve’s Knife / Thief Knife. Go downstairs and you’ll talk to a guy who
    challenges you to go around the world on a yellow chocobo. You can do this with
    Boco if you want, just fly to where he is and travel all the way along the
    inner part of the continent (it’s like a ring, look at the shape of Crescent
    and the islands around it for help). You get a Mirage Vest for doing this. Go
    south out of the pub basement and into the next building you see. Continue
    north and search for full HP / MP, and continue along. Make sure you have a
    thief with so you can see the secret passages. If you go left through the wall
    you’ll see a set of stairs leading to a Black Chocobo and further left is the
    final piano! After playing this, you should have mastered it, in which case you
    can go to Crescent Village and talk to a bard in the southeast house. He gives
    you the Power Song and the Hero Song for your piano efforts throughout the
    Anyway, all the way to the right is the second Weapon’s dealer (Ninja Shop) and
    a door you can’t go in. Buy what you want and check out the magic / armor
    shops. Just go ahead and search the northeast part of the armor shop to make a
    path open behind the dealer. As for the magic, you can get the last of the
    level 6 spells if you go to the west part of the building and enter from the
    back. Arise, Dispel, Death, Osmose, Quick and Banish.
    Fly southwest of Carwen and land in the water and sail in the northern area.
    You’ll run into a Stingray eventually, and make sure you have Control and
    Learning (or a Blue Mage) and you can get Big Guard, one of the most useful
    defensive spells (and blue magic spells) in the entire game.
    The Solitary Island Shrine
    It is easy to find, just look at the center of the map with the water spot and
    then a little south is the Solitary Island with one long bridge being the only
    access. Can’t land on the bridge so just land on the grass and walk over. Beat
    the Gargoyles up at the entrance for 10 ABP.
    “Within an island shrine Kissed by wind One tablet rests”
    There is a Tote Avis (Tot Aevis in FF5 GBA) around here that drops (or you can
    steal) the Aviskill, a very very good bow. Also make sure you have a Thief (or
    Passages) during this also, as there is one on the second floor (for a 12,000
    gil chest). Continue along and you’ll be thrown into a room with two switches.
    Hit them both and you’ll go back in the tube and get 9000 gil. Return back and
    re-hit the left one, and then you’ll get an Elixir. Finally, switch them around
    one last time and you’ll get to a treasure and the exit. Careful though, the
    treasure is a dangerous wolf (Pantera – but a Covert Ninja in FFV Advance. Just
    as tough) and it can use Blaster to kill you. Your reward is the powerful
    Rising Sun. Save your game in the northeast after this.
    On this next floor you can get a Crystal Helmet in the northeast, and there is
    a powerful Prototype in the very north protecting a Guard Ring (SNES) / Protect
    Ring (GBA) treasure. Northwest is an Ether and the exit.
    Directly north is a Beastkiller and attempting to go east through the secret
    passage will lead in a hole (and you falling down). Instead, go west and then
    north twice.  Yyou’ll get to a room with passages on the left and right and
    two treasures north of you. Don’t walk right up to them because again you’ll
    fall through. Instead, come at the sides and get behind these treasures to get
    an Ether and a Dragon Fang. In the next room you can get a Circlet on the right
    and a Dark Matter on the left (oh yeah, rest and save before you go in here).
    In the north is the second tablet, although “Stoker” is there to stop you.
    Actually when you get in battle the name is “Stalker“, or Wendigo in FF5 GBA.
    He is split up into four, and you can only hit one. Don’t use magic that
    attacks everyone as that will earn his disdain (he will spam Frost), you
    instead need to keep guessing and hope you hit the right one. He can use Mind
    Blast, something your Blue Mage can learn. If you guess right and don’t let
    him get your HP too low, the second tablet should be yours soon. A long battle
    actually – hopefully you have a powerful Chicken Knife to take off 2800+ like
    I did. 20 ABP. The gate to the Fork Tower also opens after this, for the
    ultimate White and Black Magic.
    For the record, I went to the Sealed Castle of Kuza and got the Sage’s Staff,
    Yoichi Bow and Assassin Dagger (leaving most of the left side of the room to
    North Mountain – Bahamut
    It’s time to try Bahamut. You could really try this anytime after getting Lenna
    / the airship back. To get there, you need a Black Chocobo to fly you there
    from Mirage Village, and land in the forest. You can go to the southwest for
    the Phoenix Tower or the northeast for North Mountain, and since that’s why
    we’re here we’re going to go to North Mountain.
