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"There isn't much to it... but it is still pretty darn fun"

Now, first up, I'll admit that I've never had any interest in Lego, even as a wee kid. I was much more intrigued by action figures than building blocks. But despite my natural disposition against the world-famous kid's construction kit, I found this game to be quite fun, though very repetitive.

The premise of the game is quite simple, really. You're a Bionicle, and you shoot things. You shoot as many enemies that can conceivably be crammed on the little GBA screen over and over. Then, once you have cleared that batch of enemies, the gate which they were pouring out of closes, and then another gate nearby opens and the process repeats itself. Your Bionicle is equipped with a standard gun, which fires one bullet at a time, and a special weapon which varies depending on which level you are currently playing. It is very simple, but deceptively fun. Also, each level is broken into three stages, and after completing the first two you get the opportunity to face off against the boss. If you defeat him (which usually just involves mashing the A button) you'll get a different special weapon and progress to the next level. It is very simple, but quite fun.

The amount of detail that has been put into the graphics is quite impressive. While many of the enemies look exactly the same, the detail that was put into these characters is quite good - they're hardly nondescript, plain looking enemies. Your character and the enemies also move around remarkably fluidly, showcasing the amount of effort put into their respective animations. They're very vibrant, and obviously aimed at children that want something that is pleasing to the eye, in a cartoonish way. My only quarrel in this department is that sometimes, when the screen is full of enemies being blasted into next week, the framerate will drop sharply and the game will lag. However moments such as these are few and far between.

The music is reasonably well done. Each of the levels has its own music that fits the theme and surroundings of that level. For example, the first level, which is set in a frozen desert area, has very cold music, which contrasts the energetic, fiery music that accompanies the level set in a volcano. The actual in-game sounds, however, are not as good, which I found rather disappointing. When your character gets hit, he'll emit an annoying mechanical "UGH" sound - hearing this once in a while isn't too bad, but with a game where the screen is constantly full of swarming enemies and glowing bullets it will get on your nerves. Fast. I guarantee it. Many of the other sounds are rather generic - such as the uninspired "pew" sound of firing your gun - and not really noteworthy.

Replayability isn't really there, however. The game is far too repetitive, and is actually quite short - it only takes a few hours to clear all the levels - and it isn't all that difficult. Can you experience a game over in this game? I wouldn't know, because I haven't. Button mashing your way through the levels the first time is enjoyable, but I couldn't bring myself to care enough to beat the game a second time 'round, especially seeing that there is only the one difficulty level. Rather disappointing.

All in all, it is well worth a play through, though it doesn't have any real replayability. It's also far too easy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/12/08

Game Release: Bionicle Heroes (AU, 12/01/06)

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