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    Dragon's Den Walkthrough by KinieWings

    Version: 0.50 | Updated: 02/21/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy 6: Advance – Dragon’s Den Walkthrough
    Version: 0.50
    By: KinieWings
    Note: This is the first guide I’ve ever written.  Please give feedback on how  
    useful you thought it was.  E-mail me at: KinieWings@yahoo.com.
    Update history: 
    2-21-2007: Version 0.50, boss stats added and some new tips and tricks
    2-13-2007: Version 0.25, guide first submitted to gamefaqs.com
    Table of Contents
    I ---- What is the Dragon’s Den?
    II ---- Where is the Dragon’s Den?
    III – Preparing for the Dragon’s Den
    IV ---- Walkthrough of the Dragon’s Den
    V ---- Enemies in the Dragon’s Den
    VI ---- Bosses in the Dragon’s Den
    VII ---- Items in the Dragon’s Den
    VIII ---- Equipment found in the Dragon’s Den
    IX ---- The Diabolos Magicite
    X ---- FAQs
    XI ---- Closing Statements and Copyright
    I ---- What is the Dragon’s Den?
    The Dragon’s Den is one of two new bonus dungeons in the release of 
    Final Fantasy 6: Advance.  It is only available after you have defeated all
    8 Dragons in the game, which are found in the World of Ruin in various 
    parts of the world.  To make it easier, I’ll list where each of the
    8 Dragons can be found:
    Storm Dragon – Mt. Zozo, in the large room with the Save Point
    Ice Dragon – Narshe, in the area where you had to defend the Esper
                 in the WoB (World of Balance)
    Red Dragon – Phoenix Cave, near the end of the cave, south of the area with
                 the rocks blocking your path
    Earth Dragon – Opera House, on the stage
    Blue Dragon – Ancient Castle, in the hidden room where the Queen resides
    Holy Dragon – Fanatic’s Tower, third room on your way up
    Gold Dragon – Kefka’s Tower, in a throne room, encountered by Group 2
    Skull Dragon – Kefka’s Tower, in a throne room, encountered by Group 3
    You will have noticed that when you beat all 8 Dragons, besides getting
    the Crusader esper, some text will appear saying that the Dragon’s Den has
    been revealed and you are to come and find it.
    II ---- Where is the Dragon’s Den?
    North of the Dragon’s Neck Coliseum, there is a SMALL island with a single
    tree on it.  When you are in the airship, attempt to land on that island.
    Once you choose your party, you will leap down.  Enter either cave and
    you’ll be in the Dragon’s Den.
    III ---- Preparing for the Dragon’s Den
    Obviously you will have beaten the game, so you should have some good
    equipment.  Prior to entering though, I suggest you max out on:
    -	Hi-Potions
    -	Ethers
    -	Phoenix Downs
    -	Remedy
    -	Holy Water
    -	Tents
    You will also want at least 4 Ice, Flame, and Thunder Shields, as well
    as 4 Gaia Gear and/or 4 Angel Wings.  Also get at least 1 Dragoon Boots,
    preferably 4.  If you have them, give Gold Hairpins and/or Celestriads to
    your designated spell casters.  If you have the Soul of Thamasa, give that
    to your strongest magical person.  Nothing hurts much like Duelcasting
    In terms of getting experience to level up, I suggest either Kefka’s Tower
    or the Dragon Forest.  The Dragon Forest may be harder, but it does pay
    off in the end.  To learn spells, I suggest either the Fanatic’s Tower
    due to only getting AP there, or in the desert south of Maranda.
    There you’ll only fight two monsters: Sandworm or Cactuar.  The worm gives
    out 1881 EXP per person in a four-party group, 5 AP, and 10,000 Gil.
    Cactuar gives out 10 AP and 10,000 Gil.  It will help if at least two
    people in your party know the following spells:
    -	Curaga (Lakshmi or Phoenix Magicite)
    -	Quick (Raiden or Gilgamesh Magicite)
    -	Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga (Valigarmanda Magicite)
    -	Arise (Phoenix Magicite)
    -	Ultima (Ragnarok Magicite or Paladin Shield)
    -	Hastega (Quetzalli or Cactuar Magicite)
    -	Rasp (Shiva or Zona Seeker Magicite) 
    -	Osmose (Shiva or Zona Seeker Magicite)
    Personally, I recommend everyone knows at least Curaga, Arise, Rasp, Osmose,
    Quick and Ultima.  The other spells just make most battles and boss
    fights a lot easier to deal with.
    Also, while you're in the Dragon's Den, you are able to use the Save-Tent
    trick.  If you don't know what that is, here's what it is, quoted from an
    e-mail I got from milkshakeman:
    "If you leave one party in the save room, your other two teams will be 
    able to use tents / sleeping bags anywhere on the map (and they can 
    also save anywhere on the map). It's basically a glitch: you hit 
    select until your save room person shows up (they should be standing 
    ON the point); then hit select again to switch to another party. 
    The "save" option will still be functional as long as you don't move, 
    and you can also use tents."
    IV ---- Walkthrough of the Dragon’s Den
    Please note that the party I have is NOT one that is required to beat 
    the Dragon’s Den.  It is just my own personal preference as to which party 
    has which characters.
    My party (which I reference to throughout the entire guide) is like this:
    Party 1 – Terra/Locke/Edgar/Sabin
    Party 2 – Shadow/Cyan/Strago/Relm
    Party 3 – Setzer/Celes/Mog/Gogo
    - Recommended party level: 40
    -	Enemies: Zurvan, Vilia, Dark Force, Great Dragon, Great Behemoth,
    	Vector Lythos, Abaddon, Vector Chimera, Great Malboro, Dinozombie,
    	Dragon Aevis, Magic Dragon, Landworm, Armodullahan, Hexadragon,
    	Maximera, Death Rider, Ahriman, Shield Dragon, Crystal Dragon
    -	Bosses: Ice Dragon, Storm Dragon, Earth Dragon, Blue Dragon, 
    	Red Dragon, Skull Dragon, Holy Dragon, Gold Dragon, Kaiser Dragon
    	Earth Eater, Malboro Menace, Gargantua, Dark Behemoth, Abyss Worm,
    	(Neslug), (Plague), (Flan Princess)
    -	Items: Hi-Ether, Rename Card, Elixir, Teleport Stone, X-Potion,
    	Elixir, X-Ether, Remedy, X-Potion, Force Armor, Magus Robe, Elixir,
    	Phoenix Down, Ribbon, Bone Wrist, (Gungnir), (Angel Brush),
    	Stardust Rod, Ribbon, Genji Glove, Crystal Orb, (Oborozuki),
    	Dueling Mask, Final Trump, Longinus, Godhand, Save the Queen,
    	Apocalypse, Scorpion Tail, Zanmato, Zwill Crossblade
    -	Esper(s): Diabolos Magicite
    Note: the items and bosses in parenthesis are optional things you can 
    encounter if you open three Monster-In-A-Box treasure chests.