    The monsters here haven’t changed since World 1, so it’ll be a breeze getting
    to the top. As for Bahamut, well, he’s actually pretty similar to the FF4
    version, but much less dangerous. He has some dangerous attacks like Aqua
    Breath (700 damage to all), but as you might expect Mega Flare is the move you
    have to watch out for. Thankfully we can use Carbuncle to put up a Magic Wall
    on everyone at once, so this should keep you safe from it.  Or rather when he
    does use Mega Flare it just takes off 9999 on him instead of 2500 on all of
    your characters. Moreover, Bahamut is terribly slow in this game. You can get
    Stop to work on him on occasion, and sometimes even Slow even though that is
    more rare. It’s already like he’s in perma-Slow status anyway. Use Hastega of
    course to give yourself that extra edge to make sure you are healed and have
    Carbuncle off. Bahamut nets you 25 ABP and we get the Bahamut Summon, one of
    the most powerful attacks of any kind in the entire game. It is very expensive
    in terms of MP so make sure your summoners have Gold Hairpins on.
    Fork Tower
    It’s Fork Tower time. You can get the ultimate White and Black Magic here, but
    you must split up into a physical attack party and a magician-based party. The
    physical party should go to the right and the magicians should go to the left.
    Chances are, you probably have two characters built up of each (Butz is my
    power-based physical attacker while Faris is more of a speed / Thief / Ninja
    type). You’ll control the magicians first, so make your way up and grab the
    Ether and Wonder Rod along the way. On the physical side, you’ll get a Hi
    Potion and a Defender.
    You will fight Minotauros on the physical side first, and he can be a bit
    difficult. I had a Ninja with X-Fight to take off roughly 4000 per hit and a
    Dragoon to Jump and heal the Ninja. This made it pretty easy, but he’ll try to
    use Holy at the end – and fail in doing so.
    Now it switches to the other part of the tower and you have to pick up the
    Flare spell fast or the tower explodes. You’ll fight Omniscient and he can be a
    difficult battle, casting Flare at the end. Keep a Wall up with Crbnkl the
    entire time and you shouldn’t have an issue, just be sure to re-new that Wall
    before he can get a spell off. Syldra is a good summon to use and Aero 3 is
    useful as he’s weak against Wind. When he is done, the tower collapses and you
    can go to the Catapult to free Cid under the water. Mid will come too and
    they’ll work on the ship, making it able to fly, sail, and be a submarine! Now
    you can go to the next tablet under the water!
    First go south of Karnak and talk to the crazy guy who gives you your game
    Great Sea Trench
    Use the submarine to go under the ocean and you’ll see a hole in the floor,
    towards the east. As you enter the Great Sea Trench, be sure to rest up and
    equip Holy weapons as most of the monsters are undead around here. Beat those
    Gargoyles up for 10 ABP and then enter B2 of the Great Sea Trench.
    “Deeper than the bottom of the sea Yet enveloped by flames One tablet rests…”
    Take your first south for a Water Scroll, and continue until you get to a
    section with a bunch of switches (the second room with a bunch of switches –
    take the north exit in the 1st room). Most of them make you fall down to the
    next floor but the upper-rightmost one will make a noise and open up a path to
    the north that leads to a Flame Ring. Eventually you should fall down and go
    north for a Dragon Fang and east for B6.
    To the very south is an Ether in this room and a little east is a Phoenix Down.
    Hopefully you have a Geomancer or someone to cast Float so the lava doesn’t
    bother you. The next room east is B7. You’ll be at is the Dwarve’s Headquarters
    where you can save, rest and buy some things. The weapons / armor are obsolete
    at this point probably. Talk to the dwarves and the one digging the tunnel to
    the southwest will show you where the Mirage Village is (if you didn’t know
    As you continue along the south spot in the water area will flash a blue light,
    and this is where you can restore the Magic Lamp (if you have it). Need to have
    reached the top of the Istory Falls waterfall with a yellow chocobo and search
    for it. In the next room, continue to the far northeast and hit a switch that
    will open a door to a Kaiser Knuckles treasure. Go to the south now and there
    will be three switches in the far south. Hit the upper left one, and then the
    right one, and finally the lower left one. Now go back up to the first switch
    in this room (the chest) and hit it, opening up a new room.
