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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Chaet_legend

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    YYY YYY                                         HHH  HHH ___
    Y Y Y Y                     000      000000     H H  H H | |
    Y Y Y Y U UU U     GGGGGGG  000     0      0    H HHHH H | |
     Y Y Y  U UU U    G         | |     0 0000 0    H      H | |
      Y Y   U UU U -- G         | | --  0 0  0 0    H HHHH H | |
      Y Y   U UU U -- G    GGG  | | --  0 0000 0    H H  H H | |
      Y Y   U UU U    G     G   | |     0      0    H H  H H |_|
      YYY    UUUU      GGGGGG   |_|      000000     HHH  HHH (_)
      Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006
    Hi and Welcome to the guide!  This is my 4th FAQ that I am writing, but One I
    given up on so this is tecinically my 3rd.  It is an FAQ/Walthrough for
    Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006.  It explains the Basic
    details on the functions of the game and decks to help you win!
    © 1996/2006 Konami Computer Entertainment Japan and Katsuke Takeshi (Did I spell
    that right?!?!?!)
    | Section One: Table Of Contents!|
    Section One: Table Of Contents
    Section Two: Legal Crap
    Section Three: Contact Info
    Section Four: Version History
    Section Five: Walkthrough
     5.1    -    Starting off!
     5.15   -    Deck Edit
     5.2    -    Link Duel
     5.25   -    Duel Puzzle
     5.3    -    Limited Duel
     5.35   -    Theme Duel
     5.4    -    Survival Duel
     5.45   -    Packs and Passwords
     5.5    -    Forbidden / Limited Cards
     5.55   -    Options
     5.6    -    How to Unlock Each Monster Tier
     5.65   -    Walkthrough
     5.7    -    FAQ
     5.75   -    Bonuses
     5.8    -    Heart of the Underdog
    Section Six: Thanks to...
    Seciton Seven: Glossary of terms!
    |    Section Two: Legal Crap!    |
    This guide is copyright 2006 by Chaet_legend.  Below are the rules:
    @  This may not be reprouduced without my permission.
    @  You may not put this on your site without my permission.
    @  You may not steal it and claim it as your own.
    @  If I do give you permission, which happens sometimes, you MUST give me
    full credit.
    @ Below are the sites eligibal to host this FAQ without my permission:
    That is NOT YOU CHEAT CODE CENTRAL OR YOU NEOSEEKER (Don't even try me Dave.)!
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    And thats it with all the negitave stuff!
    |  Section Three: Contact Info!  |
    Right.  No Flames. No Viruses.  If I receive them, after a while I will take
    My email address off.  But then to contact me, you MUST give me your email
    Address On a message board.  THEN I WILL POST YOU A PRIVATE MAIL.  Ok here it
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    Subject OR I WILL NOT READ IT!:
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    | Section Four: Version History! |
    Version Kuriboh - (1.00) Sat/13/May/06 - What you see infront of you.  Got half
    walkthrough up and most of the other stuff.
    Version Scapegoat - (2.00) Thurs/20/Jul/06 - Sorry I took a VERY long time to
    update, I have been very busy.  In return, a BIG update!
     I Have added a new section (user contributions),
    and checked over a few spelling mistakes.  I have added the following to the
    And I have added confirmation of how to get Tier 6.
    Version Skull Servant - (3.00) Fri/21/Jul/06 - Completed Tier Three by adding:
    Other than that, I changed a contributor name and added a new section (FAQ).
    Oh, not that you care, but I added a new abbreviation.
    Version Watapon - (3.5)  Sat/22/Jul/06 - Corrected a few spelling mistakes
    and added bonuses section.
    Promise a big update tommorow or Monday.  :)
    Version Watapon II - (3.75) Sun/23/Jul/06 - Big update should be on Monday.
    Changed a few spellings, added a few bonuses and Started Tier Four by adding:
    Version Watapon III - (4.00) Mon/24/Jul/06 I promised a big update! (Reason
    that the version is 4.00 instead of 4.75 is of the fact, that, I prefer to
    touch on whole decimals, and not skip them).  Added another huge chunk to the
    user contributions (thanks guidolheat!) and, I got the first three pack listings
    Version White Magician Pikeru - (4.25)  Wed/2/Aug/06 - I am really sorry about
    no recent updates, I will do one now (and sorry that this is small).
    Added more bonuses.  Added stuff to the FAQ.  Added a few names of Theme
    Duels and Limited duels.  Corrected a hell of a load of spelling mistakes,
    and changed all 'Dose' into 'Does'(sorry for the appauling spelling and grammar
    ^_^).  Aded more tips and what I recommend for the starter decks.  Added a bit
    forbidden and limited cards.  I should be updating again by...Monday at the
    Version White Magician Pikeru II - (4.25) Fri/4/Aug/06 - Minor update.  Finished
    changed a few spellings.  Nothing special, so no upgrade.  Only 9 days to go
    my birthday!
    Version White Magician Pikeru III - (4.75) Mon/7/Aug/06 - 6 days to go
    before my birthday!  Yay!  Anyways, added Pharonic Guardian Pack to the pack
    list, added the following to the walkthrough:
    @ Elemental Hero Erikshieler (Completing Tier 4)
    @ Raviel, Lord of Phantasms
    @ Horus the Black Flame Dragon, LV 8
    Version TierOneTeam - (5.00) Sat/19/Aug/06 - Sorry I took ages to update, I have
    had my birthday recentley and I have been on holiday, with no acess to the
    Added Spell Ruler to the pack list.  Changed Spelling mistakes, and a few
    errors too.
    Version Batteryman C - (5.50) Tues/12/Sept/06 - Sorry I haven't been paying
    attention to the guide, I have not been very well, and I recently started
    school again.  I added a ton of stuff to the user Contributions, and which is
    very helpful.
    Version Batteryman C II (5.75) Mon/2/Oct/06 - Sorry, I have been neglecting
    the guide for a bit, because I have had school (on Stauraday too.  Painful.
    Added a note on des frog, and did the section on Heart Of the underdog.
    Also added an Over-80 card deck idea.
    |   Section Five: Walkthrough!   |
    Here we are at last!  The walkthrough.  It is fairly brief I think so I will try
    and keep to the point.  It describes each function in detail as well as trying
    hope to beat that Monster for you.  Well Enjoy!
    \5.1 Starting Out!/
    What could be simpler! First of all you enter your name.  Then, you can choose a
    face'Icon' to represent you.  These can be changed at any time by pressing
    'Options','Your Stats' then 'Change name / Icon.'  Then, you get to choose
    a starter deck.  I will post them here:
    [Cards you get anways:]
    Monster's 20:
    X1 Elemental Hero Bladedge
    X1 Luster Dragon #2
    X1 Luster Dragon
    X1 Dark Blade
    X1 Warrior Dai Grepher
    X1 Elemental Hero Sparkman
    X1 Warrior of Zera
    X1 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts
    X1 Elemental Hero Burstinatrix
    X1 Elemental Hero Avian
    X1 Elemental Hero Clayman
    X1 Elemental Hero Sparkman
    X1 Spear Dragon
    X1 Mirage Dragon
    X1 The Trojan Horse
    X1 Spirit Caller
    X1 Princess of Tsurugi
    X1 Skelengel
    X1 Kuriboh
    X1 Magician of Faith
    Spell's 12:
    X1 Black Pendant
    X1 Brain Control
    X1 Dark Factory of Mass Production
    X1 Fissure
    X1 Gaia Power
    X1 Heavy Storm
    X1 Monster reincarnation
    X1 Ookazi
    X1 Premature Burial
    X1 Red medicine
    X1 The Warrior Returning Alive
    X1 Tribute to the Doomed
    Trap's 9:
    X1 Castle Walls
    X1 Cemetary Bomb
    X1 Compulsory Evacuation Device
    X1 Dust Tornado
    X1 Jar of Greed
    X1 Magic Cylinder
    X1 Ready for Intercepting
    X1 Reinforcements
    X1 Sakuretsu Armor
    [Dragon's Roar]
    Monster's 14:
    X1 Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon
    X1 Red-Eyes B. Dragon
    X2 Armed Dragon LV5
    X1 Element Dragon
    X1 Twin-Headed Behemoth
    X3 Masked Dragon
    X1 Armed Dragon LV3
    X1 Red-Eyes B. Chick
    X2 Luster Dragon
    Spell's 16:
    X2 Creature Swap
    X1 Heavy Storm
    X1 Mystical Space Typhoon
    X2 Nobleman of Crossout
    X1 Pot of Greed
    X1 Premature Burial
    X2 Reload
    X1 Snatch Steal
    X3 Stamping Destruction
    X1 Swords of Revealing Light
    X1 The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension
    Trap's 10:
    X1 Call of the Haunted
    X1 Ceasefire
    X1 Curse of Anubis
    X2 Dragon's Rage
    X2 Interdimensional Matter Transporter
    X1 Reckless Greed
    X1 The Dragon's Bead
    X1 Trap Jammer
    [Zombie Madness]
    Monster's 17:
    X1 Vampire Genesis
    X2 Despair From the Dark
    X2 Ryu Kokki
    X2 Dark Dust Spirit
    X1 Vampire Lord
    X1 Master Kyonshee
    X2 Regenrating Mummy
    X1 Double Coston
    X1 Vampire Lady
    X3 Pyramid Turtle
    X1 Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower
    X1 Spirit Reaper
    Spell's 16:
    X2 Book of Life
    X3 Call of the Mummy
    X1 Card of Safe Return
    X2 Creature Swap
    X1 Giant Trunade
    X1 Heavy Storm
    X1 Mystical Space Typhoon
    X1 Nobleman of Crossout
    X1 Pot of Greed
    X2 Reload
    X1 Snatch Steal
    Trap's 7:
    X3 Compulsory Evacuation Device
    X1 Dust Tornado
    X1 Magic Jammer
    X1 Reckless Greed
    X1 Torrential Tribute
    [Blazing Destruction]
    Monster's 18:
    X1 Infernal Flame Emperor
    X1 Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch
    X1 Blazing Inpachi
    X1 Great Angus
    X1 Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective
    X1 Molten Zombie
    X2 Solar Flare Dragon
    X3 UFO Turtle
    X2 Inferno
    X2 Little Chimera
    X2 Ultimate Baseball Kid
    X1 Fox Fire
    X1 Raging Flame Sprite
    Spell's 15:
    X1 Dark Room of Nightmare
    X1 Heavy Storm
    X2 Level Limit - Area B
    X1 Meteor of Destruction
    X2 Molten Destruction
    X1 Mystical Space Typhoon
    X1 Necklace of Command
    X1 Nobleman of Crossout
    X1 Pot of Greed
    X1 Premature Burial
    X1 Reload
    X1 Snatch Steal
    X1 Tribute to the doomed
    Trap's 7:
    X2 Backfire
    X1 Call of the Haunted
    X2 Dust Tornado
    X1 Jar of Greed
    X1 Spell Shield Type-8
    [Fury of the Deep]
    Monster's 17:
    X1 Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus
    X1 Levia-Dragon - Daedalus
    X1 Mobius the Frost Monarch
    X1 Tribe-Infecting Virus
    X1 Amphibious Bugroth MK-3
    X1 Mermaid Knight
