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"Lots of fun to be had with this game, but quite a few problems."

Final Fantasy V is the fifth game in the Final Fantasy series. It was originally released on the SNES. It was later ported to Final Fantasy Anthology for the PS1. Then later released as an enhanced port for the Game Boy Advance. Is the GBA version the best? Easily, yes.

Graphics:9/10:In this port the Graphics were enhanced a little. Enemies look slightly sharper and so do character sprites. Enemy design is pretty good, but not amazing. Area designs could use some work though. Overall pretty good, but not perfect Graphics.

Gameplay:10/10:Final Fantasy V brings back the Job system first featured in Final Fantasy III. It also improves upon the Job system as well. You'll of course be going from town to dungeon like most RPG's. At town upgrading equipment and resting at the Inn. Then moving onto the next dungeon. Battles and exploration is done with a four man party. Battles are usually pretty difficult with enemies using anything they have to their advantage. They also do pretty good damage with their attacks as well. Bosses are pretty hard and will certainly require a good strategy to defeat. Let's talk about the best aspect the Job system.

The Job system does return, but it's even better then before. Now, each job you switch to has levels. As your Job level goes higher you gain Abilities. In order to gain Job levels you must gain AP from battling. The cool thing is you can take a Ability from oh, let's say a White Mage. You'll take White Magic level 3. It allows you to cast up to level 3 White Magic spells. You can then change that character into a Knight and have him use White Magic and have the stats of a Knight! Of course, each Job class has it's advantages/disadvantages. Overall Final Fantasy V is one of the funnest in the series. The Job system is fantastic and the game has great difficulty balance.

Story:5/10:Yeah, a 5/10. The Storyline is pretty bad compared to Final Fantasy IV. It features hardly any character development or much of a plot really. As a matter of fact the antagonist is named Exdeath. Exdeath!? What kind of name is that for a antagonist? A certainly very uninspired and boring one. Overall seriously, though Final Fantasy V has a pretty bad Storyline and cast of characters. Which really hurts it considering Final Fantasy IV the game before it was much better in terms of Storyline.

Music:8.3/10:The Music is pretty good. Dungeon songs are fine and so are town songs. I think what really disappointed me was the battle song and boss song. Both were nothing really special unfortunately. Once, again a disappointment considering Final Fantasy IV the game before it had better battle music and boss music in my opinion. I will admit that the very final boss song is a excellent song. Probably, one of the best in the series. Overall a good, but not too amazing soundtrack.

Overall:7/10:Final Fantasy V is a very fun game. It has a great Job System. Balanced Gameplay as well. The Storyline is pretty terrible though. Music is good, but not too amazing. The Graphics are worse then Final Fantasy IV in some ways. In some ways it's better then Final Fantasy IV's Graphics though. Overall a very fun game, but has quite a few problems aside, from the Gameplay.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/25/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy V Advance (US, 11/06/06)

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