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    Job Planning Guide by mewsterus

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    Spoiler-Free Job Planning Guide       /
    by rey meustrus (meustrus AT gmail DOT com)
    Version 1.10 @ June 9, 2011
    Guide Overview
    This guide is designed for people who enjoy planning their games ahead of time,
    but inevitably end up frustrated because of the low general information
    available about such things as classes at the beginning of the game. Final
    Fantasy V is a great case of this - the job system has a great deal of depth,
    but most of it is not clear to the player as the game starts, and by the time
    you figure it out, you're halfway through the game and have all these ability
    points in random jobs and nothing to do with them.
    At the same time, a desire to effectively plan a game does not mean the desire
    to be spoiled as to the special class and job abilities that appear later
    through the game. And so, that brings us to this guide. All the essential
    information about the classes that does not appear in the game or manuals can
    be seen here, with the information organized in the order that the classes
    actually appear. This should allow you to read over and consider how to plan
    your game as you play it instead of over-thinking in-game acquisitions that you
    shouldn't actually know about yet.
    How to use this Guide
    There are several uses to this guide. Each section has its own use, and while
    it's probably a good idea to read the sections in order you don't have to read
    all of them.
    The first section is an in-depth analysis of the job system without spoiling
    any of the specifics later on. It's OK to skim or even skip this section,
    especially if you've already played the game through a few times. You can
    read through it all at once, you can read a particular section when you're
    curious, or you can skip it altogether. I will be assuming throughout the rest
    of the guide that you have read this section, so if it seems like I'm making a
    big assumption you can look back here for my explanation.
    The second section is the main spoiler-free feature of this guide. In it are
    recommendations for which jobs to use and when, as well as my opinion of each
    job. It's broken down by when you receive the jobs so you can read a bit at a
    time, only referring back to the guide when you get new jobs.
    The third section is a very technical discussion of techniques on how to build
    a job plan all at once ahead of time. It assumes you have played the game
    through at least once, but I've still tried to keep it free of any plot
    The fourth section is all reference material in a compressed format. Check here
    for the specific base attributes for each character. Check here for ALL the
    abilities every job learns and what it could be good for. Check here for which
    equipment can be used by which job. This is mainly here as a resource when
    you're working through section 3 to build your own job plan.
    Notice the bracketed section names? You can use Ctrl+F (Find) and that [CODE]
    to jump to a particular section without scrolling and searching.
    Version 1.10 @ June 9, 2011
    * Some fact checking; thanks to Djibriel for pointing out my errors. This
      update came about mostly from his fact checking and play strategies.
    * Changed Ninja description to mention ways to manipulate !Throw damage.
    * Added "About the Attributes" section [INTR5].
    * Added "Equipment Types" section [INTR7].
    * Expanded the "What to Think As You Go Along" section [INTR9].
    * Expanded the "Building a Good Magic User" section to discuss the Oracle job
    * Expanded somewhat the "The Mimic" section [PLAN5].
    * Added hidden armor types to [REFR3].
    * Ran spellcheck (I'm a good speller, but apparently I still make ~15 mistakes
      in a document this large).
    * Changed my email address.
    Version 1.00 @ March 15, 2011
    * First release
    Table of Contents
    1. Basic to Advanced Understanding of the Job System
       a. The Basics                                                        [INTR1]
       b. Mastering a Job                                                   [INTR2]
       c. Types of Jobs                                                     [INTR3]
       d. Types of Abilities                                                [INTR4]
       e. About the Attributes                                              [INTR5]
       f. Other Uses for Jobs                                               [INTR6]
       g. Equipment Types                                                   [INTR7]
       h. Building Each Character                                           [INTR8]
       i. What to Think As You Go Along                                     [INTR9]
    2. Job Descriptions
       a. Jobs of the Wind Crystal                                          [JOBS1]
       b. Jobs of the Water Crystal                                         [JOBS2]
       c. Jobs of the Fire Crystal                                          [JOBS3]
       d. Jobs of the Fire Crystal (Part 2)                                 [JOBS4]
       e. Jobs of the Earth Crystal                                         [JOBS5]
       f. Jobs of the Bonus Dungeon                                         [JOBS6]
    3. Building a Job Plan All at Once
       a. Where to Start                                                    [PLAN1]
       b. Building a Good Physical Fighter                                  [PLAN2]
       c. Building a Good Magic User                                        [PLAN3]
       d. Planning for a Blue Mage                                          [PLAN4]
       e. The Mimic                                                         [PLAN5]
       f. Making the Plan: An Example                                       [PLAN6]
    4. Reference
       a. Character base attributes                                         [REFR1]
       b. Equipment Allowed for Each Job                                    [REFR2]
       c. All Attributes for Each Job                                       [REFR3]
       d. All Abilities for Each Job                                        [REFR4]
    5. Closing                                                              [CLOSE]
    Basic to Advanced Understanding of the Job System
    The Basics                                                              [INTR1]
    Battles in Final Fantasy 5 are fought using attributes and abilities. Both of
    these elements are defined by jobs that you acquire throughout the game.
    Once you give a character a job, that character starts earning ABility Points
    (ABP) toward abilities. Some abilities are used innately by the jobs, such as
    !White and the White Mage. You can use these abilities when you change to
    another job. Other abilities aren't used automatically, like the Knight's
    Two-Handed, and must be equipped to use.
    There are several goals for using jobs. The first goal is access to abilities
    that aren't available to the Freelancer job. Playing without jobs is a special
    challenge for this reason. From here on, I will mark active attributes with a
    '!'. Having abilities, however, like !White is not the only reason for using
    The job your character is using also influences his or her attributes. There
    are four attributes: Strength (which affects damage from !Fight), Agility
    (which affects how soon the character can act again), Stamina (which affects
    HP), and Magic (which affects the damage or healing power of magic). While your
    character is using a job, his or her attributes are modified by that job.
    The third effect that jobs have is passive abilities, which I will mark with a
    '*'. These abilities are always active as long as the character is using that
    job. For example, Monks have the *Counter ability, which causes Monks to
    sometimes counterattack when hit physically.
    The final effect of a character's job is the equipment that that character may
    use. Since the Freelancer can use all equipment, this effect should be thought
    of more as a limitation than a bonus.
    Mastering a Job                                                         [INTR2]
    The part that makes jobs interesting is what happens when a character "Masters"
    a job. Once a character has learned all the abilities that job teaches, he or
    she no longer receives Ability Points while using that job. But, when using the
    Freelancer job, that character automatically uses all of the passive abilities
    of his or her mastered jobs, and receives the maximum bonus to each individual
    attribute from those jobs.
    Therefore, a higher goal for using jobs is for each character to have an
    attractive collection of passive abilities and attribute bonuses by the end of
    the game. This will make your characters so powerful as to handle optional
    bosses with ease, such as the Omega Weapon and those in the Bonus Dungeon.
    Don't get carried away, though. You need to plan carefully so that every
    collection of jobs in your party works to defeat the bosses along the way.
    Further, some abilities that would be useless otherwise, such as Equip Bow, can
    be extremely useful when given to a job like White Mage.
    Types of Jobs                                                           [INTR3]
    There are three main groups of jobs:
    Fighters are good at Strength and Stamina.
    Dodgers are good at Agility.
    Magicians are good at Magic.
    Generally, you will want every character to master at least one of the jobs in
    the three major categories.
    Types of Abilities                                                      [INTR4]
    When building your characters, it is best if everyone is a bit of a Dodger but
    mostly either Fighter or Magician. The abilities you can acquire can generally
    be separated into Fighter, Magician, and Buffer groups. Here are the most
    useful of these abilities:
    Fighter abilities:  Two-Handed, *Counter, !Spellblade, !Throw, *Dual-Wield,
                        !Rapidfire, !Jump, !Dance, !Finisher
    Magician abilities: !White, !Black, !Blue, !Summon, !Dualcast, !Gaia,
                        !Dark Arts
    Buffer abilities:   !Time, !Sing, !Mix, !Drink
    The useful distinction of the Buffer group is that even for !Time, which is
    magic, neither strength nor magic power have any impact on the results (except
    for the Comet and Meteo spells or the Requiem song, which in my humble opinion
    aren't effective anyway)
    About the Attributes                                                    [INTR5]
    This is just a generalization; for more information look at more technical FAQs
    like Tseng's Algorithms FAQ.