    X1 Unshaven Angler
    X2 Fenrir
    X3 Mother Grizzly
    X1 Creeping Doom Manta
    X1 Star Boy
    Spell's 15:
    X3 A Legendary Ocean
    X1 Big Wave Small Wave
    X1 Creature Swap
    X1 Hammer Shot
    X1 Heavy Storm
    X1 Mystical Space Typhoon
    X1 Pot of Greed
    X1 Premature Burial
    X2 Reload
    X2 Salvage
    X1 Snatch Steal
    Trap's 8:
    X1 Call of the Haunted
    X1 Dust Tornado
    X2 Gravity Bind
    X1 Spell Shield Type-8
    X1 Tornado Wall
    X1 Torrential Tribute
    X1 Xing Zhen Hu
    [Warrior's Triumph]
    Monster's 19:
    X1 Gearfried the Swordmaster
    X1 Gilford the Legend
    X1 Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight
    X1 Dark Blade
    X1 Goblin Attack Force
    X1 Mystic Swordsman LV4
    X2 Gearfried the Iron Knight
    X1 Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke
    X1 D.D. Warrior Lady
    X1 Obnoxious Celtic Guard
    X1 Mataza the Zapper
    X1 Command Knight
    X2 Marauding Captain
    X1 Warrior Lady of the Wasteland
    X1 Exiled Force
    X1 Mystic Swordsman LV2
    X1 Armed Samurai - Ben Kei
    Spell's 17:
    X1 Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade
    X1 Fairy of the Spring
    X1 Fusion Sword Murasame Blade
    X1 Giant Trunade
    X1 Heavy Storm
    X1 Lightning Blade
    X1 Mystical Space Typhoon
    X2 Reinforcements of the Army
    X1 Release Restraint
    X2 Reload
    X1 Snatch Steal
    X1 Swords of Concealing Light
    X1 The Warrior Returning Alive
    X1 Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou
    Trap's 4:
    X1 Blast with Chain
    X1 Call of the Haunted
    X1 Magic Jammer
    X1 Royal Decree
    [Spellcaster's Judgment]
    Monster'S 19:
    X1 Dark Magician
    X1 Dark Eradicator Warlock
    X1 Chaos Command Magician
    X1 Chaos Sorcerer
    X1 Gemini Elf
    X2 Skilled Dark Magician
    X1 Breaker the Magical Warrior
    X1 Rapid-Fire Magician
    X1 Blast Magician
    X1 Mythical Beast Cerberus
    X1 Ebon Magician Curran
    X1 White Magician Pikeru
    X1 Tsukuyomi
    X2 Apprentice Magician
    X2 Magician of Faith
    X1 Royal Magical Library
    Spell's 16:
    X1 Dark Magic Attack
    X1 Diffusion Wave-Motion
    X1 Heavy Storm
    X1 Lightning Vortex
    X1 Mage Power
    X1 Magical Blast
    X2 Magical Dimension
    X1 Mystic Box
    X1 Mystical Space Typhoon
    X1 Nightmare's Steelcage
    X1 Nobleman of Crossout
    X1 Premature Burial
    X1 Reload
    X1 Spell Absorbtion
    X1 Swords of Revealing Light
    Trap's 5:
    X1 Call of the Haunted
    X1 Divine Wrath
    X1 Magic Cylinder
    X1 Pitch-Black Power Stone
    X1 Spell Shield Type-8
    Personally, I would reccommend Spellcaster's Judgement and then buying a few
    of Pharonic Guardian.  I was lucky and got book of Moon/Taiyou in 2 packs!  Add
    a few of the starter cards as well, such as a Brain Control and another M O F.
    DON'T put cards form the deck that you don't want in there in the trunk! Put
    in the Side deck.  Another tip that I cna give you is to buy Zombie Madness.
    It includes many rare cards, but, again, buy a few packs of Pharonic guardian
    edit them around.  3 Call of the mummy is highly Unnecessery.
    So, here is the order I would put them in:
    1.(Reccomend the most) Spellcaster's Jdgement
    2.Zombie Madness
    3.Warrior Triumph
    4.Blazing Destruction
    5.Fury of the deep
    6.(Reccomend the least) Dragon's Roar
    Another way of putting it is like this:
    Spellcaster's judgement - For absolute begginer's whatsoever, whom Yu-Gi-Oh! is
    to OR if you want an Easy game.
    Zombie Madness - For relitivley new begginer's who have had at least 3 weeks of
    the game, so you have a basic grasp.
    Warrior Triumph - Although this is a good deck, there is a lot to be edited in
    You need at least 2 Big Shield Gardna and 2 Command nights.  I would recommend
    deck for players with a month or more experience.
    Blazing destruction - This is a very difficult deck to run.  This is sort of
    Princess Rip-off/beatdown.  Key card has 9*.  No chance.  Weaker than Blue-Eyes
    (though personally I am not too keen on BEWD) in BOTH stats and the effect
    make up for it.  There are lots of **** cards in there, and Some cards that stop
    most of their attacks!  I recommend this deck for players with at least 3 months
    Fury of the deep - As I will say later on in my guide, this is a rip-off
    of Blazing destruction (Downgraded a key).  However, this deck does not limit
    what you attackwise, so that is an improvement.  I recommend this deck for
    players with al least three months experience.
    Dragon's Roar - This is easily the hardest deck to run.  With not many rare
    in it, and just dragon decks being so damn hard to run, this has a lot of work
    needed.  I reccomend this deck if you want a difficult game OR have at least
    6 Months experience.
    I know that you can get just a plain old starter deck, but I won't put it in.
    If you do want to put it in, however, I would put it after Fury of the deep,
    and reccomend 5 Months experience.
    \5.15 Deck Edit/
    Here you can Edit your deck, side deck and fusion deck, aswell as veiwing the
    contence of your Trunk.  To veiw a text of a card, press R.  To veiw the FULL
    details of the card, press start.  The hearts next to the card represrent your
    favourites and can be changed at any time by these simple steps:
    1) As soon as you go in, Press Right Once and Press (A).
    2) Press (A) immediatley after that.
    3) Press (A) on the card.  Selecting the Number of hearts goes from 1-5.
       (one beeing the lowest and five beeing the highest.)
    4) If you wan to sort by favourites, Repeat step one and 2, only this time,
       press -> then (A).  You will be guided by the game then!
    5) TO change the veiw of the cards, press -> in step 2.
    Forbidden and limited cards' numbers will come up on the card itself.
    \5.2 Link Duel/
    Link duel is where you link up with your friends for match/single duels.
    Unfortunatley, DS and Micro cannot link.  SP and the normal can.  Follow
    these simple steps:
    1) Insert the link cable into the console.
    2) Turn the game on and go to Free Duel / Link Duel.
    3) It will say now connecting.  A wire will appear showing the connection.
    4) Player ONE will then decide to choose to do a single duel or a match duel.
    5)   "     "   "    "     "    the time limit.
    6) Happy duelng!
    \5.25 Duel Puzzle/
    Duel Puzzle is where the cards are laid down for you, and you have to solve
    them in
    one turn.  The prize for winning is DP.  I might put solutions in a bit of time.
     1. Warriors of Darkness:
     Prize: 200 DP
     Unlocked by: Available at beginning of game
     2. Close-Up Conjuring:
     Prize: 200 DP
     Unlocked by: Available at beginning of game
     3. Ancient Mechanism:
     Prize: 200 DP
     Unlocked by: Available at beginning of game
     4. Open Fire!:
     Prize: 200 DP
     Unlocked by: Available at beginning of game
     5. Defeat the Three Phantoms:
     Prize: 200 DP
     Unlocked by: Available at beginning of game
     6. Achilles Heel:
     Prize: 200 DP
     Unlocked by: Available at beginning of game
     7. Reinforcement:
     Prize: 200 DP
     Unlocked by: Available at beginning of game
     8. Eternal Flame:
     Prize: 400 DP
     Unlocked by: Available at beginning of game
     9. Frog Family:
     Prize: 400 DP
     Unlocked by: Available at beginning of game
     10. Equip Power:
     Prize: 400 DP
     Unlocked by: Available at beginning of game
     11. Eliminate F.G.D.!:
     Prize: 400 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 5 total duels
     12. Anteater Hunter:
     Prize: 400 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 10 total duels
     13. The Elemental Hero:
     Prize: 400 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 15 total duels
     14. Fight to the Death:
     Prize: 400 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 20 total duels
     15. Towards Tomorrow:
     Prize: 600 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 25 total duels
     16. Roll Out!:
     Prize: 600 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 30 total duels
     17. To Catch a Sheep:
     Prize: 600 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 35 total duels
     18. Wall of Zoa:
     Prize: 600 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 40 total duels
     19. VWXYZ:
     Prize: 600 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 45 total duels
     20. Beginning of the End:
     Prize: 600 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 50 total duels
     21. Wriggle Out of That!:
     Prize: 600 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 60 total duels
     22. Commence Counterattack:
     Prize: 800 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 70 total duels
     23. Break the Seal!:
     Prize: 800 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 80 total duels
     24. Dragon Killer:
     Prize: 800 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 90 total duels
     25. Battleship Down:
     Prize: 800 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 100 total duels
     26. Indomitable Spirit:
     Prize: 800 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 110 total duels
     27. A Hero's Welcome:
     Prize: 800 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 120 total duels
     28. Summit Showdown:
     Prize: 800 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 130 total duels
     29. A Hero's Farewell:
     Prize: 1000 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 140 total duels
     30. Trio of Sheep:
     Prize: 1000 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 150 total duels
     31. Splendorous Dance:
     Prize: 1000 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 160 total duels
     32. Revenge of Shien:
     Prize: 1000 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 170 total duels
     33. Match Point:
     Prize: 1000 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 180 total duels
     34. Riddle Challenge:
     Prize: 1000 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 190 total duels
     35. Interdimensional Invitation:
     Prize: 1000 DP
     Unlocked by: Played 200 total duels
    \5.3 Limited Duel/
    Limited duel is where your deck is limited to a certain disadvantage and you
    have to defeat special duelists to pass, while still using that effect.
