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"Best FF ever. Best GBA Game ever, but far from being the best port ever"

I tried (and beated) every main FF with the exeption of FFV. I don't see this game is so UNDER-Rated. In fact, this FF is by far, better than FFVII and FFVIII AND FFX combined (the last three I just mentioned are good, but not as good as the classics one were) This FF was one truly classic game. Too bad I was too young to understand English (english is not my native language) when it first came out. When I first tried this FF, FFIX was my favourite. I tried it the ''not too legal way'' and was pretty upset when the game glitched at Castle Figaro. Then, a old friend of mine lent it to me. This is when FFVI became my favourite FF, 2 years ago.

Graphics 10/10

Who cares about graphics anyways? I don't care about them, but for those who do, lemme tell you about FFVI graphics. Exept the few 3D games (Star Fox and the DKC series), FFVI had the best graphic on the SNES. And they didn't change graphics at all in FFVI Advance, which is a good thing. I'm really glad they didn't destroy the graphics as they did with FF1,2,4 and 5. Unless you really want 3d Graphics you won't be disapointed... wait a minute? THERE IS some 3D part in FFVI, but I won't spoil anything so it's up to you to know where are those 3D parts.

Music 6/10

This is one of the two reson I almost didn't spend 45 canadian $ on it. The music in FFVI was awesome, if not the best. Yes, the music remain the same in FFVI, remixed, of course. But I'd say about 90% of the remixed music sounds AWEFUL. Really the music is now kinda bad. So far, Only the Veldt and Cyan themes are better. The only reason I put a 6 and not a 2, is that thay at least kept the original music (not like rare did to DKC3)

Sound 10/10

I decided to put this in another section becaus I have different opinion of this part of the game. OK, they didn't keep the original sound, but at least they didn't do the same mistake they did for the music. It's acutally better than in FFVI SNES, although the original version was alredy good enough

Storyline 10/10

Simply the best storyline evr created. They kinda fell to their doom starting from FFVII (with the exeption of FFIX). But they seriously worked hard on the FFVI story and their work must be praised. People will say '' but Sephiroth is Much cooler'' Ok, I admit Sephy DOES look cooler than Kefka (FFVI's villain) But He is not as cool as Kefka was. I mean, Sephiroth was doing what he did in FFVII to see his mom (I won't tell what he did) But Kefka did something even more evil that everything Sephy did combined. And why did he do that? To please his emperor? no. To see his mom? no. He did that evil thing just because he felt like it. That is the true exemple of evil. Anyways, I'll let you compare by yourselves.

Also this game is one of the longest in all the series. The main storyline is easily longer than FFX's and have a lot more Side-Quest than most other FFs. In fact, like FFV, after a certain event occur, everything is Sidequest. If it's the first time you play FFVI and if you don't get helpl by guides or friends, you can expect almost 40 hours for just the main storyline

Remake bonuses 7/10

The second reason why I almost didn't buy the game. Back in 1994 (and 1999) the game was perfect, Over 50 spells, and around 27 Espers (things you summons, and the only ways to gain stats other than HP/MP)Now they added more spells and 3 to 5 more espers which I think is really useless. I guess it's worth a try, but don't you think 30 Espers is a little too much?

Overall 9/10

I would Give this game a perfect 10 if they hadn't change the music and if they would not have added other useless things. Other than that, this is a solid game that every FF fans should buy.

-You get to play the Best FF wherever you want
-Awesome Ability System (I hate when you have to pay to learn magic)
-Solid and long Storyline

-Should not have remixed the music
-New things that are useless, but luckily still worth to try

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/12/07

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