    This is where the tablet is and three of Exdeath’s goombas will surprise you –
    them being Triton, Phobos and Neregeid / Nereid. Each has a simple elemental
    strength and weakness, but you should probably just focus on using Holy, Flare
    and summons like Syldra or Bahamut. You’re going to want to kill them all at
    the same time relatively, as otherwise they’ll revive and use a Delta Attack,
    stoning one of your characters. Not really a ton of MP especially if you’re
    spamming powerful summons. 20 ABP is your reward. You also get Time Magic spell
    Meteo down here, which was sealed in the flow of the Magma. Afterwards you can
    exit out and get three more weapons. I chose the Firebute (Flame Whip), Sage
    Staff (great for White Magic) and the Wizard Rod (great for Black Magic).
    Sunken Water Crystal Tower
    The Sunken Water Crystal Tower is southwest of Carwen and northwest of where
    Walse should be, near where you fought the Stingray. Sail to it and a timer
    will go off – you have seven minutes to get down there, according to Butz.
    That’s enough time but you should probably have someone with the Escape / Dash
    ability to make sure you’re ahead of schedule. Just make a Thief and use Flee
    / Smoke to run from battles.
    When you get down there you will find the crystal shard. “It has taken the
    first two acts, but now, the amazing power of this crystal shard is within my
    competent grasp. I shan’t allow you to take it, so turn back and begone!” –
    Gogo. Don’t listen to him, say no and the battle starts.
    Famed Mimic Gogo is quite simple actually. If you try to fight him it’s one of
    the hardest battles in the game and next to impossible but if you don’t do
    anything you’ll win and get the Mime class at your disposal. One of the most
    valuable in the game. Famed Mimic Gogo is thrown into the Rift. Not before
    dropping off a whopping 50 ABP! Then, teleport out.
    Jacole Cave
    Go to the Jacole Cave / Jachol Cave and make your way to the other side, like
    you did in FF5 world 1. This time though, you appear on the other side of the
    Bal castle basement!
    Bal Castle Basement
    This is where you fought all those statues for ABP back in World 2. Maybe you
    still do it. But now you can head south and unlock that door forever, allowing
    you to rest in Bal and explore this place whenever you like.
    Save and head north and you’ll see a green light, and it’s Odin. Before you
    fight, make sure you have some firepower because you have to end this fight
    early or else you’ll never win. Just one minute. Use your best spells; Meteo,
    Flare, X-Fight, Chicken Knife, all that good stuff. Just don’t use Holy. Also
    note you can use L2 Old on him if you have it, a useful way to make the fight a
    lot easier. One minute goes up faster than you think so don’t waste your turns.
    Everyone needs to have a high-powered attack option. Maybe one healer because
    Zantetsuken can put you in a bad way. After Odin goes down, you get summoned
    monster Odin.
    Phoenix Tower
    Okay, so you need the Black Chocobo and you need to go southwest of North
    Mountain. Go in and search to the left. A path will open and this is how you go
    about the Phoenix Tower, as you either will fight an enemy or will open up the
    staircase to the next floor. This is a long tower so you’ll be doing a lot of
    guessing (although this can be ridiculously easy if you abuse the Save State
    option on an emulator). 30 floors to be exact. At the top you’ll see a scene
    with Lenna and a Hiryuu and you’ll get a choice (although im pretty sure it
    doesn’t matter). Afterwards the Phoenix Esper is yours and that should just
    about do it for Espers (other than Leviathan).
    Istory Falls
    This is the last tablet. To get here, use the submarine in the northwestern
    part (look at the light). You probably don’t even need the last three items but
    you might as well go through this – you’ll like your rewards. Beat the
    Gargoyles up for 10 ABP and enter.
    To the west are a Turtle Shell and an Ether, and an Air Lancet / Air Knife is
    in the northeast. North is the exit.
    Take the east path for a Giant Drink / Goliath Tonic and go to the southeast
    part for a Rune Edge (hard to see). Work your way to the west and hit the
    switch to stop the waterfall. Notice you have to do this fast so make sure you
    have Dash otherwise you’ll never get the item (Guard Ring – Protect Ring).
    Further along south to a new area.
    Go down the right path at the first fork for a Phoenix Down and left to
    continue and another left for a Wall Ring / Reflect Ring. Go right for a Save
    Point, then the exit. Travel southwest in this new area but in the center look
    for a room to enter for an Artemis Bow. Go left for 12000 gil and north for an
    Enhancer (as you go north, stick to the west wall to avoid pitfalls). Back to
    the Save Point area and go south and take the south room to continue to the
    following floor.