    These are the ones that I currently know of.  Details of the name, who runs
    it and what deck they use/you use will be posted:  (???????????? means I haven't
    unlocked it yet.)Here is a list of some of the ones that I have found.
    They will all come in time -- be patient!
    All Except LV 4 Forbidden - Goblin attack force - LV 4 Only deck.  A beatdown
    the risky **** cards (Like GAF).  What I find REALLY FRUSTRATING is that he
    Chainsaw inscet TOO MUCH and I lose in about 5 turns.  DIFFICULTY RATING
    Medium and High Level forbidden - Giant Kozaky - LV 4 and under deck.  Kozaky
    is one
    if the easier ones I think.  He uses a LV 4 random deck so use the risky ****
    Chainsaw Insect to counter him.   DIFFICULTY RATING ***/*****
    Tributes Forbidden - Chaos Sorcerer - A tribute too far.  A fairly easy one, no
    stratergy needed.  DIFFICULTY RATING **/*****
    Traps Frobidden - Dark Magician of chaos - Artificial Seal.  He is quite hard,
    though the duel itself is quite easy to buid a deck.  If you can, make a deck
    revolving aroung lower level monsters and Messenger of Peace.
    DIFFICULTY RATING: ****/*****
    Large Deck A - Morphing Jar #2 - Embrace your Potential A.  (You need to
    use a 60 card deck)  This is fairly easy as long as you have drawing
    cards E.G. Pot of Greed.  Meh, one of the EASIEST ones in the game I think!
    Large Deck B - Cyber Jar - Embrace your potential B (You need an 80 card deck
    this one).  NEED HELP.  Not tried yet.
    Sets Forbidden - Dark Paladin - No Holds Barred.  This is one of the HARDEST
    that you will ever come across.  You are not allowed to set Traps AND monsters.
    does though, and he is also BLINKING HARD!  I would reccommend an anti-Fusion/
    Spellcasters deck here.  DIFFICULTY RATING *****/*****
    All monsters except LV. Monsters Forbidden - Silent Swordsman LV 3. -
    He is jolly hard, I found it difficult.  Try and use a final countdown deck and
    Horus deck combined.
    All monsters except Faries forbidden - Shinato, King of a higher Plane - Fairy
    Paradice.  O M F G!  This is about the same difficulty as the sets early on in
    game.  I cannot beat it.  He uses a fairy beatdown / shinato deck so I suggest
    countering with a Lightning Vortex / anti  fairy deck.  Later on in the game,
    Marshmellon is flying around, use him to block.  DIFFICULTY RATING ****/*****.
    NOTE:  I finally beat him!  :> (not that you care...).  I had incredible luck, I
    used a BASIC faries deck (for a joke.)  He has a tendencey to make little, silly
    mistakes.  Good luck!
    All Monsters except Wind Forbidden - Ultimate insect LV. 7 - Wind city. She
    Uses a
    strategic wind deck so I would bring a wind control deck.  An annoying thing is
    stealing.  Use it on her to put her in her place when she brings out a srong
    Also, try adding Bad reaction to Simiochi to this Combo and they will lose 1000
    LP a
    standby phase and a strong monster!  DIFFICULTY RATING: ***/*****
    Limited Duel Additions:
    Def 1500 or less forbidden
    Attacks Forbidden
    Union [Equip 5 union monsters during the duel]
    All monsters except spirits forbidden- Spiritual Energy Settle Machine
    [Spirits stay on the field as long as you discard a card at the end of
    each turn] helps. I also surmise the card is how you unlock this, but
    I'm not sure.
    \5.35 Theme Duel/
    Theme duels are duels which your deck is assained a certain theme.  In most
    all decks will be allowed with-out it saying your deck dose not meet the current
    However, ones such as the gate guardina one are like 'Limited duels'.  Here is a
    list of some of the ones that I have found.  They will all come in time -- be
    Battle Damage - Exarion Universe - Healing Universe.  (NOTE!  You need to do
    LP batlle damage to clear this duel)  He does not try to damage you
    if you have strong monsters on the field - more or less heal his LP.  Use a
    beatdown and you will have this done before you can say Yu-gi-oh!
    DIFFICULTY RATING:  **/*****
    Deflected Damage - Stone Statue of the Aztecs - Fight or flight.  (NOTE!  You
    to do 4,000 LP damage form your monsters DEFLECT damage.)  I have not tried this
    one so I cannot give this a difficulty rating.  However, I would bring a STRONG
    DEF deck, with Labyrinth Wall and Millenium Shield.
    Normal Summon - Green Gadget - Gadget storm.  (Normal/Sacrifical summon 10
    monsters during this duel.)  This is pretty easy, and I'll explain why.  He
    ALWAYS plays the gadget monsters in attack mode for their effect. and then,
    when he
    has used it 3 times and has no more monsters to search for, he still does it!
    is still an easy one.  Just attack his LP untill they are low, then summon 10
    going in for the kill after the 10 summons. He tries to free up yuor monster
    with smashing ground ETC. and YOU should bring a few ******* monsters.
    Special Summon A - Manticore of Darkness - Mr. Unique.  Not got a lot of info
    on this
    one - have not tried it yet.  Fusions AND rituals count as special summons, so
    those to!
    20 X Spells - Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu - Spellmaster.  He uses a reuse deck and a
    sort of beatdown deck with the giant red seasnakes etc.  I would bring a few M
    O F's
    and a rapid fire magicain if you have one.  Here is a great combo that can get
    20 spells in one turn.  Play a Level Limit - Area B / Gravity Bind.  Then set a
    M O F.  Then book of Taiyou and Moon it so you can keep getting them back.  YOu
    need TWO M O F's for this combo!
    DIFFICULTY RATING:  ****/*****
    10 X Traps - Mask of Darkness - Writhing in the darkness.  Try this one later on
    in the game when you have cathedral of nobles.  I suggest using the following
    cards against him:
    Jar Of Greed X3
    Cathedral fo Nobles X3
    Good Goblin Housekeeping X2
    Mask Of Darkness X 2
    Bottomless Trap hole X 1
    And rinse-and reuse cards.
    DIFFICULTY RATING: ?????/*****
    Draw - Yamata Dragon - Spirits Of Yore.  I use self-destruct button for this,
    he uses a beatdown/spirtis deck - mainly relying on Inhaba white rabbit and Susa
    Soldier.  If he plays a favedown monster, it is more than likely an inhaba white
    rabbit or a Tsukonami (Spelling).  Let him weaken you, then, when you are 7,000
    DIFFICULTY RATING ****/*****:
    Hand Destrucion - Spirt Reaper - Visitor from beyond.  NO INFO.
    Duiring Opponents Turn - Winged Kuriboh LV. 10 - Kuriboh Party.  WEAKEN HIM THEN
    PLAY MAGIC CYLINDER!  Nothing to it!  DIFFICULTY RATING ***/*****
    Recover 20,000 LP during a duel - Princess Curran - Crime and Punishment.  Use
    a GAJ
    (Guardian Angel Joan) for this one.  And when she plays her god damn spell
    PLAY BAD REATION TO SIMIOCHI!  (Deck NEXT update)  Also, destroy her monsters
    as they
    are more then likely Stealth Birds!
    DIFFICULTY RATING:  ***/*****
    Remove 10 X Monsters form play by effect - Kycoo - The Ghost Destroyer - Magus
    Brigade.  Though I haven't tried this one yet, use a Kycoo to help you!
    Flip Summon 10 Mnsters on a duel - Guardain Sphinx (AT LAST!  HE GETS RESPECT!)
    Evelasting Kingdom.  Haven't tried this yet, but I suggest putting in these -
    Guardain Sphinx X 2
    M O F X 2
    Man Eater Bug AND old-vindictive magican X 3
    Anything that can flip itself back face-down (Copy Guardain Exode's deck here
    CHANGING a few cards).
    Specail Summon B (10 X FROM THE GRAVEYARD).  HARD.  Not tried this yet.
    "20 Turns" - Demise, King of Armageddon (SP?) - ???????.  I HAVE DONE THIS,
    but I started again, and will have to wait a long time. :(.  He can be hard.
    He can be intermediate.  He can be easy.  As soon as you draw Final countdown,
    Play it.  This can be hard, with 2000 LP Down to survive 20 turns.  Keep on
    trying and trying.
    Difficulty Rating:  ***/*****
    Dark Sage - Dark Sage (no joke!) - ???????????.  Give me a bit of time!!!!!
    \5.4 Survival Duel/
    I cannot give much help here.  You have to duel # times in succesion (The
    Number of
    times = when you want to stop, or STOP AT 20 ANYWAY!)  Once you win 20 duels
    SUCCESIVLEY, say hello to some NICE packs.  You pick any opponents from tier
    1-5 on
    a roulette wheel and your remaining life points carry over.  So make up your own
    deck up and use your instinct!  (Possible Good Deck to come posibley soon!)
    \5.45 Packs and Passwords/
    You have the REAL LIFE packs up to Ancient Sanctuary unlocked at the start.
    As you furfill the requirments for the others, they will be unlocked.  I'll
    to list them here:  (this takes time, they won't all be up in a week!)
    A quick ademant here:  Passwords are what you see in the bottom left of real
    They can be typed in, and you get that card.  Unfortunately, they come at an
    unreasonably high price.