    They are listed in the walkthrough.
    -	Party 1
    Enter the Dragon’s Den into the cave on the right.  Go up and you’ll
    see a stairwell blocked by a twinkling red light.  Ignore that for now
    and proceed right.  Go up and you’ll see another stairwell blocked by
    another light.  Ignore that and go up to the left.  Go up the stairwell
    there and you’ll see a dragon.  Approach it and hit the A Button.
    -	Boss: Ice Dragon
    Right off the bat, he’ll create 3 mirror images of himself, and they will
    pile on behind the Ice Dragon like the Vector Lythos from Kefka’s Tower.
    If you try to use an area spell in an attempt to take out all 4 at once,
    he’ll counter with three physical attacks, which can be lethal to low HP
    characters.  He can use Freeze to Stop a member, and he has Northern Cross,
    which can turn your entire party Frozen.  He also uses Blizzaga,
    Absolute Zero, Snowstorm and Avalanche.
    To combat this, equip the entire party with Ice Shields and Fire Shields.
    Ice Shields will absorb his Ice-type attacks, while Fire Shields will just
    negate them.  I had Sabin Phantom Rushing every turn, Edgar Chainsaw-ing,
    Locke healing with Curaga, and Terra Quick-Firaga+Firaga unless someone
    was about to die.  When each dragon dies, they will use Northern Cross,
    Absolute Zero, or Snowstorm.  When there is only one dragon left, every
    time you damage him, he’ll counter with Freeze.  Try to kill him before
    you’re entire party is Stopped.
    You’ll receive the Final Trump for Setzer when you win.
    After the battle, you will get text saying that the Ice Dragon is dead,
    and two of the sparkling lights will go away.  Heal your HP, revive anyone
    that died, then walk back the way you came.  Head up along the stairwell
    where the light was blocking earlier, and step on the switch.
    Select over to Party 2.
    -	Party 2
    Equip them if you haven’t done so already.  Enter the left cave entrance
    then go into the middle path that Party 1 opened up.  Walk up and stand
    on the switch there.  Flip over to Party 3.
    -	Party 3
    Equip them then walk into the left cave entrance.  Walk into the path
    Party 1 opened up.  Hop along the rocks that Party 2 revealed and grab
    the Rename Card out of the chest.  Hop back and leave the cave.
    Flip back over to Party 2.
    -	Party 2
    Have Party 2 leave the cave.  Flip over to Party 1.
    -	Party 1
    Get off the switch then walk back the way you came, past where you fought
    the Ice Dragon.  Go left and down the steps.  Walk south along the wall to
    find a Hi-Ether.  Walk back north then walk west towards a switch on the
    ground.  Step on it then switch over to Party 2.
    -	Party 2
    Enter the left cave entrance.  Go down the right path, hop along the rock
    there, and step on the switch there.  Switch over to Party 3.
    -	Party 3
    Enter the left cave entrance.  Go down the left path, walk west a bit then
    north, ignoring the sparkling light to your far left as you walk by.  Walk
    north then east, hop along the rocks there, and now you have a choice.
    You can walk up along the wall near the door and hop along the rocks to
    fight the dragon, or step on the switch and have Party 2 do the honors.
    Either way, Party 3 has to end up on that island.  Personally, I had
    Party 2 take on the Dragon.
    -	Party 2
    Move them north along the rock, heal and attack the dragon.
    Boss: Storm Dragon
    The first move he does is Cyclonic, which reduces your party HP to critical
    HP status if it hits everyone.  Heal quickly before he attacks again.
    Icarus Wing does around 2000 damage.  He still has all his moves from
    before (Wind Slash, Aero), so be wary of them.  Use Quick-Ultima+Ultima
    unless your party is injured.  He is pretty fast, so you may want to use
    Hastega to make it easier on you.  Use Thunder Shields to help soften the
    blow from some of his wind attacks.  When he is about to die, text will
    pop up, saying he has surrounded himself in wind, increasing his Speed and
    Evasion.  Kill him quickly before he pounds you into the ground with Cyclonic
    and Aero.
    You’ll get the Longinus spear for beating him.
    Afterwards, text will pop up, saying that the Storm Dragon is dead, and another
    light will disappear.  Have Party 2 hop north, grab the Elixir from the chest
    then head east and up the stairs.  Walk to the right, ignoring the path up
    for the moment, and stand on the switch.  A bridge will appear on top of a
    rock, allowing the others to walk up and join you.  Switch over to Party 3 now.
    -	Party 3
    Walk through the door to the left of you, and walk north.  Go up the steps and
    you’ll see another dragon.  But before you fight it, equip your party with
    Gaia Gear.  If someone can’t equip it or if you don’t have enough, then give
    them the Angel Wings relic.  Once you’re prepared, go up and attack him.
    Boss: Earth Dragon
    Unless you’re lucky (like me) and get a Preemptive Strike, the first thing
    he’ll do is use 50 G’s, which negates any Float status.  He’ll then use
    Magnitude 8 and Quake to do major damage to you.  But, if you listened,
    you’ll be healed by both attacks, and anyone with the Angel Wings relic
    equipped won’t have to worry about 50 G’s and the earth attacks, because
    Angel Wings gives you a permanent Float status.  He can hit for close to
    2500 damage, so be ready to heal.  The earth attacks will heal him (around
    2500 for Magnitude 8 and around 5000 for Quake), so you’ve got to nail him
    fast and hard, or else he’ll outlast you.  You can also try to cast Float on
    the Dragon itself.  If it connects, it will prevent it from getting healed by
    it's Earth-type attacks.
