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    Level # Lore Guide by Djibriel

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/15/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Level # Lore Guide Advance
    Version 1.1
    Djibriel, Januari 2006
    "888 - Three times the prosperity, means "wealthy wealthy wealthy". (E.g., the 
    2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing were designated by the Chinese officials to 
    begin on the most auspicious date possible to ensure the success of the Games 
    for its hosts: August 8, 2008 - on the 8th day, of the 8th month in the 8th
    year of the new millennium.)" 
    - unknown source
    1.0  Version History
    2.0  The Intro
    3.0  The Attacks
    4.0  The Casters
    5.0  The Targets
     5.1  The Targets by Lore
     5.2  The Targets by Monster
     5.3  The effects of Dischord
     5.3  The Targets by Area
    6.0  The Verdict
    7.0  The Thanks
    No number: Disclaimer
     1.0 Version History
    - Version 1.1 (06/15/2011)
          An e-mail sent by an enlightened soul known only as DiscoGodOfThe2ndAge
          reminded me about Dischord's ability to alter a target's effective level, 
          which opens up a slew of targets that are vulnerable to a combo of 
          Dischord and Lv. 5 Death. I added a section talking about it, because 
          this document obviously wasn't lengthy enough.
    - Version 1.01 (12/2/2009)
          Some tiny errors slipped in. Can you guess who's to blame? Protip: 
          Macbooks are devilmachines and I don't make mistakes.
    - Version 1.0  (11/30/2009)
          Assassin17 is awesome. This is the GBA release. It's even better now.
          I still see no use for it in any "relevant" sense of the word, but it
          kept me off the streets for an entire night, a night I may well have
          spent harassing old people with Alzheimer had I not figured I might
          just as well update this thing. 
     2.0 The Intro
    Imagine this.
    You're walking through a forest, right? No, wait, let's change a minor detail
    there: you're walking through a grotesquely oversized tomb for your long-since
    deceased friend that may or may not have been your lover. Yeah, okay, there's
    a tomb and you're walking through it. Lamenting the good times and gallons of
    Mountain Dew you had together, you are forcefully pulled from Memory Lane when
    an oversized plant attacks you. Think 'venus fly trap', only 8'0 high, with a
    very very very big mouth with sharp teeth and the kind of breath that makes
    children cry.
    This isn't an ideal scenario, as you would probably die. But let's assume that
    you've been fighting off bothers like this for a while now, and that you're
    covered in colorful robes that embody the very nature of Taoism. In this case,
    you might quickly resort to LOGIC. It's a plant! It will most likely absorb
    Water-elemental attacks, but it will quickly succumb to the powers of Fire.
    Yes, by appearance, most opponents can quickly be recognized as being desert
    dwellers, thus weak to Water. Or living in a volcano, thus weak to Ice. And
    whatever, you're like a divine being with Quick and Ultima and all that, so
    even your vague grasp of monsters and their elemental properties isn't even
    all THAT useful. 
    Now, switch back to the tomb, the Mad Oscar attacking you. You may think about
    its Fire-elemental weakness if you've grasped the tendencies of abstract
    thought. If you're a long-time player, you may recognize the foe as one lacking
    Death protection. But how likely is it that "Darn, this Dionaea gargantua
    is level 30, it will be vulnerable to my trusted Lv. 5 Death attack!" will be 
    the first thought shooting through your head? Not very, I say. So here's the 
    guide to satisfy that very, very tiny niche of the game.
    This Guide includes all monsters susceptible to Lv. 3 Confuse, Lv. 4 Flare and 
    Lv. 5 Death. I have not included Lv. ? Holy as its hit-or-miss nature depends 
    entirely on your amount of Gil, which I can't predict. Sonny, if I could, I'd be
    spending the time I'm writing this intro betting on winning horses, and you'd 
    better believe it.
    Obviously I haven't only checked for levels but also for Confuse and Death 
    protection where applicable. Bosses who are vulnerable to a move yet could never
    have been targeted with it (you can't use Lv. 4 Flare when fighting Vargas) have
    not been listed. 
