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"An great port for an absolutely amazing game"

Final Fantasy has always been a perplexing series with twists and turns bringing out a plot like nothing else has been able to. The series is world famous for its characters, gameplay, music, and much much more... Final Fantasy VI is no different, but combines the best of all these games into one. And to top it off, we receive bonus features, and an all new translation, with a few new spells to make this game even better!

There are several categories I'll rate- Graphics, Sound, Story, Gameplay, Lasting Appeal, The Bonus Features, and the Overall Score

Graphics: 9/10- When Final Fantasy VI (then Final Fantasy III) was released for SNES, the graphics were superb. Detailed backgrounds, amazing sprite animation, and crisp movement and flow throughout the screen. The exact same graphics were put into this port, with the only drawback being a slight lag when too much is going on, largely due to the GBA's limits. The most notable would have to be the sprint shoes, but when the game has been played for a few hours, this lag seems almost impossible to see, unless you try to look for it.

Sound: 9.5/10- Nobuo Uematsu is without a doubt the greatest composer for video games of all time. In my opinion, this, or possibly VII, have two of the best individual soundtracks in any video game. Even the MIDI, lower sound quality will leave you wanting to hear more. In the GBA version, some of the major songs, the battle and the decisive battle, don't sound near as detailed and the melodies are more rigid. If this is your first playthrough, you will still absolutely love it. But for veterans, it seems a little clunky. Overall, you will fall in love with this game's music, regardless of the version.

Story: 10/10- Storyline is a very essential aspect to any RPG, and square has never fallen short, making my two favorites ever. The game starts out with scenes leaving you with questions as to what's going on, but each one is slowly answered until the climax is reached, and the groups goals are finally made clear. You can almost see two different stories building throughout the game, but for the sake of spoilers, I won't mention anything. The new translation is nice, making the story much more clear. A few of the classic lines have been removed, but overall, this translation outdoes Woosley's.

Gameplay: 9.5/10- Final Fantasy IV showed us the ATB bar, making turn-based combat that much more interesting. FFVI made everything about the ATB better. Enemies attack whether or not you take your turn, making you much more attentive. My only ATB complaint is the speed of it. Many people have different opinions on it, but I feel that early on in the game, it's a drop bit slow. It is adjustable in the menu if you'd like. I think that this Final Fantasy has the best method of learning magic and abilities than any other. An esper is equipped, with a certain set of abilities to be learned. This then allows you to earn AP, which builds percentage toward the learning of the ability. Once it's at 100%, then the ability is permanent and a new esper can be equipped. It's exciting and never really gets old.

Lasting Appeal: 10/10- Another area where the game shines. The main game will take... 40 or so hours on a first time play through, with that possibly doubling with sidequests and the all new bonus features. People who truly want to master the game will be playing for a long time, and even play it multiple times. This is at least my seventh play through. Each time, I learn something new that just makes me want to return once again. Final Fantasy VI is amazingly addicting.

Bonus Content: 9/10- Four new espers, featuring a few new magic spells, with new items exclusive for each character, and finally two new bonus dungeons. The Dragon's Den is extremely challenging and will force a lot more time to be put in. A ton of new items are found that haven't been seen in the original. The Soul Shrine forces you to fight 100 waves of enemies, pushing the best teams to the limit near the end. Like the other GBA ports, FFVI has a bestiary and sound gallery- two nice featurettes. The bonus content should really encourage veterans to replay once again.

Overall: 10/10- I had to give this game a 10. There are a few drawbacks from a lesser sound quality and a small amount of graphical lag, but overall, this version does everything the original did better. Unlike other ports, the difficulty was not decreased, and with the bonus content, is made even more challenging. Whether you are an RPG and FF veteran, or brand new to the genre and series, you will absolutely adore Final Fantasy VI and it will forever hold a strong place in your heart.

Thanks for reading!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/26/07

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