    I suggest using the Soul of Thamasa to quickly kill the Dragon.  Duelcast
    Ultima-Quick, then use 4 Ultimas.  If you’re good, then you will only need to
    do this twice before he dies.  If you’re unlucky, you’ll only do enough damage
    to him, and then he will become enraged, attacking 4 times with close to 3000
    damage per attack.  This can easily wipe your party out, so try to bypass that
    by killing him in one fell swoop.
    You’ll get the Godhand for Sabin when you beat him.
    Once again, a light will disappear, saying you broke the Seal of Earth.Heal,
    revive as needed, and walk back to the door.  Head east and north and you’ll
    eventually re-appear next to Party 2.  Stop for a moment and switch back to
    Party 1.
    -	Party 1
    Get off the switch and walk back the way you came.  Go up the door, and up the
    bridge that Party 2 has made for you.  Walk into the room to the north and
    you’ll find a save point and a red flashing light.  Text will pop up saying
    that you can bring in all 3 parties and then switch members around.  Take this
    opportunity to heal everyone with Tents and Save the game.  Take this chance
    as well to switch party members around if you wish.  I liked how my parties
    were all set up though, so I didn’t change any of them around.
    I brought everyone into the room, healed and saved, and then sent them back
    out, starting with Party 1.
    -	Party 1
    Leave the Save room, and step onto the switch.  Flip on over to Party 2.
    -	Party 2
    Leave the Save room and walk south along the bridge that Party 1 opened up for
    you.  Go up the stairwell that was blocked earlier, and you’ll enter an
    underground area, similar to Darryl’s Tomb.  Walk to the north, call the turtle
    to you, and ride it north.  Walk up either staircase, ignoring the switch for
    now.  Walk to the center, and there’s a dragon there.  Attack it.
    Boss: Blue Dragon
    Probably the easiest of the 9 Dragons you will fight.  Equip the Soul of
    Thamasa on someone that knows Thundaga and Quick.  When it’s their turn,
    Duel cast Thundaga-Quick.  Then use 4 Thundagas.  If that doesn’t finish it off
    then, do the same thing next turn.  He can attack for around 1500 damage, and
    can use Blue Fang (Stop spell) and Flash Rain.  I don’t know if he knows any
    other attacks, because I killed him in two turns.
    You’ll get the Save the Queen sword for your troubles.
    After the battle, three lights disappear.  Head back down the stairs, and hit
    the switch.  You’ll see the screen flash to a dragon behind a door.  The door
    opens, and the dragon flies out.  The screen goes back to you.  Leave the area
    and head back to the Save room.  Heal and save, then switch back to Party 1.
    -	Party 1
    Step off the switch then go east and south.  Go up the staircase, and you will
    enter a big area.  Walk to the southwest and then go to the north through the
    path to the west.  There is the dragon you released.  Equip your party with as
    many Dragoon Boots you have, then go and attack the dragon.
    Boss: Red Dragon
    The moment you begin the battle, the Red Dragon will begin to give up its life
    energy to increase its strength.  Every attack you do will do 0 damage.  He’ll
    start to hit you with strong physical and magical attacks, finishing up with
    Ultima and Flare.  I doubt you can survive an Ultima attack, so you get around
    it with the Dragoon Boots.  Constantly Jump every turn, and you should evade
    most of the attacks, the most important one being his last attack of Ultima and
    Flare.  You can also use Reraise to try to outlast the Dragon, but I’d rather
    avoid the attacks then to try to endure them.  Constantly Jump and Reraise, and
    when he uses Ultima and Flare, its life force will be gone, and the dragon
    will die.
    You receive the Apocalypse sword for your troubles.
    Two more lights will disappear.  Heal and revive as needed, then walk east,
    squeeze by the switch there and go south.  Grab the Teleport Stone in the
    chest.  Walk up to the switch and step on it.  Switch over to Party 2.
    -	Party 2
    Leave the Save room and step on the switch.  Flip over to Party 3.
    -	Party 3
    Leave the Save room, head south past the bridge.  Go out of the cave and enter
    the left cave entrance.  Walk west and enter the stairwell there.  Walk to the
    right to find an X-Potion, walk to the left and up to find a Remedy.
    Return to the Save room.  Flip over to Party 2.
    -	Party 2
    Go to the room where Party 1 is at.  Walk north up the area that Party 1 opened
    up and step on the switch there. Switch over to Party 3.
    -	Party 3
    Leave the Save room, head to the room where the other two parties are at.  Go
    up the path to the far right, near Party 1.  Head north into the new,
    mountain-like area.  Head north up along the series of stairs, and you’ll reach
    a three-way fork.  Go into the room to the north and there is a Save point.
    Save and heal there, then go to the left and exit the mountain-area for now.
    Walk around the arch and go south down the staircase quickly there.  Go across
    the bridge, and walk to the right into the supposed dead end.  Walk all the way
    over and hit A, and you’ll get an X-Potion from a hidden chest there.
    Walk back the way you came and then head to the west.  Knock over the weight to
    make a rock appear.  But for the moment, it isn’t needed.  Walk back to the
    three-way fork and then walk south down several stairwells.  There is a small
    gap in the wall for you to walk through.  Walk across the bridge, hop across
    the chests and head to the left a bit.  Hop across the bridge quickly,
    past the guy that’s gonna knock you off the bridge and head south along the
    bridge, across the chest and open up the chest to get a Celestriad.
    Hop across the chest to go back to the area with the hat guys.  This is
    important: as you bridge-hop, try to NOT get knocked off by the hat guys.
    -	What Should Happen If You Get Knocked Off:
    You’ll wind up at the bottom of the mountain-area.  Walk to the left, up the
    path and left again.  Sometime along the way, you’ll see a blue flame wandering
    around.  Try to avoid it if you can, because if you touch it, you’ll engage a
    boss battle.