     3.0 The Attacks
    Lv. 5 Death
    Hits all enemies, both sides
    MP cost: 22
    Causes instant death
    Hits those with a level that is a multiple of 5 (Will miss targets invulnerable
    to instant death)
    Differences with the Death spell:
    Multi-target, Not vulnerable to Runic, not Reflectable, unblockable, doesn't 
    check for Stamina, doesn't restore undead. 
    Lv. 4 Flare
    Hits all enemies, both sides
    MP cost: 42
    Attack power: 66
    Hits those with a level that is a multiple of 4
    Ignores defense, no split damage.
    Differences with the Flare spell:
    Multi-target, not vulnerable to Runic, not Reflectable, unblockable, is stronger
    (Flare has an Attack power of 60).
    Lv. 3 Confuse
    Hits all enemies, both sides
    MP cost: 28
    Causes Confuse
    Hits those with a level that is a multiple of 3
    Differences with the Confuse spell:
    Multi-target, not vulnerable to Runic, not Reflectable, unblockable.
     4.0 The Casters
    Gau can cast Lv. 3 Confuse when performing the Rages of either Apocrypha,
    Trapper or Dante. The wild child can cast Lv. 4 Flare when performing the Rage
    of Magna Roader (brown).
    Strago can learn all three Lores from Trapper, who all normally cast it. If you
    haven't met Trapper when you had the chance, and thus have ruined your chances
    of seeing them on the Veldt, Strago can learn Lv. 5 Death from Setzer's Joker's 
    Death due to a quirk in the game data and learn all three Lores on the Floating
    Continent from Apocrypha who will cast any of the three Lores as a counter-
    attack when it's alone. 
    Relm can perform all three Lores when Sketching or Controlling certain enemies:
    For Lv. 3 Confuse, she can Sketch: Apocrypha, Trapper and Dante.
    For Lv. 5 Death, she can Sketch: Dark Force and Trapper.
    For Lv. 3 Confuse, she can Control: Apocrypha, Trapper, Dante and Magic Dragon.
    For Lv. 4 Flare, she can Control: Apocrypha, Trapper and Magic Dragon.
    For Lv. 5 Death, she can Control: Dark Force and Trapper.
    Note that while Sketching or Controlling, the only move that will have an effect
    on the targets will be casting Lv. 5 Death in a battle against a Dark Force
    opponent. All other monsters are immune to the Lores and travel with other
    monsters who are also immune to them. 
    Gogo can either Mimic the attacks or simply add the Rage, Sketch and Lore
    options to his array of commands. Control is also an option; set Sketch as a
    command and equip the Fake Mustache on Gogo. 
     5.0 The Targets
    This is what you're reading the document for, right?
     5.1 The Targets by Lore
    Lv. 3 Confuse 
    Sand Ray, Alacran, Hornet, Zaghrem, Trillium, Lesser Lopros, Cartagra, Wild Rat,
    Doberman, Cloud, Angel Whisper, Living Dead, Vulture, Iron Fist, Rock Wasp, 
    Gobbledygook, Litwor Chicken, Wyvern, Onion Knight, Sergeant, Mega Armor,
    Mag Roader (red), Outcast, Zombie Dragon, Venobennu, Sky Armor, Oceanus, Humpty,
    Borghese, Malboro, Skeletal Horror, Coeurl Cat, Caladrius, Ouroboros, 
    Necromancer, Crawler, Basilisk, Greater Mantis, Vasegiatta, Onion Knight,
    Knotty, Tzakmaqiel, Al Jabr, Pluto Armor, Pandora, Parasite, Lunatys, Figaro
    Lizard, Level 50 Magic, Muud Suud, Fortis, Ahriman, Dinozombie
    Total: 53
    Lv. 4 Flare
    Wererat, Guard Leader, Magitek Armor, Belmodar, Unseelie, Lesser Lopros, 
    Cartagra, Wild Rat, Doberman, Cloud, Angel Whisper, Bomb, Living Dead, Aspiran,
    Actinian, Fossil Dragon, Harvester, Hill Gigas, Goetia, Bug, Provoker, Antares,
    Lich, Adamankary, Venobennu, Sky Armor, Laser Gun (Air Force), Behemoth, Naude,
    Cruller, Neck Hunter, Dante, Tentacle (one), Deepeye, Mousse, Gorgimera, 
    Twinscythe, Coeurl Cat, Crusher, Caladrius, Ouroboros, Necromancer, Chaos
