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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mad Monarch Gyl

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                                E  R  A  G  O  N
    Eragon (US) FAQ
    for GameBoy Advance
    VERSION Final
    by Mad Monarch Gyl (Argyl Camelo)
    Copyright (c) 2007 Argyl Camelo
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use
    of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
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    "Walang nakawan pare..." (Please don't steal)
      I. Introduction
         a. Author's Note
         b. Revision History
     II. Game Basics
         a. Characters
         b. Status Effects
         c. Game Basics
    III. Walkthrough
         a. Precursor
         b. A New Beginning
         c. Wheels of Fate
         d. Confrontation
    III. Item Bestiary
         a. Consumable List
         b. Equipment List
         c. Forge List
         d. Craft List
     IV. Focus Find Check-List
      V. Ability List
         a. Attacks
         b. Spells
     VI. Credits
    Hi, welcome to Mad Monarch Gyl's Eragon Walkthrough. The guide will 
    roughly be made up of a walkthrough section first and eventually touch
    the other in-depth parts of the game. I have taken a major break from
    FAQs/Walkthrough writing because of certain works. Most importantly,
    I cannot promise for a fast or a constant revision of the guide due to
    other important works so it will be a great help to receive 
    contributions from you guys. Anyway, Eragon, the game, is based from a
    movie that is also based from a book. I haven't seen the movie nor have
    finished reading the book so I can't really make any comments between
    the story of game and what was in the movie/book. The gameplay of the 
    game is rather unique. Battles are easily done through combining A and
    B buttons that can result in various combination attack.
    If you want to contribute, comments or criticize, feel free to drop me
    a mail at gylisgod@yahoo.com (gylisgod at yahoo dot com). All game 
    related questions that are already answered in the FAQ will be ignored.
    I will try to make the FAQ as search friendly as possible. With those
    said, that will be it for now. Thank You.
    VERSION 1  (January 7, 2007)
    - Walkthrough submitted. Walkthrough reaches until the first time you
    visit Teirm.
    VERSION 1.1  (January 9, 2007)
    - Walkthrough updated. Walkthrough now stretches before going to 
    Gil'ead Castle.
    VERSION 1.3  (January 14, 2007)
    - Walkthrough completed. Added Equipment, Consumable, and Forge List.
    VERSION 1.5  (January 18, 2007)
    - Added the Ability and Craft list. Added the Game Basics and Focus 
    Find Check-List Section.
    VERSION Final (January 24, 2007)
    - Updated the walkthrough. It should cover most of what you need now.
    The main character of the story. Adept with using almost all forms of
    fighting method. He's a boy with a sharp knees and too much love for 
    danger. Eragon is headstrong and thinks that he knows better than he 
    The leader of the Elves. She is the one responsible for getting the
    ezgg(Saphira) to Eragon. She has an extreme loyalty to the Varden
    cause and has amazing powers. She appears at the beginning of the game
    and will join you late in the game. She is very capable in terms of
    magic or fighting in melee or range.
    A character that will only be available in the early parts of the game.
    She's a good melee fighter and will probably serve as your Herbal 
    Specialist in the early goings of the game. She has a good heart and
    was said to study herbalism. Her stats will be passed to Angela.
    Similar to Katrina but he uses bows. He leaves with Katrina and passes
    his Focus points to Brom.
    An excellent melee fighter that you can mostly use when you're outside
    of a town. She has an excellent array of damaging combinations that
    is a great help.
    Brom is well informed about dragons. He's an amazing storyteller that
    knows a lot of things. He'll guide Eragon as he matures in the story.
    He's also an excellent fighter that has a couple of good moves in his
    You'll meet Angela in Teirm. She is a mysterious fortuneteller and 
    seems to favor the Varden. Her powers is said to go far beyond telling
    fortunes. She's an excellent magic user and can
    Murtagh is as mysterious as Angela. He holds a great secret, pity the
    game won't cover much of his character. He's an amazing fighter that
    can rival Eragon's prowess.
    Status Effects
    Causes the target to skip its next turn.
    Freeze causes the target to skip its next turn, for up to five turns.
    Poison reduces the target's health, by 10% of its current health,
    every turn.
    Stoned enemies cannot take a turn until they are cured.
    Consumes 5% of a target's health, every turn, for up to five turns.
    Bleed drains an enemy of 10% of its health every turn, for up to
    three turns.
    Blind reduces the target's chance to hit.
    A weapon which is granted Kill has a chance to instantly slay any
    Restores 2.5% of the wearer's health per turn.
    Consumes 5% of your allies' health per turn.
    Reduces magic damage taken by 50%.
    Doubles the damage of the weapon and causes 'Bleed'.
    Negates water magic damage.
    Kull Slayer:
    Doubles the damage the weapon does to Kull.
    Causes the wielder to be inflicted with 'Bleed'.
    Dobules the damage inflicted by the weapon.
    Urgal Slayer:
    Doubles the damage the weapon does to Urgal.
    Thief Slayer:
    Doubles the damage the weapon does to Thieves.
    Merc Slayer:
    Doubles the damage the weapon does to Mercenaries.
    Mil Slayer:
    Doubles the damage the weapon does to Imperial Soldiers.
    Negates fire magic damage.
    Negates curse magic damage.
    Doubles the effects of healing spells.
    Reduces the life lost when casting a spell by 20%.
    Negates body magic damage.
    Game Basics
    Melee Combat:
    When using a sword, you are engaging in melee combat. You can only
    hit the enemies in the front rank, unless there is no front rank.
    Ranged Combat:
    When using a bow, you are engaging in ranged combat. You may target 
    any enemy you like, regardless of where they are standing.
    Advanced Combat:
    In combat, you get a number of attacks. Each attack can be either an
    [A button] or a [B button] attack. The [A button] attack deal more
    consistent damage while the [B button] attacks deal a wider range of
    damage, both higher and lower. You can cancel attacks you've entered
    by pressing [R button]. Whether you are using a bow or a sword, your
    strenght is added to the damage of your weapon.
    Magic is a very potent force. By targeting an enemy, you can select 
    attack spells. And by targeting allies, you can cast helpful spells.
    There are four types of spells in each category, and four spells in
    each type. When using a spell, you decide how much life you would like
    to use. The more life you put into it, the stronger the effect. But 
    magic is unstable, and it is difficult for inexperienced mages to 
    control (this means you should have a high magic focus to be able to
    be more consistent when using it). Magic ignores armor, but some 
    enemies are resistant to certain types of magic.
    Using Items:
    Items such as potions can be used to heal party members, restore those
    who are too weak to fight, enhance party members, or have other 
    special effects. Potions can be found on enemies, or crafted from herbs
    that are found around the world.
    Blocking and Dodging:
    If you're attacked by a melee attack, you can press [B button] to 
    block that attack. And if you're attacked by a spell or ranged attack,
    you can press [A button] to dodge it. Successfully blocking reduces
    enemy melee damage according to your defense value. Successfully
    dodging an attack reduces enemy ranged or spell damage according to 
    your dodge value. Equipment that gives you high block value rarely give
    you high dodge values. So keep in mind what your strenghts and 
    weaknesses are while in combat.
    Forging Equipment:
    If you visit a smith, or use a Pocket Forge item, you can modify your
    Crafting Potions:
    If you visit a herb shop, or use a Mortar item, you can make your own
    Changing Focus:
    When you level up, you only gain a level in your current focus. To
    change your current focus, go to the focus menu for that character and
    press [A Button] on the current focus].
    The game begins with a sort of a tutorial. You'll be introduced to 
    Arya, Glenwing and Faolin and familiarize yourself with the game's
    battle system as they are ambushed in the woods. Arya will instruct
    you as to how to do battle simply by pressing [A button] or 
    [B button] to attack.
    You'll be battling 2x Scout. This battle will be easy as it is made
    for you to familiarize yourself with the game. You can refer to the
    character info below for an idea of what the certain character is 
    capable of doing.
    Arya will be the first to perform an action. Pressing the [R button]
    will bring up the command menu. It is as follows:
    + Attack
    + Magic
    + Use Item
    + Retreat
    + Meditate
    Attack is attack. You can choose from the enemies within the reach of
    the character. Melee weapons can only reach the ones on the front row
    and Long range type of weapons can hit the both the back the front 
    row. When performing an attack on an enemy, you have to string 4 
    combinations of the [A button] and the [B button]. This will 
    sometimes result into a special form of attack that can either do a
    major damage on one enemy or deal damage to the rest of the enemies 
    as well. Here's a list of Arya's Attack:
    Grace's Cut = B,A - 1.75x Normal Damage
    Elven Stroke = A,A,B - 1.5x Normal Damage
    Grace's Slayer = B,A,B -  - 2.5x Normal Damage
    Glade Dance = A,B,B - 1.25x Dmg - All Enemies
    Star Striker = A,A,A,B - 1.5x Dmg - All Enemies
    If you try combining combos like trying a B,A,A,B the first string 
    of command will be executed first. It will do a Grace's Cut then a 
    normal slash instead of continuing to an Elven Stroke. Though when 
    you do a B,A,B,A combo, it will do a Grace's Cut then proceed to do 
    a Grace's Slayer. Try combining them yourself and see the result 
    you'll get.
    Arya is also capable of using Magic. Upon choosing the Magic 
    Command you are then prompted to choose different forms of magic. 
    It is divided between Foe and Ally related spells. The list and 
    category of spells is presented differently depending on whether 
    you target a foe or an ally with your magic. Here's the list of the
    available Magic:
    Brisingr - Hits 1 Enemy
    Combustion - Hits 1 Enemy
    Aduna - Hits 1 Enemy
    Flood - 50% to Stun - All Enemies
    Heill - Heal 1 target
    Ramrsja - Buff Attack skill
    Skolir - Increase 1 hero Defense skill
    Steel Skin - Absorb 1 melee attack
    Performing magic will bring up a guage that increases and 
    decreases. You have to press [A button] when the guage is full to 
    achieve maximum effect of the magic. You can press [R button]
    anytime to go back to the last menu or to cancel when you already 
    entered a string of attack. By the way, the cost of activating 
    magic is a portion of the user's HP.
    Anyway, that should cover most of the stuffs you need to know when
    in battle. Simply do any combo attack with Arya on the scout and
    it should go down right away. Same as with Glenwing and Faolin's
    turn. It should be done in after Glenwing's turn. You'll recieve
    16 Gold and 1 XP for each characters after the battle.
    After the battle, Arya will be firm the there will be nothing that
    can stand in the way of their mission.
    You'll be up against an Archer and two Axemen. This fight is rather
    easy. You can probably take out one of the Axeman on the first 
    round and take out the other two on the next one. Just use Arya's 
    Star Striker as you are instructed to. The amount of gold decreases
    when it takes you longer to finish a battke (though it's just a little
    After the battle, Glenwing will tell you that he can hear hundreds
    enemies running around. Aryan will tell you that you can avoid these
    enemies by holding down the [B button] to run and she'll also tell
    you that you can save your game any time except during combat by
    pressing the [Start Button] then going to save. Pressing the [Start
    Button] opens the main menu. It has the following options
    + Party
    + Inventory
    + Saphira
    + Save
    + Option
    + Quit Game
    Most of them are pretty self explanatory except for <Saphira> which
    you cannot access during this part of the game. It will be further
    explained as we go along.
    Move forward to the clearing and move to the north towards the chest
    and open it. You'll receive [HEALTH 4 x 10]. The party will then 
    talk about its use and you'll find out that what you picked are
    similiar to HP potions in most games. After the conversation, an Urgal
    will sneak up on you. Arya will command you to use B,A,B,A on tough
    opponents such as this one. Keep on doing so and it should go down
    after a round.
    Go a little to the south west for another chest and another battle.
    Get the [HEALTH 4 x 5] in the chest and move to the north for a
    couple more battles a and open the chest for the [SALT 3 x 4]. This
    item revives fallen/dead characters back.
    You can also pick up a couple of items from the enemies here like
    [STIM 3 x 1] from the enemy to the right right of from where you start.