    Strength: All weapons except rods, bells, and harps use Strength for damage
              calculation. Indispensable for a fighter character, but useless for a
    Speed:    Controls how soon a character can move again in battle, and also adds
              to the damage for knives. This is the single most useful attribute,
              and also the hardest to raise. There is no job with incredible value
              for raising Speed - you get what you pay for with ABP.
    Stamina:  Directly affects HP, and nothing else as far as I remember. Everyone
              could use some more HP, right?
    Magic:    Directly affects MP and the damage done by magical attacks. This
              includes spells and some special moves such as !Gaia, !Throw, or
              !Ianuki. Some physical attacks also use Magic as part of damage
              calculation, such as the critical damage from the Rune Blade, as well
              as normal attacks with rods, bells, and harps. If a character doesn't
              cast spells or deal any damage in such way, Magic can be ignored.
    Other Uses for Jobs                                                     [INTR6]
    Some jobs are useful for reasons other than the above. For example, I recommend
    that you have at least one Thief as soon as possible and at all times possible.
    Besides having the best bonus to Agility, the Thief can see hidden passages and
    protects your party from back attacks. Other jobs have rather mediocre
    attributes but excellent skills. I will make a note of these jobs as they are
    introduced in the next major section.
    A note about Equip (weapon) skills: These skills (and Barehanded) don't just
    let you equip that kind of weapon. They also give your character the Strength
    bonus of the job that you got the ability from. The Barehanded skill, for
    example, gives a +26 bonus to Strength. All of the magic abilities like !Summon
    or !Black also give a bonus to magic power equal to the bonus from the class
    the ability comes from. Two of the Equip (weapon) skills boost other
    attributes; the Equip Bows also boosts Agility, and the Equip Harps ability
    boosts boosts Agility and Magic instead of Strength. 
    This replaces your existing bonus, rather than supplementing it. So, giving
    Barehanded to a Knight will only improve Strength by 3 points, but giving it to
    a Black Mage will boost it by a whopping 45 points. You do not need to actually
    use the weapon the ability is for to get these bonuses.
    Equipment Types                                                         [INTR7]
    While equipment obviously affects the physical damage dealt and taken by your
    characters, it can also influence magical damage. There are more categories of
    equipment than the game shows you.
    Knife:       Equippable by many jobs, but there aren't many good ones. The best 
                 is the Chicken Knife, but it has to be made stronger by running
                 away a lot. The Assassin Dagger is also good as a secondary weapon
                 for *Dual-Wield.
    Staff:       Not too good, but if it's available your other options are
                 probably limited. Weapons like the Flail do OK damage from the
                 back row for random battles, but the best thing to equip is the
                 Heal Staff. It really cuts down on healing MP costs.
    Rod:         Physically abysmal, but what this weapon hides is that certain
                 rods boost elemental damage. Give a Summoner a Thunder Rod and
                 Ramuh is 50% more powerful.
    Sword:       These are the most basic "whack the enemy with a stick" variety of
                 weapon, but they aren't the best.
    Holy Sword:  A special type of weapon only equippable by Knights. They are
                 usually the strongest weapons available, but can't be equipped by
                 more useful fighter jobs.
    Axe:         The Berserker's special weapon. The most notable one is the Gaia
                 Axe, which is the strongest weapon available when you get it.
    Whip:        The Beastmaster's special weapon. The most notable one is the
                 Blitz Whip, which besides being an excellent weapon when you find
                 it is also thunder-elemental at a time when you'll be fighting
                 lots of enemies weak to that element.
    Short Sword: Ninja weapon. These are criminally underpowered until near the end
                 of the game.
    Bell:        The Geomancer's weapon. This deals damage based on magic power,
                 and despite dealing full damage from the back row, bells are
                 always underpowered.
    Harp:        The Bard's "weapon." This also deals damage based on magic power,
                 by its own special formula. Harps deal damage based on a fraction
                 of the target's max HP. Tragically, they don't work on most
    Bow:         The Ranger's special weapon, which deals full damage from the back
                 row. This is the best weapon from the back row, and is one of the
                 weaker fighter-type weapons.
    Katana:      The Samurai's special weapon. These are among the most powerful
                 weapons available at any point after they become available at all.
    Spear:       The Dragoon's weapon, which is required to get the best benefit
                 from !Jump. Other than that, these tend to be rather weak for a
                 fighter-type weapon.
    Armor:       Equippable only by serious fighter jobs, with superior physical
                 defense and mediocre magic defense.
    Shield:      Equippable only by fighter jobs, providing evade and in some cases
                 special protection against magic.
    Ninja Garb:  Equippable mostly by dodger jobs, and also by the Monk. Provides
                 little defense and even less magic defense. Sometimes boost other
                 attributes like Strength.
    Light Garb:  Equippable by any job that can equip armor or ninja garb. Provides
                 limited physical and magic defense.
    Robe:        Equippable by magician jobs. Poor defense but superior magic
                 defense and magic evasion (the latter being a hidden attribute).
    Clothes:     Low defense, low magic defense clothing equippable by all jobs.
    Ribbon:      Equippable only by Dancer. These items are some of the best
                 equipment in the game and only become available very late. Aside
                 from the ribbon itself, other Dancer-specific equipment improves
                 the chance of getting Sword Dance from !Dance.
    Besides Rods, certain equipment like the Air Knife and the Gaia Gear also boost
    elemental damage.
    Building Each Character                                                 [INTR8]
    Each character has slightly different base attributes and is therefore slightly
    better suited to a different task. Here's what I recommend for each character:
        He's going to be with you forever, and is a great damage dealer. It's safe
        to give him the task of "primary damage-dealer". Being the front member,
        it's also more convenient to give him the Geomancer job later in the game
        since that job's abilities only work if the Geomancer is in the front.
        Lenna has the best Magic attribute, so she had better be a Summoner at some
        point to take advantage of its high boost to Magic. Don't make her your
        only White Mage, since late in the game you'll be spending some time
        without her.
        This is your most complicated character, for various reasons I won't go
        into. Galuf needs to be your most versatile character, so that you can both
        survive without him and without any others. For the sake of this
        versatility, I suggest that Galuf start out as a strong physical fighter,
        but transition to a faster magician about 2/3 through the game.
        Faris has great Agility. His attributes are average-looking, but if you
        were to sum them up, they'd be better than anybody else's. He can be great
        at anything, really. One way to take advantage of that is to have him fill
        whatever role Galuf isn't filling so that you always have two fighters and
        two casters.
    What to Think As You Go Along                                           [INTR9]
    Every collection of jobs that forms your party has to be able to sustain
    itself. Normally that means that you have at least one character with !White
    and the rest with decent damage potential. Try not to focus too heavily on
    magic at any one time because it isn't as effective for random battles.
    As you add more jobs to a character, consider what attribute bonuses they
    bestow. Every character should be at least one of each job type. It's not
    especially beneficial for a character to master multiple jobs of the same type,
    though, unless there's some special combination of non-inheritable skills
    you're looking for.
    Don't be afraid to switch jobs before you've mastered. This is especially true
    of magic users, because getting !White lvl5 isn't very useful if you only have
    lvl3 spells. It can be more useful to put those ABP towards another magic type
    (so your caster can use two kinds of magic at once!) or a job like Beastmaster
    or Ranger whose weapons are rather useful for a back row caster.
    Finally, don't be afraid to experiment! Sure, the Chemist looks like it can't
    do much harm, but items for !Drink are cheap, plentiful, and powerful.
    Job Descriptions
    To get the most out of the lack of spoilers in this section, try not to scroll
    down past the heading of the next section.
    Jobs of the Wind Crystal                                                [JOBS1]
    Job            Str  Agi  Sta  Mag | ABP| Type  | Ability Highlights
     Knight        +23  + 1  +20  -14 | 690| Fight | *Cover, !Guard, Two-Handed
     Monk          +26  + 1  +26  -23 | 700| Fight | *Barehanded, *Counter
     Thief         + 1  +16  + 2  - 6 | 635| Dodge | *Passages, *Sprint, *Vigilance
     White Mage    - 7  + 1  ~ 0  +25 | 580| Magic | !White
     Black Mage    - 9  ~ 0  - 2  +31 | 730| Magic | !Black
     Blue Mage     - 8  + 1  + 3  +23 | 350| Magic | *Learning, !Blue
    Your goal when you start will be to get you basics started. At least one
    character should have !White lvl 1, possibly up to lvl 3. I recommend starting
    with a Thief for the very useful abilities that you can also learn and attach
    to other jobs later. If you're planning on using a Blue Mage (I think you
    should give it a go) you'll want to start out with one so that character can
    learn *Learning. Everyone else (and that may just be one character) should be
    a Monk.
