Review by Venom65437

Reviewed: 11/10/06

Best GBA port of a Final Fantasy yet

After the buggy version of Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V does everything right! This is one of the lesser known, and seemingly lesser loved games in the series, but it's actually one of the best, most fun games (not just Final Fantasy) ever!

The biggest draw of this game is the job system. Everything is still here. Some of the ability names have changed but that's it. There are also new classes never before put into the game. Just like in previous versions you can change jobs anytime you want, and you can mix and match abilities. This let's you have a sword wielding White Mage, or a Ninja that can summon Bahamut to lend a hand. There are so many different combinations of jobs and abilities, you'll need to play several times to really get to work with them all.

The story is still the same with ExDeath, and like all previous versions it isn't overly deep. But Final Fantasy V is more about the job system and fighting than a grand story. The story is typical old school Final Fantasy fare, save the crystals and the world.

I think the sound of this version is the best yet. I'm playing it mainly on my DS, so I also have the benefit of two speakers. Really though, I think the music sounds better than any other version.

We finally got a good translation too, dialogue wise. Some of the reference are quite funny. Most importantly though, there really isn't a lot of sentences that make no sense, or misspellings, or other grammatical errors.

Graphically, it's on par with all the previous Final Fantasy ports, and it's good. The colors seem brighter than older versions, and they look good. The animations that are there, are pretty good, characters with their eyes bugging out, laughing, etc.

So overall, this is a remake of a great game, and the best Final Fantasy GBA port yet.

The Good
- Job system, allowing for tons of customization, you can play a different game every time
- Replayability, you need to play it a few times to fully enjoy the job system
- Extra jobs added
- Extra dungeons added
- Good translation
- Better music

The Bad
- None really! This is the best GBA port yet! Go out and get it today!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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