    Stim 3 simply increases the character damage by 5. There is also a
    couple of equipments for Arya to the north east. You'll get [WELDEN
    BLADE] and [ANCIENT HELM] which are really a nice boost to Arya's
    From where you got these equipments you should move to the west and
    fight the rest of the battles there. You should pick up a [TONIC 3 x 1]
    from an enemy there. It increases magic damage by 30% which is really
    Now that you're done with the first area, continue towards the path
    north and you'll trigger another scene. Arya will sense that the 
    Urgals are camped somewhere near and that you should destroy them.
    Faolin will tell you to kill their commanders to buy you some time.
    Glenwing will tell you that he spotted a cave to the east and Faolin
    will tell you that there's another to the west.
    Go back down a little and enter the cave to the east. Inside the
    East Cave you'll get a [HEALTH 4 X 7] just after the first battle.
    From there, there should be another path to the east, take that and
    it will lead to a [SLAYER x 1]. The character who uses the Slayer
    potion can one-hit kill a target (it doesn't work on boss and certain
    The exit will be blocked by two Urgal Warriors. They'll refer to you
    as the "drajl" then you'll be prompted to fight an opponent called
    Legend. They have an awful high HP and can really hit hard. Just 
    focus fire on one Legend and heal when needed. Use the B,A,B,A 
    combo on Arya's turn. You'll receive a [POCKET FORGE] item after the
    battle. Pocket Forge imroves your weapon but reserve it when you
    have the necessary items later on.
    The Urgal Warrior will be shocked as to how you managed to stay alive.
    You'll engage one enemy and the other will run to warn the commander.
    Again just use A,A,A,B combo each time and have Faolin deal the 
    finishing blow. Glenwing should always start picking on the ones at
    the back and focus fire afterwards.
    There is an enemy there that drops [SHELL 3 X 1] which raises armor
    by 80 points. Move to the west part and there should be an Urgal 
    warrior that just stands there. North from where he is is a chest 
    containing [HEALTH 4 X 3].
    Go back south and continue the path to the west while fighting the
    enemies there. You can find an enemy that drops [BARB 3 x 1] there
    as well. It enchants the weapon and gives it the ability to inflict
    bleeding for three turns which is quite powerful. Reserve it for
    later. Another is [POISON 3] which enchants your weapon with poison
    for three turns. Another is [HEALTH 3 x 1] whihc restors up to 1000
    HP. Continue till you reach another chest containing [SALT 5 x 3].
    Cross the bridge and you'll fight the Urgal Commander. Arya will tell
    you that these Urgal Warriors hit hard and press [B button] as an
    enemy is about to hit you in order to block their attack. Wow! =p
    And to dodge arrow time it right with [A button].
    Now you've defeated the commander, you can head to the west cave but
    first let's take care of an unfinished business. Go back to the
    part where there are two Urgal Warriors guarding a passage and try to
    enter. They will alert the Legion. There will be various combinations
    of enemies there but they are rather easy so just bash away.
    You can get [STUN 2 X 1], and [HEALTH 3 X 1] on some enemies here.
    Anyway the chest contains an [ANCIENT CHAIN] and [GIANT SLAYER] for
    Arya. Equip it on her ones you get it. To the west of the chest is a 
    [HEALTH 3 X 3] and [POISON 3 X 2] to the east.
    When you exit the cave. The monsters outside regenerates and you can
    do battle ones more. You can pick up really neat items from them and
    increase your level if you want. Though be warry of your hp potion
    count when you do so. You can choose to avoid battle if you want
    and go straight to the west cave.
    This cave is pretty easy. There's a [HEALTH 3 x 5] in the first chest.
    Arya will also inform you that you can climb the vines in the cave.
    You can use this to dodge enemies. Continue on the path till you see
    a bridge, you may want to cross it and Arya will tell you that the 
    enemies are planning somethings against your team. Anyway, you can
    fight two Urgals there. If you're luck you can probably pick up a
    [STIM 4 x 1] from one of them.
    Climb the vines and continue to the clearing. I got a [SHELL 3 x 2]
    and a [BELATONA CHAIN] from the Urgal Warrior there. The Belatona Chain
    is an armor for Arya. It is pretty good because it'll boost Arya's 
    speed up. Equip the Ancient Chain instead if you feel like Arya's 
    soaking too much damage. Anyway, The chest there contains [BARB 3 x 2].
    Glenwing explains that strikes from the blade coated with Barb will 
    not heal. Pretty handy later.
    Back track a bit by going down one vine and move to the right. Continue
    and don't head to the path with the stairs yet. Climb another vine
    and you'll end up with another treasure chest containing [OBSIDIAN
    CHAIN] and [ARGENT DRAW] - equipments for Arya. The Obsidian Chain
    gives a nice HP boost and DEF rating though it lowers a whole lot more
    stat. The Argent Draw is a bow for Arya. It gives a really nice stat
    boost though you won't be as impressive without special attacks. Use
    it if you are more inclined to using magic.
    Now backtrack to the path with stairs and you'll alert the Urgals. It
    is possible to run away from them but if it would interest you. One
    of the guarding Urgals carries a [POISON 3 X 1] if you defeat them.
    The Urgal commander will tell you that Arya's group has something what
    'Shade' wants but the commander wanted your life instead. Then you'll
    engage them in battle. It is only in this battle that Arya will tell 
    you how to use magic. If you haven't figured it out yet, just open the
    menu by pressing <R button> and selecting Magic then choose a target
    and the spell you want to cast. Just use Flood to deal with a number
    of enemies and just focus fire with normal attacks on those dying ones.
    You'll be rewarded with a [POCKET FORGE X 1] afterwards. I think it is
    intended to do this part of the cave first before the east cave because
    the characters will still tell you to take care of another Urgal 
    Commander even if you've defeated it already.
    Anyway, Now that you''ve defeated both commanders on both caves 
    proceed continue outside and to the north and you'll run into a Shade.
    Faolin and Glenwing will instruct Arya to run, saying that it is too
    important for the Shade to acquire 'it'. Durza can cast magic and has
    a special attack called 'Demonic Break' that can deal 2k+ damage to 
    both characters. His 'Consuming Darkness' is a pretty similar spell
    but it only deals 1k+ damage. I haven't tried using codes to win
    against this battle but under normal circumstances, I think you'll
    eventually lose against Durza.
    Arya is blocked by Urgals and Durza eventually caught up with her. He
    commands her to hand the stone over but Arya cannot let it happen. 
    Arya will fight Durza but will lose easily. Before Arya collapses, she
    perhaps uses elven magic and sent the stone far away.
              A New Beginning
    Eragon stumbles upon a shining stone as he checks an explosion
    from the forest. He picks it up and thought of trading it for something
    else in town. Eragon carries it to Sloan, a food vendor, and ask a
    trade for some steak. Sloan will be amazed with the rare find and
    suspects Eragon of hunting merchants instead of deers. Eragon will
    then tell Sloan where he found it and the shop keeper will identify it
    as a cursed rock and command Eragon to take it away. Horst enters and
    agrees to pay for Eragon's food instead. Outside you'll meet Katrina.
    Horst will then expect you to stop by his shop as a payment for the
    You'll now have control of Eragon. After the conversation, you can run
    around town talking to people. When you're ready exit to the north east
    and enter Eragon's house and watch the scene. When you gain control
    go down the stairs to meet up with Roran. _Katrina_ and _Roran_ will
    join the party afterwards. Katarina will then tell you more about the
    Main Menu so if you aren't very familiar with it yet it is very nice
    to pay a little attention to what she say. She'll tell you more about
    the game's Focus System.
    Exit and head to the town. Run to where Horst is. It is beside Brom's
    house. Talk to him and he'll give you [6 Gold], a [SHARPENING STONE],
    a [COARSE STONE], and a [BRONZE SWORD] for Eragon. Horst will tell you
    more about forging. Sharpening stone and coarse stone are tools for
    forging. Melee weapons can be modified using either of the stones, or
    when you found certain oils later on. Ranged weapons on the other hand
    can be modified using either oils or strings. Armors are also 
    modifiable with certain tools.
    You'll be taken to the Forge Menu with the Bronze Sword. Horst will
    automatically forge your sword using sharpening stone. It is up to 
    you if you would want to add modify your sword further with the coarse
    stone, though I suggest not to because it lowers its current damage
    output by five. Exit the forge, this time you are now able to modify
    other equipments just by talking to him. You can check out Sloan's
    shop and open the chest there to get [FATHER'S KNIVES] for Katrina.
    Talk to the people near Sloan's store. You'll learn from one of them
    about bandits. If you head west of the town, you'll find the bandit 
    camp. These bandits can steal items as they attack. Simply kill the 
    bandit to recover the items. You can open the chest there for [25 
    Gold] and a [BRONZE KNIVES] for Katrina. 
    From Sloan's shop go down a little and you'll see two foor prints. 
    Press the [A button] to examine it and follow the bandit to another 
    path. Just run towards those trees and you'll arrive at a new area. 
    You'll fight the thief afterwards. After the battle, he'll drop a 
    [SCALE HELM]. Open the chest that he left for [20 Gold], and an 
    [IRON HAMMER] for Roran. The Scale Helm can be equipped by Katrina. 
    Another chest in this area contains [5 Gold], a [TAUNT STRING]
    and a [STURDY DRAW] for Eragon.
    If you talk to the herbalist. she'll ask you to get her a [DUSTY ROOT]
    and [BASIL LEAF], They are in the west part of town. The [DUSTY ROOT]
    and [BASIL LEAF] are located in the north west part of the town. Just
    press [A button] to pick it up. Bring both items back to the Herbalist
    and she'll teach you how to create [HEALTH 1]. She'll teach you the art
    of 'Potion Crafting'. If you have a Mortar and Pestel item, you can
    craft potions anywhere. You can return and talk to the Herbalist to
    create other types of potion. Create as much HEALTH 1 as you can.
    A little bit south is Skandr and William. They'll ask you to play with
    them and promiste to give you something that can help you pay Horst.
    Skandr (the boy in blue) is located where you found the basil leaf.
    He'll give you [5 Gold], and a [FRESH STRING]. William is hiding 
    beside Horst's place (the boy in green). You'll receive [5 Gold], and 
    Talk to Doonaetha. She's standing by the house on the south west.
    She'll ask you to find his son who ran to the woods and was missing 
    since yesterday. Before going anywhere, enter the door beside her and
    open the chest that contains [10 Gold], [SALT 1 X 3], [PEASANT BOOTS],
    and an [OIL]. Before setting out to find the boy, trigger the 
    Talk to Pernia. She's the girl wearing a purple dress. She's walking
    along near Horst's place. She'll then ask you to look for her Blade 
    of Grass. She'll tell you to look for tracks in the spine.
    Exit to the south of town, into 'The Forest'. Go down a little and run
    to the right. You'll spot a chest there and a bandit. Open the chest
    which contains a [LIGHT COIF] for Eragon. Return to the left again and
    follow the path. There's two enemies there and one of them can drop
    a [CAPE]. There's an animal track there near the man. Examine it and
    it will lead to the tree. Examine it and you'll get a [BROKEN CHAIN]
    for Eragon. There's a path to the right of the chopped tree that will
    get you ambushed by bandits. You'll get [20 Gold], and a [STRENGHT 
    STAMP] for defeating them. From there, go south and if you're lucky
    one of the enemy can drop a [LEATHER BAND] and [HEALTH 1].
    There's an Old Hunter in 'The Forest' that you can speak to. He'll 
    tell you about a mysterious chest coveted by ruffians running around 
    the woods. He'll tell you that it's just to the west but warn you that
    it is very dangerous. He'll give you a tip of carefully approaching 
    from the south and taking tehm by surprise instead. Be sure to talk to
    him before leaving to 'The Spine'.
    In the Spine, you can collect the Dusky Roots near where you enter.