    Go to the northeast and grab the pinwheel / Fuma Shuriken, and then to the west
    for an Aegis Shield. Hit the switch when you go south and grab the Giant’s Axe
    / Titan’s Axe. Dead end now, right? Wrong, jump down the hole’s in the south
    (by the Giant’s Axe) and you’ll see the final tablet just north of you. Grab
    this and go north and an Exdeath monster comes to stop you. Fortunately
    Leviathan wipes him out. But now you have to deal with the water lord
    Leviathan yourself. You have a moment to prepare before walking up to him after
    his appearance, so make sure you have plenty of Black Mages / White Mages /
    Time Mages (or abilities pertaining to those classes). And have Coral Rings
    Leviathan is one of the most difficult fights in FFV if you don’t have a Coral
    Ring because he often times uses Tidal Wave consecutively (without even
    reaching 2 turns). It takes off 600-800 on each member, or heals them by that
    much if you have the Coral Ring. Careful of this, and you should probably have
    two people who can cast Cure 3. Stay in Haste status and try to Slow Leviathan
    to prevent him from using Tidal Wave multiple times. Leviathan will also
    attempt to Entangle your members, and his regular attacks take off a good deal
    as well. Bolt 3, Meteo, Syldra and Holy are some of the best options to use.
    It goes without saying you should take care of him as fast as possible.
    Thundaga / Bolt 3 is probably your best option especially if you have the Magus
    Rod equipped (ups elemental attack magic power). Hopefully you have some of
    these goodies to damage him because Leviathan has a whopping 40,000 HP!
    Probably the highest you’ve seen yet. 20 ABP and a Reflect Ring are your
    reward. But the biggest reward is being able to use Summoned Monster Leviathan
    in battle for massive water damage.
    Now you can get the last 3 weapons and move onto the Cleft of Dimension!
    Cleft of Dimension – Interdimensional Rift
    Go to Castle Tycoon, or where it once stood. As soon as you take your airship
    over the void-like area, you get sucked into the Interdimensional Rift. The
    quicksand area is first and you basically have to work your way east to the
    door. As you get there you’ll see several Rift monsters hovering above you.
    They threaten you and you’ll have to fight them along the way to Exdeath.
    Now you are in the ruins area. Grab the Ether, Elixir, Cabin and Dark Matter in
    the four chests and go south. You’ll come to three ramps going up, take the
    right one for an Elixir and the left to continue. Go right for a Drain Sword /
    Blood Sword, then left and you’ll be in Mirage Town!
    Work your way around and leave via Mirage Town’s entrance. You’ll be in the
    forest now, where you should go northeast for a Dragon Fang and then west and
    north to get around. Remember, on emulator if you hit 2 and 3 your vision will
    be much much better :) . As you head southeast, you’ll get a Ribbon, an
    Enhancer in the far south, and a Lilith Rod in the east. The tree in the very
    southeast will have a hole that opens a path up, but Calofisteri shows up. You
    can steal a worthless Plumed Hat from her. She puts a Wall up, so if you have a
    White mage cast Dispel to get rid of it. Then attack with whatever you have.
    She likes to spam Drain. Put Mighty Guard up and Hastega, then you should have
    no problem. 20 ABP and continue on.
    Now you’re in the waterfall area. The Achelons around here are tough – they
    look like Shoat / Catoblepas but have stout defenses and come in packs of
    three. Weak against water though so use Leviathan. Go all the way to the right
    and walk north through the waterfall and get the Angel Ring. Return west and
    enter that place, getting the Coral Ring and saving at the Save Point. WARNING!
    Omega Preparation
    WARNING! Omega is outside. He is an optional boss (along with Shinryuu, a
    treasure-monster late late in the game) and he is much harder than anyone else
    in the entire game including the final boss. Think Ruby Weapon and Emerald
    Weapon in FF7. You really have to know what you’re doing to be able to even put
    anything up against this guy, so avoid him at all costs when you first see him.
    Definitely save at that save point, because even sometimes when Omega isn’t
    directly next to you, you’ll somehow encounter him.
    This and Shinryuu are the two hardest fights in the game. To prepare for the
    fight, you’re going to want two or three characters to have the Hunter’s
    X-Fight / Rapid Fire ability along with the Mystic Knight’s Magic Sword
    Spellblade ability so that Bolt 3 can be cast and used through !Rapid Fire. You
    will also want the Ninja’s Two-Handed ability so that you can have two weapons
    per character (both Magic Sword capable). Or just make “Freelancer” job classes
    which automatically can equip two weapons. The other character should be a
    standard magician of sorts, with Dimension Magic for Haste 2 and White Magic
    for Cure 3 and Life 2 (maybe Summon or Blue Magic (Mighty Guard)). To be
    honest, you’re better served to bring two magician-types and just two
    attackers. You have to attack Omega somewhat slowly, because he has some brutal
    counter-attacks. Thus, it’s better to have two magicians to heal up. Bring two
    White Mages, with one of them having the Time Magic ability (for Hastega /
    Haste 2) and a Blue Mage ability (for Mighty Guard / Big Guard). The Mighty
    Guard is absolutely essential because it seems to protect your party from many
    of Omega’s abilities.
