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Reviewed: 03/01/06

This is the game you need to get.

Welcome to my first GameFAQs review. Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006 is the latest Yu-Gi-Oh game for the Game Boy Advance. From seeing all the arguments on the message boards comparing this game to others, I am here to try to help you see if this game is for you.

Controls: 2/2
The controls in most of the YuGiOh games don’t change. A still accepts B declines, and the control pad moves things. During the duel the start button allows you to see the card your currently on with its text on the side (made larger for purposes of actually being able to read.) The R button allows you to see a quick view of the text/effect of the card your on. In my opinion, the controls are easy to get used to and pretty simple.

Gameplay: 5/5
The part of the review that people pay the most attention to, so ill keep it short and sweet. At the beginning of the game, you get to choose from several of the REAL starter decks released. As you progress and defeat your opponents (which are duel monsters correlating to their deck- ex. You duel a kuriboh, expect some kuriboh in his deck) you receive DP to buy packs. Might I add, the AI is MUCH better, but still expect to see them snatch steal your gearfried if they get the chance. Oh, and for your information, the packs are both real boosters (such as SOI) and useful special packs (such as a special summons pack.) For those who enjoy making multiple decks, this game allows you to save up to 60 decks (none which have to be the current deck you’re using.) Remember the past games which had around 1,500 cards? Guess what, this game has almost every card out (up to SOI,) which consists of about 2080 cards. And for those who hate buying thousands of one type of pack to find a rare card, you can still put in passwords to get the cards you need. Warning though, some of the cards can be very expensive to get. The duel puzzles, restricted duels, and them duels from GX are back in this game, and you don’t have to wait for a stupid test to play them. Lastly, why don’t I mention a cool new feature? The banned/restricted list in the game is the same as the one currently in rea life, but you ca also unlock past ban/restricted lists and use those to your hearts content. Finally, for those who see themselves playing this game for a long time, when a new ban/restricted list comes out, a password will be released which you can put into the game which updates the ban lists. Cool huh?

Graphics: 2/2
It’s a YuGiOh Game for a GBA, not a masterpiece of the X-BOX360. The graphics of the actual cards (the large view of the pictures) are pretty detailed compared to past games. The game even has the uncensored version of certain cards when you play the game in Japanese. For the actual graphics of the field during a duel, the game shows the entire field most of the time (unless you looking at the deck, graveyard, ECT.) Some think this takes away from the game, but I on the other hand think it gives you a bird-eyes-view of the field and allows you to see everything, including the last card sent to the graveyard and rfg.

Story: 0/0
In simple words, there is no Story mode. But hey, if you want a story mode, go play a RPG or stick with your Duel Academy GX and its small percentage of cards. This game has so much more than past YuGiOh games that I think we will live with the lack of Story mode and YuGiOh characters. Maybe now we can finally play a dueling game to do actual duels, instead of running around chasing moving characters or listening to characters say their every move (nothing against GX btw.)

Sound: 0/1
The Music in YuGiOh games have never been to my appeal. Usually my television or ipod provide all the sound for I would need. No speech provided, just music all the time, nothing to worry about missing.

Overall: 9/10
The Only bad thing about this game is that it took Konami so long to come out with it. As long as you don’t care about a stupid thing like story mode, this is the YuGiOh game for you.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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