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    Coliseum Guide by bogalx

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    Final Fantasy VI Advance Coliseum Guide
    By bogalx (chakillionaire@hotmail.com)
    Version 1.1 (Last Updated 4/14/2007)
    Table of Contents
    1. Bet/Fight/Win Lists
    2. Recommended Fights/Chains
    3. The Celestriad Cycle
    4. Final Words
    Version History
    1.0 (3/19/2007): First complete version of the guide.
    1.1 (4/14/2007): Fixed some minor grammatical errors, fixed the prize for
    betting the Excalipoor (should've been Merit Award, thanks Matt G!), and added
    a couple more recommended fights (thanks ghostrider775 for the Genji Armor
    1. Bet/Fight/Win Lists
    The list is sorted alphabetically according to the Win column.
    Bet                       Fight                     Win
    Genji Armor               Glasya Lebolas            Air Anchor
    Cursed Ring               Muud Suud                 Air Anchor
    Stardust Rod              Dark Force                Angel Brush
    Save the Queen            Brachiosaur               Apocalypse
    Valiant Knife             Baalzephon                Assassin's Dagger
    Blizzard Orb              Weredragon                Berserker Ring
    Berserker Ring            Weredragon                Blizzard Orb
    Blood Sword               Enuo                      Blood Sword
    Rising Sun                Weredragon                Bone Club
    Sniper                    Glasya Lebolas            Bone Club
    Death Tarot               Aspidochelon              Bone Club
    Dueling Mask              Daedalus                  Bone Wrist
    Thief's Knife             Wartpuck                  Brigand's Glove
    Thief's Bracer            Amduscias                 Brigand's Glove
    Fixed Dice                Clymenus                  Burning Fist
    Tigerfang                 Greater Mantis            Burning Fist
    Burning Fist              Tumbleweed                Burning Fist
    Impartisan                Weredragon                Cat-Ear Hood
    Saucer                    Brachiosaur               Cat-Ear Hood
    Soul of Thamasa           Behemoth King             Celestriad
    Tabby Suit                Vector Lythos             Chocobo Suit
    Genji Helm                Fortis                    Crystal Helm
    Muscle Belt               Weredragon                Crystal Orb
    Cursed Shield             Daedalus                  Cursed Ring
    Gladius                   Shambling Corpse          Dagger
    Brigand's Glove           Vasegiatta                Dagger
    Crystal Helm              Duel Armor                Diamond Helm
    Gold Hairpin              Great Malboro             Dragon Horn
    Celestriad                Vector Chimera            Dragon Horn
    Safety Bit                Tonberry                  Dragon Horn
    Ward Bangle               Yojimbo                   Dragon Horn
    Bone Wrist                Duel Armor                Dueling Mask
    Crystal Sword             Glasya Lebolas            Enhancer
    Soul Sabre                Aspidochelon              Falchion
    Scorpion Tail             Vector Chimera            Final Trump
    Falchion                  Outsider                  Flame Shield
    Ice Shield                InnoSent                  Flame Shield
    Force Armor               Behemoth King             Force Armor
    Paladin's Shield          Demon Knight              Force Shield
    Nutkin Suit               Aspidochelon              Genji Armor
    Royal Crown               Aspidochelon              Genji Helm
    Thunder Shield            Outsider                  Genji Shield
    Ultima Weapon             Great Behemoth            Gladius
    Zanmato                   Yojimbo                   Godhand
    Ribbon                    Dark Force                Gold Hairpin
    Crystal Orb               Glasya Lebolas            Gold Hairpin
    Dragon Horn               Gorgimera                 Gold Hairpin
    Punisher                  Aspidochelon              Gravity Rod
    Rainbow Brush             Test Rider                Gravity Rod
    Tintinabulum              Dark Force                Growth Egg
    Hero's Ring               Gorgimera                 Guard Bracelet
    Longinus                  Prometheus                Gungnir
    Guard Bracelet            Demon Knight              Hero's Ring
    Murakumo                  Galypdes                  Holy Lance
    Red Cap                   Gorgimera                 Hypno Crown
    Flame Shield              Metal Hitman              Ice Shield
    Crystal Mail              Covert                    Ice Shield
