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"Final Fantasy 6 perfected........I'm in Heaven"

This is one of those games where I just wish to dear God that there was a higher score than 10. You see, when I was little, FF6 (FF3 back then) owned my soul. I wanted to miss meals to keep playing it. It was just that good, you see....I'm starting to sound old.

Anyway, when I saw in my game magazines that they were bringing it to the GBA with new content, they had to escort me out of the store due to the noise I was making. Then I waited forever. Then, finally found a copy. So, here's my review of the best game in history....made better.


Alright, I'm probably working with a bias here. You see, it's essentially the original SNES graphics with what looks like a few minor alterations. Still, they're beautiful. And the hand-drawn art..........*drooling*

MUSIC: 10/10

The music is almost always good in the Final Fantasy series, and this game is not exception. Of course, it is the GBA, and you ain't going to get the same quality you would out of TV speakers, but it's still good.

GAMEPLAY: 10/10 (I would say infinity/10, but that's just tacky)

This is part of what loved about the's amazing gameplay. It is, like most FF's I've seen before the shocker of FF12, a turn-based RPG. However, what this does differently than all of it's predecessors (that I've played) is to reward you for leveling, not only with extra stat points, but with new abilities with several characters.

In addition, for some characters, you have to actually participate and work on it to get some of their most powerful abilities. Gau requires the Veldt, Edgar requires you to search the world's shops for his tools....etc. al.

In this version, there have been some changes. There's a somewhat different script, a few different names for things, but most of the changes I have seen are cosmetic. I have just one small note: is it just me, or is it much easier to use Steal in this game than it was in the original?


If you're any kind of RPG fan, you probably have played this game. And like it or not (if not, what's wrong with you?), you probably know the basic storyline. I'll tell it anyway.

Your "main character" (admittedly, I don't think this game has a real main hero; they all fill the role quite nicely), Terra Bradford, who has lost her memories, is swept up in the battle between the evil Empire and the rebel group the Returners.

One thing that doesn't often happen and sets this game apart somewhat? The bad guy wins, somewhat, and manages to partially destroy the world halfway through the game.


This is a rare one for an RPG, but there is some replayability. After the halfway point, your party is split up. You're only technically required to find 3 of them and you can be off. Finding some of them can take a while.

Plus, there are a few optional things and challenges. Getting every Shadow dream, getting all of Gau's Rages....

Wait, why just talk about that? This game's good enough for you to play it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over to infinity again!

All in all......THIS IS THE BEST DANG GAME IN HISTORY MADE BETTER! What more do you want? Go out, my son, and BUY IT!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/05/07

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