    Boss: Earth Eater
    It’s a yellow Humbaga.  It hits twice for around 2000 damage.  Megaton Punch is
    an instant kill.  That’s about it.  It’s weak to Holy, but Ultima does more
    You’ll get 1250 EXP for your troubles.
    Head south, then head down the path to the east.  If you go all the way south,
    you’ll be forced to fight a blue flame.
    Boss: Gargantua
    It hits for about 1000 damage.  It’s weak to poison, though Ultima does more
    damage.  That’s about it.
    You’ll get 1250 EXP for your troubles.
    Back at the fork to the east, there is a blue flame, but you can avoid it.
    If you’re unlucky enough to touch it, you’ll get into another boss fight.
    Boss: Malboro Menace
    OK, it seems pretty easy.  One hyped up Malboro, nothing troubling, right?
    Well, when it gets critical or dies, it regains all its HP then multiplies
    into another Malboro.  And then when that one goes critical or dies, it regains
    all its HP and multiply two Malboros, so you end up taking out up to 7
    Malboros.  It doesn’t really matter though.  Just Quick-Ultima+4xUltima them
    all to death.  Oh, look out for the Blaster; it’s an instant kill if it hits.
    And all of them can use it, so they could wipe you out in one turn.
    You’ll get 5000 EXP in total.
    Whichever path you took, you’ll end up in a fork.  Head up the left path and
    you’ll be forced to fight a blue flame.
    Boss: Dark Behemoth
    It’ll cast Mighty Guard in its first move.  It hits for around 1000 damage.
    Heave does around 3000 damage.  When he dies he casts Ultima, so cast Reraise
    on someone if you know they won't survive an Ultima hit.  That’s about it.
    Spam Ultima and you’re good to go.
    You’ll get 1250 EXP for your troubles.
    If you took the right path, you’ll fight another unavoidable blue flame.
    Boss: Abyss Worm
    It hits for about 750 damage.  It uses Landslide, so use Float to avoid it.
    It’s weak to Holy, but Ultima still does more damage.  That’s about it.
    You’ll get 1250 EXP for your troubles.
    Whichever way you went, you’ll finally reach a light at the end of the tunnel.
    Literally.  Step into the light, and you’ll wind up back at a safe ledge, just
    before the whole chest-hopping, bridge jumping fiasco.
    -	Anyway, Back to Where I Was At – 
    Hop across the bridge leading north, avoiding the hat guys.  There is a chest
    to the left of all the hat guys.  If you can reach it, you’ll find an Elixir.
    When you reach the end, you’ll walk north to a rock platform with an X-Ether in
    a chest.  Head left and walk up the stairs and you’ll see a green dragon
    (finally!)  But before you go to attack it, do three things:
    1.	Equip as many Ribbons as you have onto people.
    2.	Use either Party 2 or Party 1 to go and save at the second Save Point
    3.	Make sure at least two people know Rasp.
    For me, that meant I ran Party 1 back to the second Save room.  So I switched
    over back to Party 1.
    -	Party 1
    While Party 2 keeps the switch down, run the way Party 3 went.  Run north and
    into the second Save room.  Save there then switch back to Party 3.
    -	Party 3
    After you’re ready, go up and attack the dragon.
    Boss: Skull Dragon
    This is probably the most tedious fight you’ll deal with.  The problem comes
    not with the amount of HP (61,000), but what happens when you kill it.  When
    you kill the Dragon, if it even has 1 MP left, it’ll fully revive itself, and
    text will appear, saying, “Skull Dragon reanimates!  It won’t die unless it’s
    out of magic!”
    How can you do that?  Just Rasp, Rasp, and Rasp some more.  When you’re low on
    MP, you can use Osmose and steal a lot more MP from the Dragon.  Usually an
    undead would just take MP from you if you did that, but apparently the
    developers were feeling slightly kind to you.  Then again, it has 15,000 MP, so
    maybe not.  Either way, it’s going to take awhile.  I was doing about 800 MP
    per turn, with three people doing Quick-Rasp+Rasp.  
    All the while, it’s attacking and using status spells on you.  Fear turns you
    into a Zombie, which is countered with a Ribbon.  Disaster gives you Imp, Dark,
    Confuse, and Condemn status.  You can Remedy Imp away, but you’ll have to wait
    out Condemn and revive afterwards.
    This battle will take a while, but eventually when it reaches 0 MP, it'll die.
    And for your troubles, you’ll get the Scorpion Tail for Gogo.
    A staircase reveals itself, and a light disappears.  Heal and revive, then walk
    down the staircase to skip all of the bridge-hopping.  If you go to the right,
    you’ll wind up back into the underground tomb, and at the end of the path there
    is a ledge.  If the turtle was in the middle of the area, you could call it
    over.  But, since its back at the bottom, you can’t go across at the moment.
    Return back to the second save point and save.  Enter the left door and go
    west.  Step on the switch and flip over to Party 2 (finally!)
    -	Party 2
    Go north into the cave.  Walk around and step on the rock Party 3 made for you.
    Walk down the stairs and walk around the rock to the left of you.  There’s a
    mostly hidden chest there with Force Armor for you to use.  Walk past where the
    rock Party 3 made for you, up to the small ledge near the weight and switch.
    Switch over to Party 3.
    -	Party 3
    Walk off the switch, hop across the rock that the weight from long ago made for
    you and stop of the switch.  Flip over to Party 2.
    -	Party 2
    Hop across the rock that Party 3 made for you, and head into the Save room
    where Party 1 is resting.  Switch over to Party 3.
    -	Party 3
    Head back to the Save room where the other parties are at.  Here is another
    chance for you to go and change your parties around and heal them all with
    Tents on the Save point.  At this point, I’m sick and tired of wandering
    around with Party 3, so I use Party 1.
    -	Party 1
    Save, then head into the room at the left.  Walk around the horn, past the
    switches and the weights.  Walk north and east, ignoring the door for the
    moment, and head towards the two lava pools.  In-between the two pools is a
    ridge of rocks.  Walk up to the south wall of rocks and hit the A button.