    This will take some time building up the ABP to do this, but in the Cleft you
    can generally get 25-30 ABP per battle and if you fight Movers (in the fourth
    level of the Cleft) you’ll get 199 ABP. So the moral of the story is that it
    doesn’t really take that long to get the needed abilities to counter Omega. Oh,
    and equip 4 Flame Rings to absorb any Fire-based damage Omega uses. Then cast
    “Float” before you start the battle to prevent Earthquake from destroying you.
    Equip Ribbons if you have any.
    Omega Battle
    First of all, nothing to steal in this battle. As for the fight itself, one
    other thing you need is luck. Sometimes he’ll counterattack with Rocket Punch
    on everyone, which can be killer with the Confuse. Or Encircle, which just
    erases a character. Having Mighty Guard up seems to nullify both of these
    manuevers, thankfully. Omega likes to use Wave Cannon for ~700 on each member.
    Nothing you can do against this move. I generally don’t heal after this, hoping
    he’ll use Atomic Ray or Flame Thrower soon after, which heal us since we have
    those Flame Rings equipped (right?)
    Turn 1 – Use Spellblade / Thundaga with your two Mystic Knights (or three, if
    you chose to do that). Then Mighty Guard with your Blue Mage and Hastega with
    your Time Magic. By the time you do all of this, Omega has probably used Delta
    Attack on one member and then Wave Cannon. I usually don’t worry about healing
    because he’ll follow up with Atomic Rays soon enough to heal your entire party.
    This sets you up well to use Rabid Fire the next time with all of your buffs up
    and everyone healed. Chicken Knife can do 5000+ damage with one attack, just
    absurd, so make sure that character attacks first (for well over 20,000 damage
    per Rapid Fire). Omega will counterattack four or five different times with
    Encircle and then a bunch of Rocket Punches. As stated above, Mighty Guard
    generally protects you from all of this. Otherwise, it can be mayhem. Heal up
    when needed and repeat. This won’t be a long fight either way – either you are
    going to win after 4 or 5 X-Fights, or Omega will have your party dead.
    After the battle you get 50,000 gil, 100 ABP and the Omegamedl. Or Omega Badge
    in FFV GBA. There is no real use for this item, other than to look at it in
    your item inventory to see: ‘Your wisdom and bravery prevailed over the
    Ancients.’ not the most worthwhile item but it’ll remind you of beating one of
    the toughest monsters FF5 has to offer (and any FF, really). After the battle
    and getting the Omega Badge, the earth rumbles for almost 10 seconds with Omega
    leaving our presence.
    Go east past Omega and north into the library. Read the Book of Magick in the
    back for a strategy on Twin Tania (use Odin when he prepares for Giga Flare)
    and a book on Shinryu and Omega, the two guys I was telling you are really
    really tough. The middle book leads to a battle against Apanda, a monster weak
    against Fire. Really though, this guy is like Byblos but is extremely easy, one
    of the easiest in the Cleft of Dimension. Will use Protect on himself multiple
    times for some reason, but that can be dispelled. Like Calofisteri, Apanda
    likes to use Drain often. Continue to use Holy, Meteo, Flare and X-Fight. 16
    ABP and Ash are your rewards (you can steal / mug Ash from him too). With the
    middle book open, leave the room and you’ll be in a different area.
    Make sure you have a Thief (or Passages) so that you can see. This area is
    simple and soon you’ll be at the castle of Tycoon.
    Go east and south for some Running Shoes / Hermes Sandals, and then west and
    south for a Thor Hammer. Take the north exit (leading downstairs into the
    basement) where there are a ton of bosses running around. The guy in the
    southwest is Apocalypse / Azulmagia and he specializes in Blue Magic. He uses
    some of his own and even can learn a few things from you, if you use them on
    him. He can be difficult but it’s all dependent on what he uses – so if
    anything, don’t use Blue Magic on him because it just opens up new
    possibilities for him. Oh, and you can Mug and Elixir from him. We want to go
    after him first though because he yields a valuable Save Point – and 22 ABP.
