Review by Tifanity

Reviewed: 02/12/07

A Game That Will Never Die.

To start off I want to say that owning multiple versions of this game, it was really hard to not give it a perfect 10. Beside from Final Fantasy 4, 2 in U.S., this was one of my most personal favorite Final Fantasy games ever made.

To start off, is the storyline. Returning players will right away know what to do and what to expect. New players however will be treated to a fast paced action introduction and the introduction of one of the most memorable characters in the Final Fantasy galaxy, Terra (Tina in Japanese) Without much spoilers, Terra meets some people that later on become her closest friends and your other party members in the game.

The story to me is really a touching one once you play through the game. You will begin to get attached to the characters since there are so many. Each one has a unique background and skill and some are stick out more than the others. Of course there is the main bad guy where he wants to like what all baddies want to do; take over the world. Unleashing an amplitude of monsters and killer bosses, it is up to you to stop him. Sounds simple right? Too bad it sounds easier than it is.

Graphics. Because this is a port with a few new additions, I think it is perfect for the GBA. I missed the chibi like sprites and the expressions that they do. It brings back a lot of memory when playing this game on the Super Famicom and the SNES and even the PS1. Another thing about the graphics is that it's simple and detailed. There isn't anything too major or anything too left out. Battle backgrounds are especially nice and I think it fits the game nicely.

Music. I absolutely love the music for this game. Each character has their own unique theme and most of them sound perfect. Owning the soundtrack for this game, like the graphics, it brings back so many good memories. I recommend anyone who likes this game to please find the soundtrack for the game, it is so so worth it.

Controls. This game is easier to play than Mario Brothers, so the controls are really simple and straight forward. The A button is to accept and and talk to NPC's (None playable characters) and other characters. The B button is to run and cancel. Start button is the bring up the menu. R and L buttons are to run away from battle when held. Any new player to this game will feel at ease right away.

Flaws. To me this game is perfect. So why give it a 9? Well, I don't like a game, especially a game that I love to death have things taken out of it. I like to have my games complete and uncut. There is a scene in the game featuring one of my favorite characters that was taken out and to me that feels wrong. Although there is a reasonable reason for it, I still think it is just a game. Taking it out for the GBA will not stop people from seeing it on the Internet or even getting the other versions already out.

Some people complained about the sound and slow down. I for one have not ran into neither of these problems. I think the sounds is fine the way it is and there are no slowdowns. We are already lucky that we don't have any loading times.

In closing, being a Final Fantasy for more than twenty years, I really enjoy that now I can play this great game anytime on the go. Another thing I do like about this version is the new additions they added. With a new area and new summons it brings a new sensation to returning fans without ruining much. If you have any of the other versions of this game and has a GBA or DS, this game is highly recommended to buy. Skip the rent. This game has been with us more than 10 years, it is definitely a game that will never die as long as there are loyal fans out there.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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