how do I beat intangir?

  1. This enemy is located on the island at the top right.

    User Info: squall500

    squall500 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well, the old SNES version had a bug that allowed things like Death and Banish to kill him. Sadly, that doesn't work anymore.

    The best way to kill Intangir, in my experience, is to cast Stop on him (Golem teaches it). While he's stopped, dish out hard-hitting attacks like Meteor Strike, Drill, and Traveller (you can Sketch Traveller up as well). Be sure to cast Stop again before Intangir resumes motion, or you may end up eating Meteor anyway. If you find that Stop keeps missing, you can cast Vanish on him first, as this will guarantee that the next spell to hit Intangir will connect.

    Alternately, you could equip someone with Dragoon Boots and have them be in midair every time you awaken Intangir. This character can then revive one or more other characters. I find this the less useful method, though.

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Other Answers

  1. Oh yes, and Setzer can spin Joker's Death against him. Use an Echo Screen to move the random number generator forward to the correct position, then start the slots. Pausing while the slots spin will also pause the slots, allowing you to more easily get that first 7. The latter two aren't as difficult as the first one, but be sure you're within about 4 slots of these 7's without overshooting. The Slots Guide has further details on this.

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