    Ichigeki                  Shadow/Typhon             Ichigeki*
    Ragnarok                  Daedalus                  Lightbringer
    Gungnir                   Muud Suud                 Longinus
    Phoenix Down              Cactuar                   Magicite Shard
    Magus Robe                Test Rider                Magus Robe
    Healing Rod               Tonberry                  Magus Rod
    Murasame                  Glasya Lebolas            Masamune
    Memento Ring              Typhon                    Memento Ring
    Cat-Ear Hood              Slagworm                  Merit Award
    Excalipoor                Onion Dasher              Merit Award**
    Regal Gown                Death Machine             Minerva Bustier
    Rename Card               Fiend Dragon              Miracle Shoes
    Thornlet                  Aspidochelon              Mirage Vest
    Chocobo Suit              Ahriman                   Moogle Suit
    Holy Lance                Death Machine             Murakumo
    Kagenui                   Test Rider                Murakumo
    Masamune                  Gorgimera                 Murakumo
    Magus Rod                 Weredragon                Murakumo
    Sasuke                    Face                      Murasame
    Radiant Lance             Landworm                  Mutsunokami
    Moogle Suit               Cherry                    Nutkin Suit
    Zwill Crossblade          Tonberry                  Oborozuki
    Flametongue               Great Malboro             Organyx
    Icebrand                  Gamma                     Organyx
    Thunder Blade             Muud Suud                 Organyx
    Zantetsuken               Covert                    Organyx
    Fuma Shuriken             Chaos Dragon              Pinwheel
    Mutsunokami               Gamma                     Radiant Lance
    Bone Club                 Test Rider                Red Jacket
    Mirage Vest               Vector Chimera            Red Jacket
    Red Jacket                Vector Chimera            Red Jacket
    Minerva Bustier           Tonberry                  Regal Gown
    Merit Award               Covert                    Rename Card
    Elixir                    Cactuar                   Rename Card
    Pinwheel                  Aspidochelon              Rising Sun
    Hypno Crown               Great Malboro             Royal Crown
    Tortoise Shield           Muud Suud                 Saucer
    Apocalypse                Fiend Dragon              Save the Queen
    Final Trump               Ahriman                   Scorpion Tail
    Wing Edge                 Gorgimera                 Sniper
    Dragon Claws              Test Rider                Sniper
    Behemoth Suit             Outsider                  Snow Scarf
    Organyx                   Behemoth King             Soul Sabre
    Angel Brush               Gamma                     Stardust Rod
    Stoneblade                Armored Weapon            Stoneblade
    Assassin's Dagger         Test Rider                Swordbreaker
    Force Shield              Dark Force                Thornlet
    Genji Shield              Yojimbo                   Thunder Shield
    Gauntlet                  Vector Chimera            Thunder Shield
    Genji Glove               Demon Knight              Thunder Shield
    Miracle Shoes             Tyrannosaur               Tintinabulum
    Growth Egg                Muud Suud                 Tintinabulum
    Megalixir                 Siegfried                 Tintinabulum
    Aegis Shield              Glasya Lebolas            Tortoise Shield
    Reed Cloak                Gorgimera                 Tortoise Shield
    Viper Darts               Weredragon                Viper Darts
    Snow Scarf                Yojimbo                   Ward Bangle
    Lich Ring                 Death Machine             Ward Bangle
    Molulu's Charm            Outsider                  Ward Bangle
    Godhand                   Great Behemoth            Zanmato
    Lightbringer              Gamma                     Zantetsuken
    Air Anchor                Primeval Dragon           Zephyr Cloak
    Oborozuki                 Outsider                  Zwill Crossblade
    *If you waited for Shadow on the Floating Continent and saved him in the Cave
    on the Veldt, you will fight him when you bet the Ichigeki. Win or lose, he'll
    join your party afterwards.
    **After defeating Onion Dasher, you will fight the Esper Gilgamesh with full
    control of your entire party. Win, and you'll receive his magicite.
    Wagering any of the following items will pit you against Typhon for an Elixir.
