Review by JesseRaven

Reviewed: 03/24/06

As close to tournament as it gets

I'll give Konami their due. This is a solid game based on one of the fastest growing Trading Card Games in recent history, and error free as far as I can tell. While graphic and sound quality, and lack of customizations, have dipped, this title boasts a card database of over 2000, almost double the par of the previous titles.

There is no storyline, and no RPG elements to speak of. There are no dorms, and no exams (a plus, considering I still haven't made it past Ra Yellow in Yu Gi Oh GX! Duel Academy). Though the title is a mouthful, it really is as close to tournament game play as you can get without going to a tournament (not to mention a heck of a lot cheaper).

The deck edit screen goes further than any game in the series thus far. Not only can you sort cards in your trunk by Name, ascending and descending Attack and Defense, Number, Type and Attribute, as in previous games, but also by effect. If you're looking for Elemental Heroes, select the icon that looks like Hero Signal and you're set. There are 32 different effect types to choose from, allowing you to search your trunk with ease.

Instead of having several decks available for use at one time, as with many previous Yu-Gi-Oh! games, you can only have one deck. You can, however, save your current deck to a "Recipe" (carried over from Nightmare Troubadour) for later use. The game holds up to 60 recipes.

If you're looking for cheap opponents to try out experimental decks with, let me say that this is not the game you want. The AI in this game is very thorough and its decks are well put-together. You need a tournament-caliber deck to do well in this game, another reason why it should appeal to tournament-goers.

All this said in favor of the game, Konami did let me down in some areas. The sound effects are recycled from previous titles, and the music is highly repetitive. Graphics have been dumbed down, and the duel screen is disorganized. Frankly, I think this game should have been released on the DS, where everything could spread out over two screens and bring a little sanity to the mess, and maintain the music and graphic quality of the previous games in this series, not to mention fix that Nightmare Troubadour disaster.

Overall, this is a great effort by Konami. I'm looking forward to the next game in the series.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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