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Reviewed: 01/24/07

An aged game or a classic? Both!

Square Enix, led by the goal of making lots of cash by re-releasing old Final Fantasy titles, made sure that the fifth game in the series was not to be forgotten. By adding a few new features and converting the game to make it GBA-compatitable they present us with the not-so-new game Final Fantasy V Advance. Of course, if you missed this game back when it came for the SNES (which most of you probably did) then this is a great chance for you to experience this game!


Face it, the old SNES graphics "Ain't what they used to be". But then again, if you own a GBA then you should be used to graphics such as these.
To make this quick, the graphics in this game is equivalent to all the other FF remakes for the GBA. In case you have not seen any of those, the graphics are sharp, colorful and rather detailed. No complaints here, apart from the total lack of "eyecandy".


Like the other Final Fantasy games, the soundtrack in this one is great. Still not nearly as good as the soundtrack of FF VI, FF V carries an average of... Well, average tunes, as well as a couple of really good ones. The sfx are varied, but the most of them sound nothing like they should. But who cares what thunder is supposed to sound like. I didn't and you won't.


Typical RPG gameplay. Enter dungeons, beat enemies, get items, level up, clear the game. However, what keeps this game going is the famous "Job" system. Chances are that you know what the "Job" system is, but in case you don't the game will explain it to you. Basically you get to choose what class a character should take, and depending on the class he will learn lots of different abilities related to that class. Later on you will be able to take abilities from one class and use it while wielding another class (One of the classic ones being a Knight that can use White Magic). The variety of classes is great, so the game will keep you entertained even if you disagree with the other aspects of the game.
The story and characters are... Not that great. The story is really simple, with a few meaningless twists a little here and there. The characters are also pretty darn simple with close to no development from the moment you see them to the moment you finish the game. If you are into simple plots and characters you will probably love all of it, I'll bet.

-Extra Features-

In case you just want to know what is different from this game and its SNES and PSX counterparts, I'll have to say not much. Near the end of the game you get a couple of new classes, one of them being the ultimate physical class. Also, for all you "Hyper players" out there, once you beat the final boss you will unlock an entirely new dungeon with insanely strong enemies and bosses. Considering the short lifespan that we humans have been given I am surprised that anyone would ever dream of facing a challenge greater than that of completing the game, but I am sure that some of you will appreciate it.

-My opinions on this game-

This is pretty much a game to tide you over while you eagerly await Final Fantasy VI Advance. Unless you are a fan of the earlier Final Fantasy games you will probably deem this game "Pretty good". On the other hand, if you did like the earlier FF games then you will really enjoy this game. Give it a try if you get the chance to!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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