Review by wizardmentor

Reviewed: 02/15/07

A solid Final Fantasy port

I know what you're thinking. Another version of Final Fantasy VI? This one does have some good improvements over the previous two versions of this game. Unfortunately Square-Enix released this game quite late for the Gameboy Advance era and many players are moving more towards DS titles. Don't let that deceive you from playing though. It's a well deserved treat, and a welcome edition to newer generation players and the old generation as well. Enjoy.

Story/Characters 9/10
Arguably one of the better stories ever released in a Final Fantasy title (or at least the SNES and earlier). You will definitely notice some difference when compared to the previous two version. The first is the translation in this port. The dialog is much better, and it's easier to follow the story this time around. I won't delve to much into the actual story since the only real difference is the better translation. There is some negatives though. If you were found of some of the quotes in the previous two version you may noticed they changed things up a bit. There are still a couple of the classic lines in there still.

Sound 8/10
Pretty solid score here, but it received a lower score here than I would give the other two, mainly based that some of the themes don't sound right, and are not as good as the original scores they are based on. A love or hate scenario in regards to sound.

Gameplay 9/10
Game play is still your standard time-turn based game. It's surely a relief over the PSX version where it dragged on and took almost twice as long to finish a battle as it would to finish the SNES version. The GBA is quite fast and breezes by. Random battles can get repetitive but like any other RPG are needed. You will also notice that numerous items and equipment have been renamed with better translation. Though some of the new names given are a let down. Also added were new Espers, two new dungeons, new spells, bosses. Plenty of welcomed additions you will enjoy. The best part of all is that they finally removed most of the glitches that could make the game way too easy. Vanish+Doom lovers won't like that the glitch doesn't work anymore.

Graphics 8/10
The graphics are still very similar to the original version, but they have improved the sprites a bit, making a little more pleasing on the eye. Remember the original came out over 13 years ago so it may no be up to par with some of the hardcore graphics fans

+ Better translation for the most part
+ New sidequests, Espers, magic, bosses and much more
+ One of the better Final Fantasy storylines
+ Great gameplay
+ Good graphics for a GBA title
+ Removed most of the "glitches" that made the game way too easy

+ Some new translated name give may be a turn off
+ Watered down sound/score
+ random battles become highly repetitive

Too Buy or Rent:
Buy it. This game will probably become overly expensive when it goes out of print, and is quite close to being on par if not arguably better than the SNES version and it's hard to find a good place to rent GBA games anyways. Either way it's well worth the price.

Overall 9/10
This is one of the rare ports of a Final Fantasy game I can actually tolerate and is completely bogged down by numerous lags and glitches. It runs quite smoothly and is a port of one of the greatest RPGs ever made. Enough said.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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