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"Remakes are Good..."

...At least for this Final Fantasy, anyway. After the first two GBA remakes you had to see this coming, right? Well, it certainly delivers as the best remake so far.

Story 7.5/10

The main character here is Bartz, who was nothing more than a wayfarer traveling the world with his chocobo companion Boco. However, when a meteor crashes near where he is camping out he goes to investigate. Upon going there, he meets a young girl named Lenna and an old man named Galuf who suffers from amnesia and can't even remember how he ended up by the meteor. After making their way through a cave, they meet a pirate named Lenna. These 4 are destined to be the light warriors that save the world, and must protect the crystals before the world is plunged into darkness.

Square has used the "Light Warriors destined to save the world with the power of the crystals" bit far too many times now. At first that is what the basic plot of the game is about. However, there are several plot twists and key events that lead up to things not being as cliche as one would think. The game even has its fair share of humor too, Galuf especially has several humorous lines throughout the game, and this makes up for the overused plot.

Graphics 9/10

As expected, the graphics are brighter, sharper, and more colorful. I am actually quite fond of the battle sprites. Even though the GBA has almost outlived its time the graphics have been recreated quite nicely. The facial expressions never cease to amuse me

Music 10/10

I love this music. Uematsu really shines in this game, and even though most of the music is the same as the SNES release it is still amazing nonetheless. I feel that this game has some of the best musical scores of any game so far. It is completely flawless

Gameplay 9/10

Gameplay is fantastic. We are all aware of the random battles on the world map/in a dungeon theme that makes RPGs what they are. The gameplay simply revolves around the switching of jobs and customizing to whatever you like best. The customizability is what makes the gameplay so awesome. Of course, there is the occassional boss battle that simply requires a certain job setup in order to win, but those battles are few and far in between, and if you really tried hard enough you could try it with a different combination, but it would be quite difficult.

Replay Value 10/10

Try doing a different set of job combinations for your next playthrough. Or maybe you are that crazy person who wants to beat the game with an all-White Mage party? Either way the abundance of jobs can make your second playthrough just as fun as your first. This can last for several times playing the game because there are so many ways to beat something. Go wild!

In the end, this is simply the best remake of a Final Fantasy game I have ever seen, and for good reason. The only real flaw here is the story, but that is made up for with great work in all the other categories. I strongly recommend buying this if you are a FF fan. Even if you are a RPG fan in general this game is right for you.

Final Score: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/11/06

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