                             -=-=-=Blue-Eyes White Dragon-=-=-=
    No. of cards per pack:  5
    No. of cards to collect:  106
    Price Per Pack:  150 DP
    Unlocked:  From the start.
    Secret Rare:
    Blue Eyes-White Dragon (The non-kaiba startr deck one)
    Ultra Rare:
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon
    Dark Hole
    Dark Magician (Arkana's version)
    Monster Reborn
    Super Rare:
    Exodia the Forbidden One
    Left Arm of the Forbidden One
    Left Leg of the Forbidden One
    Red-Eyes Black Dragon
    Right Arm of the Forbidden One
    Right Leg of the Forbidden One
    Swords of Revealing Light
    Armed Ninja
    Curse of Dragon
    Gaia the Dragon Champion
    Gaia the Fierce Knight
    Man-Eater Bug
    Mystical Elf
    Pot of Greed
    Remove Trap
    Stop Defense
    Trap Hole
    Two-Pronged Attack
    Aqua Madoor
    Armored Starfish
    Basic Insect
    Beaver Warrior
    Celtic Guardian
    Charubin the Fire Knight
    Dark Gray
    Dark King of the Abyss
    Darkfire Dragon
    Darkworld Thorns
    Dragon Capture Jar
    Dragoness the Wicked Knight
    Drooling Lizard
    Enchanting Mermaid
    Fiend Reflection #2
    Flame Ghost
    Flame Manipulator
    Flame Swordsman
    Flower Wolf
    Frenzied Panda
    Giant Soldier of Stone
    Goblin's Secret Remedy
    Gravedigger Ghoul
    Green Phantom King
    Hard Armor
    Hinotama Soul
    Hitotsu-Me Giant
    Kagemusha of the Blue Flame
    Karbonala Warrior
    King Fog
    Lesser Dragon
    M-Warrior #1
    M-Warrior #2
    Mammoth Graveyard
    Man Eater
    Masaki the Legendary Swordsman
    Meda Bat
    Metal Dragon
    Monster Egg
    Mystical Sheep #2
    One-Eyes Shield Dragon
    Petit Angel
    Petit Dragon
    Ray & Temperature
    Reaper of the Cards
    Red Medicine
    Root Water
    Silver Fang
    Skull Red Bird
    Skull Servant
    Spirit of the Harp
    Steel Ogre Grotto #1
    Terra the Terrible
    The 13th Grave
    The Furious Sea King
    Tri-Horned Dragon
    Trial of Nightmare
    Tripwire Beast
    Turtle Tiger
    Two-Mouth Darkruler
    Witty Phantom
                             -=-=-= Metal Raiders -=-=-=
    No. of cards per pack:  5
    No. of cards to collect:  114
    Price Per Pack:  150 DP
    Unlocked:  From the start.
    Secret Rare:
    Change of Heart
    Mirror Force
    Witch of the Black Forest
    Ultra Rare:
    Barrel Dragon
    Gate Guardian
    Sanga of the Thunder
    Super Rare:
    Horn of Heaven
    Magic Jammer
    Seven Tools of the Bandit
    Solemn Judgment
    Summoned Skull
    Black Skull Dragon
    Cannon Soldier
    Catapult Turtle
    Cocoon of Evolution
    Harpie Lady Sisters
    Heavy Storm
    Magician of Faith
    Mask of Darkness
    Robbin' Goblin
    Soul Release
    The Unhappy Maiden
    Thunder Dragon
    Time Wizard
    Tribute to the Doomed
    7 Colored Fish
    Ancient Elf
    Ancient Lizard Warrior
    Armored Lizard
    Armoed Zombie
    Baby Dragon
    Blackland Fire Dragon
    Block Attack
    Blue-Winged Crown
    Bottom Dweller
    Castle of Dark Illusions
    Crass Clown
    Dark Elf
    Deepsea Shark
    Destroyer Golem
    Disk Magician
    Dream Clown
    Elegant Egotist
    Feral Imp
    Flame Cerebrus
    Garecias Elefantis
    Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts
    Germ Infection
    Giga-Tech Wolf
    Giltia the D. Knight
    Great Moth
    Ground Attacker Bugroth
    Guardian of the Labyrinth
    Harpie Lady
    Illusionist Faceless Mage
    Insect Soldiers of the Sky
    Jinzo #7
    Jirai Gumo
    Kaminari Attack
    Killer Needle
    King of Yamimakai
    Labyrinth Tank
    Lady of Faith
    Larvae Moth
    Launcher Spider
    Little Chimera
    Masked Sorcerer
    Mega Thunderball
    Milus Radiant
    Muka Muka
    Musician King
    Mystic Horseman
    Pale Beast
    Petit Moth
    Prevent Rat
    Princess of Tsurugi
    Protector of the Throne
    Pumpking the King of Ghosts
    Punished Eagle
    Rabid Horseman
    Rainbow Flower
    Ring of Magnetism
    Rock Ogre Grotto #1
    Ryu-Kishin Powered
    Saggi the Dark Clown
    Shadow Ghoul
    Share the Pain
    Shield & Sword
    Star Boy
    Sword of Deep-Seated
    The Bistro Butcher
    The Cheerful Coffin
    The Immortal of Thunder
    The Little Swordsman of Aile
    Thousand Dragon
    Tremendous Fire
    Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon
    Water Omotics
    White Magical Hat
    Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1
    Witch's Apprentice
                                -=-=-= Pharaoh's Servant -=-=-=
    No. of cards per pack:  5
    No. of cards to collect:  92
    Price Per Pack:  200 DP
    Unlocked:  From the start.
    Secret Rare:
    Imperial Order
    Ultra Rare:
    Call of the Haunted
    Limiter Removal
    Premature Burial
    Thousand-Eyes Restrict
    Super Rare:
    Backup Soldier
    Buster Blader
    Gravity Bind
    Lightforce Sword
    Mirror Wall
    Nobleman of Extermination
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Dust Tornado
    Fairy Meteor Crush
    Gearfried the Iron Knight
    Goblin Attack Force
    Magical Hats
    Monster Recovery
    Morphing Jar #2
    Numinous Healer
    Shadow of Eyes
    The Fiend Megacyber
    The Legendary Fisherman
    The Shallow Grave
    4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
    Attack and Receive
    Beast of Talwar
    Bombardment Beetle
    Bubonic Vermin
    Burning Land
    Chain Destruction
    Cold Wave
    Cyber Falcon
    Dark Bat
    Darkfire Soldier #1
    Darkfire Soldier #2
    Deepsea Warrior
    DNA Surgery
    Drill Bug
    Driving Snow
    Enchanted Javelin
    Flying Kamakiri #2
    Forced Requisition
    Gift of the Mystical Elf
    Girochin Kuwagata
    Ground Collapse
    Harpie's Brother
    Hayabusa Knight
    Infinite Dismissal
    Insect Barrier
    Insect Imitation
    Island Turtle
    Light of Intervention
    Mad Sword Beast
    Magic Drain
    Minor Goblin Official
    Mr. Volcano
    Oni Tank T-34
    Parasite Paracide
    Rain of Mercy
    Red-Moon Baby
    Respect Play
    Science Soldier
    Skull Invitation
    Skull Mariner
    Solemn Wishes
    Solomon's Lawbook
    Souls of the Forgotten
    Steel Ogre Grotto #2
    Sword Hunter
    The All-Seeing White Tiger
    The Eye of Truth
    The Regulation of Tribe
    Three-Headed Geedo
    Thousand-Eyes Idol
    Time Seal
    Twin-Headed Fire Dragon
    Type Zero Magic Crusher
                                -=-=-= Pharonic Guardian -=-=-=
    No. of cards per pack:  5
    No. of cards to collect:  91
    Price Per Pack:  300 DP
    Unlocked:  From the start.
    Secret Rare:
    Mirage of Nightmare
    Ultra Rare:
    Fushioh Richie (Misprinted Card - Ment to Say Fushie Richie)
    Great Dezard
    Super Rare:
    Book of Moon
    Don Zaloog
    Guardian Sphinx
    Pyramid Turtle
    Raigeki Break
    Reckless Greed
    Book of Life
    Book of Taiyou
    Dark Room of Nightmare
    Dark Scorpion Burglars
    Gravekeeper's Guard
    Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier
    Maiden of the Aqua
    Needle Wall
    Nightmare Horse
    Reaper on the Nightmare
    Rope of Life
    Sasuke Samurai
    Spirit Reaper
    Statue of the Wicked
    A Cat of Ill Omen
    A Man with Wdjat
    An Owl of Luck
    Arsenal Bug
    Banner of Courage
    Bottomless Shifting Sand
    Buster Rancher
    Byser Shock
    Call of the Mummy
    Card Shuffle
    Charm of Shabti
    Cobra Jar
    Cobraman Sakuzy
    Curse of Aging
    Curse of Royal
    D. Tribe
    Dark Coffin
    Dark Dust Spirit
    Dark Jeroid
    Dark Snake Syndrome
    Des Lacooda
    Dice Jar
    Different Dimension Capsule
    Disturbance Strategy
    Giant Axe Mummy
    Gora Turtle
    Gravekeeper's Assailant
    Gravekeeper's Cannonholder
    Gravekeeper's Curse
    Gravekeeper's Spy
    Hieroglyph Lithograph
    Jowls of Dark Demise
    King Tiger Wanghu
    Master Kyonshee
    Moisture Creature
    Molten Behemoth
    Mucus Yolk
    Mystical Knight of Jackal
    Needle Ceiling
    Non Aggression Area
    Ordeal of a Traveler
    Poison Mummy
    Pyramid Energy
    Reversal Quiz
    Rite of Spirit
    Royal Keeper
    Royal Tribute
    Servant of Catabolism
    Swarm of Locusts
    Swarm of Scarabs
    Trap Dustshoot
    Tutan Mask
    Wandering Mummy
    Winged Sage Falcos
    Yomi Ship
                                 -=-=-= Spell Ruler -=-=-=
    No. of cards per pack:  5
    No. of cards to collect:  88
    Price Per Pack:  200 DP
    Unlocked:  From the start.
