How do I solve prison?

  1. How to get Katara on cells?

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    ckirtap01 - 8 years ago

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  1. Go up, you'll meet a closed gate, next to it is the crystal that will open the gate, go through. Go to the right and down the stairs, fight the guards. Follow the path and you'll find stairs going down. You'll have to kill all guards here to proceed, then go left, and up through the door. Go left and up, you'll find a lever on your right. Leave Sokka here and move on, press the button, change character, and hit the switch. Get Sokka back down through the stairs, then go up, you'll find a stairs to go back up. Hit all the switches within the time, the change to Aang and meet Sokka, use air blast to make a way for Sokka. Then go down, push tid button and hit the switch and move on. Kill the guards and to the right you'll find key. Now go back to the previous room, and open the door to the right of the fire and you'll meet Katara. Now you can go through the fire by using Katara. Kill the guy here and get the gold key. Go through the door and there is a save point.

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  1. Easy just look around and kill every one then the exit is a left to the right where the boss is.

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