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"A union that works for you? o.O"

When you read this review, please, keep a few things in mind. This review needs to be written from an impartial angle, which is more or less impossible, due to years of SPRG's played on my part. I'll do my best to review for the hardcore SRPG player, and the “What's-an-SRPG?” sort of player nyo, but nothing is perfect.

Now, since you came here for a review, let's review it shall we? o.O

Game-play: 8/10

If you know how to read (and, by reading this far, I'm assuming you can), this game is fairly easy to get a hang of. Listen to the tutorial and it should answer pretty much all questions. Of course, there are many who will skip this part, and just run gung-ho into the first screen, and wonder why they can't do anything. Welcome to manuals people.

If you've played an SRPG-esque game before, you'll know the style of game-play right away. Move units, attack units. Simple huh? Well, not so fast there sparky! You can only attack with one, yes one unit per turn. Sounds bad when you're outnumbered 10-1 doesn't it? See the word union in the game title? Well, that's one of the key features here! Units unite to take out enemy units. In effect, your one attack can easily clear a stack of enemy units in a single turn. Of course, the enemy can do the same thing.. but that's part of the fun ^_^ It can be a little tricky to get the hang of, but once you've passed the tutorial missions, it's pretty simple to follow along.

Now, for the new player, this game ‘may' be a little hard. You cannot run blindly into battle and expect to come out ahead. Planning and strategy are required for all but the most cream-puff like units, which may not suit people used to games like Fire Emblem and it's ilk (fire emblem being an excellent game however ^_^). Also, until you're used to the game-play, some levels may be far, far too hard for you. Should you fail to take advantage of terrain bonuses and the weapon triangle, well, can I interest you in this copy of bubble-bobble? o.O Just watch out for a certain un-blanced boss and his attacks >.<

Graphics: 8/10

Ok, so, anime style graphics are not for everyone. It's a given fact. Not all people like big eyes and weird hair, s'ok nyo. The character graphics here are smooth, clean and sexy. Not that I would know this >_>

In battle, you see your unit and a bunch of flunkies face off against whatever it is you're trying to kill. Best thing is, s'pretty like. There's no standing still until you attack, no silly dancing on the spot until you move, just pretty clean animations. All the sprites are detailed fairly well, if it helps.

Cards. If you have yet to play this, here you will wonder “Cards? What cards? Like, yu-gi-oh battles?”. No. Not like Yu-Gi-Oh, go back to pre-school if you want to play with your cards. The cards here are mean, clean and really, really cool looking. Find a few screenshots, see cards like Kiss of Death, Genocide and Sanctuary. Those are but three examples of the many pretty cards this game has to offer. Sometimes, I play battles with weaker cards, just because they look cool.

Story: 5/10

So, this was sort of a let-down for me. There was nothing really new here, just the tried and true ‘Evil-guy-wants-to-rule-the-world.-Stop-him-already!' sort of story. Sure, along the way they throw a few different angles into things, but it's a story we all know well enough right?

There really isn't all that much more to say about it o.O Just play the game, and see if it's your thing. Chances are it will be (assuming you like SRPG's), it's a well made game that I figure it totally worth buying if you can find it ^^

So yeah, end of the review nyo, it ain't perfect by any stretch, but what is? Read the forum maybe, get a few more opinions before you buy it if you will. I do urge people to try it however, you may just be surprised at how addictive this game can be ^^

Happy Catting People (> O.o )>

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/04/06

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