    Secret Rare:
    Delinquent Duo
    Painful Choice
    The Forceful Sentry
    Ultra Rare:
    Cyber Jar
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Snatch Steal
    Super Rare:
    Axe of Despair
    Banisher of the Light
    Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
    Spellbinding Circle
    Upstart Goblin
    Black Illusion Ritual
    Black Pendant
    Fairy's Hand Mirror
    Giant Germ
    Giant Trunade
    Labyrinth Wall
    Luminous Spark
    Messenger of Peace
    Mystic Plasma Zone
    Mystic Tomato
    Nimble Momonga
    Senju of the Thousand Hands
    Shining Angel
    Toon Summoned Skull
    Toon World
    Ceremonial Bell
    Chain Energy
    Chorus of Sanctuary
    Commencement Dance
    Crab Turtle
    Electric Snake
    Eternal Rest
    Final Destiny
    Fire Kraken
    Flash Assailant
    Flying Kamakiri #1
    Gaia Power
    Giant Rat
    Gravekeeper's Servant
    Guardian of the Throne Room
    Hamburger Recipe
    High Tide Gyojin
    Hiro's Shadow Scout
    Horn of the Unicorn
    Horn of Light
    House of Adhesive Tape
    Hungry Burger
    Invader of the Throne
    Karate Man
    Liquid Beast
    Magical Labyrinth
    Maha Vailo
    Malevolent Nuzzler
    Manga Ryu-Ran
    Mechanical Snail
    Molten Destruction
    Mother Grizzly
    Penguin Knight
    Performance of Sword
    Psychic Kappa
    Red Archery Girl
    Rising Air Current
    Rush Recklessly
    Serpent Night Dragon
    Slot Machine
    Snake Fang
    Sonic Bird
    Spear Cretin
    Tailor of the Fickle
    The Reliable Guardian
    Toon Mermaid
    Turtle Oath
    Twin Long Rods #2
    UFO Turtle
    Wall Shadow
    Whiptail Crow
    More to come soon!
    \5.5 Forbidden / Limited Cards/
    Same as in real life, the cards that you can only include, Zero (Forbidden),
    One (limited) or Two (Semi-Limited).  You start out with the September 2005 Ban
    but you can put in passwords for new ones.  The AI ALWAYS follows the September
    ban list, so they can ALWAYS have Pot and Tribe Infecting Virus, but NOT the
    cards.  Passwords can be enterd by pressing -> 4 times at the top.  You can save
    up to a maximum of 13 Ban lists.
    Here are some passwords (More to come as they are released):
    April '06 - v2AQz 8Gfz() Lup3K EWQ÷r mQ=vW GxrMr pBLea P=rWQ @zWQ= EWQU7
    uMvyn ?f7YG 8-BWg J?D
    Another note - When you get EVERY SINGLE CARD IN THE GAME (never mind the
    quantity), you get all cards removed form the ban list (or similar).
    \5.55 Options/
    Veiw your Status and change the language.  And for those Pedo's out there
    Icon here.  Veiw the % of challenges that you have done.
    \5.6 How to Unlock Each Monster Teir/
    This is just a table to show what monsters are unlocked, what their deck is
    and how to unlock them.
    |MONSTERS            |DECK                       |UNLOCKED BY . . .|
    |Kuriboh             |Kuriboh & Friends          |From the Start   |
    |Scapegoat           |Adversity Monsters         |From the Start   |
    |Skull Servent       |Skull Servant Kingdom      |From the Start   |
    |Watapon             |Shining Power              |From the Start   |
    |White Magcian Pikeru|Friends Form the Magic Land|From The Start   |
    |MONSTERS            |DECK                       |UNLOCKED BY . . .
    |Batteryman C        |Full Charge Deck           |Beat All Tier 1 Monsters Once
    |Ojama Yellow        |Preventers Deck            | "    "    "  "    "     3
    |Goblin King         |Dark Feast Deck            | "    "    "  "    "       "
    |Des Frog            |Frog Warning Deck          | "    "    "  "    "     5
    |Water Dragon        |Elixir Deck                | "    "    "  "    "     "
    " |
    |MONSTERS            |DECK                       |UNLOCKED BY . . .
    |Red-Eyes Darkness   |       -                   |
    |Dragon              |Pride OF Dragons           |Beat All Tier 2 Monsters Once
    |Vampire Genesis     |The Resurrected            | "    "    "  "    "     3
    |Infernal Flame      |       -                   |
    |Emperor             |Ring Of Fire               | "    "    "  "    "       "
    |Ocean Lord Dragon - |       -                   |
    |Neo-Daedalus        |Deep Blue                  | "    "    "  "    "     5
    |Helios Duo  Megiste |Final Frontier             | "    "    "  "    "     "
    " |
    |MONSTERS            |DECK                       |UNLOCKED BY . . .
    |Gilford The Legend  |Past Platoons              |Beat All Tier 3 Monsters Once
    |Dark Eradicator     |      -                    |
    |Warlock             |The Mage's Successor       | "    "    "  "    "     3
    |Guardian Exode      |The Driving Force          | "    "    "  "    "       "
    |Goldd, Wu-Lord of   |      -                    |
    |Dark World          |Logic of the underworld    | "    "    "  "    "     5
    |Elimental Hero      |      -                    |
    |Erikshieler         |High-Rise Hero             | "    "    "  "    "     "
    " |
    TIER FIVE *(Note: this will NOT be in a table because of different reasons of
    Raviel, Lord Of Phantasms - Spell King Rising - Beat all Tier 4 monsters 5 times
    Horus The Black Flame Dragon LV. 8 - Blaze OF Black Flames - " " " " " " " " " "
    Stronghold -               Complete 60% of challenges - Deus Ex Machina
    Sacred Phoenix of Nepthys -   "     70% "    "        - Flight of the Phoenix
    Cyber End Dragon -            "     80% "    "        - Cyberdragons
    TIER SIX (I don't have a lot of info. on this one.)
    Copycat - ***** - Unlocked by completeing 95% of challenges.
    You - ***** - Unlocked by completeing 90% of challenges.
    (Their decks - You - Your current deck
                 - Copycat- of you saved decks (chosen at random))
    \5.65 Walkthrough/
    Well here is the walkthrough!  Some will need little detail, others may go into
    so much depth, I may post a deck to simplify it.  At the mo, I cannot do
    Stronghold, Sacred Phoenix or Cyber End Dragon.  I have a very long wait to do
    so be patient!...
    On to tier one.
    Kuriboh is a fairly easy duelist and the first one in the game.  He uses the
    old-school anime cards form Yugi and Joey so be wary.  An anti-effects deck
    be good here, infact go and look at the pack FAQ, find the pack that has a skill
    drain and BUY AS MANY AS YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Difficulty Rating: **/*****
    Scapegoat is a right ba*****.  He requires the use of Skill Drain, so he can
    his monsters without any nasty effects, and annoy you.  And, no Jinzo CANNOT
    it if it was on the field first.  He likes to also play "Fusilizer, The Duel
    Beast" with his skill drain.  The effect states that it can be summoned without
    a tribute, as long as the attack and defence are halved.  But with skill drain,
    attack stays the same (2800/2000).  Otherwise, his deck is pretty weak.  To
    beat him
    requires luck.  You need to get a Jinzo and get it out QUICKLY, then, he will
    a hard time!
    Difficulty Rating: ****/*****
    |~Skull Servent~|
    Skull servent tries to deck himself.  However, he plays Level Limit, Area B, so
    your ****+ monsters CANNOT attack.  Usually, if you play a strong monster with
    + ATK, he will put all his monsters face-down.  Des Laccoda is his sig card,
    goblin zombie, he likes to destroy his deck!  He even tries to draw with a D L
    he has 0 cards in his deck! Lol, anyway, play a strong monster and just wait.
    If you
    see NO DL beeing flipped then destroy a few of his monsters.
    Difficulty Rating: */*****
    Watapon uses a fairy deck that requires luck of the draw.  However, he can be
    annoying with "The Sanctuary In The Sky" and "Wall of revealing light."  Bring a
    beatdown to clear this.
    Difficulty Rating: **/*****
    |~White Magcian Pikeru~|
    WMP uses a half-LP recovery deck and half Spellcaster.  Well, only WMP is the LP
    and Ebon Magcian Curran to dmage you while she stalls you . . . in all, her deck
    is a total mess-up and random.  Anything can beat it, but watch out for IFL.
    Difficulty Rating: **/*****
    On to tier two.
    |~Batteryman C~|
    Batteryman C uses a RYBBISH machine deck.  Actually, Batteryman C has 0 attack
    never goes off it.  He is only hard if he gets out "Perfect Machine King".
    you will have no proablem!
    Difficulty Rating: **/*****
    |~Ojama Yellow~|
    Ojama yellow is annoying.  He uses a preventers deck, so he can only beaten by
    a ***
    beatdown.  And Spatial Collapse limits your playing spaces to 5 cards ON YOUR
    Use IFL, Hyabusa night/Mataza The Zapper (and equip them heavily).
    Difficulty Rating: ****/*****
    |~Goblin King~|
    Goblin King uses a fiend beatdown that relys on monster increasing effects i.e.
    Maju Garzett (SP?).  Quite hard to counter, he is the one I have lost to the
    Try and use a preventers deck like OY but power it up.  You can also try Snatch
    to wipe him of stronger monsters.
    Difficulty Rating: *****/*****
    |~Des Frog~|
    Firstly, don't listen to frog warning, it is more likely frog walk-over as he
    THE WORST water deck I have EVER seen.  So far, I don't know if this is true,
    I haven't seen him playing a legendery ocean.  One annoying thing (though it
    seem not,) is that he has VERY FEW spells or traps, so he can use treeborn
    effect.  He may aswell keep it in the grave because if he AMAZINGLY draws x3
    Des Frog
    and a Polymerization, then it is hello D.3.S frog.
    NOTE: Xenmaru has informed me that Des Frog DOES NOT use ALO, but instead,
    uses Umurikka (SP?), a card alternate to ALO, but instead of downgradation,
    the attack of all water monsters is increased by 500 and the defence is
    reduced by  400.  Pretty annoying with abyss soldier looming about...
    Difficulty Rating: */*****
    |~Water Dragon~|
    Just a powerd up version of Des Frog, the only real threat here is A Legendary
    and he uses that for Goigagigo (SP?) to bring a 2650 ATK monster on turn one.
