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"Great Game On The SNES, Great Game On The Go."

Square Enix doesn't fail to deliver this wonderful RPG that shaped much of the gaming world today, as are most of the Final Fantasy's. Whether this is your first time playing a FF, first time playing this FF, or first time playing ANY FF (Which is highly unbelievable to me), this game will probably hook you to the series.

Story 8/10
You travel as Bartz, a normal guy from an isolated town. Along the way he meets new friends, an old man, a young princess and a pirate. Together, they go on a journey spanning across several worlds, trying to protect crystals and preventing the resurrection of an evil force.
FFVA is what you would sometimes call a cookie cutter build of a RPG. Now that is. Before, this game would have been seen as a rather great story. Just remember that this game was designed and written quite a while ago, so it may seem cliched by now.

Gameplay 10/10
As can be expected from a FF. The lovely battle system can seem simplistic and dated now, but still is very refreshing and innovated. Throughout the game, you get many crystal shards that allow you to change jobs (Ex: Knight, White Mage, Black Mage, etc), with these, you must create a powerhouse group. This allows for PLENTY of customization, and even more than the original since there are 4 new jobs available. With your ragtag group of heroes, you fight the way you want, defeating enemies with your own combination of magic and weapons.

Graphics 9/10
Yet again, this is quite an old game, but still a well done game in terms of graphics. Not a Golden Sun, but good enough. The sprites have been redone, and tweaked to look just a little sharper, and some spells have also been redone. Overall, I'm rating it on how people of the original time release would see it. The sprites have minimal actions outside of battle, but the battle sprites are quite amazing, in all of their variable forms. One of the things that really caught my eye was that when dual-wielding, the characters actually used the weapon with the appropriate hand, unlike some of the other of its time. Squaresoft (at the time) had a knack for details, as can be seen from this.

Sound 10/10
Absolutely wonderful. Nobuo worked wonders for some of the earlier games, and hints of those works are shown in current day FF's. Many of the tunes were revamped, since the GBA's capabilities allowed sound quality to be quite high. Even more so on a DS. From the plethora of tracks, look out for specific tunes like the Clash on the Big Bridge.

Difficulty 8/10
Depending on how you see the game, your opinion may change. Gaining job levels however, are supposed to be HARD. They can't just give you the Ultima Weapon in the first chest you see. Expect long hours, and exciting strategic battles, if your not using certain samurai techs that is.

Replay Value 9/10
With a new dungeon, this game has gone above and beyond. Not only that, you may want to try different combos in your party on your new game, leading to endless possibilities. The multiple endings also are something to look forward to.

Overall 9/10
An awesome game. Pick it up, if you haven't already. Its a great game. Also, if for nothing else, play it until FFVIA is out.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/27/06

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