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"The long awaited portable version was worth the wait"

After hearing that this game was coming out while back, I waited, and waited some more, and for awhile thought the US was not going to get this port, but finally it was released here. Was it worth the hype? You bet, many of the bugs present in the Playstation and SNES versions were removed, new content was added, and finally I can go to work and pretend like I'm actually doing something. Err, well that's a whole different story. But yes, if you like having a good portable game this one is definitely for you.

Story/Characters 8/10
If you have ever played the SNES or Playstation versions of the game you might have noticed that there is better dialogue in the game and a much better translation in general (took them long enough to get it right). You start of the game as Bartz riding his chocobo to a mysterious meteorite crash site, where you encounter a young girl named Lenna, and an old man Galuf with amnesia. You will end up at the Wind Shrine where you you must try and save the crystal from being destroyed as Lenna tries to track the disappearance of her father and to further investigate what happened to the power of the wind. Not as good in previous versions, but definitely a solid improvement from other installment.

Graphics/Sound 6/10
While GBA graphics aren't exactly up to par with newer systems or most consoles these days, the graphics are fairly solid for a portable system. They are the graphics from the SNES version, but with a small bit of tweaking. Battles haven't changed at all, but there were a couple of parts that were a bit disappointing. There was slight slowdown in certain spots that made scenes drag by, and some of the battles dragged on and seemed rather glitchy. Other than that is was great to relive the old SNES days. As far as the sound goes, I really found the music in the game to be rather dull, and at some areas, was really irritating, but there were some good parts that I liked. There were parts as well that the sound glitched or didn't sound right, due to slowdown of the game.
Overall a little better than average score.

Gameplay 9/10
Well if you're familiar to the Final Fantasy series, than you will know that this is a turn based game with time elements included. You can either choose to have the game set to wait or active for added difficulty. Battles are fairly fast paced. If there was one thing I could complain about it would be the sheer amount of battles. Some of the battle were also slightly slow compared to previous version. I am not sure, but it also seems they added extra difficulty. And the post game. If you like challenging quests then you will absolutely love the bonus dungeon included. Being an rpg veteran, some of these bosses even got me pulling my hair a few times. There is definitely a good amount of difficulty in the game. Back is the job class system. As you battle enemies throughout the game you will earn battle points which will increase you job level (whatever job you have equipped will get the points), netting you some great skills and increasing your chances of survival. For veterans of the game in previous version, you will be happy to know that there are a few new jobs to unlock as well. Be aware though that some of the names have changed for the jobs. Overall, quite fun and a good way to spend 50 or so hours.

+ New content, including new jobs, bonus dungeon, and new items
+ Challenging bosses (both main game and post game)
+ Job class system
+ Lots of playtime (50-70 hours)
+ Better translation

- Combat can become rather tedious with the amount of random battles
- Dull music score

Overall 8/10
From my experience, this game has been very solid, and provided me with many hours of great entertainment. It's worth the investment. I would suggest getting it, since it is very good, and all the bonus content they added, was well worth the wait.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/01/06

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