    To the west of the Dusky Roots is a chest containing [5 Gold], [RIBBED
    CUIRASS], and [RIBBED HELM] for Katrina, Enemies here can drop [ARMOR 
    APRON], and/or [ARMORED BAND] for Katrina.[SCALE HELM] can also be 
    dropped by the enemies here. A little to the south is a red plant you
    can pick up. Examine it and collect a [SKOLJIR DUST]. To the south, 
    there's a chest containing [5 Gold], [IRON TONGS], and [STEEL KNIVES]
    for Katrina to the south from where you enter.  South of the Skoljir
    Dust/West of the Iron Tongs chest is a [SCARED ROOT]. And a chest near
    [5 Gold], [STEEL BANDS] for Roran, [HUNTING HELM] for Eragon. Move 
    further to the west amd you'll find Joahl. Remember the place where 
    Eragon got the stone earlier? A little to the south east of it is a
    foot prints. Examine it and it will lead to [GRASS BLADE] and [DELICATE
    When you're ready go back to town. Joahl will give you [50 Gold], and
    [MILLER'S ARMOR] for Roran as he parts with you. Return to the town 
    and talk to Doonaetha and Pernia. Pernia will thank you for the sword
    but Roran insisted that little girls shouldn't be running around
    with swords like such and so the party decided to keep it and find its
    real owner. 
    You should have enough money by now. Talk to Horst and you'll pay him
    back. Horst will ask you if you want to be his apprentice. Eragon
    would like that and would ask for Garrow's permission first. Anyway,
    you're now free to do whatever you want. You can farm for HEALTH 1 
    potions using the herbalist. If you want to call it a day, just return
    home. You can farm for whatever Item you need for creating potions now.
    Just enter and re-enter the screen where the ingredient is located.
    When you're ready, return to your house. Katrina will then leave the
    party. On the way back, Roran will tell Eragon that he was offered
    a job in Therinsford to work at a grain mill. Eragon will be surprised
    because he knows that his Uncle Garrow needs Roran. Roran insisted
    that he needs the money to marry Katrina. Anyway, I won't spoil 
    anything anymore so after the scene. You're now hunted by some wierd
    red enemies. You can now access the <SAPHIRA> command in the main menu.
    Try it out and pick questions for Saphira to answer. It will tell you
    more about the game.
    You should run around dodging these enemies here because they're too 
    much to handle for you. You should be able to dodge the conscript 
    patroling the western road. On your way back you should be able to 
    see Brom. Eragon calls for Saphira for help as he sees Brom in trouble.
              Wheels of Fate
    Saphira comes to Eragon as he calls for her. She'll say random words
    and will swoop Eragon and drop him off a forest. You'll be then
    attacked by enemies. After the battle you're now able to control 
    Eragon again. Open the chest nearby containing [HEAVY CHAIN] and [STEEL
    SWORD] for Eragon. If you are switching to Swords instead of Bows, be
    sure to switch Eragon's focus to Weapon instead of Hunting.
    Continue north and examine the animal track that leads to [50 Gold],
    and a [COMPOSITE STRING]. An enemy here could drop [LIGHT SABRE] here
    if you're lucky enough, though the Steel Sword should still be prove
    stronger. Anyway, continue north and Eragon will talk to Saphira.
    Saphira will fly Eragon back to his house. Before you examine Garrow's
    body, check the footstep there and it will lead you to a [POISON OIL].
    Eragon will blame Saphira for what had happened. Driven by anger,
    he'll seek those who killed his uncle. In the forest, Eragon will meet
    Brom. Brom will identify them as the Ra'zac and tell Eragon that they
    are servants of the King. Brom and Saphira will join the party. 
    Outside, Brom will tell you that the Ra'zac used a very rare poison
    made from jewelers oil. He'll tell you that it is only shipped in the
    town called Teirm. To get to Teirm, just follow the mountains south to
    a river. Then follow it to the west and Teirm's at the end of the 
    river. You can view the map by pressing [L Button]. Roran's levelsx
    will then be added to Brom in the form of Focus points. My Roran is
    at level 14. Access Brom's focus menu to assign these points to Brom's
    focuses. It's up to you how you will distribute the remaining points.
    I allocated everything to Weapon.
    If you want, you can run around the world map and level Eragon a bit
    till around 25. You can get a couple of nice items here. The town
    Therinford can replenish your HP through Rest. They also offer Forge
    and Craft here. The conscripts here also drops an Iron sword which is
    a better weapon for what Brom currently uses.
    If you move to the south east of the town, Eragon will notice a 
    slaughtered caravan. Brom will tell you that it is the work of the
    Urgal. You'll be then ambushed by an Urgal and Brom will tell you to
    stay away. He'll easily be slaughtered by it. Eragon will tell you to
    use Brisingr because these Urgals have high armor. Brom will then
    tell you more about magic here. After the conversation, Eragon's
    attack increases to 3 and 1 level in Magic Focus.
    Move and cross the bridge. Examine the Ruins of Yazuac for a little
    more side of the story. Brom will explain to Ergon what the ruins was
    before and you'll then fight Urgals. You'll recieve [IRON SPIKES] for
    Saphira, [RING MAIL] and [RING COIF] for Brom, and [FALSE FATE].
    The next town is Daret. You may want to level a little around here
    again till 27. By that level, the enemies should give you much anymore.
    When you reach the town of Teirm, Saphira will separate for a while
    and would reside in the mountains. Inside the town, Brom will tell you
    to look for Jeod, a merchant, who lives within the walls of the city.
    From where you entered, you should be able to walk over the wooden 
    bridge to the west and talk to the fisherman there. He'll try to fish
    for you for 20 Gold. Always save before doing this so you won't waste
    your money for something worthless. I got a couple of neat items here
    Whenever he got something you don't want, reload, then wait for him to
    move to another spot. Save and then ask him to fish. Repeat it as much
    as your money would permit you.
    Walk past the Dock Master, the Blacksmith or even the floating books
    (it requires a level 18 magic focus). Near the herbalist is some guy
    named Leroy. He's a 'Vice Fanatic', and he'll challenge you into a 
    duel. I have my Brom with a Weapon Focus of 26 to fight him. He'll
    reward you with a [SHARKTOOTH SHELL], an accessory, that boost speed
    which is really nice for slower characters, a [POCKET FORGE], a [BRONZE
    SWORD] for Eragon, a [CORDED PLATE], a [CORDED HELM] for Brom, a
    [BANDED BOOTS], and a [POTENT TONGS]. wow! That's a lot.
    There's a Traveler there that will tell you about about a ship that
    fell south of Teirm. Crais, the ship captain, was said to have stocked
    his ship with strange equipments. This means that there's more treasure
    to be found somewhere. Anyway, near him is a footprint, check it out 
    and it will lead to a [MARINE STAMP].
    There's a weeping girl by the shore saying that she's looking for 
    someone. Don't mind her for now. Head towards the castle walls and
    a boy will steal Eragon's gloves, revealing the seal on his hand. 
    Don't bother with the people around here yet. Just follow the boy
    and like what Brom said, he'll lead you to Jeod. In the end, you'll
    meet a woman named Angela. Angela will tell you that you're very 
    interesting to have an untold future. Brom suggests that you go along
    and she'll ask you to fetch some herbs. She'll tell you to ask the
    Dock Master. Talk to a couple of people around here and you'll learn a
    couple of new things like some legend about a shimmering blade in the
    wet sand. There's a footprint here that leads to an [IRONWOOD BOW] for
    Eragon. You can also learn a Garjzla here (Brom has the highest magic
    focus in my party with 3). Garjzla removes 1 negative status effect
    from a character. Near where the spell is is a Saddle Crafter. He'll
    ask for your help to handle a group of thugs bullying them. Move to 
    the house to the right and you'll engage these thugs. After the battle
    talk to the Saddle Crafter and he'll give you a [BANDED SADDLE] for
    To the west of the Saddle Crafter is a Sword Smith. He'll ask you to
    recover a bolt of Silk Steel and he promises to fashion a sword for
    you. Walk up the incline to get to another footprints but you'll be
    needing level 30 hunting skill here so you may want to return here
    later. Anyway, from there move to the east and you'll see a scene with
    a Shady Dealer and a soldier. They'll tell you that the Empire wanted
    something shipped, something huget that they need to keep it a secret.
    He'll tell you that they need to meet their contact near the east wall
    by the docks and it might be poison; leaving you with the codeword
    "Blackest Night". You'll then receive an [IRON STAFF] for Angela, and
    a [TEIRM BOOTS]. 
    Now that you're done within this part of town, exit, and return to the
    docks. Talk to the Dock Master first and he'll tell you that the herb
    Angela seek is lost at sea. He'll also mention Jeod's name. Return to
    Angela to report then she'll suggest to find a substitute ingredient.
    She'll tell you that she lost her Herbalist Thesaurus and to look fo
    Celestino for it. Celestino is on the other end of town. Talk to him
    and he'll tell you that he'll hand it over when you teach Fred a 
    lesson. Return to the docks and talk to the man in red. After fighting
    him, return to Celestino.
    Return to Angela and she'll tell you that you need _Yelmwood_. She'll
    tell you that you can get it from the cave to the north. Yelmwood is
    the one that sparkles in blue. Before you leave town, talk to the
    soldier near fred and Brom will give the codeword. He'll tell you
    that the information you need is in a crate at the end of the center
    pier. !Warning! before you do the next part be sure you're decently
    leveled like around 40 so you won't have any problem with the next
    battle. Examine the crates near the Dock Master and found out a list 
    of supplies instead. Brom suspects that the empire is working with the
    urgals. You'll get a [HELGRIND THIRST] for Eragon. When you leave
    you'll be attacked by some soldiers. You'll get an [ASSASSIN SHOES]
    Make your way to the north till you reach the town Narda. You may want
    to level till around 35 there before going to the cave or trying to
    get the Assassin shoes equipment from the soldiers. North of Narda is
    the throne of Cronn. You'll fight an Axeman there. It's fairly powerful
    so you may want to train some more. After the battle you'll get a
    [JAGGED BLADE] for Murtagh, a [DOMIA PLATE] for Eragon, a [DRAGON 
    SADDLE] for Saphira and an [URGAL STONE].
    Inside the cave, there's a lot of herbs here though they require a 
    high level of herbal. Anyway, just run up fighting enemies you see.
    You'll eventually find the [SILK STEEL] from an enemy. Proceed further
    and go down the cave. You'll stumble upon Angela's [YELMWOOD] there.
    Exit the cave. Outside, you should get a scene with a light shimmering
    in the darkness. You'll the pick up [SOLID STARLIGHT] a weapon for 
    Return to the town of Teirm and if you haven't gotten the [RUNIC 
    LEATHER] from the other footprint near the castle wall you should get
    it now. Near it talk to the Sergeant Quint. You should be able to duel 
    him now. You'll receive [LEANER X 1], [PERFECT SWORD] for Eragon, 
    [MARINER'S MAIL] for Eragon, [EPIC HELM] for Brom, [STRAND MANTLE X 1]
    and [SHARPENING OIL]. I have level 37 Weapon focus on Brom btw.
    Talk to Angela after accomplishing all that and she'll read you a dark
    future. She'll see a dragon in your destiny and she'll decide to join.
    Brom will ask Angela about the merchant Jeod. She'll tell you that
    he live northwest of here. 
    Like before, Katarina's levels have been added to Angela. Like what
    happened when Brom first joined. I had 13 points to allocate and I
    had them all on herbal. Go to the big house to the northwest and
    Brom will call out for Jeod. After the conversation go to Celestino.
    You'll now have four people there. Talk to them in this order.
    3 > 1 > 2 > 4 I've numbered them from left to right. It should read
    as "Dragon never sleep lightly". You'll receive a [RIGID HAMMER] for
    a job well done. The next one is 2 > 1 > 4 > 3 and should be read as
    "Are you an Urgal?" And you'll receive a [LIGHTWEIGHT STONE] for it.
    1 > 4 > 2 > 3 and it should read as "Say hello to my sharp sword."
    Return to Jeod and he'll give you a letter of passage. You'll 
    receive a [A FRIEND'S GIFT]. You should be able to enter the castle 
    now. Before you enter, be sure to get the [WHITE SILK] from the Sword
    Smith. Enter the castle and you should sneak around. You can choose to
    fight them if you want. If you're lucky you may pick up a [GUARDIAN
    STAMP] which boosts +5 on Def, Dge and +3 Tuf.
