Review by Keinchi_Ryuu

"Best game for what it is...."

To start I'd like to say this game was/is very enjoyable and would probably be what a lot of people would say "the perfect Yu-Gi-Oh! game thus far" with that said onto the review.

In this game there is no story, you don't even duel the characters from the game for that matter, but what it does have are monster cards that you duel. If you wanted to duel the characters well never fear after getting so far in the game you can make decks that the computer can use against you. For what this is I think that's great, hence the score of 10/10.

It's a card game the, graphics are the same as any other real life based card game (well as far as I'm concerned) but the difference between this and every other game though you can see the cards while they are on the field so you don't have much confusion.

Gameplay: (9/10)
This would be the meat of the game. The AI is improved by sooo much, no longer do all the AI use reoccurring cards in all decks like snatch steal or raigeki or monster reborn or even Jinzo(ok that was a white lie but it still isn't that bad DD Warrior Lady is used a lot but nothing to keep you down). You can actually lose to the lower tier monsters a know you lost due programmed skill. As far as I'm concerned this is what makes the game completely awesome. That and the fact that they have virtually every card made/brought (to America) in this game.

Sound: (7/10)
Well if you like spiced up elevator music I think it's good but you'd prolly just be better off listening to your MP3 player(if you have one).

Controls: (9/10)
The controls are much better, no longer do you have to worry about annoying "do you want to chain?" boxes popping up every five seconds rather they give you the ability to chain just by pressing a simple little button when you feel it is time to chain.

-2000+ cards
-AI greatly improved


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/26/06

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