• Medal Rewards

    These are in-game Drum Lessons, Endless Games, or Rhythm Toys that can be unlocked by gathering the appropriate amount of medals, which can be obtained by earning a "Superb" ranking on a mini-game.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Basic 1 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 3 medals.
    Basic 2 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 6 medals.
    Beat Box (Rhythm Toy)Obtain 25 medals.
    Dr. Bacteria EX [Sick Beats EX] (Endless Game)Obtain 10 medals.
    Expert 1 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 46 medals.
    Expert 2 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 48 medals.
    Head Spinner (Endless Game)Obtain 30 medals.
    Long 1 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 34 medals.
    Long 2 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 36 medals.
    Long 3 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 38 medals.
    Long 4 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 40 medals.
    Long 5 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 42 medals.
    Long 6 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 44 medals.
    Love Machine (Rhythm Toy)Obtain 15 medals.
    Mechanical Horse (Rhythm Toy)Obtain 7 medals.
    Meow Mixer (Rhythm Toy)Obtain 1 medal.
    Mr. Upbeat (Endless Game)Obtain 1 medal.
    Quiz EX [Quiz Show EX] (Endless Game)Obtain 20 medals.
    Short 1 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 9 medals.
    Short 2 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 12 medals.
    Short 3 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 15 medals.
    Short 4 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 18 medals.
    Short 5 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 21 Medals.
    Short 6 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 24 medals.
    Short 7 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 27 medals.
    Short 8 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 30 medals.
    Short 9 (Drum Lesson)Obtain 32 medals.

    Contributed By: lilobaggins and antsant1987.

  • Perfect Rewards

    To unlock these, the player must complete Perfect Campaigns. These are tasks on a specific mini-game that require the player to complete it with no mistakes. Perfect Campaigns are randomly generated and can appear at any time, but a player must have earned a "Superb" ranking on a mini-game for it to have a Perfect Campaign.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    6th Remix [Remix 6] (Song)Earn a "Perfect" on 6th Remix [Remix 6].
    Additional Songs in the StudioEarn a "Perfect" on every game. Afterwards, go to the Café and speak with the Barista. He will then unlock songs for the remaining mini-games.
    Air-Cutter Drum (Drum)Earn a "Perfect" on Toss Boys.
    Asian Drum (Drum)Earn a "Perfect" on Iai Slash [Samurai Slice].
    Bon Dance (Song)Earn a "Perfect" on Bon Dance.
    Bunny Hop (Song)Earn a "Perfect" on Bunny Hop.
    Cosmo Dance [Cosmic Dance] (Song)Earn a "Perfect" on Cosmo Dance [Cosmic Dance].
    Dry Drum (Drum)Earn a "Perfect" on Marcher [Marching Orders].
    Fan Mailbag (E-Mail)Earn a "Perfect" on 7th Remix [Remix 7].
    Heavy Drum (Drum)Earn a "Perfect" on Sneaky Spirits 2.
    Heel Tech Drum 1 (Drum)Earn a "Perfect" on Marcher 2 [Marching Orders 2].
    Heel Tech Drum 2 (Drum)Earn a "Perfect" on Polyrhythm 2 [Built to Scale 2].
    Hi-Hat Drum (Drum)Earn a "Perfect" on Vegeta-Pull 2 [Rhythm Tweezers 2].
    Horse Machine's Story (E-Mail)Earn a "Perfect" on Air Batter 2 [Spaceball 2].
    Inside Spaceball (E-Mail)Earn a "Perfect" on Air Batter [Spaceball].
    Karateka [Karate Man] (Song)Earn a "Perfect" on Karateka [Karate Man].
    Letter to the Editor (E-Mail)Earn a "Perfect" on Vegeta-Pull [Rhythm Tweezers].
    Light Drum (Drum)Earn a "Perfect" on Ninja [Ninja Bodyguard].
    Love's Honey Sweet Angel (Song).Earn a "Perfect" on 3rd Remix [Remix 3].
    Lyrics: Love's Honey Sweet AngelEarn a "Perfect" on Polyrhythm [Built to Scale].
    Lyrics: The ★ Bon Odori (E-Mail)Earn a "Perfect" on 2nd Remix [Remix 2].
    Lyrics: WISH - I Can't Wait for You (E-Mail)Earn a "Perfect" on Rap Women.
    Marcher's Diary (E-Mail)Earn a "Perfect" on Tram & Pauline.
    Matte Drum (Drum)Earn a "Perfect" on Hopping Road [Bouncy Road].
    More Than a Barista (E-Mail)Earn a "Perfect" on 4th Remix [Remix 4].
    Night Walk (Song)Earn a "Perfect" on Night Walk.
    Night Walk Riddle (E-Mail)Earn a "Perfect" on Night Walk 2.
    Power Calligraphy (Song)Earn a "Perfect" on Power Calligraphy.
    Power Drum (Drum)Earn a "Perfect" on Sneaky Spirits.
    Rap Report (E-Mail)Earn a "Perfect" on Rap Men.
    Rhythm Diagnosis (E-Mail)Earn a "Perfect" on Dr. Bacteria [Sick Beats].
    Rhythm Formula (E-Mail)Earn a "Perfect" on Quiz [Quiz Show].
    Rhythm Haiku Folio (Drum)Earn a "Perfect" on Fireworks.
    Rhythm Poem Digest (E-Mail)Earn a "Perfect" on Wizard's Waltz.
    Rhythm Standup (E-Mail)Earn a "Perfect" on Toss Boys 2.
    Samurai Drum (Drum)Earn a "Perfect" on Karateka 2 [Karate Man 2].
    Showtime (Song)Earn a "Perfect" on Showtime.
    Sound Effects Drum (Drum)Earn a "Perfect" on 1st Remix [Remix 1].
    Space Dance (Song)Earn a "Perfect" on Space Dance.
    Tap Dance [Tap Trial] (Song)Earn a "Perfect" on Tap Dance [Tap Trial].
    Tap Drum (Drum)Earn a "Perfect" on Cheese Heist [Rat Race].
    Techno Drum (Drum)Earn a "Perfect" on Hopping Road 2 [Bouncy Road 2].
    The ★ Bon Odori (Song)Earn a "Perfect" on The ★ Bon Odori.
    The Clappy Trio (Song)Earn a "Perfect" on The Clappy Trio.
    The Final Letter (E-Mail)Earn a "Perfect" on 8th Remix [Remix 8].
    The Ninja Scroll (E-Mail)Earn a "Perfect" on Ninja Reincarnate [Ninja Bodyguard 2].
    Trio On Tour [The Snappy Trio] (Song)Earn a "Perfect" on Trio On Tour [The Snappy Trio].
    Turbo Tap Trial [Tap Trial 2] (Song)Earn a "Perfect" on Turbo Tap Trial [Tap Trial 2].
    WISH - I Can't Wait for You (Song)Earn a "Perfect" on 5th Remix [Remix 5].

    Contributed By: antsant1987.

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