    You may think the Knight should be the best physical fighter, but it's not. The
    real focus of the Knight is on defense, at which it is very good.
    With the *Cover and !Guard skills, a Knight can effectively block all physical
    attacks when the party is wounded. Because they are still vulnerable to magic,
    however, letting your party get wounded to attract attacks with *Cover is not
    usually a good idea.
    Its most useful ability is Two-Handed. It is very effective at boosting damage,
    but it isn't inherited by Freelancer. If you are worried about lack of weapons,
    or you want more damage mid-game, Two-Handed will work.
    On its own, this job will stay powerful throughout the whole game due to its
    ability to equip Holy Swords. With Two-Handed, a Knight can always be a good
    damage dealer.
    Overall, the Knight is a strong fighter but doesn't have the best attributes.
    You can have a very powerful party without ever touching this job.
    The Monk's main attraction is that it has the best Strength and Stamina out of
    all jobs. As such you will probably want to master this job with anyone who
    will be dealing physical damage.
    The Monk is the strongest damage dealer until a Knight can learn Two-Handed.
    Even then, the Monk does about 2/3 as much damage and gets *Counter. This job
    also takes much less Gil to maintain than a Knight or other equipped fighter.
    By the end, though, the Monk will be a liability because the equipment starts
    to get much more powerful. Therefore, anyone who is going to master Monk should
    do so early. Not "before you get all the jobs" early, but certainly sooner than
    the rest.
    The Monk's most useful abilities are *Counter and *Barehanded. *Counter is
    useful when it is inherited, and in some boss fights when the boss has a nasty
    counter so you don't want to deal damage directly. *Barehanded is useful
    because it boosts your Strength to +26, the best in the game. Give this ability
    to a mage who wants some strength, or a job with good weapons that is otherwise
    unable to deal good damage like Blue Mage.
    Overall, the Monk has the best attributes of any Fighter jobs and has a
    decent inherited ability as well. Any character dealing physical damage should
    master Monk early on.
    The Thief has the best Agility out of all jobs. However, since there are many
    other dodger jobs with useful abilities, you may find yourself not wanting to
    spend 635 ABP just for a small boost.
    Unless you plan on following a guide through the game, or checking every wall
    in every room in every town, castle, or dungeon, you need at least one Thief in
    the party from the very beginning. Once you learn *Find Passages, you can move
    on to another job.
    The !Steal ability can get you some really cool stuff. It remains useful
    throughout the entire game, especially at the end where you can steal some
    pretty rare stuff. However, since !Steal is much more effective with the Thief-
    only Thief Glove, it is usually best to just switch to a Thief when you want to
    use it.
    The Thief's battle prowess is lackluster, as well as its staying power.
    Consider using an ability like Barehanded to make it stronger.
    Overall, you probably need at least one Thief in your party. Anybody that isn't
    mastering another dodger job or just has enough time should consider mastering
    White Mage
    You need one, possibly two White Mages, unless you're playing a specific "no
    White Mage" challenge. There's no easy way to replace them. Keeping in mind
    that you have two ability slots per character at the end, there is enough space
    for !White on two characters.
    While the White Mage can be a viable fighter when combined with abilities from
    later jobs, that simply isn't possible right now. In the beginning, it's best
    to learn !White lvl 1 and move on to a job that can defend itself. Because the
    White Mage is such a wimp, don't forget to put him or her in the back row.
    Weapons like the Flail, which do full damage from the back row, can at least
    upgrade the White Mage's damage from "pitiful" to "barely competent," but the
    best you can expect to do is to use the Heal Staff once you find it for some
    free healing.
    Overall, you need one or two White Mages. All you have to do is figure out how
    to keep the character alive while training the job.
    Black Mage
    The best usage of !Black is against enemies with elemental vulnerabilities. As
    there aren't that many of them, !Black's usefulness is suspect. Black Mages do
    have the second highest Magic attribute, though I'd prefer Summoners any day.
    The Black Mage is a worse physical fighter than the White Mage because it
    cannot equip weapons like the Flail or the Heal Staff. Its ability to equip
    knives doesn't help much either.
    The best times to use black magic are immediately after you acquire new spells.
    You'll pull insane damage for a little while, and then the rest of the party
    will catch up. Repeat this about three times total for the whole game.
    Overall, the Black Mage could be useful, but I wouldn't use it.
    Blue Mage
    !Blue is extremely powerful. You should have a Blue Mage, and if you do, you
    should have someone learn *Learning right away, or else acquiring the blue
    magic will be harder than it needs to be.
    Blue magic is very versatile. If you catch the right spells from the right
    enemies (by following a guide), certain bosses will become pathetically easy.
    The Blue Mage gets access to the first of these in the lead-up to getting the
    jobs of the Fire Crystal, so be ready.
    You need *Learning early on because blue magic isn't bought, it's learned. In
    order to use a spell, a Blue Mage or a character with *Learning must be hit by
    that spell. You should check another guide for a full listing of spells and
    what enemies use them, but here's my short list of awesome spells to look out
    for: Death Claw, Flamethrower, Lv* Flare/Doom/etc., White Wind, and Mighty
    The Blue Mage can equip shields and swords, but is not a very effective fighter
    due to poor Strength. That can be fixed with an ability like *Barehanded.
    Overall, the Blue Mage can be very strong, and I encourage you to include one
    in your party.
    Jobs of the Water Crystal                                               [JOBS2]
    Job            Str  Agi  Sta  Mag | ABP| Type  | Ability Highlights
     Mystic Knight +14  +14  +14  + 1 | 680| Dodge | !Spellblade
     Time Mage     - 5  + 2  - 3  +24 | 530| Magic | !Time
     Summoner      -10  - 1  - 1  +33 | 750| Magic | !Summon
     Red Mage      + 8  + 5  - 6  + 8 |1159| Other | !Dualcast
     Berserker     +21  - 9  +25  -23 | 500| Fight |
    Now is the time to specialize. You've already got your White Mage, your Thief,
    and your Blue Mage. Now it's time for those characters to learn !Time, !Summon,
    and possibly !Spellblade. Those first two abilities won't be all that useful
    right now, but they will become enormously helpful later.
    Mystic Knight
    The Mystic Knight is a strange job. It's a casting job, but not only does its
    magic bonus suck, it doesn't do damage by magic anyway. !Spellblade enchants
    the character's sword and the sword is thereafter charged with magic. The other
    thing that makes it a strange job, though, is its high Agility bonus. This
    bonus squarely defines it as a Dodger job.
    !Spellblade will work well in all the same places that !Black will, but the
    MP cost is one-time instead of ongoing. It can make physical attacks much
    stronger, 4x if exploiting an elemental weakness, and usually 2x with Flare.
    Physical strength is average. You could increase it with *Barehanded. You could
    also use !Spellblade very effectively with the Knight job, using its exclusive
    Holy Swords.
    Overall, !Spellblade is useful but expensive in ABP. This could be your dodger
    job if not Ninja or Thief.
    Time Mage
    The best !Time spell? Hastega, definitely. That one spell alone, in my opinion,
    justifies one character with !Time.
    The Time Mage can equip knives AND staffs, which makes it better than the Black
    Mage, but it's still a physical weakling. I like to equip a Time Mage with the
    Heal Staff and forego the use of a White Mage altogether for a little while
    early on.
    Overall, !Time is worth teaching to one character.
    !Summon is powerful. Really powerful. Besides elemental attacks and Bahamut,
    the Golem and Carbuncle summons are great defensively. Furthermore, the
    Summoner has the best Magic except for the Oracle.
    It suffers from the same physical problems as the Black Mage.
    Overall, its +33 to Magic alone is enough to warrant mastering with any
    character that will deal magic damage primarily.
    Red Mage
    Here we have our first truly mediocre job. Unlike in Final Fantasy 3 (NES),
    this Red Mage suffers from abysmal Strength and Magic bonuses compared to
    dedicated jobs.