    You’ll flip a hidden switch and text will pop up, saying, ‘There is a distant
    Walk back to the door you just passed and enter into it.  Walk north to enter a
    new room.  Walk to the left path and enter the room there.  Grab the Magus Robe
    from the chest, and walk back to the three-way fork.  Go to the right and there
    is a dragon there.  Approach it and attack.
    Boss: Holy Dragon
    You’ll get text saying that the Holy Dragon is getting ‘heavenly aid.’  I guess
    we have to be evil people then, huh?  Anyway, it has an auto-Regan, and every
    attack you do he counters with Curaga on itself.  That heals about 6500 damage,
    so you must do more than that per hit, or else you won’t be able to beat him.
    I suggest using the Soul of Thamasa and that Celestriad you have (unless you
    have one equipped already) to spam out Quick-Ultima-4 Ultimas.  That should
    guarantee five 9999 hits.  You can also cast Reflect on the Dragon to nullify
    the Curaga.  Ultima cuts through Reflect, so you don't have to worry about it
    back-firing on you.
    His normal attack hits for around 1000 damage.  He has an attack called Saintly
    Beam that does around 1000 damage to everyone.  He has an attack called
    Heavenly Wrath that is an instant kill.  That’s not what you need to worry
    about though.  What you need to worry about is his Heartless Angel attack.
    That reduces your entire party’s HP to 1.  If he uses that then Saintly Beam,
    it’s game over.  If he uses Heartless Angel before Quick spell is cast, use the
    first one to heal with Curaga, then attack.  With a little luck you’ll kill him
    You’ll get the Zanmato for your troubles.
    After your victory dance over the Holy Dragon and cursing Heaven for aiding the
    bad guy, two lights disappear.  Heal and revive as necessary, then head back to
    the Save room to heal and save.
    OK, if you’ve been following this guide word-for-word, you should realize that
    we have beaten seven of the 8 Dragons.  The last one is the Gold Dragon, and it
    takes a little while to get to.  It is located in the area that resembles the
    underground tomb.  If the turtle was in the center of the pond, we could have
    ridden him over and easily faced the last dragon.  However, he isn’t there.
    Now, you can either walk the entire party back through basically the entire
    dungeon, fighting a lot of really annoying enemies, or cast Teleport to bring
    you all out.
    Personally, I cast Teleport to bring the entire party out, for two reasons:
    1.	To re-stock supplies.
    2.	To re-organize my party easily.
    So have someone use the Teleport spell or use the Teleport Stone you found
    earlier.  You’ll warp out of the dungeon and wind up on the deck of the
    airship as Setzer.   I land near the Coliseum and save first.  Then I fly to
    the nearest town (in this case, Kohlingin) and re-stock there on Hi-Potions,
    Ethers, Phoenix Downs, and Tents.  I leave and fly back, re-select my party
    and begin again.
    What I’m doing now is slightly different than from what I usually do.  While I
    form three parties, a specific set-up will make things MUCH easier for you in
    the next boss battle.  Party 1 will consist of: Sabin/Setzer/Shadow/Gogo.
    It doesn’t matter what party members are in the other two parties, I’m going to
    have you Teleport out of this place again once you beat the Gold Dragon.
    You’re also going to need about 30 Fuma Shuriken.  If you haven’t gotten them
    already, go to Kohlingin and buy some.
    Equip everyone with specific weapons: give Setzer his Fixed Dice.  Sabin will
    need to have lots of HP, so give him a Red Cap if you have one.  A Green Beret
    works, but a Red Cap is better.  Shadow is to be equipped with the Valiant
    Knife and another strong weapon (he’ll need to have the Merit Award and Genji
    Glove relics on him to allow that).  Give Gogo the Throw, Blitz and Items
    commands.  Once you’ve equipped them all, enter the cave.
    -	Party 1
    Geez… Haven’t seen this place in a while.  Everything in the cave resets except
    for all the dragons you beat and lights that have disappeared so don’t worry
    about having to go through all that again.  Walk into the right cave.
    Walk east, then north, going up the long stairwell that you see.  Ride the
    turtle across the water, then immediately walk east and south.  Walk east down
    the steps and go north.  You’ll enter a room with several tombstones.  Read
    them all for now.  They’re important later.  Past all the tombstones is the
    last dragon.  Go up and fight it.
    Boss: Gold Dragon
    Text will appear saying that the Gold Dragon is absorbing magic.  So WHATEVER
    spells you cast: Curaga, Libra, Ultima, Imp, whatever, he’ll absorb the MP for
    that spell.  So what we got ourselves here is a good old-fashioned slug fest.
    That’s why I had you go with a physical-oriented party.  The dragon attacks
    for around 1000 damage.  Mighty Claw can Confuse whoever it hits.
    He attacks with Plasma, which does around 750 damage.  Wave Cannon hits
    everyone for around 1500 damage.  Have everyone equipped with Thunder Shields
    to absorb Plasma and Wave Cannon.  You can prevent the Confuse status by
    equipping people with Ribbons.
    I had Sabin Phantom Rush every turn.  Setzer attacked with Fixed Dice.  If
    you’re lucky, you’ll get a 9999 from the Fixed Dice.  When Shadow has high HP,
    have him throw Fuma Shuriken.  When he has low HP (at/around 1000), have him
    attack.  Valiant Knife will hit for high damage, possibly even 9999 if his HP
    is under 100.  Gogo can Mimic or Blitz Phantom Rush, Throw Fuma Shuriken,
    and heal with X-Potions.  Try to keep everyone’s HP above 1000
    (except for Shadow’s).
    Another strategy suggested by wannabegangsta5724:
    This was my party when I took on the Gold Dragon:
    Edgar (Level 61)
    Sabin (Level 62)
    Shadow (Level 61)
    Locke (Level 61)
    Edgar chainsawed for 9999, Sabin could use chakra (good idea with red cap) or
    phantom rush, shadow threw pinwheels for 9999 (you can bet fuma's for pinwheels
    in the collesseum) and Locke with Ultima Weapon and Wing Edge attacked for
    about 10-12 thousand damage.
    You’ll get the Zwill Crossblade for your troubles.
