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"It's sad they dont make games like these anymore."

Good Yugioh games are far and few. All the Expert games were pretty decent, and then you had the two terrible World Championship 2004 and 2005. Then you have Duel Academy which I think should have never existed. Nightmare Troubadour was pretty good since it had good storyline, graphics and gameplay, but there was never a Yugioh game until this title where you had ALL THE CARDS for it's time.

Yugioh 2006 is hands down the best Yugioh game period, game play wise. I remember when I bought this game, I played it forever. After 2 years, I can say there probably won't ever be a game as good as this ever again. Here's why.

Graphics (I don't care/10) or 5/10
They suck pretty hard, but again this is a card game where you play it for the sake of playing the game. They look like small boxes and all you get are the card art and small blocks of text. Did Pong have good graphics? No. But was it a good game? Same logic here.

Sound (I don't care/10) or 7/10
Again, sound is irrelevant in any game I review. Why? Since that's not the reason why I buy the game. Megaman Starforce Series has the best soundtrack ever, but some of the worse game play ever. It hardly makes a difference to me.

This game it's decent. My ears feel good and they got a decent tone to them so it's not bad.

Gameplay 9/10
This game allows you to play the Yugioh TCG perfectly. No problems, EVERY SINGLE CARD from the start of the game up until Shadow of Infinity. Sometimes I go back and play this game instead of 2007 and 2008 since those games don't even have the cards this game had. Sad, yes?

It's kinda pathetic how only the Tag Force Series can compete card pool wise and Tag Force is exclusive to PSP and Europe (since Tag Force 3 was only released to them and Japan). This game was amazing all for that. I couldn't care less what else this game had. But there is more!

This game offers interesting modes. Such as accomplishing card challenges, being able to play against your own decks, even the CPU is DECENT. I say decent since normally the computer would summon Morphing and Cyber Jar's and set 5 cards and lose in 3 turns but this game surprises me.

Plus you can start the game with just about any real starter deck at that time (From Dragon's Roar to Spellcaster's Judgment) and the game uses the REAL sets. Do you believe this? Are you dreaming?

The only dream is that the game is out of date and was for GBA. You can still play it on DS but the game now is just what it is. There is no expansion sadly.

Replay 8/10
You will WANT all the cards in this game and you will *gasps* want to play it again! Is that not amazing or what? This game allows you to enter the Spring 2006 Ban List as well meaning you have at least 2 formats along with any other previous format. Wow, this game actually let's you do things!

Overall 9/10
Konami needs to make games like these again. Yugioh 2006 is the perfect YGO game. There is really nothing that sucked about it. except the graphics and I can live with crap graphics if I can play the game I wish to play.

I believe Yugioh 2006 is basically a classic. It's a game if your a Yugioh fan you have to play and own. If your going to play any of the games, this is where it's at.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/22/09

Game Release: Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006 (US, 03/14/06)

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