    Anyway, dodge the guard there by the table. And head all the way up.
    You should see an unguarded room with a chest. Open it for Eragon's
    [FINEST BOW]. You can try and dodge the guard on the other room with
    the stairs if you can. 
    On the next floor, you can do dodge the two guards there by slightly
    moving the screen till you can see where they are looking. When they
    turn their back run as fast as you can and turn. You'll then trigger
    a scene where Brom eavesdrop on two imperial soldiers talking about
    Urgals. Then later he'll tell you that he fears that Varden is in 
    danger. He'll then tell you to find the shipping manifest and hunt
    down the Ra'Zac.
    There's also a trick here so you won't have to fight soldiers. Try
    luring two (or three if that is even possible and have them run after
    you towards the other room with the huge table. They should be stuck
    on the other end of the table with this trick.
    On the third floor, go to the corner near the stairs where you can see
    the patroling guard. When you can't see him anymore, run straight 
    down. You should be able to dodge him as he should be facing the room
    with the other guard. If you decide to barge in the room, you'll
    obtain the [OBSIDIAN ETCHED] for Angela from the chest. The next room
    contains a chest with a [LEARNER x 1], and a [MOSS STONE]. In the
    bigger room to the right, you can run around the table to force the
    soldiers to stuck on the other end and so you can use it to easily
    enter the last room.
    The party will begin searching for the list of shipments. Eragon will
    later find it and Brom will confirm that the poison was indeed shipped
    to Dras-Leona. Before you leave, learn the Aduna spell here. The
    other book requires a level 13 magic focus to learn.
    On your way back, you should atleast be able to dodge a couple of 
    soldiers now. Dodge as much as you can here since you should have
    exhausted your potions if you simply barge in when you enter. When 
    you're ready exit town and head to Dras-Leona.
              The New Horizon
    When you exit town, Brom will tell you that Dras-Leona lies south of
    Teirm. It is past the mountains, and on the shore of a large lake.
    He'll tell you a couple of things surrounding Dras-Leona and then 
    Saphira will tell you if you are certain in pursuing the Ra'zac.
    Angela will be replaced by Saphira. I had my Angela reach level 34 
    during the Castle mission and the rest of the part reached level 43 
    already. Try to backtrack to the first ruins you visited. Brom will 
    tell you about meditation. Meditate command not only heals your HP
    by 100 but it also boost your attack and defense for the following
    turn. He'll also tell you that the bonuses stack as you meditate.
    Brom will then suggest that the party camp for the night. 
    At night, Eragon will have a dream about Arya. When you gain control,
    cross the bridge to the west and approach the sunken ship. Saphira will
    identify it as the "Talon". You'll then fight mercenaries here. It
    will be two battles and you'll be rewarded with [STEEL SPIKES] and 
    [BANDED] for Saphira, [LEATHER BAND] for Eragon, a [SHARKTOOTH SHELL],
    and an [ANCIENT STRING]. I suggest you build your party till around 50
    before attempting these without potions. You will benefit a lot.
    A good place to level up is the small clearing to the north of this
    shipwreck. It is the one after the mountain. The Slaver and Slaver
    Archer gives nice experience and really good items. I leveled here 
    from 43 to around 60 and manage to get really wonderful items.
    If you're done leveling, go to the south of the shipwreck and venture
    into the Valley of Blades. Level 50 would be enough here. You'll 
    receive a [SLENDER STROKE] for Angela, [HARDENED] and [STUDDED SADDLE]
    for Saphira, and a [RED OIL].
    Retrace your steps back to where you had the dream and continue to the
    east. You should examine the Bone Spire as you go. You easily handle
    the Minion monsters at around level 60. You receive a [BLACK CARVER]
    for Murtagh, [BLACKIRON] for Saphira, [GHOST BAND] for Angela, and a
    [REGAL CAPE X 1]. 
    From here, head all the way north till you reach the town of Daret.
    From there, move to the north east direction to the town of Ceunion.
    Start fighting monsters here till you're comfortable with your level.
    You can easily reach level 60-70 here. Just fight Urgals in the forest
    The Legend and 2xFlesh Render opponent would still give roughly around
    250+ experience per bout at level 70+. It would be nice to powerlevel
    here. From there you should venture to the southeast. Into the forest
    until you see the hidden House of Hel. You'll get a [SILENT SILENCE]
    for Eragon, [RESONATE HELM] for Murtagh, [MERC BOOTS x 1], and a 
    Return to the Bone Spire area again and head east to the town 
    Bullridge. If you haven't leveled enough, you can use this area as a
    good place to train. Follow the river to the south until you see a
    ruin. Enter it and explore the Blifrost Shard. You'll be fighting 2x
    Axeman here so be very ready. My party is at an average of 101 level
    and still both Axemen poses a great threat to them. You'll get an 
    [ECLIPSE MAIL] for Angela, a [SPUN STARLIGHT x 1], and an [URDA'S 
    STRING]. To the sandy region to the east is the Scorpion's Hold. The
    mercenaries you fight here are really tough. You'll get a [BURNING 
    WHEEL] for Angela, [DWARVEN] for Saphira, [EXPERT SADDLE] for Saphira,
    and [MAUL HAMMER].
    If you think you've done enough leveling, enter the town of Dras-Leona.
    The town is rather huge. Anyway, talk to most people here thrice as
    they all have 3 different scripts. Most of them will tell you about
    the church anyway, continue to the next screen and do the same. From
    the fountain, there's a foot print to the west and it leads to a 
    [TALL BOW] for Eragon. 
    The East District has a BlackSmith, so you can forge your weapons 
    there. Go to the West District and talk to Wesley. He'll notice Angela
    and will ask for help. Angela will tell Wesley that he needs a 
    Blindweed. He'll then say something about Eric having some. On the same
    area is a Retired Soldier. He'll tell you that the church has taken his
    wife and sacrificed her to their god. He'll also ask you to recover her
    necklace from the cultists. He'll then tell you that his wife was last
    seen dragged into the church.
    Now, go back to the first screen of the town and talk to Eric. He's
    near the herbs. He'll ask for refreshment in exchange for the 
    Blindweed. He'll tell you that Justin got the best in town. Now head 
    to the east district and talk to Justin. He'll tell you that he lost
    his wedding ring and you need to find it to complete the exchange.
    He said he lost it by the fountain in the rich district.
    Now, head north to the rich district. Eragon will say that he doesn't
    feel safe there. Brom will then make lodging engagement with the Inn.
    Before you go there, let's do some exploring first! A little to the
    east of the Inn is the herbalist and a magic book that requires level
    50 magic focus.
    Anyway, approach the fountain and Eragon will notice something. Near
    it is a footprint. It leads to what the Retired Soldier is looking for.
    There is also a note from his wife saying not to lose heart because she
    found a way to escape the church and will say that she will wait at
    the tree where they carved thier names. You'll bring the note and
    receive a [TALISMAN STAMP] as well.
    Return to the Retired Soldier and he'll tell you that it was the tree
    by the town gates. He'll tell you to go there to know if it was true.
    Go out by the gates and you'll see a tree with something shining.
    Examine it and cultist will approach you. You'll fight 2x Minion1.
    You'll receive a [FINE STONE]. The stone then reads that none can 
    outrun the church. Before you go, you should examine the animal track
    nearby, it leads to a [PERFECT STRING].
    Back at the Retired Soldier, he'll tell you to search by the fountain.
    Run to the fountain and examine it to recover the Memory Locket. As
    you return to the Retired Soldier, he'll be cornered by Cultists.
    You'll then engage these enemies and you'll earn the soldier's
    [MEMORY BLADE] for Brom. Brom's attack will increase by 4 as well.
    Now, return to Justin, then talk to Eric and finally to Wesley.
    He'll give you a [SILK BOW] for Angela, a [RUNIC BAND] for Eragon.
    Now you can talk to the Innkeeper in the rich district. Brom and the
    Patron will talk about Seithr Oil. He'll tell you that the shipment
    of Seithr Oil arrived at town not too long ago. He'll tell you that
    his cousin Gaston runs the warehouses and he'll tell you to go see
    Run all the way to the West district and talk to Gaston. He'll test 
    you by clearing up some hooligans near the fountains. Do so and you'll
    fight two battles in a row so save before doing this. Then report back
    to Gaston afterwards. Try to go to the fontain and a scene will be 
    Save before you enter the warehouse. If you're ready enter and you will
    serach the creates for the Seithr Oil. Search every where till Brom
    tellls you to search the other warehouse. Go to the fountain and enter
    the warehouse to the northwest and you'll be fighting urgals. Go to the
    East District and check the warehouse near the blacksmith. One of the
    crate there has the oil. Brom will tell you that it looks like they're
    shipping oil to the church then to Helgrind and then tell you that
    the Ra'zac might be hiding in the mountains. Angela will then suggest
    disguising and you'll be able to run away.
    From here on out, you'll be fighting a long battle as you'll fight 
    your way in and out of the whole city. I suggest you level until 
    around 60-70. Farm for as much gold and herbs as you can by constantly
    fighting and picking up herbs. Teirm and the cave to the north near it
    will rack you pretty solid ingredients for various potions. I suggest
    you ready as much as you can for there are over three dozens of enemies
    you'll be fighting (if you don't plan to dodge some that is).
    Run all the way to the north and enter the church. You'll engage a
    couple of battle here if you're not fast enought. Escape to the north.
    You should see a footprint there that leads to a [SACRIFICE BOW] for
    Angela. To the right of it are a couple of things like a spell book,
    a chest containing [POCKET FORGE x 1], and a [MEMORY BLADE] for Brom.
    Talk to the little girl there. Manda will then seek protection in your
    There's a spell Weakspot to the south. My Brom has only Magic Focus of
    13 when he got it. Go south further and you'll fight more fanatics.
    You'll receive a [TAROR SABER] for Angela. Then there will be more 
    fanatics that will fight you. The chest ther contains [250 Gold], a
    [BONE MAIL] for Angela, [LEONA'S JUDGE] for Brom. 
    If you backtrack a little to the west part, there's a track there that
    leads to a [REDWATER BOW] for Eragon. There are also 2 magic books
    there that requires level 39 magic focus to be read. Continue the path
    and exit the church. Manda will thank you and tell you that the Inn is
    his uncle's. She'll give you [ARIA STRING] as gratitude.
    You'll now be hunted all around town so you better keep running around.
    There's a chest near the rich district fountain containing a [RANGER
    LEATHER] for Brom, and a [CURSED BOW] for Angela. 
    After crossing the bridge, you should find a [PAIN OIL], [MARINER'S
    HELM] for Eragon in the chest nearby. Minions are easy target for 
    physical combos and if you did have a magic user with you. Soldiers
    are easy target for you. Move to the next area to the west. 
    You should be able to dodge a soldier and a minion by running at the
    very south edge to of the screen. You can try to run for the chest 
    to the north west before you make a turn to the south. It will 
    probably alert the minion and another soldier there. You'll get [300
    Gold], and a [VANYALI TONGS] for the trouble.
    There's a rough number of 8 enemies guarding the exit to the next
    area. You can outrun them if you want though. I suggest you save and
    try to make a plan on the path you'll be running then load afterwards.
    This will save you a whole lot of potions. You can level near the town
    Ceunion to the north later on.
    In the next area, move to the herb so you can be spotted by the Minion
    enemy. It'll be easier to fight them than the soldiers. There's also
    a chest there that contains a [WANDERER HELM] for Murtagh, and [LOST 
    DESTINY] for Eragon. The Lost Destiny is a wonderful sword for Eragon
    with an ability of Regen which is really useful. The exit is to the
    path north. You should be able to outrun them as well.