    However, Red Mage may be worth all 1159 ABP to master for the !Dualcast
    ability, which allows you to cast two spells in one turn. Now, since red magic
    tops out at level three, you'll also want to master another caster job like
    Black Mage or Summoner to take advantage of their magic with !Dualcast. This is
    a major ABP sink for a single ability, though, so don't try it unless you've
    absolutely minimized all of the character's other job mastering
    Physically, the character is a lot like the Blue Mage but without shields.
    Overall, train this job if you want !Dualcast.
    This is an interesting job. It's got good attributes for Strength and Stamina,
    and it's cheaper than any of the other fighter jobs. But, it's completely
    I think the best use for this job is to give to a character that is otherwise
    a magic user so as to get a good Stamina bonus.
    The Berserker is strong physically, and some of the late game weapons like the
    Gaia Hammer are a force to be reckoned with.
    Overall, train this job if you're not training Monk.
    Jobs of the Fire Crystal                                                [JOBS3]
    Job            Str  Agi  Sta  Mag | ABP| Type  | Ability Highlights
     Beastmaster   +13  + 1  + 8  - 3 | 460| Other | !Control, Equip Whips
     Geomancer     + 4  + 2  + 4  +24 | 175| Magic | !Gaia, *Find Pits, *Light Step
     Ninja         +15  +14  + 3  -10 | 690| Dodge | !Throw, *Dual-Wield
    Now that all the "normal" Final Fantasy jobs have been covered, it's time to
    get eccentric! All three of these jobs can be useful right away; the
    Beastmaster is a very important support to the Blue Mage, the Geomancer can
    make your casters useful in random battles, and the Ninja job has an inherited
    skill that will be very effective for the rest of the game.
    The Beastmaster looks a very mediocre job with little going for it, but don't
    give up on it too soon. Whips are fully effective from the back row. A
    Beastmaster with some kind of magic equipped like !White or !Blue is quite
    This job's most useful ability is !Control, which is invaluable for learning
    !Blue spells.
    Overall, use this job as a support for a Blue Mage, or not if you don't use a
    Blue Mage.
    The Geomancer is the cheapest mage job, and its abilities can be very useful
    in mid- to late-game. The !Gaia ability can be very useful for mages in the
    back row; this is the first real possibility for them to be viable in random
    Another use of the Geomancer is its cheap +24 to Magic. 175 ABP to master is
    a pittance for your Fighter character(s).
    Physically, the Geomancer sucks. That's not a problem, though, because you
    should attack with !Gaia. Don't even try attacking with the really weak Bells.
    Overall, at least one character should use this for the innate abilities
    late-game, and it can be useful for your physical and magical characters alike.
    This is a Dodger job that can be extremely effective for a Fighter character.
    Unlike Knight's Two-Handed, *Dual-Wield is innate and is passed on to
    Freelancer without taking up an ability slot. If you have enough weapons to
    support it, it will double your damage.
    The Ninja is physically strong, especially with *Dual-Wield. It will shine most
    with the powerful late-game equipment. !Throw can also deal great damage in
    situations where normal attacks won't work.
    While normally the !Throw ability is only a small improvement on normal damage
    output, the scrolls can be manipulated into dealing more damage than the medium
    strength !Summon spells. Damage from scrolls is Magic-based, and balanced for
    the Ninja's Magic attribute. Give a Ninja !Summon, however, and the 43 point
    boost to Magic will make scrolls absolutely devastating. Give a Summoner
    !Throw, and get all that plus the possibility to further multiply the damage
    by equipping rods. However, keep in mind though how expensive scrolls are.
    Overall, the Ninja is good for a physical fighter who wants to double his or
    her damage output, and a convenient dodger job for that character. It can also
    be used with interesting effectiveness in combination with magician jobs/
    Jobs of the Fire Crystal Part 2                                         [JOBS4]
    Job            Str  Agi  Sta  Mag | ABP| Type  | Ability Highlights
     Bard          - 8  + 8  - 9  +11 | 175| Dodge | !Sing
     Ranger        +16  +12  + 1  - 5 | 600| Dodge | Equip Bows, !Rapidfire
    For only two jobs, this collection is quite the mixed bag. There's the bard,
    which might only be useful for the novelty, and there's the Ranger, who's got
    toys for all kinds of characters. Using either job is not time sensitive, so
    wait for the right time to switch jobs.
    The !Sing ability can supplement or replace !Time, if you don't mind your
    character being occupied for the entire battle. Besides that, Bard has the
    cheapest Agility bonus, but in this case you get what you pay for.
    Physically, harps are weird weapons. They deal damage based on the enemy's max
    HP, but they aren't effective against bosses. Some harps are very effective
    against the undead. Also good against the undead is the Requiem song.
    Overall, you may find a place for the Bard in your plan if you need a cheap
    Agility bonus or want a dedicated buffer character.  Think carefully about
    whether this job fits into your plan before giving it to someone.
    This is a great job. Bows are strong and fully effective from the back row,
    which can be great for a mage or a fighter. The !Rapidfire ability is a great
    way to boost your physical damage output, as well.
    The Ranger works very well on a magician character because bows are powerful
    from the back row. You can switch a caster to Ranger and give him or her the
    casting ability, then switch back to a magician job once the character learns
    Equip Bows.
    Another way that Ranger works well with magician characters is that the
    !Animals skill is based on magic power. Feel free to experiment with its
    effectiveness compared to other means of getting a mage to deal damage in
    random battles without using MP.
    Physically, it's not the strongest job, but bows are pretty good weapons and
    they are great from the back row. Then there's !Rapidfire, which effectively
    doubles your damage output against bosses by turning one attack into four
    half-power attacks on random targets. It doesn't have to be done with a bow;
    combined with *Dual-Wield, you'll get 8 attacks from one turn. It's a very
    powerful ability that you may want to give your main fighter.
    Overall, you may end up with more than one character training Ranger for
    different reasons, including the Agility bonus, Equip Bows, and !Rapidfire.
    Jobs of the Earth Crystal                                               [JOBS5]
    Job            Str  Agi  Sta  Mag | ABP| Type  | Ability Highlights
     Samurai       +19  + 2  +19  -12 | 820| Fight | *Shirahadori, !Ianuki
     Dragoon       +18  + 5  +15  -12 | 600| Fight | !Jump
     Dancer        + 5  + 5  +10  - 5 | 400| Other | !Dance, Equip Ribbons
     Chemist       + 2  + 3  + 6  - 4 | 630| Other | *Pharmacology, !Mix, !Drink
    Now for the last jobs you'll be seeing for a long time. These are the truly
    eccentric jobs, those that can fill any niche in any strategy. Pick what you
    like, but try not to step on the toes of your past self who already gave your
    characters ABP in other jobs.
    Samurai is the most expensive Fighter job, with very little to show for itself.
    It's quite the accomplished job on its own, able to equip powerful Katanas, but
    its only meaningful contribution to your character's overall job plan is
    *Shirahadori, which adds a random chance to dodge any physical attack. Its
    other abilities could be really useful, however, if you're prepared to plan
    specific strategies around them.
    !Zeninage is like !Throw against all enemies, using your Gil. It can be very
    effective if you have the money to spare. !Ianuki tries to instant-kill all the
    enemies on the screen, and while it is useful against random encounters it's
    probably not worth the ability slot most of the time.
    Physically, the Samurai is an excellent fighter, but its attributes will have
    no lasting impact on a character unless that character isn't mastering any
    other fighter jobs.
    Overall, all character can benefit from masting the Samurai for *Shirahadori,
    but the 820 ABP cost is prohibitive.
    This job's main ability is !Jump, which frankly sucks for a fighter unless the
    rest of the party can absorb the enemy's attacks. Another ability is !Lance,
    which might be useful for a mage if it didn't take up a whole ability slot.
    Physically, this is the weakest fighter job, and good lances are rare.
    Overall, the Dragoon in this game is a novelty that usually isn't worth it.
    Dancer may look like a fluffy nothing job, but can actually be a very powerful
    addition to a Fighter character. A Freelancer equipped with at least of the
    very late-game dancer-specific equipment will be getting the Sword Dance (x4 to
    attack power) 50% of the time. There are only three such items, and some are
    better than others for actual defensive purposes, but if you know where, you
    can !Steal more if you really want to.
    Physically, the Dancer is vulnerable but also has huge damage potential.
    Overall, one fighter character could learn !Dance to increase his or her
    Chemist is such a weird, random job that it's easy to overlook. It's plenty
    useful, though. The !Drink ability is quick to learn, and the plentiful items
    it uses can buff your Fighter character to God Mode. Besides that, 
    The Chemist is a big novelty that can be surprisingly effective. Its attributes
    aren't special in any way, so its abilities are what makes it useful.