    Four lights disappear, and now the entire Dragon’s Den will be open to you.
    Teleport out and Save on the World Map.  Buy any more items you may need
    then fly back to the Dragon’s Den.  I make my parties how they were back at the
    beginning of the game.  Just in case you forgot (and to save you some 
    scrolling), they were:
    Party 1 – Terra/Locke/Edgar/Sabin
    Party 2 – Shadow/Cyan/Strago/Relm
    Party 3 – Setzer/Celes/Mog/Gogo
    We can quickly get to a Save Point with all the lights gone.  Here’s the path
    you go:
    -	Enter through the right cave entrance.
    -	Go east then north, and go up the long staircase to the tomb area where
            we fought the Gold Dragon.
    -	Head east down the stairs then north a bit until you can go west.  Go
            west, up the staircase there, then walk north, west, and north up the
            stairs and enter the middle room.  In the room there is a Save Point
    Bring all your party there, heal and Save.  Use whichever party you want.  I’m
    going to use Party 1, since it’s my strongest.
    -	Party 1
    Now, remember those tombstones you read a few minutes ago?  Time to use them.
    The text you got should be something like:
    From the Save Point, walk south, then east.  You’ll find a blank tombstone.
    You can inscribe something onto it.  Select ‘THEK’ first, then ‘INGO’ second,
    and ‘FDRA’ third.  The fourth one will be added automatically, to spell out
    ‘THE KING OF DRAGONS’ (Sounds an awful lot like The King of Games to me…)
    Anyway, a door opens up to your right.  Enter it to reach an area with lots of
    staircases.  Walk down all of the right staircases first, to find a chest
    containing an Elixir.  Walk back up to the top and walk down the left
    staircases, you’ll find a Phoenix Down.  Walk over some more steps, heading
    east, and you’ll reach a door.  Enter it.  Walk east, then south and you’ll
    find a flashing light.  Step into it, and you’ll warp to a new area.
    Walk east and… Cool.  You’ll get a Ribbon from the top-left box.  Open the
    bottom-left box to get a Bone Wrist.  Open the bottom-right box for a
    Boss: Neslug
    It’ll cast Slowga on you, so counter with Hastega.  It has VERY high Magic Def.
    How high, you ask?  Ultima barely does 6500 damage, and the shell gets 0
    damage.  It’s weak to Fire, but Firaga only does 4500.  So stick with Ultima.
    Physical attacks work well, but it may not be worth it.  When it retreats into
    its shell, every hit on the shell responds with Megaton Punch, an instant kill
    if it connects.  He has White Wind to heal 9999, so this battle will take a
    while.  But eventually you’ll get him.
    You’ll get the Gungnir spear and 50,000 Gil for your troubles.
    If you open the top-right box, you’ll get another Monster-In-A-Box.
    Boss: Plague
    It casts Doom on everyone, so you have less then 15 seconds to do more than
    20,000 HP to kill it.  Sort of like the Plague boss from FF4… Anyway, have 
    people use Quick to get in as many attacks as you can.  While you are in Quick,
    Condemn still counts down, so move quickly.  You can use this to your advantage
    though by only having one person dying every 15-20 seconds instead of having
    the entire party die in 15-20 seconds.  Ribbon won’t block Condemn, or his
    Gaze attack, which causes Confuse, Dark and Silence.  If you move quickly,
    you should be able to use Ultima-Quick-4xUltima with the Soul of Thamasa
    equipped on someone.  He should die by the third Ultima cast.
    You’ll get the Angel Brush for your troubles.
    After the four chests there, walk south and west to find another chest.  Open
    it to find the Stardust Rod.  Walk up to the light that’s east of the 4 chests.
    Enter the light then walk west into another warp point.  Walk east and north,
    but skip the warp point there for now.  Walk west and south and you’ll exit the
    room.  Take the southern staircase to find another Ribbon.  Head back and go up
    the north staircase.  Step on a darkened tile to open up a hidden door.  Switch
    over to Party 2.
    -	Party 2
    Leave the Save Point room, and head towards the area where Party 1 is at.  Walk
    down the right side of the staircases.  Enter through the hidden door Party 1
    opened up for you.  Walk east into the warp point, and then walk west and north
    to find three more chests.  The left chest has a Genji Glove.  The center chest
    has a Crystal Orb.  The right chest is a Monster-In-A-Box.
    Boss: Flan Princess x 5
    There are 5 of them.  The first move they do is Mega Berserk.  As it sounds, it
    turns your entire party into Berserk status.  And they’re flans, so physical
    attacks do little damage to them at the very most.  Usually you’ll just do 0
    damage.  You can prevent that with equipping Ribbons on everyone.  It also
    prevents you from becoming Imp’ed by their Imp Song.  They can attack for
    around 1000 damage.  They are weak to Fire, so either use Firaga or Ultima and
    Quick to get rid of them quickly.
    You’ll get 6250 EXP, Oborozuki for Shadow, and 55,555 gil.
    South of the warp point, there is another chest.  Open it up to find a Dueling
    Mask.  Hurry back to the Save Point in the tomb area.  Switch over to Party 1.
    -	Party 1
    Run back to the tomb area.  However, instead of stopping and healing at the
    Save Point, step on the darkened tile in the top-right room to open up a hidden
    door in the Save Point room.  Switch over to Party 2.
    -	Party 2
    Run up into the room Party 1 opened up for you.  Walk north and west a bit and
    step on the switch there.  Switch over to Party 3.
    -	Party 3
    Walk south of the Save point and head over to the eastern launching point where
    the turtle is.  Call him over and walk west into the mountain cave area.  Walk
    south and west, hop over the chests and head into the second Save Point.  Save
    and switch over to Party 1.
    -	Party 1
    Step off the switch and hurry over to Party 3.  You can call the turtle over
    from the west ledge, so you can save yourself a few steps.  Run over to the
    second Save Point and save.  Leave the second Save Point area and head left
    into the cave area.  Walk around and knock over the weight again.  Walk back
    and hop over the rock and step on the switch there.  Flip over to Party 3.