    Catastroph might be worth a try this time. He is the black monster “protecting”
    the lady in the northeast part of the basement, and if you try to talk to him
    through the jail cell he’ll bum rush you to the left part and you’ll start a
    fight. He’ll use Earth Shaker which takes off roughly 1000, so you should heal
    and cast Float. If you continue to cast Float he’ll continue to cast Gravity G
    or something like that, which makes you not Float. He will ALWAYS do this so
    you can win easily, especially if your party is Hasted, he will never be able
    to catch up. Steal an Elixir and your reward is 21 ABP.
    Next, try to open up the doors and talk to one of those crazy old men. They are
    Alte Roite, magician looking guys who morph into winged avis-like creatures.
    Red Shoes is the treasure in the north and a Rainbow Suit is the treasure in
    the southeast. The girl you saved will give you a kiss and run upstairs. Go up
    that way.
    Work your way to the opposite side (go west) and get the Man Eater. Return back
    and you’ll be by the throne room. As you try to exit through the northwest,
    you’ll be stopped by the lady who blew the kiss of death at you.
    She’ll turn into Halicarnaso / Halicarnassus, a dangerous boss that will use
    Frog / Ribbit on all your characters immediately. You can prepare for this by
    having your characters in Frog status prior to the battle, but it shouldn’t
    slow you down that much. Steal a Staff of Light from him. Start off with
    Hastega and Mighty Guard – Slow doesn’t seem to work, but Halicarnassus doesn’t
    act that fast. Use your best options, like Flare, Meteo, Holy and whichever
    legendary weapons you are using. And that Chicken Knife. 20 ABP is your reward.
    She’ll go down and you should rest up save and head to the roof.
    Here you will fight a boss that you learned a tidbit about in the library.
    Twintania. It said that when a certain monster was preparing for Giga Flare
    that it is vulnerable. This boss at the roof, the large Twin Tania, is the guy
    that this applies to. He sometimes uses Mega Flare as a counterattack to high
    level magic spells and also uses Tidal Wave to counteract physical attacks.
    Keep this in mind so you don’t attack too many times in a row and die because
    of his counterattacks. Better yet, equip 2-4 Coral Rings before the fight and
    you can use physical attacks as a way to restore your HP with his otherwise
    devastating Tidal Wave. Holy is amazing, with the boost from the Sage’s Staff
    it does upwards of 8000-9000 damage! After a certain amount of damage (and
    it’ll be a lot -Twintania has a massive 50000 HP) it’ll begin to charge for
    Giga Flare. You’ll be done if it gets this off. So when this happens, cast
    Odin and Twin Tania will be sliced in several parts. Some times if you’re
    really wailing it and have your party Hasted and Twin Tania slowed, he might
    not even get a chance to charge up for the attack. 24 ABP and a bridge forms.
    North and you’ll be in the final part of the Cleft of Dimension. Go right for a
    Pinwheel – Fuma Shuriken and south to see Gilgamesh (assuming you fought him at
    the end of World 2). He won’t recognize you and it’ll take some fighting to get
    him to do so. Fortunately you can steal a Genji Shield from him, which you
    absolutely should do.
    In the next room, get the Pinwheel and Elixir and continue on. In this third
    section, DO NOT GET THE TREASURE YOU SEE. It is a battle against Shinryuu for
    the Ragnarok sword. You won’t be able to beat Shinryu until you build up
    immensely (and have a carefully planned strategy). Don’t let the normal battle
    music fool you – there is no harder battle in the game, including Omega. And in
    FFV Advance, they gave Shinryu his well-deserved boss music!
    Shinryuu Preparation
    This is a really fun battle. Chances are you’ll run across him on accident
    unless you’re told otherwise. He is beatable, but like Omega, you need to know
    what to do. And the strategy with Shinryu has much more depth to it compared to
    the other ’super boss’ Omega, and far less room for error. You have to be
    perfect, and you have to be able to pick your commands extremely fast because
    Shinryu will act and act and act. He just doesn’t stop doing shit. Anyway,
    first it’s time to go over what it’s going to take to even be able to give
    yourself a chance against the lord of dragons.
