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""One of the best games I've played in a long time""

Okay, note this. I haven't beaten this game yet. I am close, but not there yet. Now, I picked up my first Fantasy Game around Christmas. Final Fantasy III. I loved the game. The thing that stuck out of my mind the most was the job system. I wanted another game like III. So, online I went. People said that V had a great job system, so I went for it. I picked the game up at Gamestop, and put it right into my DS when I got home. I was amazed. In minutes, I was already amazed. Well, that's just me. Maybe you won't be as excited as I was when I first played it, but it's a great game in the end.

Story: 8/10

Now, the story begins with the main character, Bartz (You can name Bartz if your like me and never wants to use default names) is traveling with his Choboko, Boko. A meteor falls nearby and they check it out. Soon enough, they meet Lenna, the Princess of Tycoon, Galuf, an old man with amnesia, and Faris, a pirate. You go to the Wind Shrine, and see the Wind Crystal in pieces. It's their job to protect the remaining Crystals. Now, I was amazed at the story (Well, I did just play III, which didn't have much of a story) and loved every part. Soon enough, it becomes that “Stop the bad guy, save the world” kind of thing. The story is great, but not perfect.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics are nice. It's 2D (but what can I say? I'm a sucker for 2D RPG's) and the monster designs are nice, although used again, just in another color later in the game, but you'll ignore it. The jobs look nice too. All 4 of the characters have their own look for each job. Still though, don't buy this game for its Graphics.

Music: 10/10

The music is great in this game. Well, I can remember a lot of the tunes. I'm listening to the main theme of this game as I type. I can't compare to the PS or the SNES version since I haven't played them. The music is great, and I'm sure there is at least 1 song in this game that you can hum off the top of your head (For me, it's 3. That's just me though. The total weirdo) You won't be disappointed.

Gameplay 11/10 (I wish I could, but I don't think we can do that. 10/10

The Gameplay is great in this game. Alright, first off, let me say this. THE JOB SYSTEM BASICLY OWNS THIS GAME. *Phew* Now, the job system in the game is amazing. You train your job LV's, and when they get higher, you learn new things that you can use even if you change jobs. For example, you are a Black Mage, but you need a Summoner to help out. Well, when you change to a Summoner, you can still keep your Black Magic if you wish. Mastering jobs to get the full job stuff is rewarding *cough Duel-cast cough* but, can be very time wasting. If you need to master some jobs, well, I hope you have an hour or two (or even longer) to spare. That's the only flaw I can say. The controls are very nice, nothing to complain about. There is only slowdowns every now and then (For me, it's around the Final Boss that it slows a bit down for me) and I haven't seen any Glitches. The Gameplay. THIS is the reason you should buy this game. I hope I didn't confuse you with the job stuff, but once you play the game, you'll understand.

Overall Score: 37/40: a 9. 25 (9)

This is once of the greatest games I've played in a long time. I'm sure you'll enjoy it too. Now, go to your local video game store and get this game now!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/31/07

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