    !Drink is quick to learn, and the items necessary are cheap and plentiful, but
    it only affects the character using it. !Mix can have some profound effects if
    you look up how to use it in other guides, and your character doesn't need
    great attributes to use it effectively. *Pharmacology is good as an inherited
    ability, but not worth it otherwise.
    Physically, the chemist sucks. It's in the same category as magic users.
    Overall, you can use !Drink to supplement to a fighter, or !Mix to supplement a
    magic user. It can be a fun job to experiment with.
    Jobs of the Bonus Dungeon                                               [JOBS6]
    Job            Str  Agi  Sta  Mag | ABP| Type  | Ability Highlights
     Oracle        - 9  - 1  - 4  +36 | 520| Magic | !Condemn, ABP Up
     Cannoneer     + 9  + 6  + 6  + 4 | 500| Other | EXP Up, !Combine
     Gladiator     +26  +14  + 3  -14 | 700| Dodge | !Finisher, !Blade Blitz
     Necromancer   + 4  + 1  +21  +29 | 750| Magic | !Dark Arts
    These jobs don't become available until almost the end of the game, and are
    only available in the FF5 Advance version. If you're playing this version of
    the game, eventually there will be a cutscene about an earthquake or an
    underwater volcano erupting; that's the entrance to the bonus dungeon. It's
    unlikely that you've left any space for these jobs in your plan, but feel free
    to try them out and maybe plan for them in a future play-through.
    The Oracle job has the highest Magic bonus. In my opinion, though, it doesn't
    make for a very effective job on its own. But, the Magic bonus combined with
    the ABP Up ability can make this job very useful for a character training for
    Physically, the Oracle is every bit as weak as a White Mage, but by now you
    should be able to deal with that.
    Overall, the Oracle is only useful for the Magic bonus that's higher than the
    Here you have the more offensively-minded version of the Chemist. You buy your
    ammunition in the same place you got the job. The !Combine skill is really more
    intuitive than !Mix, so if you don't want a guide next to you the whole time
    you might like this job better.
    Physically, the Cannoneer is decent like a Red Mage.
    Overall, this one's just another interesting ability to try out if you feel
    like it.
    The Gladiator job completely subverts normal job classification. It has amazing
    Strength and Agility, but mediocre Stamina. You could combine Gladiator with
    Berserker to get attribute bonuses practically as good as combining Monk with
    Ninja (you'll have one less Stamina). The former takes 1200 ABP and nets you
    !Finisher, while the latter takes 1390 ABP and nets *Dual-Wield and *Counter.
    Physically, the Gladiator dominates with its vast use of weaponry and its
    !Finisher and !Blade Blitz skills, but can't take a hit as well as other
    Fighter jobs can.
    Overall, the Gladiator has got some potentially powerful abilities and really
    good bonuses, but you might not be able to fit it in because of the unusual
    attribute distribution.
    The Necromancer job is only here for completeness. No matter how awesome it is,
    I cannot possibly justify using it because you get it at the END of the Bonus
    Dungeon. But then, I've never actually gotten this job myself anyway.
    Anyway, !Dark Arts works similarly to blue magic, except that instead of
    learning by being hit with the spell, you learn by murdering the creature that
    casts it and stealing its soul. Or something like that. The Necromancer has to
    make the finishing blow.
    Physically, the Necromancer is as weak as the Time Mage. But you're an almighty
    dark lord by now so it doesn't matter anymore, right?
    Overall, use this job if you like; once you get it you're really playing this
    game to be a completist anyway.
    Building a Job Plan All at Once
    Where to Start                                                          [PLAN1]
    From here on out, this guide becomes a lot more technical. Building your job
    plan all at once assumes that you have played through the game at least once
    and you know the general effectiveness of some of the jobs. These guidelines
    should help you maximize the effectiveness of your party without ever needing
    to grind for levels or ABP.
    The first step to building an effective job plan is to get a general feel for
    the roles you want your characters to play. It may help to look at their base
    attributes in the reference section.
    Given the base attributes, it would make sense for Bartz to be your primary
    fighter and for Lenna your primary magic damage dealer. Because both Lenna and
    Galuf disappear momentarily from your party, Faris makes the best choice for
    White Mage, although it it perfectly alright to have two.
    There are several things you must keep in mind when designing your job plan.
    The most important thing is that all of these first jobs are available from the
    start. You can't start training Summoner or Ranger immediately, so you need
    something to train in the interim. Even the Blue Mage, with only 350 ABP to
    master, will last all the way through to the Earth Crystal jobs.
    Also keep in mind how you want battles to go. In the end-game, the best way to
    fight a boss is to start with a full suite of buffs. You need a Time Mage to
    cast Hastega, a Blue Mage to cast Mighty Guard (armor, shell, and float on
    everyone), and a Summoner to summon Golem (though not for all battles). After
    that, some of the most effective ways to deal damage are with either !Summon
    (though it's very MP-expensive), with !Time Meteor, or with a fighter using
    Finally, plan for everyone to have good bonuses to all attributes. The fastest
    way to get a good attribute balance is with a Berserker, Bard, and Geomancer,
    which altogether is worth 850 ABP altogether and gives bonuses of +21 Strength,
    +8 Agility, +25 Stamina, and +24 Magic. These can be the jobs you resort to if
    you don't have any reason to master a type of job except for the bonus. Also,
    you can skip the Geomancer if the character has no use for Magic Power.
    Building a Good Physical Fighter                                        [PLAN2]
    There are two skills that will immediately improve your damage output:
    Two-Handed, and *Dual-Wield. Knights learn Two-Handed, but since it isn't an
    inherited skill, it might not fit into your plan. Ninjas learn *Dual-Wield,
    but then you need two weapons for that character. Too many characters with
    *Dual-Wield can quickly eat up your supply of effective weapons.
    After that, there are three active abilities that can multiply damage output.
    One is !Rapidfire, which hits four times (or eight times, with *Dual-Wield) at
    half strength. Another is !Finisher, which is simply a power shot that has a
    bit higher rate of missing. The third is !Dance, which can be most effective
    with at least one piece of Dancer equipment to make the dance we want, Sword
    Dance, happen 50% of the time instead of 25%. An effective Sword Dance,
    however, will do twice as much damage as either of the other options, though
    !Rapidfire is much better if you plan on power leveling or exploiting huge
    weaknesses that push your damage over 9999 per shot.
    Another ability that meshes well with fighters is !Spellblade. It can make your
    attacks much more powerful in many situations, but takes away the first turn of
    a battle. If the enemy changes weakness, that's another turn to compensate.
    !Spellblade will be useful most situations where !Black would be useful, and it
    can be effectively combined with any of the previous three active abilities.
    One last way to improve attack power directly is with !Drink. The various
    potions available can double your strength or HP, massively increasing your
    damage output or staying power.
    Besides that, there are skills which don't take your weapons into account for
    damage: !Throw, !Zeninage, and !Combine.
    Building a Good Magic User                                              [PLAN3]
    There are five types of magic: White, Black, Blue, Summon, and Time. White
    magic is absolutely necessary for any party, and Time magic can greatly improve
    your effectiveness with buffs and debuffs. That leaves Black, Blue, and Summon
    to deal damage. Of those three, Black tends to be the least effective. Blue is
    very useful for a variety of situations, if you can find the spells. Summon is
    very powerful, but at higher levels costs a lot of MP.
    The main thing about your magic users to remember is that until you can get the
    new jobs at the end of the game, Summoner has the best magic power. As such, if
    you have a White Mage equip !Summon, your !White will be stronger. The same
    applies to a Summoner equipping any other type of magic.
    Interestingly, the Oracle job, which has higher magic power than the Summoner,
    only costs 520 ABP to master. Because the last 500 ABP the Summoner earns
    doesn't go toward !Summon, it only costs 20 ABP more to switch !Call for
    mastering the Oracle job. Doing this improves magic power marginally, but it
    can be an interesting change of pace to try out the Oracle job. Of course, this
    works for all magician jobs, not just the Summoner, but the Summoner has the
    most expensive skill not involving normal spellcasting. The Black Mage's costs
    450 ABP, the White Mage's 300 ABP, and the Time Mage's 250 ABP.
    You may want to consider building a mage with !Dualcast, the Red Mage ability
    that allows you to cast two spells in one turn. However, not only does it take
    1159 ABP to acquire, but if you don't include other magic abilities, you will
    be limited to lvl 3 White/Black magic. Therefore, a mage with !Dualcast should
    probably study two other magics and use them as a Mimic.
