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"A solid YGO game with very few drawbacks"

This is definitely the kind of game for people who want to experience the YGO card game but don't want to shell out both of their kidneys to pay for the best cards. This game simply gets it right where other YGO games haven't: it has very few glitches, great AI, and finally has the crapload of cards that we wanted so we can make even the most obscure archtype decks!


None! No duel pyramid thingy like we saw in the 2004 version! Of course, this is a good thing, as that story really just made the game more convoluted than necessary and took away from the main essence of the game, which was dueling.


Nothing much to say here, except that the graphics are slightly better than usual. You can see the card art without having to zoom in on the cards, which is nice, but doesn't make much of a difference over all. Simply put, the graphics are the same as most of the other GBA YGO games, just upgraded here or there.


Nothing to write home about here, either. Not that it's necessarily bad, but whenever I play this game I'm always listening to other music. Then again, who plays the YGO games for the excellent sound?


The best, and most important, part of the game.

First off, it's important to note that this game is extremely updated. It has 2000+ cards in it and even has the most recent booster pack, released maybe a few months ago. It has a fairly recent ban list, though some cards which are currently banned or will be banned soon are not in this game (Dark Hole is restricted instead of banned), but those are really minor details.

I think one major point to note is the new and improved AI. The duelists in this game (they're all monsters, so no dueling Yugi or Kaiba or Pegasus or anything like that) are really quite good, even at the first level. And their decks are viable and interesting, to say the least (one tier one monster uses a Skull Servant deck). I remember in older games is was pretty easy just to build a beatdown deck to absolutely murder the first few duelists you face. No more is that a possibility, but that's all right; the starter decks are all pretty good and can be used for a while before you have to build a better one.

And man are there lots of decks to be built. As I mentioned before, this has a multitude of cards, up to the most recently released ones. Zombie decks, Warrior decks, Exodia decks, clown control decks... you name it, they can be built. This is a refreshing change from simply building a beatdown with high attack level 4 monsters to use against everyone in the game. For one thing, that won't work in this game; the duelists are too good. And you don't have to anymore, as it's easy to build a better and more original deck anyway.

The way you get cards is better than in old games, too. Rather than directly winning packs from certain duelists, you now gain Duel Points from each match you play. You then use these Duel Points to buy packs. Most of the duels will net you enough Duel Points to get you 3-5 of the lower packs or 2-3 of the higher packs, but you can get multitudes of bonuses for absolutely slaughtering an opponent, which is always fun. I like this system more than having a static amount of packs you can win from a certain duelist, as it gives rewards for doing better in a duel.

Basically, the gameplay is upgraded from other games through tougher AI, more cards to play around with, and a more innovative way to get cards.

Replay Value:

This game has good replay value, as I like to build lots of different decks and try lots of different things. It also has a "collect 'em all" aspect, as you can see the percentage of cards you have gotten from a pack, and thus try to get 100% from every pack (which would take forever, by the way).

Final Verdict:

Definitely a must-play for anyone who has played old YGO games on the GBA or something. The massive amount of cards in this game will keep you playing for a long time, and the improved AI will make sure it's a challenge.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/02/06

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