    In the next area, you'll probably fight soldiers. There should be a
    chest there containing a [KNIGHT'S MAIL] , and a [MASTERWORK] for
    for Eragon. The next area is easier. You'll be able to dodge all of 
    them by running. You can get the [HUNTING ARMOR] and [RESOLUTE TONGS]
    on the north east corner. The next area, there's a chest to the north
    west corner containing [MORTAR x 3], [POCKET FORGE x 3]. Run towards 
    south and you should trigger a scene as you exit.
    After the scene, you'll be surrounded by a couple of soldiers and you
    have to fight your way here. You'll probably get nice items like a 
    [WAR HELMET], [STRANDS MANTLE] and a whole lot more after the battle.
    The Commander will be desperate and call for reinforcement. Eragon,
    sensing that it is impossible for them, is forced to use magic. He'll
    pass out afterwards.
    Brom will carry you out of the town and a Red Stalker will attack Brom
    from behind. You'll then be awakened in a cave. You'll then find Brom
    lying at the other end of the cave and two stalkers will approach you.
    A mysterious guy will come in and try to save you. You'll be taken to 
    the main menu. There's a trick here for Murtagh, and it will make it a
    whole lot easier for you to get over this part of the game. When you're
    prompted to the main menu, assign the focus points on Murtagh. Save
    your game then fight the enemies. Turn off your GameBoy when you're 
    about to fight and load your game. You should have a reset focus points
    to reassign. Repeat the process until you're satisfied. I had him
    reach level 140 with 75 Weapon and 60 Endurance. The two Ra'zac will 
    be an easy game for you know. If you don't do the trick, you may want
    to focus on dealing Fire, Bleed AND Poison effect on them to make the
    battle easier.
    After the battle, Brom will be on his last breath. After the really
    nice scene, you'll get a hold of a sword [ZAR'ROC]. He'll also tell 
    you to look for the Varden contact imprisoned in Gil'ead castle.
    Murtagh will tell you to Head northeast to the Ramr River and he'll
    tell you where to next. 
    Before you go anywhere, go back to Brom's house. You can now open the
    chest in his house and hopefull have access to the magic book there 
    as well.
    Just go northeast and Murtagh will ask you to spar. This will cause
    Eragon to increase his attack by 4. Then a scene will follow, you'll
    see Arya confronted by guards. When you gain control, the path to
    the Gil'ead castle is to the northeast. From the town Bullridge, it's
    just due north without crossing the bridge. 
    If you're ready, enter the Gil'ead and you should easily spot Arya.
    Talk to her and she'll join you. Eragon will communicate with Saphira
    and she'll tell you that she'll help you escape to the roof.
    Arya's focus points is unassigned so you better assign it before 
    busting out. In the 2nd floor, there's a couple of magic books you can 
    open but it requires 50+ magic points, the magic you can get here are
    Infection, Mind Wall, Second Wind, Steel Skin and Surter's Strength.
    The 3rd floor has a room with a chest containing [ROYAL CHAIN], [ROYAL
    HELM], and [SAVING GRACE] for Arya. There's also a magic book here
    containing the Flood spell which is very useful if you built Arya as a
    Magic user. If you did, the soldiers should all be going down after
    a Flood or two. Now enter the large room with a lot of tables and
    Durza will be able to catch you.
    After the scene, you'll start fighting soldiers again. You'll fight
    Durza after beating the first two soldiers he sent. This time it's
    payback time! He still has the same attack set as the last time. After
    the battle, you'll be outside now.
    Arya, will instruct you to head to the desert before she gives the
    next instruction. Just cross the bridge near Bullridge and keep on 
    moving to the east. You'll eventually get to a next screen. Arya will
    tell you to go south then east until you see a river. You'll find
    Varden at the end of the river. 
    Take note that when you cross to the other side of the map, you won't
    be able to comeback anymore so be sure to do all the things you need
    before you cross to the other side like checking up on magic books,
    herbs, crates, etc. Refer to the Focus-find list for more details.
    Move to the east instead until you find a ruins called Winding Way.
    You'll get a [WANDERER BOW], [WANDERER MAIL] for Murtagh, [GEDWEY
    HELM] for Eragon, [NARDA TEAR x 1], and a [FRACTAL HAMMER].
    From there, move to the north until you reach another ruin called the
    Bleeding Tree. You'll get a [JAGGED BLADE] for Murtagh, and a [RAZOR 
    OIL]. If you travel to the north west from there you'll be able to 
    reach Du Weldenvarden. It is the first area where you get to control 
    Arya and his party. 
    Remember where you first met Durza. Work your way all the way to his
    area and you'll notice two blinking spots near the herb. Examine it 
    and it will be Faolin and Glenwing's remains. Arya will ask you to 
    at least make sure they were given a proper burial.
    Start with the east cave. It is rather straight forward again. Just
    Fight your way until you get to where the 3 Urgals are and you'll
    engage them. You'll receive [MIDNIGHT STORM] for Arya. This weapon is
    really amazing because it causes bleed and really good to enhance. The
    west cave has Faolin's body. On your way there should be a chest there
    that contains [FRIENDSHIP] for Murtagh. It is really an amazing weapon
    for Murtagh. Train him in Endurance and have him equip this and he'll
    be a tank. Get to the Urgal Blood Drinker to the northwest part of the
    cave and after the fight you'll get the [SNOWBALL] for Arya. You'll 
    also get a +5 in attack. Snowball is pretty amazing because of its
    special stone property.
    Anyway, you should head south and follow Arya's direction now. On your
    way, you should explore the Glass Tunnels ruins. You'll find a [SLAYER
    x 1], [GLASS INK] for Murtagh, [JEWELED CHAIN], and [JEWELED CROWN]
     for Arya, and an [ARCHMAGE STONE].
    Mountains should block your path to the south by now. Head east till
    you reach the Desert Catacombs ruins and you'll get a [SAND SAIL] for
    Angela, [RIDING LEATHER] and an [AEON HELM] for Eragon, [SHUR'TUGAL 
    BOOTS x 1], and a [VIGILANT STAMP]. Keep going to the east until you
    get to another ruins, the Ancient Battlefield. The enemies here are
    rather tough, specially if you get to fight the Shield Master. You'll
    get a [CMPND RECURVE] for Eragon, [VANYAL] for Saphira, [INTRACTABLE]
    for Arya, [SUNDUVAR FREOHR x 1], and a [EBRITHIL HAMMER].
    A little to the east of the Battlefield is the river. Follow it to the
    south until Eragon interrupts you. Save your game after that and heal
    if necessary. You'll be able to fight Pikeman Urgals here which is
    really tough (high HP). Approach the black colored mountain (the one
    that looks like a volcano) and you'll trigger a scene. 
    Take note that when you enter the Volcano you will not be able to get
    out anymore so be sure to do all things you need to do before 
    proceeding like chasing after some more ruins. There's the Velden 
    Woods far west of the Du Weldenvarden and the Perfection's Glade a 
    little south of it. Follow the river to the south and cross the bridge
    to the Avandias Blade. To the west of the bridge should be the Ancient
    Ruins. Be sure to check them all out. They have amazing equipments for
    You should be atleast around level 80 or 90 before you continue so 
    you won't have any problems. You can go back to the first world map
    (the one with a couple of towns) and level/farm herbs as much as you
    can. You should have a good supply of Salt and Health potions before
    continuing. You should save on the other slot when you continue just
    so you can go back if you're not comfortable with what's going to 
    Anyway, Arya will be taken away as Eragon and Murtagh were submitted 
    to having their mind probed. Murtagh will refuse from being probed and
    he'll be taken away as well. You'll be then taken to the city of 
    Farthen Dur. You'll be then taken to the Main Menu. Just save your 
    game and continue. You'll be  fighting The Twins x2. All you have to 
    do is to lose while using magic. Arya will then stop the battle 
    afterwards. She'll tell you that she already accomplished delivering 
    the information. She'll then test you again. I don't think you can win
    here. Just keep using normal attacks till you lose. Eragon's attack 
    will increase by 5.
    --------<contribution>-------- from "Dabek" <tg.dabrowski@gmail.com>
    You can win this to battles. The Twins can be beaten by inflicting 
    bleed on them. They have ~10000 hp each so after around 8 turn they 
    will start to heal each other. Then cast flood once or twice(my 
    Eragon was at first level of magic focus so I inflicted more damage
    to myself than them) and they should die(I got 2500 experirnce points
    for this fight).And with Arya I haven't  got any problems. I just 
    used the best combination attack with Eragon's Zar'Roc(and if you 
    cast Blinded on her it's like taking candy from a baby:D) and she 
    fall very quickly(my Eragon was at 108 level) .
    You'll be taken to the main menu again. You should save here. Save 
    on another slot just to be sure. The tactician will tell you about the
    Urgals attack. They'll be breaking through from six points. From there
    they'll be targeting the center which is Tronjheim. You must fight
    them off and seal the breaches one by one simply by flying to them.
    Murtagh will be set free and you can use Angela again here. Arya
    and the rest of the party will be assigned to a specific area. I had
    Arya guard the north, Angela to guard the southwest and Murtagh the 
    southeast. There's nothing special about this so just have them guard
    wherever part you want. If you attack the North Urgals, you'll be
    fighting with Arya. The same goes with the other direction depending
    on who you position there. You can also use this time to level up as
    they constantly send lesser Urgals to fight you. You can still access
    the main menu but you can't save. All you have to do is to fight the
    Urgals standing by the gate.
    Your party should be able to string 5 attacks by now. Saphira should
    keep on doing the A,B,B,A,B attack which is a combination of Winged
    Storm and Rock Drop attack. This is a very nice way to deal with a
    lot of enemies right away. The lesser Urgals that are attacking should
    give roughly around 600XP even at level 100+. The Main Urgals could
    either be Pikeman, Immortal or Gaia Crusher  which is really tough to 
    fight even at level 100+. You should focus all negative status effect 
    and let it kill them as you keep on healing. If you made Angela/Arya
    as magicians, you should be able to have an easy time with them. Keep
    on using Flood to deal a lot of damage. I think most of the have 
    roughly around 16-20k of HP.
    When playing Murtagh, keep on using his Natural Selection attack (if
    you already triggered it) its a B,A,B,B,A attack that does as much
    damage as Arya's magic would. You should finish the Urgals as fast as
    you can so that they won't be able to attack again. Take advantage of
    some events that will happen like getting all Urgals burned or frozen.
    After the battle, Eragon will notice that he can't sense The Twin's
    minds or even the minds of anyone in Tronjheim. Eragon will then look
    for Ajihad.
    Save your game and equip the best equip possible. Use pocket forge
    or mortars if you have to. You'll then be fighting Durza. Be sure to
    dodge if you can. Start by inflicting negative status on him and be
    on the defensive. He'll go down soon enough. After the battle, you'll
    get to fight him for another round. It pays if you play on the the
    defense on the first round. Poison and Bleed alone could deal 1.5k 
    damage every turn so it is pretty good form of offense already. With
    Burn it could rack you 2k or more damage. If he does try to negate
    the negative status. Inflict it back again. Don't go all out yet, 
    because there's also a round three in this bout. I don't think it 
    matters if you win or lose. The very same script follows afterwards.
    After the battle, you'll be given the title "Shadeslayer" by Ajihad.
    Congratulations! You've completed Eragon.
                              F      I      N
    Consumable List
    Pocket Forge - Improves your weapons. 
    Mortar - Create Potions.
    Tent - Heal your entire party.
    Health 1 - Restores 100 HP.
    Health 2 - Restores 500 HP.
    Health 3 - Restores 1000 HP.
    Health 4 - Restores 3000 HP.
    Health 5 - Restores 9999 HP.
    Cure 1 - Cure one status ailments.
    Cure 2 - Cure two status ailments.
    Cure 3 - Cure three status ailments.
    Cure 4 - Cure four status ailments.
    Stim 1 - Increases character damage +10.
    Stim 2 - Increases character damage +25.
    Stim 3 - Increases character damage +50.
    Stim 4 - Increases character damage +80.
    Stim 5 - Increases character damage +130.
    Salts 1 - Revives downed character 1 HP.
    Salts 2 - Revives downed character 25% HP.
    Salts 3 - Revives downed character 50% HP.