    Planning for a Blue Mage                                                [PLAN4]
    A Blue Mage becomes incredibly handy after Karnak, if you played it right and
    ended up with the Death Claw ability. Many bosses are vulnerable to it, though
    it can miss a couple times. Other spells are effective in specific situations,
    like Aqua Breath against anything in the desert (including the Sand Worm),
    or Lvl 5 Death, to which some bosses are vulnerable.
    To train your Blue Mage, you will need someone to learn the !Control skill from
    the Beastmaster job. The skills that must be learned this way start as soon as
    you get the job after Karnak. Right after you get the Fire Powered Ship, you
    can also get the extremely effective Blitz Whip for you Beastmaster as well.
    So, while you might not need to master the Beastmaster job, you should consider
    getting !Control, which takes 60 ABP, and possibly the Equip Whips ability for
    another 100 ABP because they're good from the back row.
    The Mimic                                                               [PLAN5]
    The Mimic is a special job that you can get in World 3 by going to the
    underwater Walse Tower in the submarine. It receives bonuses from mastered jobs
    the same way that the Freelancer job does. However, the Mimic has a very
    restricted equipment set, and Equip <weapon> skills do not pass on. The Mimic
    does not have the !Fight or !Item abilities. Instead, it has the !Mimic ability
    and three empty slots.
    I wouldn't recommend the Mimic job except for a caster with !Dualcast. Because
    of the restricted equipment set, once you've used an ability slot to equip a
    decent weapon you're back to the two slots that Freelancers get. A caster with
    !Dualcast, however, could make ample use of three ability slots for different
    magic types and ignore equipment altogether.
    Of course, it's also possible to use the Mimic exclusively for !Mimicing other
    characters pulling off specialized or expensive actions, like !Drinking or
    !Dancing, or !Summoning Bahumut. !DualCast with !Time (for the Quick spell) and
    !Summon Bahamut or some other powerful magic is quite powerful, and can be
    duplicated with a party full of Mimics as long as you don't have to break to
    Making the Plan: An Example                                             [PLAN6]
    Let's start making a plan. I'll start by deciding what abilities I want each
    character to have in the end. I've decided that I want Bartz to have a powerful
    physical attack, and I want everyone else to be magicians. Faris will be a
    buffer magician and deal damage physically, but the other two should deal
    damage primarily by magic.
    What will make Bartz a powerful fighter? Looking through the reference section,
    and with a bit of prior knowledge of the game, I've decided upon *Dual-Wield,
    !Spellblade, and !Rapidfire. This will give Bartz 8 magically charged hits per
    Faris, being the only magician to stay with the party throughout the game, is
    an obvious choice for White Mage. Faris should also be a Time Mage to cast
    Hastega on the party. I would use a Bard, but a Bard would not make an
    effective White Mage because it needs to !Sing constantly (every two turns) to
    be effective.
    What kind of magic damage should Lenna and Galuf deal? !Summon is the most
    powerful, but it's expensive. !Blue can also be quite powerful, and its
    versatility will help Galuf through his time away from the rest of the party.
    As for Lenna's second ability, I'll choose !White and have two White Mages to
    make the party that much harder to kill.
    Now I need to decide how to get good attribute bonuses.
    I'll start with Strength. Bartz has got to master Monk for the bonuses, and
    *Counter isn't a bad thing to have either. Because Faris will also be dealing
    physically, he should also master Monk. I'll have Galuf master Monk too because
    he's going to be focused on physical damage for most of the game. Lenna,
    though, should master Berserker because it's cheaper and she doesn't need the
    better bonus.
    Bartz is already mastering Ninja for *Dual-Wield, and I think Faris will too
    for the same reason. That leaves Lenna and Galuf for Agility, and I think I'll
    have Galuf be the Thief so that Krile, who has the best base for Agility, can
    be the fastest character possible. That leaves Lenna. She can master Ranger;
    that way she can use bows from the back row for a while.
    Everyone's already got magic covered except Bartz. I'll give him Blue Mage,
    both for the Magic bonus and because since Galuf the Blue Mage is also Galuf
    the Thief, somebody else has to take care of *Learning in the very beginning.
    Looking at how the ABP adds up so far, I'm going to give Faris the Beastmaster
    job for a while to help Galuf learn blue magic with !Control, and Galuf the
    Geomancer job, to help with later parts of the game where *Find Pits and *Light
    Step are very useful.
    Here's the whole job plan so far, organized in the order each character will
    start using that job:
                                                 * Don't need to master
     Character/Job Str   Agi   Sta   Mag   |  ABP | Ability Highlights
    Bartz           54    39    53    48   | 3020 |=!Spellblade + !Rapidfire
     Blue Mage     ~     ~     ~     +23   |  350 | *Learning, !Blue
     Monk          +26   ~     +26   ~     |  700 | *Barehanded, *Counter
     Mystic Knight ~     +14   ~     ~     |  680 | !Spellblade
     Ranger        ~     ~     ~     ~     |  600 | !Rapidfire
     Ninja         ~     +14   ~     ~     |  690 | !Throw, *Dual-Wield
    Lenna           46    38    50    61   | 2130 |=!White + !Summon
     White Mage    ~     ~     ~     ~     |  280*| !White
     Summoner      ~     ~     ~     +33   |  750 | !Summon
     Ranger        ~     +12   ~     ~     |  600 | Equip Bows
     Berserker     +21   ~     +25   ~     |  500 |
    Galuf/Krile     53/51 40/44 54/50 57/60| 2360 |=!Summon + !Blue
     Thief         ~     +16   ~     ~     |  635 | *Passages, *Sprint, *Vigilance
     Monk          +26   ~     +26   ~     |  700 | *Barehanded, *Counter
     Blue Mage     ~     ~     ~     ~     |  100*| *Learning, !Blue
     Geomancer     ~     ~     ~     ~     |  175 | !Gaia, *Find Pits, *Light Step
     Summoner      ~     ~     ~     +33   |  750 | !Summon
    Faris           53    41    52    51   | 2390 |=!White + !Time
     Monk          +26   ~     +26   ~     |  700 | *Barehanded, *Counter
     White Mage    ~     ~     ~     +25   |  580 | !White
     Beastmaster   ~     ~     ~     ~     |  160*| !Control, Equip Whips
     Time Mage     ~     ~     ~     ~     |  280*| !Time
     Ninja         ~     +14   ~     ~     |  690 | !Throw, *Dual-Wield
    Notice that some jobs are marked with a *, meaning that the character does not
    need to master that particular job. This is because he or she doesn't need that
    job's attributes or passive skills. The White Mage, after learning !White,
    spends 300 ABP on "MP +10%" which is basically worthless. The Blue Mage and the
    Time Mage have similarly useless final skills. The Beastmaster is only used
    for !Control, and using 400 ABP for Equip Whips would only delay the point
    where Faris can use Freelancer instead.
    There are some ways I can improve upon this plan. First, Bartz must master a
    whopping 3020 ABP. There are two thing I can do to fix this. First, I can use
    a Geomancer instead of a Blue Mage, which frees up 175 ABP. Second, I am
    basically tripling the dodger jobs to get the desired skills, so I should
    consider a different set of abilities. Without altering the plan too radically,
    I can replace !Spellblade with !Drink for a savings of 590 ABP.
    Now that Bartz is covering Geomancer, Galuf doesn't have to anymore. Since
    Bartz isn't a Blue Mage anymore, though, Galuf needs to pull Blue Mage sooner.
    Since Galuf starts with Blue Mage instead of Thief, someone else needs to cover
    Thief to start. The last change is to replace Faris's Ninja with Thief, which
    improves his Agility but drops the *Dual-Wield skill.