    Dragon Leap Frog, Deathgaze, Test Rider, Wizard, Lukhavi, Magna Roader
    (yellow), Magna Roader (brown), Psychos, Garm, Covert, Kamui, Wartpuck,
    Samurai, Suriander, Schmidt, Alluring Rider, Level 10 Magic, Level 70 Magic,
    Great Malboro, Demon Knight, InnoSent, Death Machine, Metal Hitman, Prometheus,
    Goddess, Magic (final battle), Zurvan, Dinozombie, Death Rider, Magic Dragon,
    Malboro Menace
    Total: 74
    Lv. 5 Death
    Guard, Silver Lobo, Spritzer, Bandit, Leaf Bunny, Darkwind, Gorgias, Cirpius,
    Commander, Stray Cat, Chippirabbit, Ghost, Fossil Dragon, Vulture, Iron Fist,
    Rock Wasp, Paraladia, Gobbledygook, Veil Dancer, Provoker, Antares, Lich,
    Spitfire, Brainpan, Gigantos, Borghese, Malboro, Skeletal Horror, Punisher, 
    Tumbleweed, Schmidt, Alluring Rider, Lunatys, Figaro Lizard, Dark Force,
    Total: 36
    A few conclusions can already be drawn! It's funny how the Lv. 3 Lore has less
    viable targets than the Lv. 4 Lore. The reason is that Lv. 3 Confuse, even
    on a normally viable will still always miss due to Confusion immunity. Since
    there is no such thing as Flare immunity, it beats Lv. 3 Confuse in a fight of
    quantity. Also, only a small 31% of the targets vulnerable to Lv. 5 Death
    appears in the WoR; it loses a lot of steam there due to ID protection running
    rampant there. 
    Memorized it yet? You have not? Allow me to lay the info out in such a fashion
    that it does look presentable.
     5.2 The Targets by Monster
    Guard            Death
    Silver Lobo      Death
    Wererat          Flare
    Spritzer         Death
    Bandit           Death
    Guard Leader     Flare
    Leaf Bunny       Death
    Darkwind         Death
    Sand Ray         Confuse
    Alacran          Confuse
    Magitek Armor    Flare
    Hornet           Confuse
    Belmodar         Flare
    Unseelie         Flare
    Zaghrem          Confuse
    Trillium         Confuse
    Gorgias          Death
    Cirpius          Death
    Lesser Lopros    Confuse, Flare
    Commander        Death
    Cartagra         Confuse, Flare
    Wild Rat         Confuse, Flare
    Stray Cat        Death
    Chippirabbit     Death
    Doberman         Confuse, Flare
    Ghost            Death
    Cloud            Confuse, Flare
    Angel Whisper    Confuse, Flare
    Bomb             Flare
    Living Dead      Confuse, Flare
    Aspiran          Flare
    Actinian         Flare
    Fossil Dragon    Flare, Death
    Vulture          Confuse, Death
    Iron Fist        Confuse, Death
    Rock Wasp        Confuse, Death
    Paraladia        Death
    Harvester        Flare
    Hill Gigas       Flare
    Gobbledygook     Confuse, Death
    Veil Dancher     Death
    Goetia           Flare
    Litwor Chicken   Confuse
    Wyvern           Confuse
    Bug              Flare
    Onion Knight     Confuse
    Sergeant         Confuse
    Mega Armor       Confuse
    Mag Roader       Confuse
    Outcast          Confuse
    Provoker         Flare, Death
    Zombie Dragon    Confuse
    Antares          Flare, Death
    Lich             Flare, Death
    Adamankary       Flare
    Venobennu        Confuse, Flare
    Sky Armor        Confuse, Flare
    Spitfire         Death
    Laser Gun        Flare
    (Air Force)
    Brainpan         Death
    Behemoth         Flare
    Gigantos         Death
    Naude            Flare
    Oceanus          Confuse
    Humpty           Confuse
    Cruller          Flare
    Neck Hunter      Flare
    Dante            Flare
    Tentacle         Flare
    Deepeye          Flare
    Mousse           Flare
    Borghese        Confuse, Death
    Malboro         Confuse, Death
    Skeletal Horror Confuse, Death
    Punisher        Death
    Gorgimera       Flare
    Twinscythe      Flare
    Coeurl Cat      Confuse, Flare
    Crusher         Flare
    Caladrius       Confuse, Flare
