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"A tasty RPG for hungry fans."

Alright, here's a few things I need to clear off. I do not own the game, but my sister does. I did not finish the game, yet I am very close to it. This is also my first review, so I don't know if it will be good. All right, let's take this part by part. This will contain some spoilers.


You're an clueless adventurer. Slightly cliche. A meteor fall down near your location, so you go investigate. there you meet a princess (but you don't know about it yet) and an old man with amnesia. w00t! You then embark on a quest with another character you'll meet later and willl try to save the world (duh) by protecting the four crystals. Seems boring for some, but the plot develops into a great story with twists and loops. Events after events will flash before your eyes.



This a RPG. Like other Final Fantasys, you walk in an overworld map to reach cities or dungeons. In those locations, you sometime have a random encounter. The fighting system is simple. You can also choose your battle controls. Choose what suits you best. Travelling the overworld is also simple. You also have many vehicles to hasten your travels. Easy to understand. The job system can cause trouble at the beginning but you get used to it after a while. If has many unique jobs, each with lots of unique abilities to beat your opponents to a bloody pulp. YAY! That requires a lot of training, though.



This is a GBA game so it's graphic arent super ultra mega awesome, yet they're still pretty good. Your characters are detailed during battles (though I still don't understand how they were able to do 'don't cover a lot' clothes with sprites), yet they are less better when travelling. Not perfect, yet still very good.



Again, for the GBA, the is very good. The music is good and when you finish the game, you get a music player so you can listen to your favorites again and again. Sounds effects are pretty basic, yet they add to the experience. Sounds are pretty good and are not to be ignored.



This game is overall pretty hard, but it has challenges that even the best player can only beat with patience. You require lots of training if you want to have a chance before the next dungeon. If you are a training maniac (like my sister), you should have no problem beating most of the game, though the optional dungeon in VERY hard, or so I hear. You can get it after beating the game, and I have yet to do that. I'm deep enough to be able to review, though.



This is an awesome game and it should be in your must have list. It will keep you entertained as you move along in the plot. You'll train to defeat stronger opponents, buy stronger weapons and armor and better magics too. This game truly deserves to be one of the best game ever.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/08/07

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