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"Far too short to justify a purchase"

My four year old sister got this for her new Game Boy Advance SP, and it is not a great game. She played through once, which only took her about ten minutes (yeah, ten minutes), and never picked it up again.


This is the only part of the game that is done somewhat well. The character models aren't bad for a Game Boy Advance game, and animations are good (except for when Swiper jumps fences, which looks choppy). The Backgrounds are clear and colorful, and are not repeated at all (understandable, because the game isn't long).

Graphics Score: 6 / 10


Swiper the fox has stolen all of the friendship bracelets, and Dora must make him return them before Friendship day begins. Not a bad plot for a game based on a kid's show, but don't expect something like Metal Gear. The story is told through a bunch of still screen pictures without any text, and would not make any sense if you haven't been forced to watch the episode on Nickelodeon twenty times, like I have.

Story Score: 5 / 10


Basically, you have to select which of the game's four continents you want to go to, complete an easy maze, do an easy mini-game, and travel to the next continent through another mini game. It wouldn't be a bad system if the games were different on each continent, but they aren't. The maze is always easy, but thankfully is slightly different in each continent, even though you have to find the same things in them.

The mini-game is always the same (a timing game where you have to stop a dot going up and down a meter in the center, kind of like hitting a ball in most golf games), just with different backgrounds.

The travel between continents is also always the same, and just like the mid-level mini-games, only the background changes. In the travel game, you have to try to avoid objects as you try to reach your destination. These could be somewhat fun, if there was any challenge. You can't lose in any of the games, and it brings down the fun level a LOT.

Gameplay Score: 1 / 10

If it wasn't so short, the game would actually be fun, but it only took my four year old sister ten minutes to beat the game, and only took me 5 minutes and 38 seconds (I actually timed it). It may be worth it for a first game for younger kids, but only for about $10.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 12/05/06

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