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"Best Gameboy Advance Game Ever"

"FFVI advance starts and ends with a blast that will have you coming back for more"


FFVI advance begins with Terra, Biggs, and Wedge on a snowy mountain getting ready to find an esper in Narshe as they were ordered by the Gestahlian empire, and they use magiteck armor to plow through the soldiers of Narshe. Terra is being controlled by a crown that Kefka placed on her, so Terra is not yet aware of her actions. When Locke, a "Treasure Hunter" meets her, Terra is unconscious and has amnesia,but as time goes by and you progress in the game she starts to remember who she is, her purpose, and her origin. Locke and many other main characters, have stories to tell as well as they try and put an end to the evil Gestahlian empire and prevent another Magi war.


The ATB battle system is again introduced in FFVI. You can choose whether the ATB random battles are in active mode or wait mode. The battle speed can be changed from 6 different speeds to help the player adjust to the format at will. Summons in FFVI are "espers" and they allow you to learn powerful magics when equipped to a character, however you can only equip one esper at a time. Espers come from magicite that you find in places throughout the world; each esper, when equipped, has a range of abilities that you can learn, but first you have to master the ability with each battle you win by gaining AP points.

As soon as a magic gets to 100%, then you have learned the ability. Some Espers also have an extra effect on the character it is equipped to, like for instance, giving the character more HP during each level up, or raising the characters magic status during each level up, there are many ways that each esper can be used to your advantage.

FFVI also has "relics" to use at your disposal, the sprint shoes allow the leader to run very fast in to get from place to place much quicker.

You can equip up to two relics per character. Each of the main characters has a special ability that they can use in battle, Sabin has his Blitz techniques where you enter commands on the GBA controls to perform one of his special attacks, Cyan stores his energy over time in battle to unleash a bushido attack, Locke can steal from enemies, Edgar has the tool command, and Celes uses runic protecting the party from magic attacks and absorbing them as MP.

There is a new dungeon in FFVI advance as well, along with 4 new espers!


The music is enhanced from the old SNES version, not only that, so are the sounds and Kefka's laugh. Hardcore FF fans will get some nostalgia immediately as soon as they play the game.


Awesome visuals for a GBA game. The chocobo and airship look 3-D on the world map and they give you more controls also with the airship, letting you see the world from different angles.


FFVI advance is fun to play many times over, the story never gets old and neither do the characters and Kefka, the villain of FFVI advance. The dialogue is like reading a book that you can't take your eyes off of, and you just cannot wait to get to the end to start another game!

My Score:

Perfect 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/08/07

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