    No real stratergy needed.
    Difficulty Rating: **/*****
    On To Tier Three
    |~Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon~|
    Red eyes darkness dragon uses a powered up version of Dragon's Roar structure
    Feh, he sucks, use snatch steal, hey presto, over and done with.
    Not really of Tier 3 standard.
    Difficulty Rating: **/*****
    |~Vampire Genesis~|
    Easiest person tied with Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon in tier 3, my firends.  As
    the above, he uses a powered up version of Zombie Madness.  Watch out for
    Lord, however.  Instead of destroying it, wind him up by either:
    A) Snatch-Stealing
    B) Using a card like rush recklessley on your card, i.e.
    [      ]
    [      ] - Opponents V. Lord
    [ ATK  ]
    [ 2000 ]
    [      ]
    [      ] - Your Gemini Elf (Only an example)
    [ ATK  ]
    [ 1900 ]
    [S     ]
    [ PART ] - Your power boosting card
    [  E   ]
    [   L  ]
    Difficulty Rating: **/*****
    |~Infernal Flame Emperor~|
    This guy is a toal ba*****.  He is another one who requires the use of Level
    Area-B and Gravity Bind.  However, he is quite unlikely to attack you BECAUSE
    OF HIS MONSTERS ARE OF HIGH LEVEL.  The most snnoying thing he does is he plays
    Ultimate Baseball kid, powers it up, and, because of it being ***, he can
    :(.  Also, he can, with that card's effect, sacrifice his own monsters and
    you DIRECTLY.  :(.
    Put it this way, This guy shoyld be in tier four.  And, like the first two,
    he has a deck 'upgraded' from Blazing Destruction.
    Difficulty Rating: *****/***** (And I mean it too.)(Not that I was misleading
    with the others...)
    |~Ocean Lord Dragon - Neo-Daedalus~|
    *Sigh*.  Basically, yet another powered up version of the starter deck, fury of
    deep, and an Infernal flame emprore rip-off :(.  However, he has downgraded a
    but will use that annoying Legendery ocean combo, with that Gogagigogo, or
    See above on how to beat him.
    Difficulty rating: ****(and a half)/*****
    |~Helios Duo Megistus~|
    Yes, its one of the promo cards!  H D M is the ONLY person in tier 3 who does
    NOT have a starter deck-boost.  That, and his absolutely ... uh ... DUMB
    strategy, he is one of the easiest people on the game.  His stragegy *snicker*
    is to remove cards from play, then, get out Helios Trio Megistus, ehich takes
    ATTACK!!!!!!  You have been warned...
    Difficulty rating:  **/*****
    On To Tier Four
    |~Gilford The Legend~|
    *Sigh*.  Apart from Goldd and (Possibly) Dark Eradicator Warlock, Tier Four is
    easiest in the game.  Guess what?  Another Powered up starter deck!  Really the
    easiness as the first twwo in tier three.  However, be wary of some of his
    Difficulty Rating:  **/*****
    |~Dark Eradicator Warlock~|
    Now we start to get a bit of a challenge!  The last starter deck 'evolution'
    to that jolly old man we are about to challenge. He is pretty tough, but can get
    over-excited, and do something stupid.  Always keep your guard up.  I reccomend
    having a few skill drains in your deck, to negate his effects.  He has some
    effect cards in his deck, so be wary.
    Difficulty Rating:  ***(and a half)/*****
    |~Guardian Exode~|
    Unless he gets out Guardin Sphinx, and you have difficulties against him, I
    fear for
    Tier Five.   This, is ONE OF THE EASIEST DUELISTS I HAVE EVER FACED.  There is
    one ting that can disrupt you, Guardian Sphinx (and for higher level monsters,
    Golem Sentry).  Guardina Sphinx Happens to be my favourite card for several
    (and his).  Firstly, when it is flipped, it can return all monsters on the
    OPPONENTS (your) side of the field back to their respectful owners hands.
    Next, it
    has only 5 Stars.  Also, he can flip himslef back down.  Finally, he has a
    2400 Defence!!!!!!!  That is all you should be wary of.
    Difficulty rating: */*****
    |~Goldd, Wu-Lord of the Dark World~|
    Here, is a tough cookie.  Based around the dark world, his deck is quite
    overwhelmingly difficult for a newbie to overcome.  I suggest, that you use
    that prevent Special Summons (Jowgen anyone?) or stop discardation to the
    Difficulty Rating: ****/*****
    |~Elemental Hero Erikshieler~|
    Yup you guessed it, Miss-print (it is meant to say 'Elixer' lol).  He is Easy
    ...one step above Guardina Exode, one Below Gilford the legend, so in other
    words, expect to get five wins in a row first time.  However, he is intellegent,
    so be wary.  Let your guard down, he will find the smallest gap in your
    Difficulty Rating: *(and a half)/*****
    On TO Tier Five
    |~Raviel, Lord Of Phantasms~|
    Ahh..this is hard.  Expect to duel alot of him.  I would recommend using a fiend
    deck, using goblin king, Great Marju Garzett (SP?) and Chaos Necromancer.  This
    happened to work for me (but my win count wasn't as high as my lossage count.
    I will make a new section of the guide, posting good decks, and I will post an
    effective one for Rav.
    Difficulty Rating:  *****/*****
    |~Horus The Black Flame Dragon LV 8~|
    As hard as Rav, I'm afraid.  You will encounter difficulties.  Spells, are
    principally, useless to you.  Even playing the best cards in the game Spryly
    won't help.  I will experiment, and will get back to you in two weeks or so
    (sorry, I restarted, and I have only unlocked Gilford).  I will be greatley
    honoured if someone can help me...
    Difficulty Rating:  *****/*****
    \5.7 FAQ /
    Here is where I list some questions to get out of the way.  (Some I made up.)
    Q:  Hi, I like your FAQ, please may I post it on my webstie?
    A:  Stricly:  NO (and that goes for all my FAQS aswell.)
    Q:  OK, can I even publish it ANYWHERE?
    A:  NO.  SHUT UP NOW!
    A:  ONLY THAT,  If you publicly distribute it, I will not be pleased.
    Q:  You are a f***ing b****.
    A:  Not a question.  That is highly offensive, and I will report spam.
        |BLOCK LIST      |
        |_               |
        |0| Stupid idiot.|
    Q:  Can I just point out [Insert mistake/info here]?
    A:  OF COURSE!!!!!!  I will be happy to change it AND credit you.  If you made a
    submission (Like Guidolheat and Phoenix Dimayer), then it will go in the
        contribution section.
    Q:  Can you give me some AR / GS codes?
    A:  For those who don't know, AR stands for Action Replay and GS stands for
        gameshark.  They are cheating devices sold separately.  AR, depending, GS
        No, sorry!
    Q:  Hi/Wanna be friends/whats your number/are you a boy/can we meet somewhere?
    A:  Not meaning to sound rude, but I don't want those emails, especially private
    Q:  Can you help me with another game?
    A:  Firstly, check my FAQs that I have written, if the information you want is
        not there, then, depending on the game, mabey.
    ------------------- ALL ABOVE WERE MADE UP BY ME
    Q: What is an Action Replay/Gameshark?
    A: When I was doing my Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Practical Exam FAQ, this question was asked
    around 1 in 7 emails.  An action Replay/Gameshark is a device that lets
    you cheat your way to victory (sold Separatley).
    I may post codes if I can find them.
    Q: What is the Ban List Password Screen For?
    A: When Future Ban List's are revealed, a password is released, so you can have
    the Ban List on that game.
    \5.7 Bonuses/
    Here, I will list all of the bonuses that I know of.  More to come from me and
    readers, PRETTY PLEASE?
    When you win, lose or Draw a duel, you get DP to buy packs with.  Here are what
    get them for:
    Total damage inflicted in battle (DIVIDED BY) 100
    Battle Damge Only Bonus X 2
    Effect Damge Only Bonus + 300
    Max Attack Bonus (One Monster must reach AT LEAT 3000 ATK and attack with it)
    (DIVIDED BY) 100
    Max Damage Bonus (The most damage you do in one go (minimum 3000))
    (DIVIDED BY) 100
    Destroy in battle bonus + 80 per monster destroyed in battle
    Tribute Summon Bonus + 80 Per Summon
    No Special Summon Bonus + 200
    Spell Card Bonus + 20 Per spell card activated
    No Spell Card Bonus + 200
    Trap Card Bonus + 20 Per Trap Activated
    No Trap Card Bonus + 100
    Opponents Turn Finish Bonus + 200
    Reversal Finish Bonus (I.e. Win form a major come-back) + 30
    Exacly 0 LP Bonus (Leave your opponent with EXACLY 0 LP) + 100
    Quick Finish Bonus (win in 5 Turns) + 100
    No Damage Bonus (Take no damage) + 100
    Over 20,000 LP Bonus (Have [at any time] 20,000LP +) + 200
    Low Deck Bonus (Have 1-*10* Cards Left in your deck at the end) + 150
    Extremely Low Deck Bonus (Have 0 Cards left) + 1500
    No More Cards Bonus (Your Opponent Wins By drawing all their cards) + 500
    Low LP Bonus (Have less than 1000 LP left) + 100 *
    Extremely Low LP Bonus (Have 100 LP or less at the end of the game) + 1000 *
    Final Countdown + 2,000
    Exodia Finish Bonus + 1,000
    Fusion summon bonus = 150 (per fusion, notes vwxyz special way to fusion
    excluded) THANK MINARTO!
    Duelist Bonus
    Tier One + 50 (Except Kuriboh)
    Tier Two + 100
    Tier Three + 150
    Lose (Total Score) (DIVIDED BY 10) =10%
    \5.8 Heart Of The Underdog/
    This section is based around a card called haert of the Underdog.  This is
    THE most UNDDERATED card in the whole of Yu-Gi-Oh!  What the effect does is
    that while HOTU is on the field, if you draw a normal monster, you get to
    draw again, and again, and again, until you stop drawing monsters.  Now here
    is one way which, given the right circumstances, is one of the most efficient
    ways to win.  Build a deck, using the following cards:
    x1 (Or Two if you want) Heart Of The Underdog
    X1 Piece of Each exodia Limb
    X37/38 Normal Monsters (Preferably ones with **** and high atk./def.)