    Ouroboros       Confuse, Flare
    Necromancer     Confuse, Flare
    Chaos Dragon    Flare
    Tumbleweed      Death
    Leap Frog       Flare
    Crawler         Confuse
    Basilisk        Confuse
    Greater Mantis  Confuse
    Vasegiatta      Confuse
    Deathgaze       Flare
    Test Rider      Flare
    Wizard          Flare
    Lukhavi         Flare
    Magna Roader    Flare
    Magna Roader    Flare
    Psychos         Flare
    Garm            Flare
    Onion Dasher    Confuse
    Knotty          Confuse
    Tzakmaqiel      Confuse
    Covert          Flare
    Kamui           Flare
    Wartpuck        Flare
    Samurai         Flare
    Al Jabr         Confuse
    Suriander       Flare
    Schmidt         Flare, Death
    Pluto Armor     Confuse
    Alluring Rider  Flare, Death
    Pandora         Confuse
    Parasite        Confuse
    Lunatys         Confuse, Death
    Figaro Lizard   Confuse, Death
    Level 10 Magic  Flare
    Level 50 Magic  Confuse
    Level 70 Magic  Flare
    Dark Force      Death
    Muud Suud       Confuse
    Great Malboro   Flare
    Demon Knight    Flare
    Fortis          Confuse
    InnoSent        Flare
    Ahriman         Confuse
    Death Machine   Flare
    Metal Hitman    Flare
    Prometheus      Flare  
    Goddess         Flare
    Magic           Flare
    (final battle)
    Zurvan          Flare
    Dinozombie      Confuse, Flare, Death
    Death Rider     Flare
    Magic Dragon    Flare
    Malboro Menace  Flare
     5.3 The effects of Dischord
    Dischord is a wonderful little Lore that halves a target's effective level for
    the duration of a fight. Some interesting points must be made at this juncture:
    - Any Level # Lore will hit or miss based on a target's effective level, and
      will recognize a target's post-Dischord level rather than its 'actual' level.
    - When faced with an odd level, Dischord will round up. A Trapper's level is
      normally 19; when struck with Dischord once, its new effective level will be
    - Dischord does not normally work on targets that are immune to Instant Death
      attacks, though a combination of Vanish and Dischord will (due to a bug) work.
    Though fun to employ, the Dischord Lore in tandem with a Level # Lore is not
    very useful in most scenarios. The trick works only when the target is already 
    vulnerable to Instant Death attacks, and Dischord alone is heavier on your MP 
    than a Death spell. However, Instant Death attacks may miss where neither 
    Dischord (on a target with no Magic Evasion) nor the successive Level # Lore 
    will ever miss. Like bringing a girl to your bachelor pad and watching Joss 
    Whedon films together, it's a two-step strategy that never fails.
    For the curious, here is a list of targets that, after a Dischord Lore, are
    vulnerable to a Lv. 5 Death attack where they previously were not:
    Zaghrem, Trillium, Trapper, Flan, General, Lenergia, Chaser, Death Warden,
    Garm, Proto Armor, Angler Whelk (Shell), Cloudwraith, Exoray, Bogy, Al Jabr,
    Pluto Armor, Pandora, Parasite, Io, Slagworm, Behemoth King (undead), Lanworm,
    Daedalus, Flan Princess and Dark Behemoth.
    Of those, Death Warden, Angler Whelk (Shell), Io, Slagworm, Behemoth King,
    Landworm, Daedalus, Flan Princess and Dark Behemoth are the ones that may 
    outlast a few attacks. Death Warden, Slagworm and the undead Behemoth King will
    only use their frightful counterattacks when damaged, so the Dischord Lore will 
    not provoke them. Lv. 5 Death cannot be made to kill the other part of the 
    Angler Whelk creature, so you cannot obtain two Dragon Claws with this strategy,
    sadly. Versus the two GBA-exclusive creatures, Flan Princess and the Dark
    Behemoth, Dischord will lead to nasty counters, so a Banish spell will serve
    you better. 
