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"Great game!! But sadly it wasn't as good as Dragon warrior IV"

This game is incredible! It was a great game for the SNES, and it is a great port of the game for the GBA. I love this game and I love the aspects of it too. But more about that later!

Storyline 10/10
Okay… okay.. So I will just give you a taste of the storyline. I will try and make it as spoiler free as possible! Here I go!
You begin controlling a green haired woman who is wearing a “Slave Crown”. She is traveling with two men who are working for the empire. Their names are Biggs, and Wedge. They are attempting to find an “Esper” that is said to be hidden in the mines of the town of Narshe. You are being attacked by the people inhabiting the town. And at a certain point after these parts of the game the game changes COMPLETELY!!! The first few places in the game are VERY linear.. But you will find the game very expansive at a certain part. In a nutshell you are a group of rebels who are fighting against a corrupt empire (yes it has been done before.. But not like this game tells it and plays it out.)

Characters 9/10
There are a lot of characters. But only a select few actually change at all in the game. But each of them have their own unique abilities. And you can rename each of your characters to give them each your own personal touch. Although not much I can say about the characters except that each of the characters are unique and special individuals in their own unique and special way.

Gameplay 10/10
The gameplay is Very fun in this game. It uses the ATB gauge. Which is a nice touch. Also there are espers that you get that teaches the characters you equip it to magic. There are also relics in this game which are special items that you can equip through the relic screen on the menu screen. They give bonuses and cool features, like sprint shoes that make you run faster. And dragoon boots which turns your attack command into the “jump” command. There are a lot of them. And the world map screen has changed a little bit since the last game. While that one looked completely 2-D and a little bland while still colorful, final fantasy VI has better looking graphics and it shows little features like grass on the ground and all those things. Instead of just forested areas there are actual trees and things like that. But that would fall under the graphics section.

Graphics 8/10
The graphics are pretty good.. But honestly haven't changed much since the SNES. They are just brighter and more colorful. But still they aren't bad. I can play through this game and not even think twice about the graphics. I like all the little things in the graphics like the world map has trees and grass instead of just forested areas.

Rent? Buy? Or find a rom?
Okay.. I highly recommend buying it if you have a GBA or get a rom of it with an emulator if you can't find it, or don't have the money. But don't rent it.. Because I don't even think you can rent GBA games unless you have gamefly or something. But I don't think you will be able to beat this game in a week or however long. It is a pretty long and expansive game. Full of adventure and pure awesomeness. Although I never really “lost my life” to this game like I did with Dragon Warrior IV.. It is a great classic and a beautiful game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/31/10

Game Release: Final Fantasy VI Advance (US, 02/05/07)

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