    -	Party 3
    Leave the Save Point, head left.  Walk around the horn, step south and go
    across the bridge.  Walk west, across the bridge there and hop across the rocks
    Party 1 made for you.  Walk west and north to another Save Point.  Save and
    heal there, and walk west.  Walk north and step on the second switch.
    In-between Parties 2 and 3 a warp point will appear.  Switch back to Party 1.
    -	Party 1
    Step off the switch and head back to the second Save Point room.  Heal and save,
    because it’s time to finish off this dungeon!  Walk south and east through the
    path.  Walk east across the chests.  Walk up the steps towards where you fought
    the Skull Dragon.  Head west across the bridge and south a bit past the chest.
    Head west the moment you can and walk north into the door there.  Run up and
    you’ll find the warp point.
    Before you step into it though, do one final check on your party.  Do you have
    all the spells you want/need?  Are you happy with your levels?  Do you like the
    spells your people know?  Have you equipped your party the way you want to have
    them set up?
    Here is how I set up Party 1:
    Terra: Ragnarok – Aegis Shield – Mystery Veil – Force Armor – Soul of Thamasa
           – Ribbon
    Locke: Zwill Crossblade – Force Shield – Genji Helm – Genji Armor – Muscle Belt
           – Ribbon
    Edgar: Radiant Lance – Crystal Shield – Red Cap – Genji Armor – Hermes Sandals
           – Ribbon
    Sabin: Godhand – Genji Shield – Red Cap – Red Jacket – Hero’s Ring – Ribbon
    I tried to focus on stat-boosting weapons that gave bonuses across the board.
    Ribbon should protect against any and all status ailments.  Terra is easily my
    strongest magic user, that’s why she can use Duel cast.  Locke’s HP was low,
    that’s why he has the Muscle Belt.  Edgar is going to go first and cast Hastega
    before attacking with the Chainsaw.  Sabin is a jack-of-all-trades for me;
    he can heal and attack.  You can also try to use Locke as an attacker by having
    him equipped with Ultima Weapon and Valient Knife (both weapons ignore
    defense).  You'll have to give him a Genji Glove relic to do that.
    Once you feel you’re ready, walk into the warp point.  Run forward and you’ll
    see a large monster.  Go up and confront it.  After insulting you for being a
    human and for killing his other kin, he attacks.
    Boss: Kaiser Dragon
    Oooh… The Ultima Weapon boss battle music… Anyway, he first uses Barrier
    Change, and at random points in the battle he will use it again.  The Barrier
    Change serves two purposes: to make elemental spells near-useless, and to show
    what his weakness and attack skills are when he attacks you.  He seems to use
    attacks that reflect what his weakness is.  Be wary of him using Freezing Dust
    when he is weak to ice, because if he Freezes your entire party, unless you get
    REALLY, REALLY lucky, you’re going to die.  Basically, just pound, pound, and
    pound some more.  Try to cast Float if you can early on, so that if he shifts
    into Earth, you can dodge Quake, which can be a one-hit kill for the entire
    party.  He casts Ultima when he finally dies, so have Reraise on everyone
    throughout the entire battle.  While you can scan him and it says he has 65,000
    HP that resets two more times when it reaches 0, so you have to do a total
    of 195,000 damage to finally kill him.  I got lucky; he did Heartless Angel,
    Sabin did Phantom Rush, he countered with Ultima, and I had three Reraise
    on people.
    When you’re victorious, he flashes several times before disappearing.
    The camera pans up a bit, showing a Magicite flashed in red.  Run up
    and grab it.  You get text, saying, ‘Powerful magic is radiating from this
    Congratulations, you just got the Diabolos Magicite!
    Here are the stats on the Magicite:
    -	Diabolos
    Special Attack: Dark Messenger – Critically wound all enemies
    Spells: Graviga x5
    	Gravija x3
    At Level Up: HP +100%
    That’s right, when you gain a level, you’re going to get double the HP you
    should get.  Defiantly a good way to get someone to 9999 HP before
    they reach level 99.
    Step up into the light, and the screen will flash, and the area will shake.
    The screen goes black, and an Imp shows up.  He explains that, with Kaiser
    Dragon dead, the other hidden dungeon is revealed.  The new area is called
    the Soul Shrine.  It is located on an island west of Mobliz.
    He walks away, and you appear on the deck of the airship.
    Congratulations, you just beat the Dragon’s Den!
    V – Enemies in the Dragon’s Den
    To be added in the next update.
    VI ---- Bosses in the Dragon’s Den
    Ice Dragon
    Level: 97
    HP: 32,000
    MP: 20,000
    Attack: 40
    Defense: 150
    Evasion: 20
    Magic: 15
    Magic Defense: 150
    Magic Evasion: 20
    Gil: 0
    EXP: 0
    Steal: None
    Drops: Final Trump
    Storm Dragon
    Level: 97
    HP: 62,000
    MP: 10,000
    Attack: 40
    Defense: 150
    Evasion: 200
    Magic: 12
    Magic Defense: 150
    Magic Evasion: 80
    Gil: 0
    EXP: 0
    Steal: Hi-Ether
    Drops: Longinus
    Earth Dragon
    Level: 97
    HP: 58,000
    MP: 24,000
    Attack: 100
    Defense: 220
    Evasion: 10
    Magic: 18
    Magic Defense: 150
    Magic Evasion: 20
    Gil: 0
    EXP: 0
    Steal: X-Potion
    Drops: Godhand
    Blue Dragon
    Level: 97
    HP: 57,000
    MP: 16,000
    Attack: 40
    Defense: 150
    Evasion: 20
    Magic: 15
    Magic Defense: 150
    Magic Evasion: 10
    Gil: 0
    EXP: 0
    Steal: X-Potion
    Drops: Save the Queen
    Red Dragon
    Level: 97
    HP: 59,000
    MP: 12,000
    Attack: 40
    Defense: 150
    Evasion: 20
    Magic: 15
    Magic Defense: 150
    Magic Evasion: 10
    Gil: 0
    EXP: 0
    Steal: X-Ether
    Drops: Apocalypse
    Skull Dragon
    Level: 97
    HP: 61,000
    MP: 14,000
    Attack: 40
    Defense: 200
    Evasion: 0
    Magic: 15
    Magic Defense: 120
    Magic Evasion: 20
    Gil: 0
    EXP: 0
    Steal: Holy Water
    Drops: Scorpion Tail
    Holy Dragon
    Level: 97
    HP: 55,000
    MP: 22,000
    Attack: 30
    Defense: 150
    Evasion: 10
    Magic: 22
    Magic Defense: 200
    Magic Evasion: 40
    Gil: 0
    EXP: 0
    Steal: Elixir
    Drops: Zanmato
    Gold Dragon
    Level: 97
    HP: 60,000
    MP: 18,000
    Attack: 40
    Defense: 150
    Evasion: 20
    Magic: 15
    Magic Defense: 150
    Magic Evasion: 10
    Gil: 0
    EXP: 0
    Steal: X-Ether
    Drops: Zwill Crossblade
    Kaiser Dragon
    Level: ???
