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"FFVIA: The Way to Do a Port"

Whether it be on the SNES, PSX or GBA, there is no doubt in my mind that Final Fantasy 6 has revolutionized my gaming experience. Never before have I witnessed such a masterpiece, and I hope that many feel the same way. The blending of many elements in the creation of this beautiful gem is amazing, putting this game in a class of its own. Well, here is my take on this great game.

Simple one of the best stories I have heard at the age of 6 and still continue to be dazzled by at my current age of 14. The story revolves around a lonely amnesiac girl at first, but little by little you get introduced to more characters. Slowly, they become a main character in their own way, as Square does an almost incomparable job with the background of the characters you can play (Well, there is the exception of Umaro...). With your ragtag group of rebels, you fight a violent and militaristic dictatorship, facing victory, and sorrow. Most of all however, you face something that you more then likely will never feel in most RPG's; you experience the pangs of defeat through the (pixel) eyes of your heroes. Overall, this is a deep and detailed story (not as much as FFX, but deep for an originally SNES game).

Gameplay, the sole reason some play video games. "Forget the story, I want ACTION!" Well, luckily for you, FFVIA delivers both in a coupled package. With a full team of heroes (each with their own special abilities of mechanical artillery, martial arts, and many more) you feel like a real team were you must use each character for certain scenarios. Battles are simple amazing as you fight how you want with your chosen few. Strategy does seem to wane when you reach higher levels, but it is still there for the battles that count.

A great soundtrack with plenty of awe inducing rhythms. Unfortunately, the GBA can only support so much of this awesomeness. The sound is somewhat hindered by the lack of the GBA's tech, and this might be a problem for Uematsu admirers. The sound is still great and emotion swaying like we remember however.

Not Golden Sun, but still better then most games out there on the market. Especially since this game was initially played on the SNES, a system that harboured some horrific graphics. Final Fantasy 6 is great when you think about it though. Gestures made by sprites are easily seen and help you better understand the game. Battle is quite amazing when spiced up with special effects like fire dancing across the screen with the random god dropping down to deliver some punishment.

This game is hard. Period. Whether your trying to fight the first boss or the last, you will be faced with some difficulty. This will be a blessing for those that love a challenge, since this game is no pushover. The fix-up on the Vanish+Doom trick also makes returning gamers rethink their strategies to actually involve a battle that doesn't last 5 seconds.

Replay Value:
Play it Again. And Again. And Again... The story, characters and gameplay have dragged me back by my heels to try this game time and time again. It may seem to fade after 2-4 replays, but its great for a pick-up when on the road.

Buy it, Play it, LOVE IT!!! Whether your a die hard fan or a newcomer to the RPG genre, this game will not disappoint.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/12/07

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