    Salts 4 - Revives downed character 75% HP.
    Salts 5 - Revives downed character 100% HP.
    Shell 1 - Increase armor by 10 pts.
    Shell 2 - Increase armor by 25 pts.
    Shell 3 - Increase armor by 80 pts.
    Shell 4 - Increase armor by 200 pts.
    Shell 5 - Increase armor by 300 pts.
    Shell 6 - Increase armor by 600 pts.
    Tonic 1 - Increase magic damage by 10%.
    Tonic 2 - Increase magic damage by 20%.
    Tonic 3 - Increase magic damage by 30%.
    Tonic 4 - Increase magic damage by 40%.
    Tonic 5 - Increase magic damage by 50%.
    Poison 1 - Poison weapon for one turn.
    Poison 2 - Poison weapon for two turns.
    Poison 3 - Poison weapon for three turns.
    Poison 4 - Poison weapon for four turns.
    Poison 5 - Poison weapon for five turns.
    Barb 1 - Weapon causes bleeding for one turn.
    Barb 2 - Weapon causes bleeding for two turns.
    Barb 3 - Weapon causes bleeding for three turns.
    Barb 4 - Weapon causes bleeding for four turns.
    Barb 5 - Weapon causes bleeding for five turns.
    Stun 1 - Weapon causes stun for one turn.
    Stun 2 - Weapon causes stun for two turns.
    Stun 3 - Weapon causes stun for three turns.
    Stun 4 - Weapon causes stun for four turns.
    Stun 5 - Weapon causes stun for five turns.
    Slayer - One instant kill.
    Double - Double hits.
    Learner - Increases experience earned by 50%.
    Equipment List
    Eragon: Weapon
    Bronze Sword - Common sword of small value.
    Light Sabre - Light in weight, for quick attacks.
    Steel Sword - Sturdy sword for prolonged use.
    Helgrind Thirst - Sacrifice - Grim weapon used in sacrifices.
    Jeweled Sword - Jeweled Sword.
    Solid Starlight - Stun - Solid Starlight.
    White Silk - White Silk.
    Kull Splitter - Kull Slayer - Especially deadly against Kull.
    Perfect Sword - Perfect Sword.
    Liquid Edge - Dry - Liquid Edge.
    Lost Destiny - Regen - Lost Destiny.
    Masterwork - Masterwork.
    Zar'Roc - Reaper - Legendary Dragon Rider sword.
    Hunting Bow - Typical hunting bow.
    Sturdy Draw - Thief Slayer - Especially sturdy hunting bow.
    Finest Bow - Well crafted & suitable for combat.
    Recurve Bow - Bent upon itself to increase force.
    Ironwood Bow - Dry - Ironwood Bow.
    Tall Bow - Mil Slayer - Nearly as tall as a man.
    Redwater Bow - Wall - Redwater Bow.
    Silent Silence - Bow that is silent when drawn.
    Cmpnd Recurve - Bow equipped with pulleys.
    Eragon: Helm
    Leather Band - Leather strip worn to protect the head.
    Light Coif - Light close-fitting helmet.
    Hunting Helm - Hunting Helm 
    Runic Band - Strengthened by tooled magic symbols.
    Freedom Helm - Allows maximum movement and vision.
    Mariner's Helm - Mariner's Helm.
    Shur'tugal Helm - Usually worn by Urgal warriors.
    Knight's Helm - Worn by elite Alagaesian warriors.
    Aeon Helm - Aeon Helm.
    Riding Helm - Riding Helm.
    Gedwey Helm - Gedwey Helm.
    Eragon: Armor
    Leather Armor - Simple leather armor of lesser quality.
    Freedom Chain - Strong but lightweight chain armor.
    Broken Chain - Patched together from broken pieces.
    Banded Armor - Armor reinforced by thick metal bands.
    Heavy Chain - Made from heavy connected metal links.
    Runic Leather - Strengthened by tooled magic symbols.
    Mariner's Mail - Metal armor often worn in naval battles.
    Hunting Armor - Hunting Armor.
    Knight's Mail - Usually worn by high-ranking warriors.
    Aeon Plate - Aeon Plate.
    Domia Plate - Domia Plate.
    Riding Leather - Crafted for horseback riders.
    Shur'tugal Plate - Barbaric armor usually worn by Urgals.
    Gedwey Stenr - Gedwet Stenr
    Arya: Weapon
    Grass Blade - Poison - Slender blade of Elven crafting.
    Runner's Blade - Runner's Blade.
    Welden Blade - Welden Blade.
    Giant Slayer - Urgal Slayer - Giant Slayer.
    Saving Grace - Saving Grace.
    Argent Needle - Argent Needle.
    Snowfall - Stone - Light as snow & sharp as winter.
    Aiedail - Regen - Aiedail.
    Midnight Storm - Bleed - Bow said to cause bleeding.
    Dawn Flicker - Fire - Stabs forth like the sun's rays.
    Argent Draw - Basic bow carried by Elvish yeoman.
    Arya: Helm
    Obsidian Helm - Wet - Helm reinforced with volcanic glass.
    Argent Helm - Argent Helm.
    Ancient Helm - High quality & strength antique helm.
    Flying Helm - Flying Helm.
    Belatona - Favored by the warriors of Belatona.
    Varden Crown - Crown-like helm in the Varden style.
    Royal Helm - Ornately decorated helm worn by nobles.
    Wytesteel - Capacitor - Whitesteel Helm.
    Dueling Band - Designed for formal one-on-one combat.
    Jewel Crown - Warrior's royalty crown-styled helm.
    Intractable - Intractable Helm.
    Arya: Armor
    Obsidian Chain - Dry - Decorated with volcanic glass.
    Argent Rings - Argent Rings.
    Ancient Chain - High quality antique armor.
    Belatona Chain - Favored by the warriors of Belatona.
    Varden Chain - Constructed in the Varden manner.
    Royal Chain - High quality & favored by nobility.
    Pregnant Chain - Impregnable Chain.
    Wytesteel - Created by a secret Elven process.
    Jeweled Chain - Encrusted with precious stones.
    Faolin: Weapon
    Singer's Blade - Sing's a death aria.
    Faolin: Helm
    Varden Helm - Crafted in the unique Varden style.
    Faolin: Armor
    Varden Chain - Constructed in the unique Varden style.
    Glenwing: Weapon
    Singer's Bow - Tuned for destruction.
    Glenwing: Helm
    Varden Helm - Crafted in the unique Varden style.
    Glenwing: Armor
    Varden Chain - Constructed in the unique Varden style.
    Katrina: Weapon
    Father's Knives - Ordinary butcher's knives.
    Steel Knives - Thief Slayer - Steel Knives.
    Bronze Knives - Butcher's knives cast in bronze.
    Kitchen Knives - Sharpened household knives.
    Katrina: Helm
    Leather Band - Leather band used as improvised armor.
    Armored Band - Armored band set with metal studs.
    Leather Helm - Handmade from everyday leather.
    Ribbed Helm - Helm reinforced by metal ribbing.
    Scale Helm - Helm bolstered wtih metal scales.
    Katrina: Armor
    Leather Armor - Leather apron used as improvised armor.
    Leather Cuirass - Upper body leather protection.
    Armor Apron - Leather apron set with metal studs.
    Ribbed Cuirass - Surface ribbed to deflect blows.
    Scale Cuirass - Leather reinforced with metal scales.
    Roran: Weapon
    Bronze Hammer - Bronzed combat hammer.
    Iron Hammer - Heavy iron-shod hammer.
    Horst's Hammer - Blacksmith tool turned weapon.
    Roran: Helm
    Hardened Helm - Hardened Helm.
    Scale Helm - Protected by layers of metal scales.
    Leather Band - Leather strip worn for light combat.
    Miller's Helm - Protective headgear worn by millers.
    Steel Helm - Steel Helm.
    Roran: Armor
    Leather Plate - Reinforced by harder leather plates.
    Hardened Hide - Made from uncured, dried hides.
    Miller's Armor - Miller's Armor.
    Steel Bands - Reinforced by encircling steel bands.
    Brom: Weapon
    Bronze Sword - Bronzed sword of minimum value.
    Iron Sword - Sword of medium value and quality.
    A Friend's Gift - Mil Slayer - A Friend's Gift.
    Leona's Judge - Kill - Leaona's Judgement.
    Memory Blade - Wall - Blade of Memories.
    Oldman Sword - Old Man's Sword.
    Brom: Helm
    Woven Band - Imrpovised woven strips of cloth armor.
    Ring Coif - Helm reinforced by metal rings.
    Corded Helm - Strengthened by winding metal cords.
    Ranger's Band - Thick, wide protective headband.
    Epic Helm - Epic Helm.
    War Helm - Great War Helm.
    Brom: Armor
    Aged Armor - Antique but still viable in combat.
    Cloth Armor - Padded clothing used as armor.
    Woven Armor - Thick, padded strips of woven cloth.
    Ring Mail - Armor reinforced by metallic rings.
    Corded Plate - Strenghtened by winding metal cords.
    Ranger Leather - Crafted for horseback riders.
    Epic - Luck - Crafted before the Dragon Riders fell.
    War Plate - Exceptionally massive metal plating.
    Angela: Weapon
    Sword Staff - Wooden staff with blades at the ends.
    Steel Staff - Staff with a long blades at the ends.
    Iron Staff - Wooden staff sheathed in iron.
    Slender Stroke - Bleed - Slender Stroke.
    Tarot Saber - Capacitor - Tarot Saber.
    Dervish's Dance - Hearty - Dervish's Dance.
    Sand Sail - Dry - Sand Sail.
    Burning Wheel - Fire - Burning Wheel.
    Sand Sail - Dry - Sand Sail.
    Obsidian Etched - Ominous bow set with volcanic glass.
    Harmony Bow - Capacitor - Harmony Recurve.
    Silk Bow - As light and strong as silk.
    Cursed Bow - Drain - Delivery of bad luck.
    Sacrifice Bow - Sacrifice - Used by dark priests of Dras-Leona.
    Stonewood - Wood - Stonewood.
    Angela: Helm
    Banded Helm - Banded Helm.
    Destiny Band - Destiny Band.
    Hardened - Hardened Helmet.
    Timeless Helm - Timeless Helm.
    Crystal Helm - So polished it appears made of crystal.
    Ghost Band - Pearly leather that shines in moonlight.
    Angela: Armor
    Banded Mail - Armor reinforced by thick metal bands.
    Destiny Leather - Destiny Leather.
    Teirm Flanged - Teirm Flanged.
    Bone Mail - Dry - Specially cast to resemble bones.
    Eclipse Mail - Eclipse Mail.
    Saphira: Weapon
    Metal Studs - Metal Studs.
    Iron Spikes - Iron Spikes.
    Steel Spikes - Steel Spikes.
    Varden Blades - Varden Blades.
    Singing Blades - Sings a song of deadly power.
    Saphira: Helm
    Leather Saddle - Simple leather dragon saddle.
    Studded Saddle - Reinforced with metal studs.
    Banded Saddle - Reinforced with bands of iron.
    Expert Saddle - Favored by experienced dragon riders.
    Dragon Saddle - Designed to allow easy dismounting.
    Saphira: Armor
    Leather - Lightweight lether dragon armor.
    Hardened - Reinforced lether dragon armor.
    Banded - Dragon armor faced by metal bands.
    Blackiron - Dragon armor faced with iron strips.
    Dwarven - Drawf-forged cold plating.
    Vanyali - Vanyali Barding.
    Murtagh: Weapon
    Black Carver - Black Carver.
    Survival Knife - Large knife, serrated on one side.
    Friendship - Friendship.
    Glass Ink - Wall - Glass Ink.
    Jagged Blade - Bleed - Jagged Blade.
    Glory Reaper - Glory Reaper.
    Ruthless - Blind - Ruthless.
    Reinforced - Mil Slayer - Reinforced for more power.
    Dwarf Cmpnd - Kull Slayer - Provides great power & easy pull.
    Wanderer Bow - Urgal Slayer - Especially potent against Urgals.