    HP: ???
    MP: ???
    Attack: ???
    Defense: ???
    Evasion: ???
    Magic: ???
    Magic Defense: ???
    Magic Evasion: ???
    Gil: ???
    EXP: ???
    Steal: ???
    Drops: ???
    Earth Eater
    Level: 97
    HP: 36,000
    MP: 1,400
    Attack: 70
    Defense: 10
    Evasion: 0
    Magic: 30
    Magic Defense: 80
    Magic Evasion: 0
    Gil: 0
    EXP: 5,000
    Steal: Teleport Stone
    Drops: None
    Malboro Menace
    Level: 92
    HP: 15,000
    MP: 2,000
    Attack: 13
    Defense: 144
    Evasion: 0
    Magic: 9
    Magic Defense: 109
    Magic Evasion: 0
    Gil: 0
    EXP: 5,000
    Steal: Potion, Hi-Potion
    Drops: Potion
    Level: 85
    HP: 30,000
    MP: 1,500
    Attack: 67
    Defense: 100
    Evasion: 55
    Magic: 0
    Magic Defense: 100
    Magic Evasion: 0
    Gil: 0
    Steal: None
    Drops: Growth Egg
    Dark Behemoth
    Level: 91
    HP: 38,000
    MP: 9,999
    Attack: 27
    Defense: 115
    Evasion: 0
    Magic: 15
    Magic Defense: 151
    Magic Evasion: o
    Gil: 0
    EXP: 5,000
    Steal: Phoenix Down, Behemoth Suit
    Drops: Phoenix Down
    Abyss Worm
    Level: 91
    HP: 34,000
    MP: 60,000
    Attack: 23
    Defense: 180
    Evasion: 0
    Magic: 10
    Magic Defense: 150
    Magic Evasion: 0
    Gil: 0
    EXP: 5,000
    Steal: Elixir
    Drops: Phoenix Down
    Level: 97
    HP: 62,000
    MP: 62,000
    Attack: 50 (Shell: 60)
    Defense: 180 (Shell: 255)
    Evasion: 50 (Shell: 0)
    Magic: 20
    Magic Defense: 195 (Shell: 255)
    Magic Evasion: 50 (Shell: 0)
    Gil: 50,000
    EXP: 0
    Steal: None
    Drops: Gungnir
    Level: 79
    HP: 22,000
    MP: 12,000
    Attack: 31
    Defense: 130
    Evasion: 250
    Magic: 20
    Magic Defense: 160
    Magic Evasion: 180
    Gil: 0
    EXP: 5,000
    Steal: None
    Drops: Angel Brush
    Flan Princess*
    Level: 91
    HP: 12,345
    MP: 1,000
    Attack: 13
    Defense: 250
    Evasion: 0
    Magic: 15
    Magic Defense: 100
    Magic Evasion: 0
    Gil: 11,111
    EXP: 5,000
    Steal: Super Ball, Megalixir
    Drops: Oborozuki
    VII --- Items in the Dragon’s Den
    -	Hi-Ether: Recover 150 MP.
    -	Rename Card: Rename one character.
    -	Elixir: Fully recover a person’s HP and MP.
    -	Teleport Stone: Same effect as the Teleport spell.
    -	X-Potion: Fully recover one person’s HP.
    -	X-Ether: Fully recover one person’s MP.
    -	Remedy: Remove all status ailments except for Confuse, Condemn and
    -	Phoenix Down: Revive one KO’ed party member with 25% max HP.
    VIII ---- Equipment found in the Dragon’s Den
    To be added in the next update.
    IX ---- The Diabolos Magicite
    Esper Name: Diabolos
    Special Attack: Dark Messenger
    Attack Effect: Deal critical damage to all enemies
    Spells and Learning Rate:  Graviga x5
           Gravija x3
    At Level Up: HP + 100%
    X ---- FAQs
    To be added when I actually have some Frequently Asked Questions.
    XI ---- Closing Statements and Copyright
    I hope you found this guide helpful.  If you have any other ways of dealing
    with a certain boss and you wish to contribute to this guide, or if you
    have a question, you may e-mail me at:
    In the message title, list: ‘FF6:A, Dragon’s Den Comment’.  That way,
    I won’t consider it to be spam.  I will attempt to respond to your e-mails,
    but it may take a while.
    Thanks go out to:
    Square-Enix – For releasing the game on the GBA (but damn them for
                  removing the Vanish/Doom glitch).
    GameFAQs Message Board – For having people on the board answer questions
    			 I had about the dungeon before I even had them.
    VeghEsther - For correcting me on what Dark Behmoth casts when it dies; it's
    	     Ultima, not Meteor.
    waitohooru - Suggesting the idea of casting Float on the Earth Dragon to stop
    	     it from getting healed by it's Earth attacks.
    Joe and havefun123 - Pointing out the Reflect trick on the Holy Dragon.
    wannabegangsta5724 - Another strategy for taking on the Gold Dragon.
    milkshakeman - For suggesting the Save-Tent trick to use in the Dragon's Den.
    This document is Copyright 2007 KinieWings and is the intellectual property
    of the author. It may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use as long as it remains in its unaltered, unedited form.
    It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
    advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a
    part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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    I hope you found this guide useful.

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