    Now when you draw HOTU, you will keep drawing until one of the following
    1) You draw the Head Of Exodia, without having all other limbs in hand.
    This guarentees victory NEXT TURN, as long as that HOTU and what limbs you
    may have survive.
    2) Drawing all Exodia Parts
    3) Decking Yourself (You lose..............................)
    This is one way to pass the exodia finish bonus, aswell as the non attack,
    and well, just a hell of a lot of them really!!!!
    \Section Six: Thanks to.../
    To me - For doing the guide :)
    To CJayC and all GFaqs staff - For all their hard work.  Keep it up guys! :)
    To anyone that wishes to help this guide - Please email me and I will credit
    you for what you have done, be it a theme duel, to a spelling mistake!
    You - For reading this :):):)
    People who have helped me with other guides - Thanks you guys, you really help!
    A MILLION thanks to guidolheat and Pheonix Dimayer, possibly the greatest FAQ
    helpers on the whole of the internet.
    Thanks for everything (most of their work is displayed in the User
    Contributed Section).  :):)
    Melody Lam - For Theme and Limited duel additions. :)
    Minarto - For the fusion summon bonus and correction of Exodia bonus.
    Tennukumo - For contributing a good Gravekeepers deck.
    Xenmaru - For creating a good over-80 card deck and for giving me a piece
    of conrimation on Des Frog.  :)
    On to glossary of terms.
    \Section Seven: Glossary of Terms/
    You may have noticed I put some letters together instead of words.
    Well, for all the newbies, this is what they mean!
    MOF - Magician of Faith.
    GAF - Goblin Attack Force
    IFL - Injecion Fairy Lily
    O Y - Ojama Yellow
    D L - Des Laccoda
    WMP - White Magcian Pikeru
    HDM - Helios Duo Megistus
    On to Reader Contributions
    \Section Eight: Reader Contributions/
    At the moment, I have been receiving many helpful emails, and I have enjoyed
    reading them.  Some of them have had critical points that need to be in my FAQ,
    others are minor stuff, but they all add up, with a bit from me, to make
    this FAQ.
    the good part of this duel ,as with any other duel is that your opponent will
    use a
    deck pretty much like yours, of course asuming that you have at least one card
    each lvl, this deck worked perfectly, the main point is to stall the opponent
    you can get the higher lvls out, use combos such as graceful charity+level
    +silent magician rock, also you can add mirror force, if you can get it
    unbanned, but
    always carry in your hand smething with each to destroy the gravity binds, they
    could be your own doomed however your opponent will only have 41 cards in his
    so he should run out of cards before you; use royal decreee combos and the duel
    is yours.....
    2 armed dragon lvl 3
    1 armed dragon lvl 5
    1 armed dragon lvl 7
    2 dark mimics lvl 1(msinly for drawing pourposes)
    1 dark mimic lvl 3 (same reason)
    1 horus lvl 4
    1 horus lvl 6
    1 horus lvl 8
    2 silent sowrdman lvl 2
    2 silent sowrdman lvl 4
    1 silent swordman lvl 6
    1 silent magician lvl 4
    1 silent magician lvl 6
    1 silent swordman lvl 3
    1 silent swordman lvl 5 (dont use 7 unless you wanna lock your opponent
    with it and royal decree, I'd rather do that with horus lvl 8, or even silent
    lvl 5)
    Ultimate insects are optional, but work great with gravity bind.
    1 brain control
    1 mind control (work great here if you have lvl up in hand and the
    monster available)
    1 level modulation (use it along silent magician lvl 4)
    1-2 level up (up to your strategy)
    1 good equip card - united we stand or mage power work great,
    hell even throw an axe of disspear if you dont have any of the other
    1 fusion sword murasame blade (again optional)
    1 messenger of peace
    1 monster reincarnation
    1 mst or emergency provision (to get rid off the gravity binds,
     I like the latter best)
    1 pot of greed
    1 graceful charity (use it along with silent magician
    level 4 and level modulation, great combo to bring the big bad lvl 8 out)
    1 premature burial (dont leave home withour it)
    1-2 reinforcement of the army (**must**)
    1 swords of the revealing light (of course)
    1 graveyard of the 4th dimension (i didnt really see the point on it)
    1 blast with chain (just in case)
    1 bottomless traphole
    1 call of the haunted (can you say staple?)
    1 ceasfire (can you say big damage?)
    1 draining shield
    1 magic cylinder
    1-2 gravity binds (stalling is the key)
    1 solemn  judgment (dont use it too early in the game though)
    1 royal decree
    This one is about killing your opponent before he kills you, how you do it?
    With lots of attacks, I didnt put sakaretsu armors, I put one mirror force
    and its dark version instead, the monsters I used are very handy and will
    surely help, mask of darkness are great since you don't have to worry about
    spells you need to focus on traps; bring out the chaos sorccerer to get rid
    off all of the defenses your opponent will bring and, if you want include
    one staunch defender to do some huge damage. other than that just concentrate
    on attacking as much as you possibly can....
    1 asura priest
    1 blade knight
    1 brain jacker (if you want)
    1 chaos sorccerer (almost a must with all thi light and darks)
    1 cyber dragon (always comes in handy)
    1 dd survivor
    1 dd warrior lady
    1 dark ruler hades (he is awesome)
    1 dong zaloog (use for either hand or deck destruction)
    1 fred the brave warrior (in case something goes horribly wrong)
    1 goblin elite attack force
    1 jinzo (good staple)
    1-2 mask of darkness (if you can't use spells you might want to hold on
    to your traps)
    1 mobious
    1 newdoria (not my first choice but works decently)
    1 reflector bounder
    2 spirit reaper (some stalling)
    1 unhappy maiden (for tight spots)
    1 tsukuyomi (a must have nowadays)
    1 twin headed behemot (he will be back)
    1 a hero emerges (luckily you wont have more than a strong monster in your hand)
    1 chain with blast (juat in case)
    2 bottomless trapholes (gets rid off the thoughest stains)
    1 call of the haunted (like you can carry more than one)
    1 covering fire (for a surprise attack)
    1 damage condenser (commence counterattack)
    1 dark mirror force ( or mirror force if you have it unbanned)
    1 disturbance strategy (its for fun, and hopefully screwing up your opponent)
    1 drainig shield
    1 emboidment of apophis (half trap half monster, its a trapster)
    1 hidden soldier
    1 magic cylinder
    1 trap jammer
    1 rope of spirit (your monster will be destroy, thrust me)
    1-2 seven tools of the bandit
    1 solemn judgment (be careful with that card, it can be very temting)
    1 statue of thw wicked (if you want)
    1 torrential tribute
    1 trap jammer
    1 dust tornado
    now for some dragon action, as you might have guessed, this involves a lot of
    attacks and some lvl monsters, this decks main objective is to bring out the big
    guns as soon as possible, how to do that? offense is the best deffence and
    viceversa ....you wanna attack and attack untill your opponent begs you to
    ps: for some cards you will need the dragon pack, you know for the rarer and
    stronger cards
    pss: this deck also works with the victory d. challenge
    2 luster dragons
    2 armed dragon lvl 3
    1 armed dragon lvl 5
    1 armed dragon lvl 7
    1 axe dragonute
    1-2 cave dragons (good attack, hard to use)
    1 horus lvl 4
    1 horus lvl 6
    1 horus lvl 8
    1-2 masked dragon (duhhh)
    1 mirage dragon
    1 rancer dragonute
    2 spear dragon (awesome card)
    1 spirit ryu (throw away uneeded cards or make the duel go faster)
    1 twin headed behemot
    1 white horns D. (blue eyes power for one sacrifice)
    1-3 FGD (how many can you bring out, yeah I know totally insane)
    1 brain control
    1 dark hole
    1 dragons mirror
    1 polimerization (optional, I personaly dont like it)
    1 heavy storm
    1 lvl modulation
    1 level up
    1 mage power (I dont have united we stand)
    1 monster reincarnation (or monster reborn if unbanned, doesn't make much of a
      difference really)
    1 mountain (power up)
    1 mst
    1 nobleman of crossout
    1 pot of greed
    1 premature burial
    1 super rejuvenetion (did i metion spirit ryu?)
    1 swords of the revealling light (I'll call it swords from now on)
    1 graveyard in the 4th dimension
    1 bottomless traphole
    1 call of the haunted
    1 drainig shield
    1 magic cylinder
    1 magic drain
    1 magic jammer
    1 mirror force
    1 seven tools of the bandit
    Well as you can iamgine this has a lot of power up, if your monsters dont have
    abilities give em to em....also some support and drawing are included, some
    special summoning included as always, dont get too excited this deck isnt
    too much fun to play with , I mean no effect come on....
    1 aqua mador
    1 blue eyes white dragon
    1 d. d. trainer
    1 archfiend soldier
    1 drak magician
    1 e-hero clayman
    2 gemini elfs
    2 insect knight
    3 luster dragons
    2 mad dog of drakness
    2 vorse raider
    2 mechanical chasers
    1 mystical elf
    1 soul tiger
    1-2 axe of despair
    1 brain control
    1 chain energy
    1 dark hole
    1 hammer shot
    1 heart of the underdog
    1 heavy storm
    1 mage power
    1 mst
    1 nobleman of the crossout
    1 pot of greed
    1 premature burial
    1 snatch steal
    1 swords
    1 two-men cell battle
    1 bottomless trap hole
    1 call of the haunted
    1 magic cylinder
    1 magic drain
    1 magic jammer
    1 minor goblin official
    1 rope of life
    1 sakaretsu armor
    1 mirror force
    Only Warrior monsters allowed - Warriors are probably the best subtype in the
    game.....they have a lot of support, and i mean it, a lot of support for
    ....take the a forces for instance, or Reinforcement of the army....it is all
    about the warriors in yugioh (mostly), dont ask me why...now this deck is kinda
    improvised, but it works beleive me...
