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Reviewed: 04/10/06

"You go bye bye!" ...finally a solid Yugi-oh game and its good!

For any of you who like the anime of Yugi-oh you might not like this game but if you like the card game or a combination of the two (like me) then read this me.


There is none so just move on... if you want a story buy a different Yugi-oh game!


This is of course were the game shines, now im not going to tell you the controls cause for this game you should already know them, yep thats right no tutorial sorry. The game follows the actual rules of the game, so this is no Rashef Of Destruction.THe AI is very smart so your opponents don't make many mistakes so look out. Anyway here the deal you battle and buy cards using DP which you gain through winning or losing duels, simply put this is a duel simulation but there are over 2,000 cards in this title so if your looking for for quantity and still some good quality,this is the game for you.


The graphics have slipped a little due to the focus on the card quantity but it still looks pretty good even when compared to other Yugi-oh games although the dueling area does look bland. The cool thing is you can actually see the pictures on the cards while dueling unlike many of the another games that just have the little black square on the card.


Well this games actually got a few different songs other than just one like some games but its still defiantly not the best so you might still find your self turning the sound off after a couple of hours, so you will enjoy for a few hours......maybe


Hour, upon days, upon months of replay value it just never ends there are just so many cards to collect so if your a big collector freak then you'll spend months just getting the cards and you might want to try all the beginning decks.


Sound: 7
Gameplay: 10


If you love the card game buy buy buy if you just like the anime pass

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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