"Possibly the best RPG ever made, now in portable form."

This is a rerelease of my favorite game of all time, originally called Final Fantasy III on the SNES. A lot of people were excited to wake up on Christmas Day 1994 and find Final Fantasy III under the Christmas tree, and now we can relive the experience anywhere.

Gameplay 10/10-The gameplay is just as simple and responsive as it was before, and the controls have been redone very well despite the lack of two buttons. Sabin's Blitz techniques are as simple to pull off as on the SNES. My one small gripe is that you have to use the select button to switch members in battle, but that's because the select button can be kind of hard to reach, but it's not a detractor.

Sound 8/10-We all know that the Game Boy Advance is not as powerful as the SNES when it comes to sound, but that doesn't mean the game sounds terrible on the system. It's actually one of the better-sounding GBA games out there. The thing is, no matter what the format is, the sound is definitely inferior to the original. Like previous Final Fantasy Advances, the sound effects are sometimes garbled and the music, while the same tune as the original, operates on fewer sound channels and therefore doesn't sound as full. It doesn't hurt the game but it does make it seem less atmospheric.

Story 10/10-The story of this game is absolutely perfect. A lot of people think it trails off in the second half, but it doesn't. Each character is developed better than many of the ones in RPGs with fewerr characters, and the main bad guy Kefka is truly evil and proud of it. Kefka is one of those bad guys who gives you no reason to feel sorry for him, unlike the ones in a lot of other RPGs. His actions have no motives other than to gain more power, and by the time it's all said and done you can't wait to kick his butt.

Challenge 10/10-The game is not way too easy but it's not ridiculously hard either. It's a perfect balance of difficulty. I really see no reason for a game to be harder than this one is other than pure frustration, which is something I don't like.

Replay value 10/10-In 13 years I have replayed this game many times on the SNES and on the PS1, and now I get to replay it again in another format. It never gets old and boring and it gives you the ultimate RPG experience each time you play through it, with memorable characters and story sequences that have a lot of great one-liners we all remember to this day.

Translation-As for the new translation, I don't have a problem with it, but there was nothing wrong with the old one. There may have been a few mistakes here and there, but overall it wasn't confusing and was very well done. I wouldn't have changed things so much in this version, but even though they did it doesn't matter. It's the same game I've been playing for 13 years.

Overall: 9.6/10, but it rounds to a 10. I would give it a 10 if it retained everything the original had, especially sound quality.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/12/07

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