    1-2 Amzoness Sword Woman (up to u)
    1 Big Shield Gardna (not as great as it seems, but still for defense, not
    1 Blade Knight
    2 Command Knight (dont you there asking why)
    1 D.D.Warrior Lady
    2 D.D. Survivors
    1 Dimensional Warrior
    1 Don Zaloog
    1 Exiled Force (always)
    1 Goblin Attack Force (better than Big Shield Gardna, after it goes to defense
    LP will be safe)
    2 Marauding Captains (i only have one though)
    1 Mataza the Zapper
    1-2 Mystic Swordman Lvl 2 and 4 (its up to you)
    1 Mystice Swordman Lvl 6
    1 Ninja  Grand Master Sasuke
    1 Obnoxious Celtic Guard
    1 Silent Swordman Lvl 3 and 5
    1-2 Fiend Megacyber (special summon again)
    1 Brain Control
    1 Dark Hole
    1 Fusion Murasame Blade (that was a though one to type)
    1 Heavy Storm
    1 Mage Power and/or United we Stand
    1 Monster Reborn (if possible)
    1 MST
    1 Premature Burial
    1 REinforcement of the Army
    1 Swords of the Revealing Light
    1-2 A..Forces
    2 Warrior Returning Alivr
    1Blast with Chain
    1 Call of the Haunted
    1 Ceasefire (optional)
    1 Draining Shield
    1 Magic Cylinder
    1 Magic Drain
    1 Magic Jammer (or not)
    1 Mirror Force
    1 Solemn Judgement
    ****Note on all of my decks, if I say optional it means I dont use, if it has
    numbers it means u can use either amount and it will still work, I strongly
    suggest using ur own skills to improve this deck to fit it to your game
    XYZ is in the House - XYZ is not as hard to do as it looks, the bad thing though
    according to my calculation, that assuming they are right you will be missing
    one of the monsters for one of fusions, easy problem, bring him back from the
    removed zone.  Also, Try using Shinning angels to bring ur pieces faster.
    1 Cybernetic Magician
    1 Jinzo
    1 Airknight Parshath
    1 Cyer Dragon
    3 X Head CAnnon
    3 YDragon Head
    3 Z Metal Tank
    1 Chainsaw Insect
    1 Cyber Archfiend
    1 Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive
    1 Masked Sorccer (I dont even know whats it doing there)
    1 Reflect Bounder
    1 Witch of the Black Forest
    1 Brain Control (remember the missing piece I told u aout?...take it from your
    1 Dark Hole
    1 Dimension Fusion
    2 Frontline Base
    1 Heavy Storm
    1 Mirage of nightmare (or not, its only for drawing)
    1 Monster Reborn
    1 MST
    1 Nobleman of Crossout
    1 Pot of Gfreed
    1 Premature Burial
    1 Reload (just in case)
    1 Swords of the Revealing Light
    1 System Down (massive destruction, guess waht his main type)
    1 Bottomless Trap Hole
    1 Call of the haunted
    1 Damage Condenser
    1 Magic Cylinder
    1 Magic Drain
    1 Mirror Force
    1 Retun from the Different Dimenson (or not)
    2 Rollout!
    Pheonix Dimayer has created a good survival deck.  Here it is:
    3 x Chaos Sorceror
    3 x Ninja Grandmaster
    3 x Silent Swordsman LV3
    2 x Magician Of Faith
    3 x Strike Ninja
    3x Spirit Reaper
    2 x Old Vindictave Magician
    1 x Call Of The Haunted
    3 x Spell Absorbtion
    3 x Goblin Theif
    1 x Reinforcement Of The Army
    2 x Warrior Returning Alive
    3 x Smashing Ground
    1 x United We Stand
    1 x Mage Power
    1 x Premature Burial
    3 x Rush Recklessly
    Although the downside of Gravekeepers cheif not being in the game, Tennokumo
    has contributed a good Gravekeeper deck.  I haven't tested this out, but I'll
    post it anyway:
    I believe a gravekeeper deck would be very useful against some of duelists in
    I discovered this deck when I waas searching for cards for a Zombie Madness
    I made it just for fun, but when I used it, I was unbeatable.  What I like
    about a
    gravekeeper deck is that all the cards essential for one is in one pack,
    Guardian.  Even though the game didn't put in Gravekeeper's Chief, it still is a
    very useful deck.
    Necrovalley, along with End of Anubis, which negates effects targeting the
    graveyard (EoA also negates effects from the graveyard), can be used to make
    Vampire Genises and the Dark World opponent really easy to beat, as they both
    focus on ressurection.
    Also, the gravekeepers makes a really balanced combo, G's spy can bring G's from
    deck to field, G's guard gets rid of opponent's monsters, G's S Soldier can do
    battle damage against cards in Def. pos, G's Asailant can switch battle
    of opponent's cards, G's Cannon holder can do Direct damage against opponent
    (useful when u bring ur opponent's lifepoint to 1000, have 3 gravekeeper's on
    field, and win on ur turn), and Charm of Shabti prevent Gravekeeper's from being
    destroyed in battle.  G's curse lets u do 500 Direct damage when summoned, can
    useful, but I don't use it.
    Royal Tribute takes out all monsters in hands, crippling ur opponent
    Rite of Spirit revives G's even when Necrovalley is on the field, which, combo
    G's Spy and Guard, can give you a huge monster adavantage over ur opponent.
    Add a few useful cards to that deck, it could be unstoppable.
    My Deck:
    Keepers of the Grave
    1x A Cat of Ill Omen
    3x Charm of Shabti
    3x Gravekeeper's Assailant
    2x Gravekeeper's Cannonholder
    3x Gravekeeper's Guard
    3x Gravekeeper's Spy
    3x Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier
    1x Great Maju Gazett
    1x Magical Marionette
    1x The End of Anubis
    1x Creature Swap
    1x Dark Hole
    1x Heavy Storm
    1x Lightning Vortex
    1x Mage Power
    1x Mystic Plasma Zone
    1x Mystical Space Typhoon
    3x Necrovally
    1x Pot of Greed
    1x Reload
    2x Royal Tribute
    1x Smashing Ground
    1x Snatch Steal
    1x Swirds if Revealing Light
    1x United We Stand
    1x Deck Devastation Virus
    1x Judgment if Anubis
    1x Magic Cylinder
    1x Magic Jammer
    1x Raigeki Break
    3x Rite of Spirit
    2x Sakuretsu Armor
    1x Torrential Tribute
    Total: 50 Cards
    I got past tier 4, and never lost with this combo, though I got lucky sometimes
    with the Ai being stupid while I was low on health.
    The good part of this deck is most of the cards (all the essential cards) can
    be obtained early on (in Pharonic Guardian pack), so with the right cards,
    it gets through tiers really easily.  It is also flexible, so other combos
    may work well.
    Xenmaru has created a good deck called "Kaze no Yaiba" (blade of wind).
    It is useful in the two event matches where the deck must be 60 or 80
    cards or over, but the disadvantage of this deck is that it has 80 cards.
    This is a good deck for getting DP aswell, duel someone like Des Frog or
    Guardian Exode for DP here!
    Kaze no Yaiba (Blade of Wind):
    Monsters: 45 (the meat)
    Amazoness Blowpiper x1
    Amazoness Fighter x1
    Aresenal Summoner x1
    Blindly Loyal Goblin x2
    Cave Dragon x1 (gonna replace that eventually)
    Command Knight x1 (only have the one)
    Dark Blade x2
    Elemental Hero Bladedge x1
    Elemental Hero Clayman x1
    Elemental Hero Sparkman x1
    Empress Mantis x1
    Flying Kamakiri x1 (when i get more, they're going in)
    Freed the Matchless General x2
    Garuda the Wind Spirit x1
    Harpie Lady 1 x3 (i'll substitute one for a Command Knight when i get a
    Insect Princess x1
    Kazejin x1 (for now)
    Little-Winguard x1
    Luster Dragon x3
    Luster Dragon #2 x1
    Mataza the Zapper x1 (this one won me a close match against Des Frog)
    Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke x2
    Nin-Ken Dog x2
    Obnoxious Celtic Guard x1
    Penumbral Soldier Lady x1
    Princess of Tsurugi x1 (i'm more than likely gonna replace her)
    Sasuke Samurai x1 (only have the one or i'd put in two)
    Sasuke Samurai #4 x2
    Sonic Duck x1 (if i find another 1800+ 4* wind monster this is going)
    Spear Dragon x1 (useful, but it's effect becomes my doom sometimes)
    Spirit of the Breeze x1 (defensive card)
    The Fiend Megacyber x1 (Des Croaking Recovery card)
    Twin Headed Behemoth x1 (might replace)
    Warrior Dai Grepher x2
    Spells 21:
    Axe of Despair x1 (when i get more, i'm having at least 2)
    Black Pendant x1 (useful effect)
    Block Attack x1 (in case i have a weak monster, and he's got
    something useful)
    Continuous Destruction Punch x1 (reason why i only have one Spear Dragon,
    and a useful trick card to have him waste his MST or Dust Tornado)
    Cost Down x1
    Fissure x1 (just to piss him off)
    Fusion Sword Murasame Blade x2
    Gravity Axe - Grarl x1 (if i get a nice beatdown setup)
    Heavy Storm x1 (Umiiruka Killer)
    Mage Power x1
    Monster Reincarnation x1
    Mystical Space Typhoon x1
    Premature Burial x1
    Reload x1
    Raising Air Current x2 (Umiiruka killer, and the booster of my best cards)
    Rush Recklessly x1 (For just in case)
    Shield and Sword x1 (i've made a few nice comebacks with this)
    Swords of Revealing Light x1
    The A. Forces x1 (for my warriors)
    Traps 14:
    A Hero Emerges x1 (saved me before, it can do it again)
    Adhesion Trap Hole x1 (keeps my monsters alive for a turn)
    Call of the Haunted x1
    Compulsory Evacuation Device x1 (another pissoff card)
    Draining Shield x1 (keeps my health up for Solemn Judgement)
    Dust Tornado x1 (when i get more, they're in)
    Magic Cylinder x1
    Magic Jammer x1 (same deal as with Dust Tornado)
    Sakuretsu Armor x2 (keeps me alive sometimes)
    Solemn Judgement x1 (any more would be suicide)
    Trap Hole x1 (i know, i need more)
    Trap Jammer x1 (that actually HELPED one time...seven tools is better
    Wall of Revealing Light x1 (most of my decks have 2)
    Thanks for reading!
    :)          :(          ([]-[])          (~'~)              ('''_''')

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