    Here is the resulting plan:
                                                 * Don't need to master
     Character/Job Str   Agi   Sta   Mag   |  ABP | Ability Highlights
    Bartz           54    39    53    48   | 2255 |=!Rapidfire + !Drink
     Monk          +26   ~     +26   ~     |  700 | *Barehanded, *Counter
     Ranger        ~     ~     ~     ~     |  600 | Equip Bows, !Rapidfire
     Ninja         ~     +14   ~     ~     |  690 | !Throw, *Dual-Wield
     Chemist       ~     ~     ~     ~     |   90*| *Pharmacology, !Mix, !Drink
     Geomancer     ~     ~     ~     +24   |  175 | !Gaia, *Find Pits, *Light Step
    Lenna           46    38    50    61   | 2130 |=!White + !Summon
     White Mage    ~     ~     ~     ~     |  280*| !White
     Summoner      ~     ~     ~     +33   |  750 | !Summon
     Ranger        ~     +12   ~     ~     |  600 | Equip Bows
     Berserker     +21   ~     +25   ~     |  500 |
    Galuf/Krile     53/51 40/44 54/50 57/60| 2185 |=!Summon + !Blue
     Blue Mage     ~     ~     ~     ~     |  100*| *Learning, !Blue
     Monk          +26   ~     +26   ~     |  700 | *Barehanded, *Counter
     Thief         ~     +16   ~     ~     |  635 | *Passages, *Sprint, *Vigilance
     Summoner      ~     ~     ~     +33   |  750 | !Summon
    Faris           53    41    52    51   | 2335 |=!White + !Time
     Thief         ~     +16   ~     ~     |  635 | *Passages, *Sprint, *Vigilance
     Monk          +26   ~     +26   ~     |  700 | *Barehanded, *Counter
     White Mage    ~     ~     ~     +25   |  580 | !White
     Beastmaster   ~     ~     ~     ~     |  160*| !Control, Equip Whips
     Time Mage     ~     ~     ~     ~     |  280*| !Time
    It should be noted that Bartz could master the Chemist job to gain
    *Pharmacology innately, but that would cost 540 ABP and push his total up to
    Character base attributes                                               [REFR1]
    Character      Str   Agi   Sta   Mag   |  ABP | Highlights
    Bartz          28    25    27    25    | 2550 | Best Str
    Lenna          25    26    25    28    | 2450 | Best Mag
    Galuf          27    24    28    24    | 2500 | Best Sta
    Faris          27    27    26    26    | 2550 | Good Agi, Average
    Krile          25    28    24    27    | 2500 | Best Agi
    Also up there is the amount of ABP a character can be expected to gain in
    normal gameplay, including the final dungeon where all enemies give 30+ ABP.
    Equipment Allowed for Each Job                                          [REFR2]
     Character/Job |Kn|St|Rd|Sw|Hs|Ax|Wp|Ss|Bl|Hp|Bw|Kt|Sp|Ar|Sh|La|Gi|Ro|Cl|Rb|
     Knight        |<>|  |  |<>|<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|<>|  |  |<>|  |
     Monk          |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|  |<>|  |
     Thief         |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|  |<>|  |
     White Mage    |  |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|  |
     Black Mage    |<>|<>|<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|  |
     Blue Mage     |<>|  |<>|<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|  |
                   |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
     Mystic Knight |<>|  |  |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|<>|  |  |<>|  |
     Time Mage     |<>|<>|<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|  |
     Summoner      |<>|  |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|  |
     Red Mage      |<>|<>|<>|<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|<>|<>|  |
     Berserker     |<>|  |  |  |  |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|<>|  |  |<>|  |
                   |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
     Beastmaster   |<>|  |  |  |  |  |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|  |<>|  |
     Ninja         |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|  |<>|  |
     Geomancer     |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|  |
                   |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
     Bard          |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|  |
     Ranger        |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|  |  |  |  |<>|<>|  |<>|  |
                   |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
     Samurai       |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|  |<>|<>|<>|  |  |<>|  |
     Dragoon       |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|<>|<>|  |  |<>|  |
     Dancer        |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|
     Chemist       |<>|<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|<>|<>|  |
                   |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
     Oracle        |  |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|  |
     Cannoneer     |<>|  |  |<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|  |
     Gladiator     |<>|  |  |<>|<>|<>|  |  |  |  |<>|  |<>|<>|<>|<>|  |  |<>|  |
     Necromancer   |<>|<>|<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|  |<>|<>|  |
                   |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
     Mimic         |<>|<>|<>|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|  |
     Freelancer    |<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|<>|
     Character/Job |Kn|St|Rd|Sw|Hs|Ax|Wp|Ss|Bl|Hp|Bw|Kt|Sp|Ar|Sh|La|Gi|Ro|Cl|Rb|
    Kn: Knife       Hs: Holy Sword  Bl: Bell        Sp: Spear       Gi: Ninja Garb
    St: Staff       Ax: Axe         Hp: Harp        Ar: Armor       Ro: Robes
    Rd: Rod         Wp: Whip        Bw: Bow         Sh: Shield      Cl: Clothes
    Sw: Sword       Ss: Short Sword Kt: Katana      La: Light Armor Rb: Ribbons
    All Attributes For Each Job            - lowest ABP in the category     [REFR3]
    Character/Job  Str   Agi   Sta   Mag |  ABP | Highlights
    Fighters                             |      |
     Monk          +26   + 1   +26   -23 |  700 | *Barehanded, *Counter
     Knight        +23   + 1   +20   -14 |  690 | *Cover, !Guard, Two-Handed
     Berserker     +21   - 9   +25   -23 |  500-|
     Samurai       +19   + 2   +19   -12 |  820 | *Shirahadori, !Ianuki
     Dragoon       +18   + 5   +15   -12 |  600 | !Jump
    Dodgers                              |      |
     Thief         + 1   +16   + 2   - 6 |  635 | *Passages, *Sprint, *Vigilance
     Mystic Knight +14   +14   +14   + 1 |  680 | !Spellblade
     Ninja         +15   +14   + 3   -10 |  690 | !Throw, *Dual-Wield
     Gladiator     +26   +14   + 3   -14 |  700 | !Finisher, !Blade Blitz
     Ranger        +16   +12   + 1   - 5 |  600 | Equip Bows, !Rapidfire
     Bard          - 8   + 8   - 9   +11 |  175-| !Sing
    Magicians                            |      |
     Oracle        - 9   - 1   - 4   +36 |  520 | !Condemn, ABP Up
     Summoner      -10   - 1   - 1   +33 |  750 | !Summon
     Black Mage    - 9   ~ 0   - 2   +31 |  730 | !Black
     Necromancer   + 4   + 1   +21   +29 |  750 | !Dark Arts
     White Mage    - 7   + 1   ~ 0   +25 |  580 | !White
     Time Mage     - 5   + 2   - 3   +24 |  530 | !Time
     Geomancer     + 4   + 2   + 4   +24 |  175-| !Gaia, *Find Pits, *Light Step
     Blue Mage     - 8   + 1   + 3   +23 |  350 | *Learning, !Blue
    Other                                |      |
     Beastmaster   +13   + 1   + 8   - 3 |  460 | !Control, Equip Whips
     Dancer        + 5   + 5   +10   - 5 |  400 | !Dance, Equip Ribbons
     Cannoneer     + 9   + 6   + 6   + 4 |  500 | EXP Up, !Combine
     Red Mage      + 8   + 5   - 6   + 8 | 1159 | !Dualcast
     Chemist       + 2   + 3   + 6   - 4 |  630 | *Pharmacology, !Mix, !Drink
    All Abilities for Each Job                                              [REFR4]
     Character/Job Ability               |  ABP | Highlights
     Knight        (!Guard)              |  690 | *Cover, !Guard, Two-Handed
                   *Cover                |   10 | Protect wounded allies
                   !Guard                |   30 | Take 0 damage from physical atk
                   Two-Handed            |   50 | 2x damage instead of shield
                   Equip Shields         |  100 |
                   Equip Armor           |  150 |
                   Equip Swords          |  350 | +23 Strength
                                         |      |
     Monk          (!Kick)               |  700 | *Barehanded, *Counter
                   !Focus                |   15 | Wait a round for double damage
                   *Barehanded           |   30 | +26 Strength, fight w/o weapon
                   !Chakra               |   45 | Cure own HP and status ailments
                   *Counter              |   60 | Sometimes counter enemy attacks
                   HP +10%               |  100 |
                   HP +20%               |  150 |
                   HP +30%               |  300 |
                                         |      |
     Thief         (!Steal)              |  635 | *Passages, *Sprint, *Vigilance
                   *Passages             |   10 | See hidden passages
                   !Flee                 |   20 | Immediately escape combat
                   *Sprint               |   30 | Run faster when holding B
                   !Steal                |   50 | Steal treasure from an enemy
                   *Vigilance            |   75 | Prevent back attacks
                   !Mug                  |  150 | !Fight and !Steal
                   Artful Dodger         |  300 | +16 Agility
                                         |      |
     White Mage    (!White lvl 6)        |  580 | !White
                   !White lvl 1          |   10 | +25 Magic
                   !White lvl 2          |   20 | +25 Magic
                   !White lvl 3          |   30 | +25 Magic
