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Being the last GBA game released in Japan, people were expecting this title to be the symbol of a generation, the best game released for the console. However, it turns out being a mere port of the SNES' game "Final Fantasy VI", and by purchasing the game, that's exactly what you get, a port of that game.

Both the graphics and sound are exactly what you would find in the original game, both of which were quite good. Nowadays, it is nice to see that the quality is still quite good, and manages to be almost as good as the top games released for this console, in both technical areas.

The storyline puts the player in control of Terra, a mysterious girl who, after some odd incident, seems to forget everything about her past. In a world where nobody can use magic, her abilities are first feared and later admired, and as more characters join your party (up to 18 different ones!), more of Terra's story will be explored, alongside with the ones of almost every other character. Mostly unpredictable, the game also has its weaker moments. For example, there is a new dungeon in the game, one that was not included in the original version, where powerful enemies are found, sometimes too powerful for even those who venture their characters into the odd levels of 99.

There are more additions to the game, like four new Espers (the summon magic of this game), a bestiary or a song player, but those only tend to appeal to a few amount of players, and don't really add much to the game.

When it comes to the adventure itself, this turns out having the same functions that later became general characteristics of the "Final Fantasy" series, with each town having better equipment than the one before it, each of the 18 characters playing in a different way (always with their particular strengths and weaknesses) and the interesting opportunity of, after a certain point in time, being allowed to play the adventure by yourself, by making your own choices and having to deal with their effects, sometimes forever.

Battles are played in real time (meaning that the opponent may still attack when you're selecting your next attacks), with a time bar helping to choose who is going to attack next. Several glitches, available in the original game, were fixed, and it may be slightly harder to fight without taking advantage of those classical strategies.

The game has little replay value, like most RPGs. However, it may take you quite a while to completely finish the game, and if you're not using a guide to help you, the play time is better than the one usually found in this type of game, with more to 80 hours of gameplay, if you want to explore everything and enjoy all the opportunities that this game has for you.

In case you're searching for a new RPG for this console, this could be one of your best choices. The new additions aren't justification enough to buy just another port, so, if you have a previous port or the original game, feel free to skip this one.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/14/07

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