    Dagger                    Iron Armor
    Mythril Knife             Silk Robe
    Main Gauche               Mythril Vest
    Air Knife                 Ninja Gear
    Man-Eater                 White Dress
    Swordbreaker              Mythril Mail
    Mythril Sword             Gaia Gear
    Great Sword               Golden Armor
    Rune Blade                Power Sash
    Bastard Sword             Luminous Robe
    Enhancer                  Diamond Vest
    Excalibur                 Diamond Armor
    Mythril Spear             Black Garb
    Trident                   Noiseblaster
    Heavy Lance               Bioblaster
    Partisan                  Flash
    Golden Spear              Chainsaw
    Kunai                     Debilitator
    Kodachi                   Drill
    Sakura                    Auto Crossbow
    Ashura                    Flame Scroll
    Kotetsu                   Water Scroll
    Kiku-Ichimonji            Lightning Scroll
    Kazekiri                  Invisibility Scroll
    Mythril Rod               Shadow Scroll
    Flame Rod                 Silver Spectacles
    Ice Rod                   Star Pendant
    Thunder Rod               Peace Ring
    Poison Rod                Amulet
    Holy Rod                  White Cape
    Gravity Rod               Jeweled Ring
    Chocobo Brush             Fairy Ring
    Da Vinci Brush            Barrier Ring
    Magical Brush             Mythril Glove
    Shuriken                  Protect Ring
    Chain Flail               Hermes Sandals
    Moonring Blade            Reflect Ring
    Morning Star              Angel Wings
    Boomerang                 Angel Ring
    Hawkeye                   Knight's Code
    Cards                     Dragoon Boots
    Darts                     Zephyr Cloak
    Dice                      Princess Ring
    Metal Knuckles            Earring
    Mythril Claws             Gigas Glove
    Kaiser Knuckles           Hyper Wrist
    Venom Claws               Master's Scroll
    Buckler                   Prayer Beads
    Heavy Shield              Black Belt
    Mythril Shield            Heiji's Jitte
    Golden Shield             Fake Mustache
    Diamond Shield            Alarm Earring
    Crystal Shield            Gale Hairpin
    Leather Cap               Sniper Eye
    Hairband                  Sprint Shoes
    Plumed Hat                Potion
    Beret                     Hi-Potion
    Magus Hat                 X-Potion
    Bandana                   Ether
    Iron Helmet               Hi-Ether
    Priest's Miter            X-Ether
    Green Beret               Holy Water
    Twist Headband            Antidote
    Mythril Helm              Eye Drops
    Tiara                     Gold Needle
    Golden Helm               Remedy
    Tiger Mask                Sleeping Bag
    Mystery Veil              Tent
    Circlet                   Green Cherry
    Diamond Helm              Magicite Shard
    Dark Hood                 Super Ball
    Oath Veil                 Echo Screen
    Leather Armor             Smoke Bomb
    Cotton Robe               Teleport Stone
    Kenpo Gi                  Dried Meat
    2. Recommended Fights/Chains
    Impartisan -> Cat-Ear Hood (vs. Weredragon)
     Weredragon is vulnerable to instant death, so you can equip a weapon with
     instant death properties like Zantetsuken and Wing Edge for a potentially
     quick win. Equipping a Reflect Ring can bounce Weredragon's Death spell back
     at it, or you could send Gogo in with three Sketch commands to have Weredragon
     cast Death on itself.
    Tabby Suit -> Chocobo Suit -> Moogle Suit -> Nutkin Suit -> Genji Armor (vs.
    Vector Lythos, Ahriman, Cherry, and Aspidochelon)
     Yes, this is a rather long chain, but it grants you a virtually limitless
     amount of Genji Armors, which is pretty freakin' sweet. Tabby Suits, Chocobo
     Suits, and Moogle Suits are all stealable from enemies inside Owzer's Mansion
     (Couerl Cats, Caladrius, and Blade Dancers respectively). Betting any of these
     will eventually net you a Nutkin Suit, which you can then wager for a shiny
     new Genji Armor. The fights go something like this:
     Vector Lythos is a piddly little enemy that shouldn't pose any challenge
     whatsoever. No real strategy needed here.
     Mog with 255 defense in the back row with a Safety Bit will be invincible
     against Ahriman. 255 defense can be achieved with a Snow Scarf, a Genji Helm,
     and any decent shield.
     Against Cherry, a Reflect Ring will repel all of her nasty spells back at her.
     Attacking her may incur a Meteor counterattack (which is unreflectable and
     very painful) so it's best to hold L and R to run and wait until she kills
     herself with her own spells.
     Aspidochelon is listed below.