    Murtagh: Helm
    Well Worn - Remains sturdy after years of hard use.
    Wanderer Helm - Often worn by nomadic warriors.
    Resonate Helm - Resonance Helm.
    Uru'bean Band - Uru'bean Band.
    Uru'bean Helm - Uru'bean Helm.
    Murtagh: Armor
    Worn Mail - Sturdy even after years of hard use.
    Wanderer Mail - Often seen on nomadic warriors.
    Uru Leather - Uru'baen Leather.
    Equipped Item:
    Peasant Boots - Provide moderate protection.
    Leather Boots - Povide little protection.
    Riding Boots - High equestrian footwear.
    Teirm Boots - Designed for heavy military action.
    Banded Boots - Excellent protection & free movement.
    Silk Shoes - Whisper quiet and very nimble.
    Evasion Shoes - Light-weight, nimble footwear.
    Assassin Shoes - Stealth footwear for sneak attacks.
    Leona Boots - Light footwear for quick movements.
    Merc Boots - Especially tough, sturdy boots.
    Honor Shoes - Versatily & useful footwear.
    Vanyali Boots - Protective yet supple footwear.
    Shur'tugal Boots - Heavy, strong barbarian boots.
    Cape - Provide little protection.
    Yellow Cape - Provide moderate protection.
    Woolen Robe - Thick robe provides thick protection.
    Mail Cloak - Cloak reinforced with chain links.
    Morning Fog - Grey, concealing cloak.
    Chain Coat - Coat reinforced with chain links.
    Blind Cloak - Worn by sacrifices of Dras-Leona.
    Strands Mantle - Strands Mantle.
    Fanatic's Robe - Fanatic's Robe.
    Ancient Cape - Cloak made with elder skills.
    Regal Cape - Ornamental cloak of nobility.
    Spun Starlight - As weightless as starlight.
    Firefly Cloak - Dark cloak with twinkling spots.
    Sharktooth Shell - Serrated charm of agility.
    Ceunon Gullion - Norther trifle of wit.
    Narda Tear - Coastal stone of brawn.
    Urgal Stone - Barbarous chert of nibleness.
    Hadarac Charm - Oasis-crafted trinket of int.
    Sunduvar Freohr - Sandy bauble of wit.
    Utgard Pebble - Northern fragment of brawn.
    Forge List
    Oil - +3 Dmg
    Delicate Oil - +4 Spd, -5 Arm, +8 Dmg
    Polishing Oil - +10 Dmg, +2 Agi
    Poison Oil - Weapon causes Poison.
    Sharpening Oil - +25 Dmg
    Red Oil - +15 Dmg, Weapon causes Fire
    Magic Oil - +15 Int, +15 Dge
    Pain Oil - Weapon causes Stun.
    Blade Oil - +50 Dmg
    Blue Oil - +15 Def, +15 Arm, +20 Dmg
    White Oil - +38 Spd, +40 Dmg, +10 Dge
    Midnight Oil - +20 Int, +5 Tuf, +20 Dmg
    Razor's Oil - Kill, +110  Dmg
    Sharpening Stone - +5 Dmg
    Coarse Stone - +5 Arm +1 Tuf
    Blocking Stone - +5 Def, +5 Arm
    Lightweight Stone - +8 Dmg, +3 Spd
    Moss Stone - +10 Tuf, +4 Arm, +4 Dmg
    Glorysilver Stone - +30 Str, +40 Dmg
    Runic Stne - +30 Tuf, +20 Arm
    Giant's Stone - +60 Str
    Fine Stone - +7 Spd. +7 Agi, +15 Dmg
    Volcanic Stone - Weapon Fire, +30 Dmg
    Archmage Stone - +30, -20
    Switch Stone - Weapon causes Stone
    Taunt String - +5 Spd
    Fresh String - +3 Dmg, +3 Spd, +1 Agi
    False Fate - +8 Spd
    Composite String - +8 Str
    Perfect String - +12 Dmg, +3 spds
    Ancient String - -8 Spd, -8 Agi, +18 Tuf
    Aria String - +8 Int, Weapon Aria
    Star String - +5 Agi, +23 Spd
    Verdani's String - +65 Spd
    Skuld's String - Weapon Regen, +15 Tuf
    Urda's String - Increases Experience gained by 20%
    Brass Tongs - +10 Arm, -1 Spd
    Iron Tongs - +5 Arm, +2 Tuf
    Steel Tongs - +15 Arm, -2 Spd
    Potent Tongs - +5 Str
    Hadarac Tongs - Arm Dry
    Indurate Tongs - +20 Arm, +10 Def
    Vanyali Tongs - +10 Arm, +4 Spd, +4 Agi
    Resolute Tongs - +30 Arm, -10 Spd
    Drubbing Hammer - +12 Arm, +1 Str
    Rigid Hammer - +20 Arm
    Battering Hammer - +25 Arm, +4 Tuf
    Etched Hammer - +20 Arm, +4 Int
    Atone Hammer - Arm Sacrifice, +60 Arm, +5 Tuf, +5 Str
    Maul Hammer - +50 Arm
    Runic Hammer - +38 Arm, +10 Int
    Ebrithil Hammer - +88 Arm
    Fractal Hammer - Arm Capacitor
    Strength Stamp - +3 Str
    Protection Stamp - +7 Arm
    Marine Stamp - +4 Tuf, +4 Str
    Guardian Stamp - +5 Def, +5 Dge, +3 Tuf
    Glyphic Stamp - +10 Spd, +4 Agi, -5 Arm, +5 Str
    Talisman Stamp - Arm Luck, +4 Def
    Epodic Stamp - Arm Regen, +4 Dge
    Vigilant Stamp - +20 Spd, +10 Dge
    Jeweled Stamp - +28 Int, -15 Arm
    Ogham Stamp - +8 Def, +10 Str, +10 Agi, +20 Spd
    Craft List
    List of basic crafting item: (refer to the next section for their
    Basil Leaf
    Enchant Leaft
    Twilight Leaf
    Hvitr Leaf
    Premptive Leaf
    Detach Leaf Leaf
    Brilliant Leaf
    Morning Leaf
    Caffeine Leaf
    Withered Leaf
    Frost Leaf
    Journey Leaf
    Power Leaf
    Prism Leaf
    Ashen Leafe
    Threadcutting Root
    Ginsing Root
    Sunfall Root
    Suffocate Root
    Slip Root
    Scared Root
    Charred Root
    Strangling Root
    Glowing Root
    Frightful Root
    Mourning Root
    Dusky Root
    Deathless Root
    REcord Root
    Time Root
    Skoljir Dust
    Thread Dust
    Sparkling Dust
    Marble Dust
    Lightbending Dust
    Gravity Dust
    Salts Dust
    Catalyst Dust
    Phoenix Dust
    Corrosive Dust
    Firemote Dust
    Silken Dust
    Mercurial Dust
    Volatile Dust
    Slithering Dust
    Health 1 - Basil Leaf x1 + Dusky Root x1 + 1 Gold
    Health 2 - Enchant Leaf x1 + Dusky Root x1 + 5 Gold
    Health 3 - Hvitr Leaf x1 +  Heill Root x1 + 10 Gold
    Health 4 - Brilliant Leaf x1 +  Ginsing Root x1 + 30 Gold
    Health 5 - Prism Leaf x1 + Deathless Root x1 + 100 Gold
    Cure 1 - Dusky Root x1 + Skoljir Dust x1 + 1 Gold
    Cure 2 - Heill Root x1 + Catalyst Dust x1 + 3 Gold
    Cure 3 - Ginsing root x1 + Mercurial Dust x1 + 6 Gold
    Cure 4 - Time Root x1 + Phoenix Dust x1 + 12 Gold
    Stim 1 - Withered Leaf x1 + Scared Root x1 + 2 Gold
    Stim 2 - Caffeine Leaf x1 + Frightful Root x1 + 5 Gold
    Stim 3 - Caffeine Leaf x1 + Firemote Dust x1 + 10 Gold
    Stim 4 - Caffeine Leaf x1 + Mourning Root x1 + 20 Gold
    Stim 5 - Premptive Leaf x1 + Mourning Root x1 + Thread Dust x1 
             + 40 Gold
    Salts 1 - Basil Leaf x1 + Salts Dust x1 + 10 Gold
    Salts 2 - Heill Rot x1 + Salts Dust x1 + 20 Gold
    Salts 3 - Record Root x1 + Salts Dust  x1 + 40 Gold
    Salts 4 - Time Root x1 + Thread Dust x1 + 80 Gold
    Salts 5 - Deathless Root x1 + Phoenix Dust x1 + 160 Gold
    Shell 1 - Skoljir Dust x1 + 1 Gold
    Shell 2 - Slip Root x1 + Skoljir Dust x1 + 3 Gold
    Shell 3 - Hvitr Leaf x1 + Skoljir Dust x1 + 15 Gold
    Shell 4 - Journey Leaf x1 + Mercurial Dust x1 + 50 Gold
    Shell 5 - Power Leaf x1 + Sparkling Dust x1 + 100 Gold
    Shell 6 - Morning Leaf x1 + Gravity Dust x1 + 200 Gold
    Tonic 1 - Enchant Leaf x1 + Slip Root x1 + 2 Gold
    Tonic 2 - Journey Leaf x1 + Glowing Root x1 + 10 Gold
    Tonic 3 - Record Root x1 + Firemote x1 + 20 Gold
    Tonic 4 - Sunfall Root x1 + Gravity Dust x1 + 50 Gold
    Tonic 5 - Morning Leaf x1 + 70 Gold
    Poison 1 - Detach Leaf x1 + Caralyst Dust x1 + 2 Gold
    Poison 2 - Withered Leaf x1 + Charred Root x1 + 6 Gold
    Poison 3 - Ashen Leafe x1 + Slithering Dust x1 + 12 Gold
    Poison 4 - Knifr Leaf x1 + Threadcutting Root x1 + 24 Gold
    Poison 5 - Twilight Leaft x1 + Gravity Dust x1 + 48 Gold
    Barb 1 - Scared Root x1 + Catalyst Dust x1 + 4 Gold
    Barb 2 - Strangling Root x1 + Corrosive Dust x1 + 10 Gold
    Barb 3 - Caffeine Leaf x1 + Volatile Dust x1 + 20 Gold
    Barb 4 - Knifr Leaf x1 + Silken Dust x1 + 40 Gold
    Barb 5 - Mourning Root x1 + Thread Dust x1 + 60 Gold
    Stun 1 - Frost Leaf x1 + Marble Dust x1 + 1 Gold
    Stun 2 - Detach Leaf x1 + Marble Dust x1 + 4 Gold
    Stun 3 - Suffocate Root x1 + Slithering Dust x1 + 10 Gold
    Stun 4 - Ashen Leafe x1 + Threadcutting Root x1 + 18 Gold
    Stun 5 - Twilight Leaf x1 + 25 Gold
    Slayer - Knifr Leaf x1 + Threadcutting Root x1 + Thread Dust x1
             + 800 Gold
    Double - Premptive Leaf x1 + Sunfall Root x1 + Lightbending Dust x1
             + 800 Gold
    Learner - Ginsing Root x1 + Sparkling Dust x1 + 400 Gold
     IV. Focus Find Check-List
    Near Uncle Garrow's house :
    Herb 15 - Slip Root x3
    Herb 15 - Catalyst Dust x2
    Herb 15 - Charred Root x3
    Hunting 14 - Fight Imperial Spy [Conscript x1] - [40 Gold], [FREEDOM
    CHAIN] for Eragon, [EVASION SHOES x1]
    Herb 1 - Dusky Root x4
    Herb 1 - Dusky Root x6
    Herb 1 - Basil Leaf x6
    Herb 1 - Basil Leaf x3
    Herb 10 - Salt Dust x3
    Endurance 5 - [HARDENED HIDE] for Roran
    Weapon 10 - Fight Imperial Soldier [Conscript x1] - [GUARDIAN STAMP],
    [LEARNER], [JEWELED SWORD] for Eragon
    Brom's house: 
    Magic 72 - Burn the Sky - 100% to Burn - All Enemies
    The Forest:
    Herb 15 - Marble Dust x2
    Herb 15 - Marble Dust x2
    Herb 15 - Withered Leaf x 4
    Endurance 10 - [HORST'S HAMMER] for Roran
    The Spine:
    Herb 3 - Frost Leaf x3
    Herb 1 - Dusky Root x4
    Herb 3 - Scared root x2
    Herb 15 - Detach Leaf x2
    Herb 15 - Enchant Leaf x2
    Herb 15 - Corrosive Dust x2
    Herb 5 - Skoljir Dust x2
    Endurance 14 - [POLISHING OIL]
    Teirm Exterior:
    Herbal25 - Caffeine leaf x3
    Herbal20 - Hvitr Leaf x4
    Herbal15 - enchant leaf x3
    Magic 18 - Prism - Hits All Enemies
    Magic 18 - Life's Energy - Heal party
    Weapon 15 - Fight Leroy [Vice Fanatic x1] - [SHARKTOOTH SHELL], 
    Teirm Interior:
    Magic 76 - Sliver Rain - 100% to Bleeding - All Enemies.