     5.4 The Targets by Area
    So how does this apply to normal in-game usage? The Level # Lores are multi-
    target, so instead of just giving the info, a true dedicated Guide should 
    point out groups of monsters and locations where a certain Lore is useful. 
    Here we go:
    Everything in WoB Narshe and in the grasslands around it can be killed using 
    Lv. 5 Death. The only exception to this rule is Wererat, which is level 4, hence
    you should pick Lv. 4 Flare. 22 MP to kill a group of the weakest monsters in
    the game is overkill, but it will work. Guard Leader can be destroyed with Lv. 4
    Flare, which is a fun yet useless fact should you encounter it on the Veldt. It
    lives there now, in shame.
    The WoB desert around Figaro Castle is a good place to use Lv. 3 Confuse against
    level 6 Sand Ray and Alacran. Magitek Armor falls against Lv. 4 Flare. 
    Belmodar and Unseelie fall to Lv. 4 Flare. 
    Zaghrem and Trillium can be hit by Lv. 3 Confuse, and Gorgias and Cirpius are 
    vulnerable to the Lv. 5 Death spell. This comes in remotely handy against that 
    Cirpius x3, Gorgias monster formation.
    Lv. 4 Flare kills most anything on the Phantom Train once its name isn't Ghost, 
    Oversoul or Apparition (Ghost falls to Lv. 5 Death). 
    The Doberman enemies guarding a chest in the Imperial Camp are vulnerable to 
    both Lv. 3 Confuse and Lv. 4 Flare. Though it is impossible to bring Strago to 
    this location, the Doberman dog will HOUND the Veldt afterwards. Oh, the wit.
    Actinion and Aspiran fall to Lv. 4 Flare, but it might not even be a good idea 
    to cast it as Aspiran will rarely counter anything which isn't the Attack
    command with Gigavolt, even if the attack is fatal.
    Wild Rats can be killed with Lv. 4 Flare or confused by Lv. 3 Confuse.
    The grasslands between Kohlingen, Jidoor and Zozo are inhabited with monsters 
    who shouldn't be laughing at Lv. 5 Death. Bloodfang is immune, but all others 
    will perish. Where's Strago when you need him?
    Goetia enemies are vulnerable to Lv. 4 Flare, which is good 'cause they suck.
    Mega Armor, Commando and Pipsqueak fall to Lv. 3 Confuse. 
    Litwor Chicken and Wyvern are vulernable to Lv. 3 Confuse, though you may want
    to watch out with confusing Litwor Chickens; they'll start casting Quake, and
    they don't care who they hit.
    The monsters in the first two "rooms"  of the Cave to the Sealed Gate all suffer
    from both Lv. 4 Flare and Lv. 5 Death. Take your pick, at these levels the Lv. 4
    Flare spell means death anyway. Lv. 3 Confuse can be used to keep both Outcast 
    and Zombie Dragon enemies at bay. This location may be off-limits as soon as 
    Strago joins your team, but they'll still appear on the Veldt. 
    Adamankary and Venobennu fall to Lv. 4 Flare, and with Strago in your party you 
    finally have means to cast it with. Or you would have, could you have taught 
    Strago these spells by now. Which you can't. 
    Finally, this is when Strago is able to learn the Lv. # Lores on the Veldt!
    Sky Armor falls to Lv. 4 Flare (and Lv. 3 Confuse) and Spitfire falls to Lv. 5 
    Death. It might even be a good idea to cast Lv. 5 Death in a Spitfire x2, Sky 
    Armor battle. 
    Gigantos falls to Lv. 5 Death. If Strago isn't dead when his triple !Throat Jab 
    has inflicted suffering upon your party, cast it to win. Behemoth falls to 
    Flare. Especially a monster formation of two Behemoth monsters is a good time 
    to cast this spell; not only do two Behemoths have enough power to actually 
    kill a well-prepared, suitably leveled party, they can even catch you in a 
    Pincer. Lv. 4 Flare will hit both targets regardless for very respectable 
    Naude falls to Lv. 4 Flare, although a simple Imp spell will work faster and 
    be cheaper.