    Ragnarok -> Lightbringer (vs. Daedalus)
     Send Mog in with the following setup:
     Holy Lance
     Paladin's Shield/Flame Shield
     Genji Helm
     Snow Scarf
     Reflect Ring
     Safety Bit
     Put him in the back row, and he'll be literally impossible to kill. Any
     physical attack will do 0 damage to him, the Paladin's/Flame Shield will
     absorb Flare Star and Fire Wall, the Reflect Ring will reflect Flare, and the
     Safety Bit will protect against Blaster.
    Healing Rod -> Magus Rod (vs. Tonberry)
     Mog in the back row with 255 defense and a Ribbon/Jeweled Ring will be
     completely invincible. Keep in mind that Tonberry uses Traveler when it dies,
     so if you don't have high enough HP to survive it, a Muscle Belt might be in
    Cat-Ear Hood -> Merit Award (vs. Slagworm)
     Send Mog in with a Paladin's Shield/Thunder Shield, a Genji Helm, a Snow
     Scarf, and Angel Wings. In the back row, he will be impossible to kill. The
     shield will protect from Sandstorm, the Angel Wings will protect from Quake,
     and 255 defense in the back row will ensure 0 damage from physical attacks.
    Regal Gown  -> Minverva Bustier (vs. Death Machine)
     Death Machine will cast Death 75% of the time, and counters any attack with
     Blaster. It's vulnerable to instant death, so your best bet is to equip a
     Reflect Ring to reflect Death back at it. As soon as the fight starts, hold L
     and R to make your character run so they can't attack and get Blastered.
    Elixir -> Rename Card -> Miracle Shoes (vs. Cactuar and Fiend Dragon)
     Cactuar has ridiculously high defense and evasion scores, but only 3 HP, so
     you can take it down very easily if you're equipped properly. Gogo with three
     Attack commands and a Master's Scroll should make quick work of it.
     Against Fiend Dragon, send Mog in with a Paladin's Shield/Flame Shield, a
     Genji Helm, and a Snow Scarf. Put him in the back row and he will be
     impossible to kill. The shield will take care of Southern Cross, and 255
     defense in the back row will ensure all physical attacks will do 0 damage.
    Thornlet -> Mirage Vest (vs. Aspidochelon)
     Aspidochelon uses attacks of multiple elements, including Earth, Ice, and
     Wind. You can equip the appropriate gear to protect against these elements, or
     you could just take the easy way out and exploit its vulnerability to instant
     death. Your call.
    Behemoth Suit -> Snow Scarf (vs. Outsider)
     Outsider has two instant death attacks (one of which is physical, so it can't
     be protected from by Safety Bit/Memento Ring), and a variety of unblockable
     Throw attacks. Even with perfect evasion/magic evasion, it will be difficult
     to take him on mano a mano. So in order to take him down as quickly as
     possible, you should exploit his biggest weakness: instant death. Use similar
     strategies as against Weredragon, but keep in mind that Sketch will only
     result in instant death 25% of the time.
    3. The Celestriad Cycle
    So you want a bunch of Celestriads, but you're far too lazy to spend hours
    trying to win them off Brachiosaurs or steal them from Galydes? That's
    understandable. Luckily for you, there is a relatively quick and painless way
    to score multiple Celestriads within the coliseum!
    This trick involves wagering the Murakumo in order to fight the monster
    Galypdes. Galypdes is usually an extremely rare enounter in the Phoenix Cave,
    so this will save you the trouble of hunting them down. Set Gogo up with three
    Steal commands, a Brigand's Glove, and a Safety Bit (to protect from Galypdes'
    Cyclonic and Shamshir attacks). As he fights Galypdes, he will Mug it every
    turn until it dies. If that particular Galypdes wasn't holding a Celestriad,
    that's no problem!
    By winning the fight, you will receive a Holy Lance, which you can then wager
    to get the Murakumo back. You can then wager the Murakumo again, and continue
    the cycle until you have all the Celestriads you want.
    4. Final Words
    Thanks go to Mnrogar for writing the guide on which this one is based, and
    The_Returner123, whose translation guide helped with changing various names for
    this document.
    If you spot any errors or have any suggestions or questions concerning this
    guide, feel free to e-mail me at chakillionaire@hotmail.com.
    This guide may not be reproduced on any other website without explicit written
    permission from the author. This guide is for personal use only.
    This document is copyright 2007 bogalx. All rights reserved.

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