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"Very addictive!"

Intro: The first time I played Final Fantasy V was on the play station. I did not finish the game due to the huge amount of technical flaws like loading time and glitches. Fortunately I got the chance to play the best version of Final Fantasy V.

Story: The story in Final Fantasy V is basic. Its about the crystals. One day the wind suddenly stops, the main characters all team up and you lead them in an adventure to solve the mystery behind the crystals. You will end up saving the world and that kind of stuff. The story does get interesting later in the game though with some unpredictable twists, The new dialogue helps the story a lot, I just can't express how much the old dialogue bothered me.

Graphics: This is the best GBA can do. No really, this game pushes the GBA to its absolute limit. The game is simply beautiful, the colors are bright and very clean. The characters portraits look very nice. The backgrounds are great as well, The over world map could have been better though.

Gameplay: This is where Final Fantasy V excels. This is the best Final Fantasy that uses the Job system. Each character can be assigned to a job, jobs range from knight, monk, thief each with its unique abilities. Now the cool thing is the way you can combine jobs and abilities to create the most powerful characters ever. For example, you can teach your Knight black magic! Or give him white magic abilities! So you can have a knight that can uses black and while magic. Its incredible how you can customize your characters the way you want.

Final Fantasy V uses the ATB system. During a battles you can attack, use magic, defend, or run. By winning battles you earn ability points which can be used to master jobs and learn new abilities. You will find yourself loving and enjoying every fight even random battles! Yes this is how much addictive the game is.

Value: Final Fantasy V can be finished in less than 20 hours. But its value come from its job system. You will want to play over and over again, its simply addictive. There is a bonus dungeon and a bestiary to complete after you beat it.

Overall: This is the best Final Fantasy port ever. It is also the best Final Fantasy game. You need to play it if you like RPGs.

Final score-10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/27/06

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