    The WoR houses a whole lot of NO vulnerable monsters of any kind until you meet 
    Oceanus (Confuse) and then enter the Cave of Figaro WoR style. Everything but 
    Humpty here will feel the effects of Lv. 4 Flare.
    Deepeye and Mousse, sometimes appearing together or in groups all fall to Lv. 4 
    Flare. Especially Deepeye x6 can be a nice formation to be the receiving end 
    of the spell, mostly for kicks. It's the only formation in the game where you
    can target 6 enemies with the spell. 
    Skeletal Horror, Borghese and Malboro all die from Lv. 5 Death. Borghese is a 
    monster you will be taking out ASAP, and since bringing Strago here as soon as 
    you get him is a good idea (Bad Breath), this is a very respectable option. 
    The Crawler are everywhere in the WoR, so knowing that Lv. 3 Confuse equals a 
    Noiseblaster against them is a good thing to know. Greater Mantis also feels
    the effects of this spell. Slagworms in the desert near Maranda can be safely 
    hunted and killed with Dischord/Lv. 5 Death; Slagworms will not use Sandstorm 
    when struck with Dischord, so no worries. 
    Twinscythe can be annoying with their Death protection and respectable amounts 
    of HP, so Lv. 4 Flare will be nice to cast against them. Note that the elusive 
    Gorgimera is also vulnerable. It's likely that it's not Strago that will be 
    taking advantage of this weakness, but Gau (the brown Magna Roader Rage casts 
    it). Death Warden, the monster in the box, may be taken out with a combination
    of Dischord and Lv. 5 Death, and since Death Warden only counters when damaged 
    Strago (or Gogo) need not fear any extra Death spells cast. The undead Behemoth
    King may also be defeated with that Lore combo. 
    Caladrius, Coeurl Cat and Crusher, often appearing in groups (especially the 
    Caladrius x2, Crusher x2, Coeurl Cat monster formation), all fall to Lv.4 Flare.
    Only Gogo and Gau can cast it here, but it'll be a good option (it's a better 
    version of Grand Delta before you even have Strago!).
    Finally a simply GREAT place to cast one of the Lores: Everything in Narshe, 
    including both mines, is vulnerable to Lv. 4 Flare. 
    Once you step into Umaro's Cave Lv. 4 Flare will fail miserably, but Lv. 3
    Confuse will take care of Tzakmaqiel, Onion Dasher and Knotty alike. 
    Chaos Dragon, Necromancer and Ouroburos all fall to Flare. Ouroburos' massive 
    Magic Defense won't help against the barrier-piercing nature of the spell, so 
    even in a LLG this move will take care of one right away.
    In Cyan's dream, most enemies are vulnerable to at least one of the three Lores:
    Alluring Rider, Samurai, Suriander and Schmidt are vulnerable to Lv. 4 Flare, 
    Alluring Rider, Pandora and Schmidt to Lv. 5 Death and Pandora, Parasite, Al
    Jabr and Pluto Armor are susceptible to Lv. 3 Confuse. Io can be destroyed by a 
    combination of Dischord and Lv. 5 Death, if you're so inclined. 
    Figaro Lizard and Lunatys both fall to Lv. 3 Confuse and Lv. 5 Death. The latter
    is great way of abusing the lack of Death protection if you don't have access to
    anything but the normal Death spell. 
    The Final dungeon houses quite a few enemies, and some of them are vulernable 
    to one of the Lores. Checking the monster-specific section will help you there. 
    The least unimportant one here is Goddess, who falls to Lv. 4 Flare. Since
    her inherent Shell makes her resistant to most magical attacks, those of you
    who brought a Strago without Grand Delta to the fight (i.e. nobody) will be
    pleased to find this option possibly present.
    In the Final battle, the only part vulnerable to any of these spells is Magic, 
    who'll suffer from Lv. 4 Flare. Hardly worth the cast in this fight, especially 
    once you consider that Grand Delta should be in your arsenal already, but if you
    want to exploit the knowledge you gained by reading this Guide, be my guest. 