    I can’t imagine it’s possible to defeat him without Dragoon Spears (ideally 8
    of them, although 4 or 6 might suffice. Last time through I did it with as few
    as 3 Dragon Spears). Since this is such a key part of the formula, let’s take
    care of that first. In the 1st and 3rd areas of The Rift, you will find
    Crysdragon’s / Crystal Dragons. You have about a 1 in 8 chance (or worse) of
    stealing a Dragon Lance. The other 80% of the time you will be getting an
    Elixir. But I found a trick for this recently. Bring a Time Mage with, and if
    you only steal an Elixir, use Return. This will bring you to the beginning of
    the battle, as if it were a new battle. So you may be able to steal a Dragon
    Lance, but you still may get an Elixir. Point is, this way you’ll get a Dragon
    Lance each time and won’t have to wander around looking for another Crystal
    Dragon – which is good, because they’re somewhat rare to encounter.
    Next step is to buy four Coral Rings. You probably have a few at this point,
    and money is obsolete at this point in the game anyway. Other items of use will
    be the two or three Gold Hairpins you have, an Aegis Shield and two Ice
    Shields. The Ice Shields allow you to absord the Ice Storm attack Shinryu has,
    which is really damn annoying (2700 damage on each member). The Aegis Shield
    will also help dodge this attack, and many others. Aegis Shield is very helpful
    for whoever has it. Maybe the Ribbons are worth equipping on the character / s
    without the Gold Hairpins, but I don’t know that that matters.
    You are going to want two or maybe three jumpers, depending on how many Dragon
    Lances you bothered to farm. Besides that, you probably want two people with
    White Magic (for Curaga, Esuna and Dispel), one or maybe two with Time Mage
    ability (Hastega, Slow won’t work on Shinryu), a Blue Mage or maybe two (Mighty
    Guard), and a Summoner or two for putting up Golem Summon to protect against
    Shinryu’s brutal physical attacks. With the Ice Shields, try to give them to
    your White Mages so they can cast Arise to revive whoever dies from the
    ability. Obviously, make all four characters Freelancers, and it’s very
    imperative you know the order in which your characters act. I say this because
    you’re going to want to get up Mighty Guard and Hastega first thing in this
    battle, because the beginning is one of the few times in this battle against
    Shinryu where you actually have some time to spare. He’s really fast, and once
    he uses his Tidal Wave to start the battle, the shit is on.
    If you got 8 Dragon Lances, by all means, let everyone Jump. It’s an easier
    strategy than what I explain, but I can’t be bothered to fight around for 8 of
    those things most of the time.
    Also note that level really doesn’t matter in this. Most of Shinryu’s attacks
    when not prepared for are going to kill you whether you are at level 37 or 47
    or 57, granted the higher level will buy you some time (and help you with
    Level 2 Old which can be a deadly factor in this battle depleting your
    So much luck is involved in this. Shinryu can really bury you if he chooses
    certain tactics, and you’re going to need some luck with that Aegis Shield and
    Mighty Guard being able to dodge tactics.
    Shinryu Battle
    Starting off, Shinryuu will cast Tidal Wave (hence the Coral Rings). I think he
    only uses it this once.You should then be able to at least choose to use Mighty
    Guard and Hastega, which will help you a good deal. If you can manage to keep
    Haste on your main jumpers, it’s a real boon being able to skip 3-4 attacks by
    Shinryu that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Shinryu will probably use something
    like Maelstrom after this, which puts you at like 3-10 HP. Not guaranteed to
    hit, but generally does (I think Mighty Guard raises your chances to dodge
    this, along with Aegis Shield). Shinryu also has those brutal physical attacks,
    which are lessened by Mighty Guard, but you are still going to want Golem up
    for this purpose. As stated above, Ice Storm can be a dangerous ability. Aegis
    Shield often dodges it and the Ice Shield users will survive too, but surely it
    will off at least one of your characters. Shinryu’s Poison attack can be really
    annoying if you just got dealt a Maelstrom – or vice versa (if you are poisoned
    and then get Maelstromed, you basically will die in a few seconds from the
    poison). Shinryu also has Evil Eye which he uses as a counter after you do one
    of your crisp jumps for 16,000 damage or so. Evil Eye sometimes works,
    sometimes it doesn’t, but you’ll have to waste time de-stoning your character.
    Shinryu also likes to use Level 3 Flare and Level 2 Old later in the battle,
    which can both wreak havoc on you. L3 Flare is basically an instant kill unless
    you happened to put a Flame Shield on, while L2 Old as said can be a nuisance,
    sapping your strength.
    A key moment the last time I played through FFV GBA was when Shinryu used
    Mighty Guard himself when he had lost about half his HP, and this is a problem
    because it’ll make that 8000 damage be more like 3700, which is not what we
    want. I was able to get off a Dispel with a White Mage right before two Jumpers
    came down. Shinryu killed my White Mage but the last Jumper took Shinryu down.
