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"Worth Buying A Third Time? YES!"

Writing a review for a Final Fantasy game is quite hard. Within the Final Fantasy universe of Moogles, Chocobo's, and brave warriors, you also have the fans which can be broken down into Noobies, Regulars, and Diehards.

For the noobies, you're reading this review to see if this game is worth your money. For the Regulars, you're wondering if this game is worth it enough to buy a third version, but for the most part you are probably reading this review to find out what Square screwed up on. For all of you Diehards, you already own this game and are just reading this review to pass the time at work until you can go home and continue playing. Hopefully this review will appease all three.

This is the third release of Final Fantasy VI for the USA. The first came in the form of the Super Nintendo version in 1994, renamed to Final Fantasy III to add more confusion. The Playstation version was released later on in the Final Fantasy Anthology collection with its proper name.

You control Terra, whom is trying to find her place in the world and eventually joins up with an Insurgence (Resistance) Group known as the Returners to battle an evil empire intent on taking over the world, sparing nothing or no one in the process.

Final Fantasy VI follows in the ATB tradition that started with Final Fantasy IV, meaning that battles are more real time as you are able to attack whenever your ATB fills up. Even though its still a turn based game, this formula has worked very well in the past and continues to work well here as well.

Each character in this game is unique, meaning that unlike a few other Final Fantasy titles, it is impossible to make two characters exactly the same, because each one has his or her native ability that no one else can learn. For example, Gogo can copy other party members moves while Cyan has a Bushido skill enabling him to unleash devastating sword attacks at a tradeoff of not being able to learn magic. (Until later).

Final Fantasy VI features a HUGE number of sidequests, secrets, and other fun stuff, more than any other game ever in its time. To put it plainly, this game is just FUN.

Regular Fan:
The gameplay remains intact from previous versions released prior. Nothing is sacrificed, but several new features are added in. For example, Square added three or four new Espers to the total, a couple of new spells, and a new dungeon. Nothing earth shattering, but it definitely adds to the already fun game.

Diehard Fan:
While the new content is welcome, it won't add much to your already level 99, Ultima spamming characters. You'll still pwn the game as much as you always do.

Final Fantasy VI has always offered one of the best videogame soundtracks of all time. There is nothing negative I can say about this at all.

Regular Fan:
Yes, the music does sound different, but its not becuase of the system its on and the programmers did not make any mistakes. The music has been remixed, some tracks for the better, some for the worse. I say for the better.

Diehard Fan:
While you may think that it was an unforgivable sin for Squaresoft to remix the music, if you max out the volume on your stereo while playing your Final Fantasy VI Piano Collection Audio CD, you'll feel right at home.

The graphics in FFVI, in its time, was the best you could get (RPG-wise) on the SNES, and the visuals hold up well on the GBA. Even though the graphics may not be as good as Metal Gear Solid or Halo, I challenge you to find a better looking 16-bit RPG that wasn't japanese-exclusive. The visuals in this game form a work of art, that I have yet to see duplicated anywhere else.

Regular Fan:
While you may have heard complaints about slowdown in other reviews for this game, I assure you that the slowdown claim is untrue. You're probably used to emulators that run very fast on your PC. Final Fantasy VI Advance runs just as fast on the GBA than it ever did on the SNES, and if you DO have slowdown problems, your copy is defective.

Diehard Fan:
Yes, I am aware that graphics don't make the game, I was merely pointing out the brilliance of the designers in this regard.

If you enjoy turn based RPG's, you will love this game. Get it before its sold out.

Regular Fan:
Square did an excellent job breathing new life into this game. (Did I mention there was a new translation?) and it is definitely worth playing through again.

Diehard Fan:
By the time this review is published, you're probably already working on your second playthrough of FFVIA. :)

The Good:
- One of the greatest RPG's ever made, now portable.
- New features give you more things to do.
- New translation freshens up the game even more.

The Bad:
- Even though the new features are awesome, they come in late in the game.
- As for the remixed music, I think its a blessing, others think its a curse.
- The only thing annoying about FFVI has only ever been permanent missables.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/09/07

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