    GBA-exclusive enemies are learned from this guide, taking great care in
    avoiding the bad levels. Some have goofed off in Level # Lore 101, though:
    Zurvan, Death Rider, Magic Dragon and Malboro Menace all fall to Lv. 4 Flare,
    and Dinozombie is a worthy target for all three of the # Lores! Both the Flan
    Princess enemies and the Dark Behemoth are vulnerable to a combination of 
    Dischord and Lv. 5 Death, but it's not an ideal strategy; Flan Princess come
    in groups of five, each needs a Dischord Lore and each may counter that Dischord
    Lore with a 33% shot at an Entice counterattack. The Dark Behemoth may counter
    the Dischord Lore with !Heave and will counter the Lv. 5 Death Lore with either
    a Meteor (66%) or Ultima (33%) spell. All of those counterattacks can be
    avoided with one succesful Banish spell. 
     6.0 The Verdict:
    Lv. 3 Confuse (53 possible targets)
    Lv. 3 Confuse, among Transfusion, Self-Destruct and Roulette, can be thrown on 
    the heap of Lores which aren't worth your time and/or attention in this game. 
    While I'm sure there are several places where this spell can come in handy in a 
    Strago SCC where you prohibited using Magic, Cait Sith's Cat Rain is equally
    expensive on your MP (both cost 28 MP) and will not check for levels. And it
    goes without mentioning that Noiseblaster blows either of them away, so while
    Lv. 3 Confuse can be annoying when targeted against you, and is in fact an 
    interesting concept, the attack can be completely ignored without running in ANY
    situation where you wished you would've had it. 
    Lv. 4 Flare (74 possible targets)
    Lv. 4 Flare is the strongest Lore you have when talking multiple targets and
    ignoring elemental attributes. It's a good bet against a double Behemoth, it
    will make a good Deathgaze slayer, can clean out large parts of Owzer's Mansion,
    the Phoenix Cave and WoR Narshe and can create some havoc among other enemies.
    The heavy toll it takes on your MP might not be nice, especially in the WoB, but
    note that you'll have a powerful attack on your hands when you manage to land
    it on a suitably leveled target. An interesting note is that Lv. 4 Flare is
    not as powerful as Grand Delta versus a single target, but IS more powerful
    versus multiple targets.
    Lv. 5 Death (36 possible targets)
    Lv. 5 Death has the smallest crowd of possible targets, and among them is an
    embarrassing amount of low-level WoB critters you might as well take out with
    your Bioblaster. There are some situations where it's nice to have Lv. 5 Death,
    though: While you can't have Strago in the Cave of the Sealed Gate, its 
    inhabitants will haunt the Veldt later on and especially Lich can be a
    formidable threat when you're scouting for Rages and Lores of the Veldt once
    you do have Strago. Lv. 5 Death is not at all expensive once looking at its
    nature, so using it against Spitfire will be wise. Gigantos will be the last 
    good target to use Lv. 5 Death on; it'll kill him once you cast it, no questions
    asked. In the WoR the amount of monsters with Death protection will be stellar 
    in comparison, so you can kiss Lv. 5 Death goodbye (especially considering 
    Oblivion, Blaster, Banish and other such multi-target instant-death attacks). 
     7.0 The Thanks
    Master ZED for the attack descriptions.
    Assassin17 for inspiring the creation of the Guide, and inspiring an update
    over three years later. And, according to assassin's own words:
    Contemptus, for inspiring assassin to mention the post which led to the 
    DiscoGodOfThe2ndAge hails from Funkytown; We are Family. His notes on
    Dischord made it even more troublesome for monsters to be Stayin' Alive in
    the face of Strago's mighty Lores. A real Daddy Cool, this DiscoGodOfThe2ndAge,
    and That's The Way (I Like it). 
     Disclaimer and legal necessities
    This was written in 2005/2006, by Djibriel and is copyrighted by me. You can 
    contact me at djibriel at gmail dot com if you desire to lay praise on me, or
    wish for my real-life contact information so you can send me money or your
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    by somebody else as the authors of the respective bodies of text. You are
    unauthorized to change anything in this document for any other purpose
    then personal use without my explicit permission. 
    You are unauthorized to throw me into a volcano after an epic struggle between
    good and evil without my explicit permission.
    All rights reserved.

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