Review by Chaet_legend

Reviewed: 04/10/06

An Excellent Game, with lots of added bonuses!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006 is a game in which you must duel your way through 6 levels of opponents to become top duelist. There are also lots of other new things that I will explain about later.

The general gameplay is so much better than any of the other games. There are also several added bonuses, like the packs in real life, limited duels, survival duels, theme duels and many more. You start out by choosing a name and an avatar (AT LAST!). Then, you are allowed to choose one of six real-life starter decks. Then, you are free to duel your heart away! Also, the AI is a HELL of a lot better, as I had trouble with some of the level one monsters! There are real life packs, up to shadow of infinity, as well as some of the old classics like all monsters etc. There are also some new styles of packs called 'Game gift collection'. These have rare cards in them. Another new feature is the ability to switch ban-lists whenever you want, so long as you have unlocked them. Yep, they are real life to! And whenever you tried to make a deck at the deck edit screen last time, it was so tedious to keep on pouring through the crappy cards that we now know today as Leo Wizard. Well, now they are organized into different categories e.g. Pierce. And this time, you don't duel people, you duel monsters!!!!!!! So overall, the gameplay is *****/*****

The sound is always bad, but there is a slight improvement on some things. I quite liked the level 4 music. Overall the sound is **/*****

No storyline. */***** Simply put I hope.

The dueling is M-E-HHHHH! But once you get used to the very small space and NO card action, it is O.K. When you activate a field spell though, that looks really cool (Fault Zone Anyone? [>.<]) So overall, the dueling is ***/*****

Controls don't need explaining and HARDLY need a rating.


+ The AI provides a good challenge.
+ There are lots of new cards
+ Real life features i.e. ban list
+ New search function
+ New styles i.e. timed and limited duels.

- The dueling screen is meh.
- They took out SOME key cards
- Can be a bit frustrating
- Passwords are TOO much to pay for.
- A few glitches, but not too many!

If you have a GBA go and BUY IT NOW! The promos are also good if you make a deck around megarock/envoys/banisher of the light.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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