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"Role-Play on the go!"

The Game

Final Fantasy V is a port of the popular Square Enix role-playing game released for the Super Nintendo back in 1992. 14 years later, not a whole lot has changed except you can take it anywhere with you. For some, this brings back the nostalgia of two-dimensional RPGs, while for others; it opens their eyes to a different time, where gaming didn't involve hit soundtracks and analog sticks or mind-blowing visuals. This was the first Final Fantasy game I ever really got into, and I was kind of surprised on what I had been missing out on.

Game Play- 8/10

Final Fantasy V has very deep game play. I was quite pleased to see such a complex game that I could pick up whenever I went on the road. The combat turned base, and it works very well. There was a large variety of character classes as well as a large open world to explore. The only drawback I had was that you get forced into battle too often. Sometimes traveling in peace can be nice. Getting attacked every 20 steps can be a little irritating. The jobs and abilities can be a little confusing if you are new to role-playing games, but the tutorial is very helpful. The only other minor complaint I had was about the level of difficulty of bosses. There were many times when I had to backtrack and fight creatures in the wild because none of the characters were skilled enough to handle some of the bosses. You should spend a fair bit of time leveling up your party before heading out into the unknown.

Story- 8/10

The story of Final Fantasy V was very good for a game that in on the Game Boy Advance. A good story is hard to find in a portable game. Since this was my first Final Fantasy game, I enjoyed the story of saving the crystals. It wasn't hard to pick up on if you've never played any other games in the series. However, the story may feel all too familiar for those who have played through all the previous games. The story seems to follow the same formula as the rest of the series.

Graphics and Sound 7/10

I was fairly impressed by the visuals of this game. The graphics were very nice for a game being played on the Game Boy Advance. I also was impressed to see a few things in 3-D. The only thing about the visuals I didn't like was the lighting. Many areas are dark and hard to see. It was also hard to find a good spot to play this to avoid darkness of glare. Needless to say, that was hardware problems, not game problems. If you plan on playing this on an SP, or DS, you won't have this problem. As for sound, the music was soothing and fit well with the game. It did get pretty repetitive though.

<>Play Time/Replay Value- 10/10

You are getting more your money's worth here. The story will keep you hooked and the rich game play will keep you coming back for more. You may want to play through it more than once. Even if you don't it takes a long time to complete the game once.

Final Recommendation- Buy

I would definitely recommend buying this game. There aren't too many places that let you rent Game Boy games anyway. It is worth it, since it can keep you busy when you are bored in the car, in a hotel, in an airport, you get the idea. It is also a nice change of pace from today's high-tech role-playing games like Oblivion and Final Fantasy XII. Some times you just wanna kick back for some old school role-playing. This is perfect for that.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/18/06

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