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"Back, and even better(Despite the re-translation!)"

When I was a little girl, my mother and I played video games together. Back then, SNES was the thing we would play. RPGs were our favorite to play the most. Mother would read the text out loud(I wasn't a very good reader back then!) and I would feel myself within the game. Final Fantasy VI(III back then) was one of my favorites and I am happy to see it back on the Gameboy Advance.

But with the rumors of a re-translation, does the game still live up to it's beauty and charm?

Yes, it does and perhaps the re-translation was just the thing it needed.

Now, on to my very first review!


For an old schooler, like me, the battle system is still the same and still customizable to your needs. For the younger ones picking it up for the first time, the battle system is pretty much turn based. Each character you come across has a special, non-magical ability that they can use to help win the battle. For example, Locke can steal items from different monsters while Mog can do a cute little dance that allows him to do special attacks.

Eventually, you will receive Magicite that, when equipped, will give you the ability to learn magic. Each Magicite has different spells that will eventually allow that particular person to learn with each battle. Not only that but the Magicite itself has a small bonus with it to each level up. For example, one Magicite could allow +10% more health with each level and much more!

You can also call it into battle and summon an Esper to release a devastating attack on your foes!

Other then the four new espers and the new dungeon after you beat the game, the gameplay is pretty much the same and anyone who's played it before will easily get through it in no time.


The sound is pretty close though some tunes had to be changed a little to fit for the GBA and DS system. The big change is the voices in the Opera scene but it's actually better from the original! It has a more realistic tone to the songs and makes you think they were real voices.

Best of all, though, Kefka's laugh was preserved and that is the best one of all. Hardcore fans will appreciate this as well as new ones.


Still the same but there isn't anything really to change graphic wise. One change is the 3D-ish look when riding the Chocobo or flying around in the airship. The screen doesn't look like a flat board anymore! Although there is some MINOR slow down in some spots, it's hardly noticable and the game ran smoothly for me.

Other then that, not much change but as they say...

If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.

The Re-Translation:

I added this part on my own. When comparing the translation of the past to the new one, I find the new one brings a better understanding to the story and the character's background stories. While the classic lines did survive, some were changed. Some for the better, some not-so good.

For example(If you do not spoilers, don't read these quotes!):

Kefka(old): Son of a submariner, you'll pay for this!

Kefka:(new): Son of a Sandworm! You'll pay for this!

Among others that won't be quoted.

Still, the re-translation brings the game up to the 21st Century and gives a refreshing change. It stays true to the original but possibly answers some questions that people have been asking for many years.

Overrall: The game is as fun to play as it used to be many years ago and stays true to it's roots. Once you play through it and see the game from beginning to end, you'll never want to put it down and even want to play it again to see the famous and infamous moments all over again!

I highly recommend picking it up to both hardcore fans and those looking for an RPG to add to their GBA collection. With that, I give Final Fantasy VI Advance a 9 out of 10!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/09/07

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