                   !White lvl 4          |   50 | +25 Magic
                   !White lvl 5          |   70 | +25 Magic
                   !White lvl 6          |  100 | +25 Magic
                   MP +10%               |  300 |
                                         |      |
     Black Mage    (!Black lvl 6)        |  730 | !Black
                   !Black lvl 1          |   10 | +31 Magic
                   !Black lvl 2          |   20 | +31 Magic
                   !Black lvl 3          |   30 | +31 Magic
                   !Black lvl 4          |   50 | +31 Magic
                   !Black lvl 5          |   70 | +31 Magic
                   !Black lvl 6          |  100 | +31 Magic
                   MP +30%               |  450 |
                                         |      |
     Blue Mage     (!Blue)               |  350 | *Learning, !Blue
                   !Check                |   10 | Check enemy's HP
                   *Learning             |   20 | Learn blue magic that hits you
                   !Blue                 |   70 | +23 Magic
                   !Scan                 |  250 | Same as white magic Scan
                                         |      |
                                         |      |
                                         |      |
     Mystic Knight (!Spellblade)         |  680 | !Spellblade
                   *Magic Shell          |   10 | Casts shell when wounded
                   !Spellblade lvl 1     |   20 | +14 Str, +1 Magic
                   !Spellblade lvl 2     |   30 | +14 Str, +1 Magic
                   !Spellblade lvl 3     |   50 | +14 Str, +1 Magic
                   !Spellblade lvl 4     |   70 | +14 Str, +1 Magic
                   !Spellblade lvl 5     |  100 | +14 Str, +1 Magic
                   !Spellblade lvl 6     |  400 | +14 Str, +1 Magic
                                         |      |
     Time Mage     (!Time lvl 6)         |  530 | !Time
                   !Time lvl 1           |   10 | +24 Magic
                   !Time lvl 2           |   20 | +24 Magic
                   !Time lvl 3           |   30 | +24 Magic
                   !Time lvl 4           |   50 | +24 Magic
                   !Time lvl 5           |   70 | +24 Magic
                   !Time lvl 6           |  100 | +24 Magic
                   Equip Rods            |  250 |
                                         |      |
     Summoner      (!Summon lvl 5)       |  750 | !Summon
                   !Summon lvl 1         |   15 | +33 Magic
                   !Summon lvl 2         |   30 | +33 Magic
                   !Summon lvl 3         |   45 | +33 Magic
                   !Summon lvl 4         |   60 | +33 Magic
                   !Summon lvl 5         |  100 | +33 Magic
                   !Call                 |  500 | Random summon for 0 MP
                                         |      |
     Red Mage      (!Red lvl 3)          | 1159 | !Dualcast
                   !Red lvl 1            |   20 | +8 Magic
                   !Red lvl 2            |   40 | +8 Magic
                   !Red lvl 3            |  100 | +8 Magic
                   !Dualcast             |  999 | Cast two spells at once
                                         |      |
     Berserker                           |  500 |
                   Berserk               |  100 | Always !Fight, makes stronger
                   Equip Axes            |  400 | +21 Strength
                                         |      |
                                         |      |
                                         |      |
     Beastmaster   (!Catch/!Free)        |  460 | !Control, Equip Whips
                   !Calm                 |   10 | Sometimes stuns enemies
                   !Control              |   50 | Control enemy's attacks
                   Equip Whips           |  100 | +13 Strength, +1 Agility
                   !Catch/!Free          |  300 | Summon caught monster later
                                         |      |
     Ninja         (!Throw)              |  690 | !Throw, *Dual-Wield
                   !Smoke                |   10 | Immediately escape battle
                   !Image                |   30 | Absorb next physical attack
                   *First Strike         |   50 | More frequent preemptive strike
                   !Throw                |  150 | Throw weapons for high damage
                   *Dual-Wield           |  450 | Use two weapons
                                         |      |
     Geomancer     (!Gaia)               |  175 | !Gaia, *Find Pits, *Light Step
                   !Gaia                 |   25 | Attack with nature
                   *Find Pits            |   50 | Detect holes in the floor
                   *Light Step           |  100 | Avoid step damage
                                         |      |
                                         |      |
                                         |      |
     Bard          (!Sing)               |  175 | !Sing
                   !Hide                 |   25 | Avoid attacks for a turn
                   Equip Harps           |   50 | +8 Agility, +11 Magic
                   !Sing                 |  100 | Use Songs
                                         |      |
     Ranger        (!Aim)                |  600 | Equip Bows, !Rapidfire
                   !Animals              |   15 | Summon woodland creatures
                   !Aim                  |   45 | !Fight with perfect accuracy
                   Equip Bows            |  135 | +16 Strength, +12 Agility
                   !Rapidfire            |  405 | 4 half-power atks random enemy
                                         |      |
                                         |      |
                                         |      |
     Samurai       (!Zeninage)           |  820 | *Shirahadori, !Ianuki
                   !Mineuchi             |   10 | !Fight + sometimes stun
                   !Zeninage             |   30 | Throw gil for massive damage
                   *Shirahadori          |   60 | Sometimes dodge attacks
                   Equip Katanas         |  180 | +19 Strength
                   !Ianuki               |  540 | Kill all enemies, 75% accuracy
                                         |      |
     Dragoon       (!Jump)               |  600 | !Jump
                   !Jump                 |   50 | Leave battle shortly for atk
                   !Lance                |  150 | Drain HP and MP from enemy
                   Equip Lances          |  400 | +18 Strength
                                         |      |
     Dancer        (!Dance)              |  400 | !Dance, Equip Ribbons
                   !Flirt                |   25 | Stun weaker enemies
                   !Dance                |   50 | Do one of four battle dances
                   Equip Ribbons         |  325 |
                                         |      |
     Chemist       (!Drink)              |  630 | *Pharmacology, !Mix, !Drink
                   *Pharmacology         |   15 | Double the effect of items
                   !Mix                  |   30 | Mix items for effects in battle
                   !Drink                |   45 | Drink special potions
                   !Recover              |  135 | Same as white magic Esuna
                   !Revive               |  405 | Same as white magic Raise
                                         |      |
     Oracle        (!Condemn)            |  520 | !Condemn, ABP Up
                   !Condemn              |   20 | Casts countdown spell on enemy
                   !Predict              |   50 | Predicts cataclysm in battle
                   ABP Up                |  150 | Earn 150% ABP
                   *Read Ahead           |  300 | Reduces random encounters
                                         |      |
                                         |      |
                                         |      |
     Mimic         (!Mimic)              |  999 | Three empty ability slots
                   !Mimic                |  999 | Copies last character action
                                         |      |
                                         |      |
                                         |      |
     Cannoneer     (!Open Fire)          |  500 | EXP Up, !Combine
                   !Open Fire            |   50 | Fire cannon, may confuse
                   EXP Up                |  150 | Earn 150% EXP
                   !Combine              |  300 | Mix item with ammo for effects
                                         |      |
     Gladiator     (!Finisher)           |  700 | !Finisher, !Blade Blitz
                   *Lure                 |   30 | Attracts enemy attacks
                   !Finisher             |   70 | Extreme damage, misses often
                   *Long Reach           |  150 | Full strength from back row
                   !Blade Blitz          |  450 | Hit all enemies
                                         |      |
     Necromancer   (!Dark Arts lvl 5)    |  750 | !Dark Arts
                   !Oath                 |   15 | Summon a demon
                   !Dark Arts lvl 1      |   30 | +29 Magic
                   !Dark Arts lvl 2      |   45 | +29 Magic
                   !Dark Arts lvl 3      |   60 | +29 Magic
                   !Dark Arts lvl 4      |  100 | +29 Magic
                   !Dark Arts lvl 5      |  200 | +29 Magic
                   Undead                |  300 | Makes character undead
    Closing                                                                 [CLOSE]
    I'd like to thank my brother, who encouraged me to reorganize this guide and
    get it online, and who wrote the introduction.
    This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-
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