    Shinryu is probably somewhere near 70,000 – 75,000 HP, so you’re going to need
    to survive for a good while. The important thing is to be patient. You’re going
    to die several times in this battle going through, it’s too hard to explain in
    words what it’s like fighting this battle, mostly due to how fast Shinryu is.
    You’re going to have to be really quick with your fingers choosing abilities,
    because it can be the difference in you getting off a Curaga or him attacking
    you physically after Golem goes down. And while you’re dying over and over and
    probably getting close to beating him a few times, it’ll all start to make
    sense what you’ll have to do. Reading the above will cover you for most of his
    moves, but again, so much luck is involved in this battle. But that’s what
    makes this battle fun, because really, we who play RPG’s know that there are
    few battles that really challenge you like this.
    The reward for beating Shinryu is much more notable than the Omega Badge you
    earned earlier. No gold, no ABP, but the Dragon Seal / DrgnCrest and the
    other-wordly Ragnarok Sword. The sword with runes of the gods carved in its
    surface, a whopping 30 attack power more than the Excalibur.
    Okay, back to what you were doing. Continuing past the Shinryuu treasure, go
    west at the fork for a Pinwheel and east to the next room.
    Left is a boss battle that opens up a Save Point. This battle is against
    Necrofobia / Necrophobe and 4 Barriers. Your first mission is to take these
    Barriers out as fast as possible – so have lots of Summoners (or Summon
    ability) so that Leviathan and Bahamut can be cast to do heavy damage to all
    the Barriers.
    The Barriers will cast Flare on themselves (they have a Wall) so don’t bother
    with Crbnkl, they’ll get you anyway. Instead, do some damage control and make
    sure you are rested for the first 3 turns or so until the Barriers are gone.
    Then the battle gets significantly easier and he focuses more on physical
    attacks, so use Golem if you’d like. His physical attacks when paired with a
    Vacuum Wave can do a number on you unless you have Mighty Guard / Golem up.
    When he gets near death, Gilgamesh will come in (unless you didn’t fight
    Gilgamesh in Exdeath’s Tower, or unless you kill Necrofobia too fast). When
    Gilgamesh is there, you have a short period to steal from him – do so to get
    the last piece of Genji Equipment in the game, the Genji Armor. Gilgamesh will
    address each character and then blow himself up to destroy Necrofobia, and the
    Save Point is yours.You have maybe 3-5 turns before Gilgamesh ends the battle,
    so that’s only 3-5 opportunities to steal assuming you have only one character
    with steal / mug. Hopefully you get that Genji Armor. Strangely, no ABP from
    this battle.
    Further north is Exdeath, so make sure you’re ready to end the game before you
    First of all, while Exdeath doesn’t compare to Omega and Shinryuu, he is far
    and away the hardest normal battle in the game. Neo-Exdeath is extremely
    dangerous and the battle takes a long time, forcing you to stay on top of
    things for a prolonged period. The first battle is against just Exdeath, and
    then it’s a battle against Neo-Exdeath. As for class projections, I tend to go
    with three Mimes and a Bare. The Bare has X-Fight and 2-Handed, with the
    Ragnarok and Excalibur. The three Mime’s each have White / Summon magic, while
    two of them have Dimension Magic and one of them has Blue Magic.
    Use your best spells on him, whether that be Holy, Flare, Meteo, or Bahamut.
    X-Fight is also very useful for your physical attackers of course. This first
    battle isn’t really that hard but you should take the time to use Big Guard,
    Haste2, and keep your party in an overall good condition. When the battle
    changes to Neo-Exdeath, your status carries over (and now there will be four
    targets to go after).
    You will want to basically just use Bahamut on this new form to take off
    3000-3500 on all four parts. Continue this process but watch out as Neo-Exdeath
    gets downright vile towards the end so make sure to put him away when you have
    the chance. Again, Big Guard and Haste 2 are necessities, and with a little
    luck you’ll down Exdeath.
    The ending is dependent on the last battle. If you have all your characters
    alive, there will be a letter to Cid and Mid from one of your characters,
    stating what has been going on lately. At the end there will be a meeting at
    the great tree of Mua but Galuf will be revived.
    If you had one or more characters dead, you won’t hear their story in the
    letter obviously. The left over character (or one of the left over characters)
    will write the letter, and instead it’ll be the dead characters who get revived
    at the tree of Mua. Each character will then go their own way, with Cara on a
    Hiryuu and the other three riding Chocobos. Watch the credits and you can see
    the scores of your characters in terms of total abilities and other rankings.
    D) Ending
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