    Magic 9 - Weakspot - Hit for 2x Dmg on next attack.
    Magic 21 - Curve Arrows - Absorb 1 range attack
    Herbal 30 - Journey leaf x2
    Magic 1 - Garjzla 
    Hunting 30 - 
    Weapon 35 - Sergeant Quint - [LEANER X 1], [PERFECT SWORD] for Eragon, 
    [MARINER'S MAIL] for Eragon, [EPIC HELM] for Brom, [STRAND MANTLE X 1],
    North Cave near Teirm:
    Herb 60 - Lightbending Dust x1
    Herb 25 - Strangling Root x3
    Herb 30 - Journey Leaf x4
    Herb 20 - Heill Root x6
    Herb 20 - Slithering Dust x4
    Herb 25 - Volatile Dust x4
    Teirm Castle:
    Magic 13 - Blinded - 100% to Blinded - 1 Enemy
    (Area 1):
    Herb 35 - Ashen Leafe x3
    Herb 20 - Hvitr Leaf x8
    Herb 20 - Heill Root x9
    Herb 35 - Frightful Root x3
    Endurance 28 - [COMPOUND HAMMER], [AGED HELM] for Brom
    (Area 2):
    Herb 40 - Record Root x4
    Herb 30 - Glowing Root x3
    Endurance 32 - [HEALTH 3 x2], [HEAVY COIF] for Eragon
    Herb 30 - Mercurial Dust x4
    Herb 30 - Suffocate Root x3
    (Area 2.1.west)
    Herb 40 - Power Leaf x3
    Magic 21 - Black Curse - 100% to Burn & Stun - 1 Enemy 
    Herb 35 - Silken Dust x5
    Endurance 36 - [LEONA BOOTS x1], [BLUESTEEL HAMMER]
    (Area 2.2.east):
    Endurance 38 - [STRANDS MANTLE x1], [IVORY STAFF] for Angela
    Herb 20 - Hvitr Lead x7
    Herb 40 - Firemote Dust x3
    Herb 20 - Heill Root x8
    (Area 3):
    Herb 45 - Ginseng Root x1
    Herb 45 - Brilliant Leaf x2
    Endurance 40 - [FOUNDATION TONGS], [COMPOSITE BOW] for Eragon
    (Area 4):
    Herb 45 - Ginseng Root x4
    Magic 50 - Mend Body - Heal 1 target & remove status effects
    Magic 29 - Combustion - Hits 1 Enemy
    Herb 45 - Sparkling Dust x4
    Herb 45 - Brilliant Leaf x2
    Dras-Leona Church:
    Hunting 45 - [SACRIFICE BOW] for Angela
    Magic 21 - Black Curse - 100% to Burn & Stun - 1 Enemy
    Magic 1 - Weakspot
    Magic 38 - Venom Flood - 100% to Poison - All Enemies
    Magic 21 - Cripple - 50% to Paralyze - 1 Enemy
    (Floor 1): 
    Herbal20 - Heill Root x25
    Endurance 58 - [130 Gold], [OGHAM STAP]
    (Floor 2):
    Magic 59 - Steel Skin - Absorb 1 melee attack
    Magic 65 - Second Wind - Raise fallen hero
    Magic 43 - Surter's Strenght - Buff all hero's Attack skill
    Magic 62 - Infection - 100% to Poison & Stun - All Enemies
    Magic 64 - Mind Wall - Absorb 1 magical attack
    (Floor 3):
    Magic 40 - Flood - 50% to Stun - All Enemies
    Du Weldenvarden:
    (Area 1):
    Herbal 50 - Threadcutting Root x1
    Herbal 50 - Prism Leaf x8
    Herbal 70 - Morning Leaf x3
    Herbal 50 - Prism Leaf x9
    Herbal 20 - Premptive Leaf x2
    (Area 2.eastcave):
    Herbal 50 - Knifr Leaf x1
    Herbal 70 - Phoenix Dust x2
    Herbal 45 - Sparkling Dust x5
    Herbal 60 - Sunfall Root x3
    Herbal 50 - Time Root x2
    Magic 73 - Before the Sun - Enemies miss 50%
    Herbal 50 - Thread Dust x3
    Herbal 50 - Knifr Leaf x2
    Herbal 65 - Gravity Dust x6
    (Area 2.westcave):
    Herbal 65 - Mourning Root x3
    Herbal 65 - Gravity Dust x4
    Herbal 70 - Deathless Root x2
    Hunting 100 - [SKULD'S RING]
    Herbal 65 - Twilight Leaf x4
    Magic 85 - Airbending Edge - Biff all hero's Megic skill
    for Arya
    Herbal 60 - Lightbending Dust x3
    Herbal 45 - Sparkling Dust x10
    Eragon: Melee
    Deft Hit - 1.5x Normal Damage -  B, A
    Power Strike - 2x Normal Damage -  B, B
    Rider's Strenght - 1.25x Dmg - All enemies -  B, B, B
    Wave of Destiny - 1.5x Dmg - Front Row -  A, B, A
    Finesse - 4x Normal Damage -  A, A, A
    Wave of Legend - 1.5x Dmg - Front Row - A, B, A, B
    Rider's Fury - 1.25x Dmg - All enemies -  B, B, B, A, B
    Zar'roc's Hunger - 1.5x Dmg + Drain - B, A, A, A, B
    Eragon: Range
    Precision - 1.5x Normal Damage -  A, A
    Killing Shot - 20% to Instant Kill -  A, B
    Rapid Fire - 4x Normal Damage -  B, B, B
    Torn Wings - 2x Dmg + 25% to Stun - A, A, B, A
    Sky Fallen - 4x Normal Damage -  A, A, B, A, A
    Arya: Melee
    Grace's Cut - 1.75x Normal Damage -  B, A
    Elven Stroke - 1.5x Normal Damage -  A, A, B
    Grace's Slayer - 2.5x Normal Damage -  B, A, B
    Glade Dance - 1.25x Dmg - All Enemies -  A, A, B
    Star Striker - 1.5x Dmg - All Enemies -  A, A, A, B
    Winter's Star - 4x Dmg - Adjacent Enemies -  A, A, A, B, B
    Elven Stance - 4x Damage - A, A, B, A, A
    Grace's Victory- 4x Damage - B, A, B, A, B
    Arya: Range
    Twin Stars - 2x Normal Damage -  B, A
    Calculate - 1.5x Dmg + 15% to Stun -  A, A, A
    Ricochet - Hit All Enemies -  A, B, A
    Twilight Fletching - 2x Dmg + 20% to Stone -  B, A, A, B
    Metal Rain- 4x Dmg - Adjacent Enemies -  B, B, A, B, B
    Katrina: Melee
    Vitals - 1.25x Dmg + 50% to Paralyze -  B, A
    Butchery - 1.25x Dmg + 25% to Kill -  A, B
    Roran: Melee
    Hammerfall - 1.25x Dmg + 75% to Stun -  A, A
    Backbreaker - 1.25x Dmg + 50% to Paralyze -  B, B
    Brom: Melee
    Practice - 1.25x Dmg + 100% to Bleeding -  B, A
    Wisdom - 1.5x Dmg + 50% to Paralyze & Poison -  B, A, B
    Loss - 1.5x Dmg - All Enemies -  A, A, B
    Lessons Learned - 3x Damage - A, B, A, A
    Angela: Melee
    Crystal Cut - 1.25x Dmg -  B, B
    Dervish - 1.5x Dmg -  A, B, A
    Dark Maul - 2x Dmg + 100% to Bleeding -  A, A, B, B
    Dark Shredder - 4x Dmg + 100% to Bleeding -  A, A, B, B, A
    Blade Rhapsody - 2x Dmg - All Enemies-  A, B, A, B, A
    Angela: Range
    Lucky Hit - 1.5x Dmg -  A, A, B
    Blind Sided - Hit Adjacent Foes + 50% to Blind -  B, A, A
    Shot in the Dark - 2x Dmg -  B, A, A, B
    Bradine Gaille - 8x Dmg -  A, B, B, B, A
    Fortune's Favorite - 3x Dmg - Hit Adjacent Enemies -  A, A, B, A, B
    Murtagh: Melee
    Blade Flurry - 1.25x Dmg -  A, A
    Cold Decision - 1.5x Dmg + 25% to Kill -  A, B, B
    Constant Reminder - 1.5x Dmg -  B, B, A
    Survival - 1.2x Dmg + 100% to Drain -  B, A, B
    Blade Frenzy - 2x Dmg -  A, A, A, A
    Instinct - 2x Dmg + 100% to Drain -  B, A, B, B
    Merciless - 4x Dmg + 50% to Bleeding -  A, B, B, A, B
    Natural Selection - 4x Dmg + 100% to Drain -  B, A, B, B, A
    Eternity's Scars - 5x Dmg -  B, B, A, A, B
    Murtagh: Range
    Cripple - 2.25x Dmg + 100% to Stun -  A, B
    Off Your Feet - 1.5x Dmg + 50% to Paralyze -  B, A, B
    Break the Cage - 2x Dmg + 75% to Bleeding -  B, A, B, B
    Ripping Shot - 2x Dmg + 100% to Bleeding -  A, B, B, B
    Storm of Black - 4x Dmg + 25% to Stun All Foes -  A, A, A, A, A
    Brisingr - Hits 1 Enemy
    Combustion - Hits 1 Enemy
    Aduna - Hits 1 Enemy
    Flood - 50% to Stun - All Enemies
    Heill - Heal 1 target
    Ramrsja - Buff Attack skill
    Skolir - Increase 1 hero Defense skill
    Steel Skin - Absorb 1 melee attack
    Burn the Sky - 100% to Burn - All Enemies
    Prism - Hits All Enemies
    Life's Energy - Heal party
    Sliver Rain - 100% to Bleeding - All Enemies.
    Weakspot - Hit for 2x Dmg on next attack.
    Curve Arrows - Absorb 1 range attack
    Blinded - 100% to Blinded - 1 Enemy
    Black Curse - 100% to Burn & Stun 
    Mend Body - Heal 1 target & remove status effects
    Combustion - Hits 1 Enemy
    Black Curse - 100% to Burn & Stun - 1 Enemy
    Venom Flood - 100% to Poison - All Enemies
    Cripple - 50% to Paralyze - 1 Enemy
    Steel Skin - Absorb 1 melee attack
    Second Wind - Raise fallen hero
    Surter's Strenght - Buff all hero's Attack skill
    Infection - 100% to Poison & Stun - All Enemies
    Mind Wall - Absorb 1 magical attack
    Before the Sun - Enemies miss 50%
    Airbending Edge - Buff all hero's Magic skill
     IV.   CREDITS
    I would like to thank you for reading my FAQ! The Fans of Eragon!
    Everyone! God! Myself! Future Contributors! www.GameFaqs.com! CJayC!
    "Dabek" <tg.dabrowski@gmail.com>, for the tip that you can actually
    win against the twins.

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