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"Not as Flashy as it sounds"

So, to be honest, I didn't expect much of this game before I even turned on the power. That's a good thing too, because I was right. Justice League Heroes should stay in the comics.

Story 4/10

OK, let's face it. Just by the title, I know it's the Flash and his Justice League buddies against some evil maniac trying to take over the world? Sound about right? It's true.

Graphics 8/10

The game is in an isometric view. You may like the angle, you may not. It gives a nice pseudo-3D effect, but more often than not, a high building or tall structure will cause you a great deal of trouble: enemies might ambush you from behind it, or it might be the way forward.

Aside from that, the colours and textures fit and have a distinct comic book feel. Flash and his enemies are pretty detailed, and animated nicely. There are some well done explosions when you kill an enemy or when Flash's fist connects.

Controls 6/10
The controls are pretty responsive, but Flash can only attack to his left or right. That means, if there is an enemy above or below you, you must move around and attack. This has caused me no end of bother.

Gameplay 5/10

This is where the game suffers. The basic premise of the game is: play through a few levels, fight a boss, play through a few more levels, fight another boss.

Flash fights a few enemies in a screen then moves to the next one. After a few more screens, you finish the level and fight a boss with a ridiculous amount of HP. All the levels and bosses feel the same. They just have a different color and get stronger as the game progresses.

This is not so bad in itself, but you do it ALL with a pitifully small number of moves. Flash can punch, do a jumping kick, summon a Justice League buddy (can only use 3 times per level) or run Flash speed to an enemy and punch. That's it. In reality, you'll only be running up to an enemy, punching it until it's dead, rinse and repeat.

All the other moves are more bother than they're worth. Do that for the handful of levels in the game and you pretty much have the gameplay of Justice League Heroes: The Flash.

Replayability 2/10

"2 out of ten", you ask, " but aren't there three difficulty levels?"
Yes there are, but they are EXACTLY the same except enemies deal more damage to the Flash. THAT'S IT. On your second or third playthrough, it'll feel more like a chore than anything else. There are some extra options, but they are few and get boring fast.

Buy or rent

Honestly, it's your choice. But, in my humble opinion, it's not worth a purchase. There are better titles you can rent, too. But if you really want to play this game, go ahead and rent it.

All in all, Justice League Heroes: The Flash has potential to be much better than it is. Repetitive gameplay and lack of replayability bring the score down.

Final Score (not an average): 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/22/06

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